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Captain Kidd (1945) RESTORED

May 31, 2021
madagascar for centuries the bloodiest cabin on all the seas where the infamous brotherhood of the damned waited to plunder the galleons loaded with treasures from india and coffee and then returned drunk with slaughter to their pirate bastion of last hope, the most ruthless of all was Captain William Kidd he encountered the great London galleon the twelve apostles commanded by admiral lord blaine and approached unsuspected under the guise of a peaceful merchantman through a sudden and treacherous salvo reduced it to a burning hull when it fell The night the twelve apostles were nothing more than a funeral pyre burning on the placid surface of a lagoon in Madagascar, stop me, it is a beautiful sight, it will be even more beautiful when the fire reaches the charger,


, really, although there is a lot of semen strong among them, they have been with us for a long time, none of us can live forever, mr boyle. and dead men don't speak manual roars we have this work to do before high tide there and digging beyond if the tide reaches his head it will save the king's executioner some rope there you are deep enough to bury a man give us a man by the hand now


down she goes, what are you waiting for?
captain kidd 1945 restored
Well, Captain, I was in the cabin for a long time and we all thought I wouldn't do anything to open that chest and make sure that whatever was in it at the time is in Now I suppose you remember what was inside. I remember an emerald necklace that came from that Portuguese ship the Vengeance and all those pearls that we took from the great ship the Virgin Queen. I remember a diamond medallion that Moorish guardian in Madagascar gave us. and could we ever forget that silver coffin with lord blaine's arms that you claim for yourself after the taking of the twelve apostles, sir, your neck will stretch as your memory one of these days, the flesh of the gallows Satisfied, I returned them, blown up, what is it? the matter wait a minute captain there is something else you have forgotten what you want now we have but half an hour before the tide trap this is maybe sir we are all equal in this I take it in equal parts yes, well, that key later, I which you put back on your belt that goes down with the chest, besides, we start with everything clean and without favors, and if some of us do not return, it will be much easier to open it for them, since you question my honor again, would you?
captain kidd 1945 restored

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I will tear you from the belly to the bell, are we such callous scoundrels that we would leave a comrade dead without entrusting his soul to his new master? Here lies one who through treachery and greed would have endangered the lives of honest men and here he lies forever in the sands of Madagascar rest in peace it is time to be up there it is time to move away if a knight is a knight he is a knight that's all, sir, I am one of nature's gentlemen but I need polish my good man if I want to improve myself gentleman uses the terminology my good man only when he addresses inferior servants or is inferior you see that is why I need you my education the gentleman never sucks his teaser the social career of many men has been ruined by minors you seem to know your business I want the best mind and I can pay £100 a year for it an infallible mark of the quality person is his reluctance to pay high salaries to your domestic servants don't say it just an idiosyncrasy of good manners sir £60 a year then you realize you've never been on board a ship before sir.
captain kidd 1945 restored
Oh, don't let that scare you; On the contrary, in fact, since I was a child I have had a rather adventurous inclination towards life at sea. Note that it should be quite educational sir, you will learn a lot, no doubt, it is a bargain, then very good, so my hand is in it. Uh oh, then it is his proposal, my lord Bellamont, that Captain Kidd sail to meet our ambassador, Lord Fallsworth, and give him. safe convoy through the dusty waters of madagascar friend please your majesty yes it takes a bold and adventurous man bring this captain while we measure him captain william kid your royal majesty be noble gentlemen belmont, is this your roaring killer of spanish buccaneers.
captain kidd 1945 restored
My dear, I am just a peaceful ship captain who must trade with other ships without inquiring too much about their business and that is how I fell into the hands of the twelve apostles, a royalty turned pirate in the waters of Madagascar. I have never been in the waters of Madagascar. Your grace. , it was at the southern tip of Africa where he had gone to exchange the teeth of an elephant who was ordered by one of his admirals his majesty name lord blaine became a pirate pirate then gentle enough to frighten honest traders like me and If you succeed in this voyage, captain, what reward do you expect?
May please His Majesty. Having lost myself for him. I was forced to wave my colors to a pirate. I want no other reward than to recover it in the service of his Majesty, unless it is or is. It is true that Lord Blaine's lands are restricted and his title is forfeited, yes, all right, all I ask is that if I put the heel to this renegade nobleman is that you honor the humble self with his castle and his lands, that It's all you want, captain, don't joke. One more farden, your majesty, the guy treats a title with such lightness that he must be full of noble blood, although I confess that he keeps it well hidden.
