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Carlos Alcaraz Press Conference | 2023 US Open Semifinal

Sep 09, 2023
Hello Carlos Matt, New York Times voter, this was one of the first nights where I saw you almost lose your temper on the court at that moment with the Racquet and I'm curious to know what you were feeling and what was going on your head and how did you keep control? Well, I think I said the nicest thing, it was a close first set, the first set, you know, in the tiger, you know, after the three Holdings, let's say I lost my mind. You know, I make three or four points that I have no control over. uh, you know, I didn't think he was, uh, you know, I totally lost my mind, you know, on that side and you know, fighting for five, uh, 50 minutes and then you know. for Four Points I lose my mind, I bet it was very difficult for me, you know, to handle it, you know, in the second, in the second set, I didn't come back, I was almost over the moon in Han, that, uh uh. for me it was difficult, you know, and obviously Danily was playing very well, so, you know, it was difficult for me to come to the game and play a great, great game again, you know, almost, uh.
carlos alcaraz press conference 2023 us open semifinal
I threw the rocket floor, but you know, I controlled myself a little at one point, but it was difficult for me to stay in second place. Well, Richard Richard, I was born. uso


.org I just wanted to ask you if you go into the tournament, you said this year you were a different player, a different person, more mature, how will that help you as you process tonight's game in the future? Well, you know, these kinds of matches can happen, even if I feel like a different, more mature player. uh, you know, he, he, he played, he played really, really well, great game, so I couldn't find solutions on the mat. uh and uh, you know, I thought, I thought that, uh, you know, right now, I'm the best player to find. solution when the mati is not going to the right in the right direction for for you for for you but uh, you know, after all this, you know, I'm going to change my mind, I'm not mature enough to handle these types of matches , so I have to learn about this, okay, Australia, um, what you just said about maturity and all that, how long do you think this loss will stay with you?
carlos alcaraz press conference 2023 us open semifinal

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carlos alcaraz press conference 2023 us open semifinal...

Stay in your mind, how long do I think it's going to hurt you I don't know probably uh uh days weeks I say I don't know uh I don't think I'm going to think about this loose for a long time uh of course I have to learn about this , I want to be better, you know, these types of games help you a lot to be better and you grew up in these types of situations, but I have to talk to her, with my team, with Juan Carlos and, how? I can be better, but days, weeks, but not much more than that, really ESPN's Weinberg, there's been a lot of talk, of course, about your rivalry with Novak, how would you describe the development of a rivalry between you and Danielle?
carlos alcaraz press conference 2023 us open semifinal
Well, obviously, the needle. It's there, it's always there, we've played a Masters final three times this year, a thousand and two Grand Slam semi-finals, so I'm sure we'll play more matches in You know, in the final rounds of the big tournaments, so you know which will be a good resurgence. I think you know every game we've played. I think we've sewn great stitches. Great battles. It's going to be good, I think name and affiliation please. Danielle said she lost easily to you in those two matches this year. She obviously played better today when you say that she had a hard time understanding her game.
carlos alcaraz press conference 2023 us open semifinal
What was she doing best today specifically? that you were struggling to answer uh he I think he played with more division in his thoughts is in you know the forehand run was was great today so uh probably with the cut in the previous games uh you know, hermia a lot to find my own game, but today I couldn't, so he found great directions with uh, with his thoughts, uh, no mistakes, no mistakes, great surfing today, uh, I think he played his game, but, you know, I'm 10 out of 10 on that . He said he was great today. I have to learn about it and I found a solution in this type of match, but I think he played a great match.
Well, a couple more in English and then we will go with the Spanish Andrew Carlos. and he said 12 of 10 for him on the court, so he played and you were still there. Do you feel that they have served you? Do you want to make a more acceptable serve in a match like this? Do you also feel that they have served you? The crowd supported you again, but how once again they wanted you to try to come back and be so popular here now in New York, say again, please, did you feel in terms of this, not only their service, but did you feel your service? when I was? be more accessible and more on return services for your Vantage Point and about the crowd trying to urge you to return without your fan favorite here now well he's one of the best returners on tour that's obviously amazing how he can do it. come back from the back of the core uh uh really deep and really powerful, he's amazing and when I do servan Boley, he always finds the salt that happens, you know, from his house, it's amazing, so obviously, obviously, I have to uh like me.
I mean, I have to find the right server every time and I have to serve better so I can stay in a good position after the surf, so I'll do that in the next game. and uh obviously with the crowd it's amazing once again, the energy, the love that they get not only today but also in the first match, obviously after the two sets, they pause me, you know, to raise my level to stay there and I have the opportunity to come back, you know, and obviously the last game was incredible for the quality for me, I mean, I hardly heard anything that the Danish Queen was crazy and it's something that I'm not.
I'll forget it even if she lost, but the people energy she was was crazy.

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