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CAR NEWS: RR Boat Tail, M4 Convertible & New Car Delays [S4, E28]

Jun 08, 2021
hello everyone and welcome to behind the glass i'm your host sam from the youtube channel scene through the glass and i'm tony from gravel and wood car sales yes you are uh every week we meet we talk about cars motoring car from f1 what more cars you can listen to us on Spotify Apple Podcast you can see us on behind the glass don't forget to subscribe and turn on notifications and Tony, if people want to support this podcast, what should they do? Watch it, no, but also head over to boarding house, you can support us on behind the glass, thanks for tuning in, we hope you enjoyed the episode.
car news rr boat tail m4 convertible new car delays s4 e28
I think we need to start by reviewing our Evie special from last week. I agree that we can't just ignore the elephant in the room. because it was an important episode for us, an episode that I'm very glad we did, you were preparing for it for a long time we were trying to prepare, we're trying to be as prepared as possible, we jumped in and walked away thinking. You know what we think, we did a good job, you know, presenting a pretty fair picture of the Eevee landscape. Sam did a great job. I think the episode was released and remained as controversial as any Eevee topic on this podcast. yeah, I don't think you can prepare like, I don't think we, I mean, we don't normally prepare anyway, that's why we do what we do, I mean, you prepare a lot more than I do, but for things like that we don't know. , it's not written, we don't know what he was going to say, so you know, we just had to respond to what he said and we challenged him and yeah, I think we kind of listened, we didn't.
car news rr boat tail m4 convertible new car delays s4 e28

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car news rr boat tail m4 convertible new car delays s4 e28...

I covered all avenues because it would have been four hours long and I was literally forcing the conversation to end towards the end of the episode because Sam very kindly basically agreed to give us 45 minutes of his time and we ended up recording, I think almost an hour and 20 minutes and I was desperately trying to finish things but you're right, there was still a lot to discuss and it kills me. You say you know I don't prepare for this but there's so much preparation I have to do before each of these episodes like I'm working oh we never prepare especially in that episode there was a lot of preparation but I'm glad to see you recognized Tony, um, but no, you're right in the sense that we jumped in with a lot of questions and we weren't sure what was going to come back, but I think Sam really stood his ground, he was obviously passionate about electric vehicles, infrastructure, all about So he was always going to defend him, but I think we did a good job of accepting a lot of what he said, but also challenging a lot of what he said, but yeah, you're right, there's a lot of things we didn't discuss.
car news rr boat tail m4 convertible new car delays s4 e28
A lot of what we didn't realize is interesting when you listen and say, oh we should ask more about that or catch that, but we're at the point where you're going to miss things and that's why the audience is fantastic, that's why we love it. because you notice things we might have missed at the time or you mentioned things we should have asked and didn't and that just means we're more prepared the next time we go into an EV special like that or when we talk about the topic, so we really appreciate you telling us about all of this.
car news rr boat tail m4 convertible new car delays s4 e28
It's always great to have feedback from the audience and I think overall it was great to see so many people tuning in and listening. being part of the conversation, really yeah, I saw a lot of comments where people say I'm against electricity, I'm against the way the structure is, I'm the infrastructure, yeah, that's what happens. It doesn't work for everyone, as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't work, you know, it's very black and white and people who know me know that I'm very like that anyway, so it doesn't work for everyone, so, no. works. If it doesn't work, a gasoline or combustion engine car works for everyone now, if in 10 years they make it work for everyone we will all applaud and you know I have to adapt to the times because I am a car dealer so no It bothers me to sell electric cars, I don't mind them coming and we know it's happening.
I'm just using some common sense because I'm pretty stupid, but I have, well, I have some common sense and I just don't see that happening and hey, since we always beat the same drum weekly in this episode, these are just our opinions, I know which you know we try to inform ourselves as much as possible and we are trying to share information with you, but mainly we share our opinions and everyone is allowed to like or dislike the thoughts of electric vehicles and whether they know that that is going to exist or not, Anyway, look, they're not going to hang us.