Sir, you cannot judge a man by his appearance any more than you can judge the reach of a nobleman. brain because of the cost of his will I might suppose that the captain of the king's guard would defend with me come captain is your courage less than your kindest wit I know nothing of the fence you must come to me quickly as if you had Kill me very well, then I will I apologized, sir, my head is hot when I wake up. I only wanted to demonstrate and with good purpose captain, his majesty is satisfied with the captain of our choice.
I can't think of a better one. I thank you sir and now captain. The main mission of your cruise will be to find a great ship, the merchant Kweda, sailing from India with great treasures and give him safe passage on my behalf beyond the pirate waters of Madagascar, but your majesty, will your commander accept me? Marco's letter enough? The authority for you will have a letter for our ambassador. The lord follows who returns to her so that she accepts his protection and submits to all matters related to the safety of the ship and her treasure. Oh yeah, and now spawn me your crew's crew.
Captain Kid wants to recruit a crew of pirates and now under capital sentence in Nougat and the Martial Sea a crew of condemned pirates I said so none would be as loyal or fight as desperately as the murderers and a death sentence if they knew that in the end of the trip a royal pardon would be in your pockets but I will hold you responsible for your good conduct between your conduct and mind your majesty there will be little to choose from and now goodbye and good luck to you, I am nothing more than your unworthy sparrow, ugh.
I'd rather eat the bills that come from an African slaver Adam, don't let that temper get to you again if I have to hang myself, I'll hang him, but I'll go to the galas with a clean gut at least, hey, what kind of stinky worms, meat , are these waters, waters, there is that dandy crumb, mercy complaining about the taste of the king's generosity again, look at it, generosity, lower eye, the king's allowance is given one day for food, not filth from the sewers, the white chapel causing trouble again, hey, mercy. I'm just asking what the man is legally entitled to.
It smells so delicious. Listen to your governor. What kind of kingdom is this where a man is condemned before he is heard and arrested before he is hanged? Who is that quarrelsome guy for mercy? He was captured on a pirate ship by the majesty's frigate wasp he's always escaping that's why we keep him chained he has a string of tiger blood on him pooh this isn't exactly a flower garden is it? Oh, excuse me, governor, these are two of my officers, uh, sir. Boyle Governor Landers Mr. Lorenzo Governor Landers Spanish blood can make quite a few sinners Do you think there is anyone down there who knows us?
I hope not, Governor, would you be so kind as to tell them what we are here for? here is some news in his favor, is that he stays dead and then comes out with an unpleasant and surprised face, is it that his mother has become an honest woman, be quiet, mutinous dogs, if another man speaks, I will track him by the thumbs and I will call him crude governor? that the way to win the love of these unfortunate gentlemen now then I, the bullies, would you rather dance on the gallows and hang in chains until the crows pluck your eyes from your rotting skulls or would you feel the rocking of a sturdy ship beneath your feet again?
I have a ship, the adventure galley and the kings commissioned a sailor and for those who show a loyal and brave heart there is a royal pardon in sight who among you knows the waters of Madagascar? Yes, would I unblock the governor? What happens unlock? He, look, then I want men with iron in their blood and to have their tendons stolen and the first one here is the first enlisted governor. If your waters are ready, would you be so kind as to have the ropes lowered lower? Here they come to prepare boys. in thank you the next name is an axis regardless of the fact that I am your captain you will always address a gentleman as cerse come yes sir leave your mark unborn name adam my sister oh so , it's you, mercy, that's a comical handle for a sword. of fortune, mercy, it is also something that the world needs more, of fire and death, philosopher, you speak with culture, if by chance you were a stable boy of a noble house, perhaps I was also master gunner of a buccaneer, it is possible that you have heard of captain avery, avery's master gunner, we.
