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Cap韙ulo: uiero Que Se Vaya Para Ser Feliz!

Apr 08, 2020
well we are back friends ready to receive this next case today as a quote from the french writer fran莽ois de rugy fakoly who says obstinacy does not allow us to look beyond what we achieve you the obstinate sometimes life gets very complicated The litigants come in please, but I want to be doing it right now, it's going to work out in the long run, that's why I need to fix it now, and she thinks I'm going to give it to you, everything that's mine, we're all crazy here, all I need is a good truce. Explain to me who Ricardo and Giovanna are, why are you suing them and what are you asking to resolve Ticos?
cap tulo quiero que se vaya para ser feliz
Good afternoon, doctor, he is my father and she is a perfect woman. I am here because I want them to leave the house today because we are suffering domestic violence and they had that I take jon out of his house from that neither his wife their house and you are living with them yes and I mean domestic violence that we are suffering because she is his stepdaughter is also suffering laughing domestic violence because she has a daughter yes and now she has that child another year there she is tiny yes well explain to me what's going on what's going on I'm not talking about domestic violence they hit each other because it makes me laugh to keep standing together yes Well, they've been married for a year, they've been married for a year and ten months trying to get a divorce, I'm also suffering a lot because my father first, my mother went through a divorce and well, I never ever trusted that this relationship was going to work, doctor, but Well, I support all my security because he is my father and he gave not only him but both an opportunity.
cap tulo quiero que se vaya para ser feliz

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cap tulo quiero que se vaya para ser feliz...

Many problems began to arise in which my father began to have a behavior of perhaps a mature person, he behaved like Her and her father, perhaps having a mature position, behaved in a way of a spoiled girl who did not always treat him badly, they both treated her badly, they both missed each other. I had respect, although nonetheless, when they decided to divorce the doctor, the case remained stagnant, because imagine, doctor, I am even ashamed to tell you the truth, to tell you what I heard, but tell me, did you hear that this woman told you that it lasted? little in bed that they used a doctor my father also told her that the first date she used panties of those that one puts on to show her buttocks that her body was full of cellulite or not those vulgarities all those bad words I I only found out, but the four-year-old girl, however, she also entered the room and saw that my boyfriend had not even a change of clothes, nothing, all of them.
cap tulo quiero que se vaya para ser feliz
My mother even threw it away and threw it all out the window. My father, annoyed, lowered the stairs and the car that I had bought for a car I want you to see the photo I want you to take the photo as my father said the lady's car a director 58 as well as the four of us will see the four tires he left it So because he said that's the car that I paid for, it's not going to move from here anymore, he grabbed a baseball bat and broke the windows before, the only one loose I'm tired when I'm tired after that is the woman who is here do Roman and I paint before knowing that my parents are allergic on the 8th to milk where they drink it in the morning a milk that is not all my dad she also put money both of them well it's because she doesn't work my dad works she grabbed him from the milk and said Since I liked him, in return, he took his daughter's milk, he put a spice in her, cheers, she had three metallic days in the hospital, then my dad didn't stay calm either.
cap tulo quiero que se vaya para ser feliz
I grab and only the shampoo to that woman doctor doctor respects a vandalism of property of the family movie that she had to remove all her hair she stayed person because I send it to her now especially so to speak because she doesn't cut it she sent it to the peel l Then she herself grabbed methylene blue and destroyed all her clothes, that color I know left a trace of the author to the drop that spilled the camel's back, the truth is that she is being very precise in each of the events that she recounts and You had already said that I would not put in, do not come, it is what I brought that my father please take a photo that he put in, like in a restaurant ad, let's learn about the markets and from a view of the street, a photo to be happy about these one devourer of where you live where man do you think they are one like saying so that there are no words to tell you is that you think it is an act of a 45-year-old man the changes that call him but according to those measurements on the street he said From this crazy man that they leave a wife and now they have changed sides the whole number had to change the number ok perfect and not endlessly look what I have to take a break to process everything you have told me the doctor exaggerates when we return I will end the story and They respond to the lawsuit, don't leave, we'll be back right away, saying this lady to my dad, yes, because these two relatives are not being mentioned here, so my boyfriend is there, he told me the other day we've reached this point because of Sofia, she doesn't want to respect the decisions that I am making at home no I do not understand you at all businesses can be devastating events but there are certain human beings that take them to an almost incomprehensible level sofia tells us that this couple reaches levels of domestic violence but it is not physical against them they get to disrupt things get offended in an extraordinary way that she says she and the 4-year-old girl no longer listen but all the neighbors also participate in the fights so what do you want them to do that I want them to leave of the cup that they solve their problem and that they come with a conclusion already in itself I want him to get divorced and I don't I don't mind keeping the girl while I'm outside the back house because they were children the girl doesn't give me a problem one day she comes and she's going to take my boyfriend to the house and she got the two of them fighting saying this lady to my dad yes because you don't get care no They are useless to us in bed, those other relatives are saying nothing, so even my boyfriend told me the other day because they are together, doctor, we have reached this point precisely because of Sofia, Division.