I'm continuing this because we did a whole special last week, but I thought we couldn't release another episode without touching on Evie's special, so if you haven't heard it, if you missed it, if you have no idea what we're talking about Come back and listen to last week's episode, our Eevee special with Grid's Sam Clark. Serve well, sir, I suddenly became very nervous. I was going to say the wrong company. Yes, very good, but let's move on because there is a lot of


. things to discuss this is going to be kind of a car


focused episode because things have been happening we need to catch up we need to discuss we need to discuss yeah can we discuss your shirt first? you're a jerk like you.
I know you're close to electricity, but I mean, you're probably not plugging in the iron, so a few things happened first. I realized that I am an older man now. I will be 32 years old in a couple of months. There are live events happening in the coming weeks and months and I thought, you know it's time for me to grow up, you know, I need to start wearing hoodies and t-shirts and I need to be a little smarter, especially, you know, with this, you know this great podcast. we're doing it, I thought about bringing a t-shirt today, but the only show I got was hidden behind my wall.
I thought, oh yeah, I remember that when I was 13 and yeah, I mean, it's not that bad, I mean. Look at it now, you say it looks wrinkled. I think it's Ralph's design. Make the fold today. If you're not watching on YouTube, I'm coloring a really nice red Ralph Lauren shirt and he's, yeah. Tony is being very rude in his black Blenciaga t-shirt. Let's leave fashion aside because I don't think that's our forte. Yes, there are many things to discuss first. Did you see the Indy 500 this weekend? I literally saw it. three minutes I turned it off really yeah I mean I don't like cars going around in circles hey only if I drive them um no I appreciate what they do I don't find it I know but I don't I don't find it as interesting as Formula One in terms that they just go round and round at 200.
I mean, it's really dangerous. What do you think his average running speed is during the race? Well it must be two or something it must be 200 because it's always 220 230 miles per hour yeah 220 odd miles now is his average speed in the race which is crazy yeah I'm with you where every year I see the Indy 500. I try to watch the Indy 500. I'm like, oh this is so good, oh this is a spectacle, this is so exciting. I'm going to watch a lot more Indycar and I never do because you know it's different, it's not the same as me.
I don't think so, it's definitely the same as Formula One, but even though it has its place in America, I don't know why I don't enjoy it as much, but I think the Indy 500 is an incredible spectacle. and it is one of those races like the 24 hours of Le Mans. I like the Monica Grand Prix, which is just Nascar, uh, Nascar, it's also like Nascar, that's very often, yeah, I don't know if it's still bigger than India, I think. Nascar always used to be bigger than it was back in the days in the cart days, Montoya and Frankie didn't do things like that, the cart was very big since it changed to Indica, I think Nascar is still bigger, but yeah, but the Indy 500. it's very super historic, super iconic, it's part of that, it's the big three of the big four Lemon Monaco and uh and Indy 500, I think it's the big three that Alonso is trying to reach and Graeme Hill and Jim Clark have done it anyway, this year.
It was interesting because it was basically old versus young, something that Indycar has and that is very different from Formula One, it is a kind of older driver and the man who won, I think he is 46 years old, Elio Castellano, he has done it before, which has done it three times this time. It was his fourth time, so he's tied for the driver with the most wins in the Indy 500. He won it four times, four times, he's 46 years old, the first time was 20 years ago, I mean, he's been going so long and so you had this group of like real old school racers 46 47 48 years old,montoya, for example, taking on the young guys who were 20 21 22 years old and it was a fascinating battle because it's a race of attrition, you know, there's a lot of luck at play. .
In the Indy 500, you're basically seeing if you can turn around and if you're still there in the last 20 laps and you're out front, then well done, you have a chance to win, but a lot of it is about safety cars. and race fuel and all these different elements, well yes, but even more extreme, so there is a lot of luck until you end up in that kind of final position and we get to the last laps with three main contenders, two very young palu. prize palau uh palo who was racing with the mclaren team and then this old castroneves and it was exciting because it was a kind of david and goliath that you wanted him to do because he was the old one but then you wanted the young ones to come and do it so I loved it , I thought it was super exciting, but I'm with you, where I'll probably never see another independent race until next year's 500.