I need a master gunner, Mr. Boyle, and from what I hear, Avery was a shrewd hand in choosing him, the birth is yours as long as you can handle it, I can handle it with a swivel gun for a long time, I'll fall for the guinea for every mess, you'll get ahead your neck if you fail while you are on my ship, leave your mark and you can write, we will give you a good bath, you will draw a uniform according to the master gunner on board, the name of the next man. mythology oblivion sir, I tell you that you live, leave your mark below, he is there, sir, thank you, that's all, sir, our compliment is full power, I thought so, I thought he was dead, I can hardly believe my eyes I mean, he doesn't want to believe.
I'm coming come Mr. Povey is that guy or is it just as fair as what he did that day he abandoned me on a reef in Bahama please Mr. Povey this is not the time to talk about that oh it's time it's okay unless you want me know in which case your current voyage is over before it begins no no no no povey mr boyle could you please take over mr lorenzo stand guard on deck? Come to my cabin, my heart bleeds when I think of one of your delicate constitution having to fend for yourself on a coral reef Mr.
Pogba, leave it Kevin I know why you abandoned me so it will only be three of you to share instead of four it's true a hostile wind blew us away from your reef among friends we could have returned exactly to what I would have done, Mr. Povey, so no more sentimental nonsense, please, now that we are here again, why then we are not here, we are too much Boyle and Lorenzo Dall, twenty thousand pounds of peace in their hands. it would only be spent in sinful ways and you propose to lead them out of the path of temptation oh a knife in the dark i am not a violent man sir povey i detest violence people have such an uncomfortable habit of getting in my way i am an ambitious man sir Povey, an ambitious man, if he is brave enough, can create a kingdom for himself.
I'm going to be a lord, my friend, and that for a commoner like me requires a lot of money and that's why it could be two less to share before. we're bringing up old England again, cold sharp gut, oh a sycophant, I'm glad you're back, mr povey, you have no idea how rewarding it is to have a nice soul to trust, thank you, oh there's something What should I tell you? I have left you with a sealed letter containing an accurate and complete account of certain previous events only to be opened in case, just in case, of course, you return to England without me, of course, my dear, very sensitive friend. your part now.
I know you will have a happy trip. I'll do it too. I look towards the chambers, so we are two of the luckiest men in the world. I just think we are sailing into Madagascar waters. We will continue the search where we left off golf. All operations on board have a servant I will ask the captain to assign one to me and then we would be together Yes I have spent many years of my life seeing the lady but I doubt any woman would care a pinch of salt even on the dock of the kingdom like me now if my lady joins me in a minute my lady sir not me lady lastly shadwell does a gentleman sneak up on another without a policeman or a spit or something to warn him?
I'm not a gentleman, sir, I'm a gentleman gentleman what's wrong with the hair I guess you've tried everything you carry fat prenatal influence maybe deny sergeant thank you he saidIt won't take a minute to finish so we should be gone in an hour yes, the manifesto, could you attend to that perverted gentleman? Thank you very much, Captain Lorenzo, you have seen a lovely lady before this, a tribute to her beautiful mother, did you finish her business next? Yeah, then we better get going, huh. Mr. Mercy, you will see Lord fall with Lady Anne into the boat.
Make way for the longboard. You take care of the loading. Mr. Lorenzo. I apologize for our poor accommodation, but my valet Shadwell will see to it that he is comfortable. It's a pleasure to have it. her leadership on board if you follow me why hasn't it happened she exploded someone must have fired the magazine send your boats immediately you can't ask me to put men near that captain excuse me lady his father can I say how sorry I am . The captain has asked you to eat in the main cabin. Oh, no, Chad, well, I can't stand to face those men.
I can't quite understand the lady, but the captain's orders are orders, Shadwell, you must do it. Tell me there's no one else she can trust, but what can I do, ma'am? I'm just a servant. Where can I turn? I'm so confused and scared. I keep thinking about my father and the others lost there and on this ship, wherever I am Go those horrible men who stare at me, that Lorenzo who was always behind me at my side last night there was a knock on the door when I opened it there There was that evil smiling face of his, well you better belong to those pirates you fought some days ago pirates millennia we fought pirates my father said captain toad boy shadwell what kind of ship is this my father was deliberately murdered I'm sure That's why I have a better face captain I would accuse you there is a man on board my lady, a gentleman I know you can trust, Mr.
