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Captulo: Padre reclama a su hija | Caso Cerrado | Telemundo

Feb 27, 2020
You'll believe, but we've never had sex. Right. She said so herself. It's her word or mine. Right. That night, we were supposed to finally make it, but it didn't happen, so I got up and left. And you threw a lamp at him. I threw it against the wall, not her. She says it was thrown at her. She never hit me. I didn't throw it directly at her. You just wanted out. That would have been an act of domestic violence. She thinks you were dating someone else. Let's get the experts out. Dr. Madeline Hernandez and Lawyer Ángel Leal.
cap tulo padre reclama a su hija caso cerrado telemundo
Dr. Hernandez, she heard what happened, right? Yes. Her close friends and family are concerned. I've been watching her throughout the case. I know that she is being constrained by something. There is much more to this case than meets the eye. She hasn't really talked about anything either. Based on what she has seen and heard here, can she give us the impression of her case? Yes. My impression is that she is being controlled. She's being very careful not to say too much. There are many things here that don't make sense. There is a very big age difference here.
cap tulo padre reclama a su hija caso cerrado telemundo

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cap tulo padre reclama a su hija caso cerrado telemundo...

She has the typical characteristics of a domestic abuser. He controls her victim and isolates her from all of her friends and family. He is also a moocher. Yes, it is a very dysfunctional relationship. He found himself a teenager with a lot of money. She has her own house...She was a prime target. There is more to this than meets the eye. It is possible to revoke emancipation, right? I'm sure she is, ma'am. It is allowed in extreme cases. Typically, that is if the minor has been convicted of a felony or is unable to support himself. Interestingly, it is also reversed in cases where the minor goes against the testimony he used to obtain emancipation in the first place.
cap tulo padre reclama a su hija caso cerrado telemundo
For example, if he used his scholarship as a means to emancipate himself, but he refused that scholarship... that can be used as an argument against him. She is totally emancipated. Why does she insist on the fact that she has never had sex with her boyfriend? Well, emancipated minors are not exempt from the rule. That is, even if she is emancipated, he could still be accused of raping a minor. There are certain laws that apply to minors regardless of whether they are emancipated or not. Exactly. She still can't drink or carry weapons because she's not 21 yet. It doesn't matter if she is emancipated or not.
cap tulo padre reclama a su hija caso cerrado telemundo
She can marry me and be done with it. If she marries you... it's because she ran out of her brain cells. She doesn't see it now, but you're a typical loser. You are useless! You are a useless human being! Director, how about a good close-up? Once I render my ruling, he'll be on the lookout for his next victim. I want everyone to get a good look at it so they know she's a predator on the move. He is investigating the girls and figuring out how to milk them to the max. He got this girl to fight on her behalf.
She's making money from your fights. He admitted it. I can give you a copy of this episode. He openly admitted it. I honestly think you're in danger. I have yet to see any hard evidence beyond the bruises and the email you sent, which you never claimed was a lie. You are obviously being abused. You don't even understand abuse, but that's what it is. Abuse. I rule in your favor. You are no longer emancipated. Your father has full custody of you now. I also grant you a restraining order against this man. He has three days to leave his daughter's house.
It's final. Good luck. Case closed! Let's take a quick break. give respect to receive respect, and God help us. See you next time. Thanks. CC: TELEMUNDO NETWORK [email protected]


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