Do you think that because of experience that is what he achieved? He crossed the line, well, yeah, that's what he was thinking. I think so, there was definitely a part of that because a big part of it is knowing how to manage your fuel load and also knowing when to overtake because there's a lot of overtaking. In Indycar, especially on the oval circuits, it's all about sliding, but he had to choose the perfect moment to not allow Palau Palu to slide backwards, so some experience will definitely come from it because it's a bit like horse racing or maybe more cycling.
Maybe it's more appropriate that you basically don't want to be in the lead in the Indy 500 because you're obviously just blowing a hole in the air, yeah you're helping everyone behind you save fuel so being in the lead isn't It's the best place to be and I think Cash has definitely never used it to his advantage. They traded places a few times in the last 10 or 20 laps and then you did that final lunch with a few laps left and yeah, it was good. exciting, I really enjoyed it, but I understand it's not for everyone, but it's one of those races next year, maybe I'll try to do it, okay, just to see if we can have a beer, yeah, deep down, sure, it's very American, though oh my goodness. the buildup was like three and a half hours like, oh my god, nervous Casper, it's the side wall, no way, I mean, that's what scares me, I mean, when they hit something, oh my god, the crash is huge, in fact, this year they escaped.
With that, I think it was too scary. There was a time where one of the drivers was saved because they said they had a windshield in Indycar, not a halo device, but a similar idea, and a loose tire was rolling down the track and literally hit their windshield. I mean, he would have killed him, so it was a pretty surprising moment, in terms of safety in terms of motorsports, but okay, if you hadn't seen it, let's move on. I've been driving around in the car for too long, right? Look, the Geneva Motor Show has confirmed that they will return in 2022.
Oh wow, no, I didn't know that, I mean, is anyone going? That's the problem yeah we've all gone digital now and I think these have some of the manufacturers confirmed I mean I think it's too early for that okay obviously gin canceled last year because it literally felt fair when corona was exploding and I think the call came like two days before they canceled the event and then they said they wouldn't do it in 2021 either, so the return is in 2022. But long before that we were discussing the kind of things You know if there is life at the Geneva Motor Show, some manufacturers were withdrawing, they were trying to charge huge amounts. of money for your various stands and with things like Goodwood, but also the Internet, is there really a need or need for the Geneva show?
I don't think there was any enthusiasm for his return. oh, yes I have to go, that's a bit complicated, it sounds weird, but hey, you guys have to go, don't you? If it's on, no one needs to have a gun on you, ed, but from a business networking point. From a correct perspective, yes, you have to go, but for people like me I go because I want to go and it doesn't bother me that much anymore, why did you like to go? What would you say? Oh, because you want to go, why? I ever wanted to go because it was a bit of research for me as you can see all the new cars that are coming out, I mean I knew about them allmaserati, four cars a year, obviously, mclaren will be there, yes, there are some of them that escape because it is a general volume, yes. terms of what its manufacturer presents as volume in co2, so there's something there that vwc the value now, first of all, we've talked a lot over the last 12 to 80 months about how we think Lamborghini is really flying the flag or holding flag waving for yes, big engines breathing fire, yes, true to its core message, true identity, simple alignment, you know they are doing it very well, I'm not a big Lambo fan, but they are doing it very well, cars free, three big balls at a time.
Yes, you know, very obvious, very easy, and obviously they are selling euros everywhere. I keep seeing them everywhere, while the event door seems to be getting another facelift rather than a replacement. Did you see that, oh my God, yes, a spy? shots of some sort of final edition aventador, which is funny, um, but good for him, I mean what a popular car isn't svj wingless, but weI shouldn't be surprised if you trace the history of Murcielago, possibly what is the shorter lifespan. I mean, think about things like the Countach, like they basically did what the Miura Countach Diablo Murcielago Aventador, yeah, I mean, that's all in 60, 60 years, yeah. 60 something years yes, yes, you're right, pretty impressive, I never really thought so, they weren't going to run away, it's not their story today, oh, here's another car that's going to take its time, but that's, again, that's why I like it.