Mercy, yes, Mrs. Shadwell, I know I have met or seen him before, no matter how I deny it. , his name is not mercy, but who is it. All I really know is who my lady is. no friend of the captains maybe if I ask you to do it, oh yes, please, yes, I ask you again, very kind, my dear copy, your good manners do not impress me, sir.lorenzo, when do we divide the gold in london? not before, aha, then, luca, I'll make a deal with you, a deal, everyone wants to deal with me, you and mercy, father and thunder, what do you think I'm a stinky sausage merchant?
She's kind of a bargain, the girl all my life I've dreamed of a beautiful woman like that. Give me half of my money now and you can split the rest between you if you let me shoot him. He lovingly hits him again. I want her and I'm going to take her whether I like it or not, aha, with all this treasure on board, the crew is like a keg of hot powder, all it takes is one word in the right ears, you mean silence me? You are a witness, you are inciting the crew to silence me no, no, no need to do it, I was just joking, you have a very unpleasant way of joking, Mr.
Lorenzo, as for the girl, I have my own plans for her and I don't include you leaving two. Who is Adam Mercier? Sir, thank you for coming, Mr. Mercier. My name is Adam Blaine, son of Lord Blaine. He knew it. He knew it, but what are you doing on this ship? My father was murdered and accused of piracy. Few people believed that Lord Blame the king. That's why I went to see and turned on the power three years ago. That's why I'm in this boat. I knew that one day I would find out the truth. You had Captain Kiddo kill your father.
It wasn't Adam. I'm not a fool. He did the same thing to my father the fat butcher it took me three years to track him down three years of degradation now I have him where I want him and he knows it you mean he knows who you are he knows something that's why you didn't admit to me who you were why you avoided me If Kit knows that we share this, he would kill you with as little scruple as he wants to kill me if I let him. What can I do to help? there must be something forgotten everything you have seen on this ship play with it be friendly that way you will be safe now when you return to London no matter what has happened to me go to the lords of the admiralty and the king what will you do.
A great service to me and you, I will extend my promise. They are going to have problems with Lorenzo. The heartbeat of the lamb is exciting. His blood is getting too rich for him. It would be better if he bled. Things are getting a little hot. complicated my lord the king may accept the elimination of the merchant queen as an accident perhaps even the sudden disappearance of lord falseworth but what about the lady he said he had plans for? Do you include mr. the merchants or I will mourn appropriately for the premature disappearance of their power I will receive the grateful thanks of my sovereign and appearance is mine, the lord, laugh if you want, but that is what I will have and neither man nor the devil will stop me, do not be alarmed Now that she knows who I am, the kind of boat she's in, I think we can count on moving forward.
You stay here and stop watching too. If any of them would like her to survive, Mr. Mercy, you did well to protect her. Are you okay, sir? Yes, I'm fine, take care of Lydia Adam, what's wrong? My locket is gone. She has the shiny shield, Blaine, maybe she can find it for you, sir, no, she must have left just before Lorenzo passed through the port. Chad will take the lady and to a cabin, oh please, Adam, I can't go in there, you have to and this. It's serious, it means you remember, no matter what tricks I try, you've never seen me before and you don't know who I am.
Shad, I think well, don't worry about me sir, he never could get anything out of me and never will be, it's the only way to be safe Chad will take care of you, what's wrong with you? Adam, what will he do the same thing he did to others? If he gets the chance, go ahead, don't worry Anne, at least I know what. hope to go there shadwell if something happens remember to support lady anne and make sure she arrives safely in london i will risk my life on it i know you will be careful adam please be careful come the lady he is not a king's man who So tomorrow we will go to the lagoon to look for water and while the crew takes it on board, you and I and Mr.
Mercy go to the cave. Do you want to take it there? I have a peculiar mood watching my young and intelligent friends bubble when we unearth their breasts sweet dreams so look quickly mr mercy doesn't have it forever who could it be maybe a man who has too many questions gently now mr mercy has found something so were the twelve apostles a captain yes It was Mr. Merced, open it, planes, plains, he was a brave sailor, but a fool, did you happen to know him?, Mr. Merced, I heard about him, I thought maybe you had, this is yours, It is not like this?
I traded a ring for it, one from Avery. men, yes, when I met lord blaine at sea, I did my simple duty as a loyal subject, pity he turned pirate and traitor to his lying king, here I am for the sharks, now lord povey tide close this place in half an hour, we have nothing else. to fear oh yes you have captain lady I am it's a long journey home mr pogba and anything could happen naturally a lady the ship is still very distressed in the midst of life we ​​are in the shadow of death and although my heart, my heart, my heart bleeds, it confuses you. shed, did you get that thought out of my head?