I honestly believe that yes, look, I met Ricardo two years ago. and I fell in love, yes, I love it, I love it, that's why we decided to move in together, we bought the house, this one, I fell in love, I fell in love, I got married, and when I came back in a honey, the surprise was that his ex couldn't take his girl anymore and sent her to live with her father, very well, any father can receive his daughter, but she does not respect our marriage, our union, but who wants it? It's you first, and it started with my daughter.
As I already told you, I have a four-year-old girl and that she girl screamed and that the The girl bothered me and that I did not let him study and that I did not let him focus and that my daughter was the problem of everything, then the arguments between Ricardo and I began that he defended the princess who never did anything and I was the mother of the girl from 4 years that I told her not to make a doctor the fault is not hers as such the tips of the two of us we are the ones who have to solve our problem but that the problem of divorce why and why is it not so we have a situation with the house we bought a house in ideas and it cost us 670 thousand dollars right and so we are going to sell the hour and it is worth 600 thousand dollars what we have are a few years of marriage that is, they have lost 70 of the market exactly then terrible what is the doctor situation here that they have to reach an agreement on my daughter and my wife because she wants to be with you but what happens she always have problems they are arguing all the time I know if you have noticed that there is a discussion between them Both of them always z immaturity is yours she has spoken to me with a totally mature woman I think so she left that is the car the billboard her little signs but you are blind there are situations that she goes to university and she comes back and they shaved her head the matter says that it is our fault so we start arguing because they start with the contrast of arguing arguing and I start arguing for her two of you like it because you two do not get along for each other it is correct but they want us to sell the house For me I love my daughter of course and I am not going to let my daughter go alone and I am not going to leave her daughter who is four years old abandoned ok and I am going to take a short break and they tell me after the descent yes you still have sex we come back after this short break and how does mommy get compact her ears also grow out a bit and a stupid I can't do you without ignorant because what you want something impossible if you He can't take you with your wife like you want your daughter to take with her.