What do they do? You know they're not changing all these other issues by attacking cars. Friends abandoned in new models. New variations. But still, their Lamborghini stays true to who they've always been and VW clearly sees the value in what they need to do. Yeah um something I don't see value in what I'll keep saying is Ferrari's 812 GTS oh no I like them I love them but I still hate what they represent for that brand because it's no joke on the weekend beautiful sunny weather by the Here in the UK at the moment there may be a bit more audible background noise in today's episode.
That's because we have the windows open for the first time in the studio. It's really very hot. How quickly time has changed. Yes, we were. out here freezing like arctic clothes about three months ago, over the weekend I counted seven different 812 gts that I saw driving around in a two hour span, from Saturday lunchtime to Sunday lunchtime, I saw seven 812 gts different, now I agree, what a car In theory, everything is great, but I have already talked before that it was always a very special car, special variant for Ferrari, the v12


grand tourer, and we know that the competition is coming, that It will be that halo halo car, but seeing so many.
Of them I was like, oh God, I would be mad if I bought one and stood next to another one like there was nothing special about it, like there was something special, see what I'm saying? I know, no, I understand but I really don't understand it if you know what I really don't understand what you're saying because it's not the special car, it's the conventional production car, the special car is the competition car, come on, that's the special , so if you get it out of your head, it's not the special car, it's no different than a 408 Spider, essentially a little less, no mm-hmm, it will be less numbers, but um, oh, and believe me, I'll drive it and say Which is the best since then. sliced ​​bread and I eat my words it's going to be oh yeah yeah I know it's going to be amazing but it's just the real nerdy lame Ferrari fan inside of me which is like why but I think I'm getting too angry easily for something very stupid, but I just couldn't believe it.
I feel like I saw more 812 GTS than Prius over the weekend, yeah, well that special car you think is coming, yeah, fair enough, so when maybe that comes, maybe you'll relax. about that a bit more and in fact if you want to buy one, yeah I won't go every week oh my gosh well yeah a car we probably both want and will do more of once we've driven them. one that I don't think I'll ever drive and maybe isn't all that desirable. Launch here, the 037 Stradali, the vintage rally car type of yesteryear. I drove one in Geneva a couple of years ago last year, oh a company.
It's resto modding, a company called chimera has made a kind of reborn version with 500 horsepower, it has an updated engine, it looks yes, absolutely good, however, and this is something I want to touch on with one of my videos that will be posted last week. price the 37 examples they are selling oh no £414,000 no and this is down to my experience with the callum vanquish right the kind of resto mod aston martin vanquish from the guy who originally designed it back in the day . on callum yeah they are selling for 450 grand which has a lot more heritage than that well no what i mean is when is someone going to come along and make a resto mod that is affordable because im sick of these companies bother of rich people taking cars that were iconic and amazing and cool and playing with them and doing an amazing job and then adding 300,000 thousand dollars to the price, now I realized that I should make something nice like the callum car, for example, right ? stock vanquish s you know 100 110 grams of mileage condition and they changed the light and they changed the windows and they changed the body panels now how to change the fuel cap and the size of the steering wheel, you know infinitely useless things that in general, as a package , it makes the car completely different, incredible, but it is so unnecessary that they will say that all that work, all that research and development requires a lot of time, effort and money, that is why it is so expensive to make all these changes, that is why it costs so much.
What I'm saying is skip trimming the steering wheel, skip the LED headlights. I don't need those things. Focus on the good parts and make it 50 or 100 thousand dollars more than the original car, not 300 thousand dollars more, but then it doesn't come. since they make it custom, by that time they make more of them, cool and mom, and maybe the guy who buys it wants to spend a lot of time behind the wheel and already knows the parts around the window and all that, I'm sure and Like I said, this was especially with the Callum car, I understood the levels they've gone to because it's a passion project, this is the car the guy designed 20 years ago and he's got the chance to go back and fix everything.