And it was something unusual and beautiful. I'm sure that's what made her immediately tell him that he can't cry forever and that I'll wait for her to eat our meals in the main cabin with the rest of us very well poor boy we turned just in time to see him go to the limit search for an hour never appeared well toast to him every time he feels bad yes sir I will go to my cabin with your permission yes You wish it had been quite a difficult trip. Which was a small thing and another would endure.
You will return home soon. I warned Adam not to go. Nobody could have stopped you. It was planned in cold blood. Deliberate. The same will happen to ours. Your Honor, unless we can Adam, how did they find you on board? Sir, I have returned for Lady Anne. Oh, thank you sir. I've been hanging from the rudder chain since dark waiting for the watch. The cheerful ship is more disturbing. I waited next to him, secured from this port, which came in and chased him under the main cabin. Now bring me some dry clothes. The Chevrolet captain is in his own cabin with Mr.
Proison examining the silver chest they brought on board. My father's chest. Will Kid doesn't suspect, tell Lady Anne to gather some things and when the coast is clear, come back for me. Yes, sir, in the morning. The boy does not suspect that Shadow will stay on board and will be a test for us. In London, Bart is in the sternmost small boat, we will roar ashore and then reach him. Two days of land travel is the pirate city of the last hope. It is the most illegal place in the world. But I have friends there, but somehow they will find it.
We, a ship for England, England, now, come on, get off, if I'm ready, come on, sir, good luck, come on, thank you, sir, hands of fire, why hold on to me? Back to the boat guys if you're thinking what I'm thinking. I'm thinking, my friend, forget it, there's a little matter of a letter I left in London, spoiled sport, so, um, Captain William, boy, greetings, Captain, what news have you brought me from the Indian seas? Buy or leave the Majesty of it, both good, none, but mostly, very good. I came back through the American colonies, sir, so I understood the main points of your journey.
I am familiar. I wonder if you can enlighten me on the matter of the Queen's divine daughter, Lady Ann Dunstan, and the captain of her ship, Mr. Merced. Oh, that poor impetuous man! fellow sawyer invigold to that outbreak of innocence that he made to run away with him and catch him red-handed in defense of my life I was forced to dispatch him, both rest in peace, tell me captain about the treasure and the care merchant unfortunate father very unfortunate we would send that chest when it exploded and all the souls went to heaven, rest in peace to them, I see the same about the twelve apostles and Lord Blaine, do you find any trace of a detractor?
I can only hope that the weight of his sins would sink them both. and his ship I see then how you explain this whose power is your majesty my office found him on his ship in plymouth after you left for london he carries the shield of blaine with which I believe he is not unknown. I always felt that Mr. Povey Misurge and a very broad guy was actually hiding something from me by hiding it in a secret Lazarus in the captain's cabin from him. I hope Mr Povey has an adequate explanation. Mr. Povey was murdered three days ago defending him with his death oath.
He swore it wasn't his, maybe Shadwell, my Valit slipped it on board. Wouldn't it have come from a cave captain in Madagascar? Something frighteningly strange about all this, already makes your lies seem like a nightmare, a pity that you have overlooked the last hope, captain, we were in heaven with my friend avery and I saw him say goodbye, with the pleasure of his majesty, I accuse this man of piracy and murder he was once such an unfortunate gentleman, lock him up in nougat, they will hold him for the next session of the aria court and the terminal there he will be tried for his life so here is my legacy to them who hunt him that I have hidden and for your children's children through the endless corridors of time murder-breeding creed soul-corroding hate ambition the dirtiest trumpet of all hey jack jack kids, sell me a brilliant role for Sixpence, could you spare me your Money, guys?
You can have it all for free if you just step here and use it. I need an update. I can not wait forever. Captain Kidd is dead. My lord Blaine, his account is closed now, in what way? I atoned for the injustice I worked for. Your father offered your first sea lord. What do you suggest? We have an excellent fifty-gun frigate ordered for American waters. Sir, we thought we'd call Lady Anne. She should be a wedding gift for you. the crown your loyalty and service to king and country

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