Well, let's continue with this bizarre thing. I've seen this in my years as a divorce lawyer. I've seen cases like this, but too many. the man's the man has been married to this woman for 2 years in a year of marriage she has a 4-year-old girl their relationship is toxic toxic horrible and they have been trying to get a divorce for ten months and they don't do it I think for economic reasons because they have a house that they bought that cost them 670 thousand dollars and the devalued houses are now worth 600 thousand dollars but at halftime they are destroying the house with the farmhouse with the mangoes and with the peace and tranquility of everyone including the daughter 18 years old, she is accepted into her home because she is already studying and her little girl, who is 4 years old, is seeing all this relationship mess, ok, you have sexual actions, you can still, doctor, we are adults again z from time to time really so that you never repeat this these are things that a friend parents teach us in thousands of ways not always with good examples sometimes the best lessons come from the bad examples of our parents those are the ones that we That's why they make them change against these genes to help play the ridiculous role of this pair of adults because it's not possible adults are adults now I think it's a bit of an exaggeration and I don't believe it because I saw the evidence and the evidence it is clear and forceful but she listen to me the house was worth 670 how much to the orieta mortgage 600,000 the girl came clear and now I want to know or not pass me Karina urine dealer to come with the doctor madeline hern谩ndez and the therapist and irvin morales hello karina rooms how are you come here I want to greet you a little kiss I feel you here with me a little can you tell me how the situation in your house mannequin fights a little not much not much only less often for a little of their fights and when they fight they make a lot of noise they yell ugly things and break things less things but before even more than before more than before to break things now than before and how does mommy get hello a little bad furious smoke comes out of you the ears is capable and he also gets like the fierce balloon my mom the same as your mom the way you get along with her well she gets along with her she is a good person with you and she has a good time with her you feel safe with her safe calm and with them not much perfect ok something else you want to tell me and it's a good time I would like to spend more time with her maybe here thanks now you can go with roberto but then a 4 year old girl is well taken care of violence like word browser in the film eventually as regards the material that when they already destroyed all the material that it destroys when it already destroys all the material it does is destroy all the sentimental and lowers the physical I imagine that all this violence is not left to there it has to escalate to something, I imagine if it was previously known as the cycle of violence, now it is known as intimate terrorism and it is to destroy the life of the person with whom one has decided to share life in a permissive way, that is, they don't stop at an example of taking control of those ailments or those resentments that they are going through through the relationship you think they are doing this really because of the economic situation I go because I'm stuck in some kind of cycle because look at them still They have sex from time to time, which may be a factor that still keeps them together.
Also, the habit of being a doctor is very strong. Sometimes, even though people no longer want to be in a relationship at the same time, they do not see each other alone or are afraid until the sun and they remain in a quite toxic situation like these couples also a doctor when there is a couple that suffers from intimate ism deterioration these couples identify themselves by Because they don't have bandres control of limits between them if they don't have bandres control of what they do and they don't worry about how they can affect their family by taking themselves to the limit that is most easily crossed on the side and physical the physical limit now well these girls and instead of coming here with a case closed to sue her dad and stepmom she picks up the phone and calls the department of children and families in new jersey in the middle of one of these fights where they are breaking clothes car and They say there is a four-year-old girl here who witnesses a violence that would have happened well immediately when they answer that you have to answer within a space of 2 to 3 hours after the call has been made because it is an almost emergency call they have until 24 hours all the departments of yes pies de chauffeur tractor services have up to 24 hours to respond, everything depends, they respond at that moment so that they are part of the fight that is happening or Either they respond when everything has calmed down, they respond at that moment and they immediately realize that the condition for that girl is toxic to me, and they immediately remove her from that house andthey are going to jump into a hostel for you like a tony for souter de hearing that is, your visit to vitoria de exactly ok seeing what we see here what we know seeing the evidence we have seen do you think that this couple has hope of reconciling or getting along good to live in harmony to seek therapy well I think that as a couple they have not caused much damage between the two of them and sometimes it is better to be separated what I do consider is that they have to work together to raise the girl this is more easy I make it easy for the big one even for the girl that what would be a benefit if this couple were not together what I want is if I can talk what I want is for there to be harmony between the two of them to have a stupid but like that I can't you without ignorant because what you want something impossible if you can't get along with your wife how you want your daughter to get along with her that's logical and you and the little girl and the little girl would rather go with her than marry you 10 months ago a year and you are dealing with a divorce they do not understand what is happening here look when I do a divorce there was a concept that was very important we told them to cut the losses because many people just like them did not want to divorce because the house had lost value that house to recover those 70 thousand dollars almost a miracle has to happen that will not happen so what does one do to continue in a toxic and rotten relationship wait for the house to rise in price and meanwhile you are running out and you are killing yourself making life impossible for everyone around you please that is absurd you have to cut your losses and since they don't see it we are going to take critical action one week you out of the house one week you out of the house I had a week away and you a week away starting this Monday I paint you have money to break the car to break clothes to take out signs to insult each other you have money to stay in a motel or at someone's house a friend or someone's house and not destroy the lives of these girls and all the people in the neighborhood be heavy today and courteous the loss put the house for sale if they give you 610 thousand that is ten thousand dollars that you have divided into half and that's it

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