The things that have bothered it over the years is cool, yes, but it's exorbitant money for a car that I didn't feel was intrinsically better. It's been a long time since I drove an original Vanquish. I think I kept driving right on time. beginning of the scene through the glass not even on video, I don't think anyway it was difficult for me to say that the car was infinitely better, actually I still thought it was a bit gross, yeah, so something like this I drove the Lancia 037, hey. It's cool, but it's not a great car by modern standards, so I see the appeal of a resto mod.
I love how it looks. I love the idea. I'm as excited as that amos uh lancer delta integrale car you saw at Goodwood, yeah, cool, shiny, but I just want someone to come and sit in the middle. I'm not saying these guys don't have a position in the market. I understand what they are doing and you are right. levels that they go to, so you know there's a price associated with that, of course, yes, yes, but where are the guys making the middle ground? You know, doing enough to push the car massively forward, but not doing so much that any of us can. afford it, yeah, maybe they just can't make enough money, man, because besides, the more you make, the more people you're going to have to find as well, and then at that point, how many people are actually going to spend that money?
You know it's very good. a business point of view, your point, would you rather, would you rather sell 37 cars and get the money you have from them, then sell 200 cars and have the same money, since you would have 37 cars, good points, so, a good point, probably be it why they're doing it, I understand why they're doing it, listen you don't have to buy one, no, but I want to, that's where the frustration comes from, make one yourself, yeah, yourself, it's probably this, so definitely I'm going to do it. from a passionate point of view where you've looked at the business and now I'm something I've been ignoring so that makes sense and then your second point is also good actually fundamentally if I want these things yeah.
You're right, just go buy a rotten shell and move on. That's what these people have done. You know, they built them themselves and thought we can actually sell food. There's a business here, yeah, yeah, that's what my friend Steve. Booker was doing it with his Range Rover Classic, yeah, yeah, he was doing it as a passion project and people kept saying, Can I buy it because it's normal? That's sometimes what happens. You know, people build something a bit custom and then sell it, it's a show for their peers. and they go, the other friend says oh that's really good, can I have one of them and this is how to do it?
It's good to make ah mondial ferrari, I mean, it's not good to change it to cs, yeah, really honey, it comes out on Monday, but you. you might as well go and buy this challenge oh you might as well buy the cs at that time when you spend the money yeah the money will be extortion extortion because that's what you know you have to find a car that is I don't know yet has gone with you could do things because Porsche and Ferrari just walk away which makes it expensive of course I will sue you right away you will get a cease and desist when you buy the car yes but you know there has to be things. there are those that are from an older sick that have that kind of iconic cult status that you could work on maybe that's my maybe that's the next project hmm hello, if you could think of something you'd like to get involved in, well, there's how much money it's going to cost me, I mean you want to finance it, money sponsored by Graverwood Castle, that's what in the future, the 25 limited edition cars will be sold by Gravel, that's the partnership and I'll still have them all from anyway.
That ends today's episode, as soon as I say, car news update, episode type, there's a lot to discuss, which I think was good to get through, if you're watching here on YouTube, make sure you subscribe and turn on the notifications. You can definitely miss future episodes if you want. Follow Tony's at Tony Gravelwood Car Sales on my social media platforms. I'm on the scene through the glass on my social media platforms. We've got this, tickets for our live events will go on sale very soon. Backers will have access to that first. The links will be. I shared it with the rest of you very soon and I think that's it, right?
Oh, there was one more thing I wanted to say. Oh, consider it quick. Did you see that gt3 992 that is advertised online for 320? Oh, I almost did. I don't even want to talk about that, that someone is laughing, yeah, I mean, I put it on, I put it on and uh, someone says laugh, but some people were very angry like Al Dairy, but I mean he's his car, we didn't do it. having a girl, isn't it up to him? Yeah, and if someone wants to pay 200 grand on the list, who's the fool? Hey people paid almost a million pounds for f12 tdfs so fix those jokes everyone when you were searching because You were watching gt3, maybe more on that next week, we'll be back with you for another episode very soon, bye.

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