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May 10, 2020
We're back and ready to welcome our next case with this quote from Lebanese author Khalil Gibran. "Hell is in an empty heart." That's where hell is. Get the litigants out. I rented one, tried it, but it didn't work. So the logical thing to do is return it. It's not that we don't want it, we just can't take it. She signed, so she has to pay. Good afternoon and welcome. Buenas tardes. Andrea, you're going to sue Jennifer and Jhonny. Yes ma'am. Who are they, why are they being sued, and what are they demanding to resolve this case?
cap tulo ni o en alquiler caso cerrado telemundo
I'll explain. I'm suing them so I can return the child I rented to them. Also, I want the $15,000 I gave you as a security deposit back. Did you rent a live child? Yes ma'am. A flesh and blood baby? Yes. His daughter from him? Biological, yes. Did you rent it like you would rent a car? About. Like a lease. Explain all this. I understand that it is confusing. Nothing confusing about it. Depraved, maybe. Perverse. But not confusing. I'll explain. I'm Colombian. My childhood was difficult. My father was killed by the FARC and my mother abandoned me when that happened.
cap tulo ni o en alquiler caso cerrado telemundo

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cap tulo ni o en alquiler caso cerrado telemundo...

I was only four years old. From then until I was 16 years old, I lived in five different houses. I was adopted when I turned 14 years old. My adoptive father was very loving, but he had other intentions. Finally, he rapes me. I think I grew up with that bitterness because if my mother hadn't abandoned me, she wouldn't have gone through everything I did. Shelters, rape. I met someone who I've been with for three years. Despite the fact that we are stable, I am still afraid of being a mother, of having a family. For my past. He is very affectionate.
cap tulo ni o en alquiler caso cerrado telemundo
He wants a family, he wants children. I suggested we rent a girl. With this option, we would have it for a predetermined time. You see it as if you were a foster parent, testing it out. Was there an option to adopt in this contract? No ma'am. Do you have the contract? -Yes. Let's see it. So what were the terms? Can you explain them? Of course. Move along. Return to your podium. Thanks. It was a two-year contract. I paid $450 per month plus 4% interest. $10,000 total. Also a security deposit. -$15,000. -What did you give them? Right. That is what I demand to be returned.
cap tulo ni o en alquiler caso cerrado telemundo
But you're trying to break the contract before it expires. I have my reasons. I'll explain. I explained that I was going to get private insurance for the girl for whatever medical needs she had in those two years. She told me not to worry because they had a medical certificate saying that the child was completely healthy. She is. I don't think so. It's been 17 months and the baby is still getting sick. So she gets sick very often. I'll explain. I took her to the hospital and she was diagnosed with bronchitis, which manifested as asthma. I have spent months in the hospital.
This is chronic. So motherhood is not for you. It's not for me. You proved with this child that you are not made to be a mother. Not at all. So you want to break the contract with seven months left. Right. You don't want to pay the other seven months. And she wants the $15,000 deposit back, after which she will return the child. That's how it is. Is that what you want. That is what I am demanding. In addition to the $450 per month, she was paying $110 for private insurance. That was your choice. The contract did not require it.
I understand. You did it voluntarily for your own reasons. Okay. And you two are the parents of this child. Yes. You decided to rent it. Yes. That's amazing. How could God give children to people who would rent them? Let me explain. We are ex-gang members who have been through a lot. When I got pregnant, I chose not to have an abortion. But when we had her, we couldn't raise her where we were, given all the shooting and enemies we had. Why didn't you think of that before you got pregnant? It wasn't planned, but like I said, when I got pregnant, I kept it. poor thing.
I didn't want to abort. -Poor thing. The thing is, we use that money from the deposit to make some important payments. To the gang, I imagine. It is a difficult situation. But at the time, that was the best option for our daughter. I would respectfully like to show you the kind of life I have lived. They shot me here. Come closer so she can see. Okay. That's why we did what we did. I didn't want my daughter to suffer because of the danger we were in. What do all those tattoos represent? My friends and cousins ​​who have died.
Even my mother. Did they kill her too? Yes. It's also my fault that her uncle was shot and killed because they were trying to shoot me. Those were my reasons. It was the best for my daughter. So, like gang members living horrible lives, you decided to get pregnant, and instead of having an abortion so the soul could go back to heaven and then be reborn to good, loving people in a nice home, you chose to carry that baby to term because you think that abortion is wrong. People have all their priorities wrong. They brought a child into a world of danger.
Of shootings and murders. Then they decide that it is best to rent the baby. What are you two doing now? That was before. Now, with the money she gave us for the deposit, my husband and I signed a contract with YouTube. Now he is an amazing husband. You can't teach an old dog new tricks. We're not talking to you. He has completely changed his life. He has a YouTube video with more than 8 million views. I'm not going to say anything. You can see for yourself. People have nothing better to do than watch YouTube. We had to buy the equipment, the cameras and all that.
We are on the road, on tour. We can't take a child. So you sing and swear in these songs, right? We're in Texas and Arizona... No. So why is there a parent advisory here? Because I'm talking about the life I've lived. What we've been through Mr Las Vegas. Put the image on the screen. This is what people watch on YouTube. People love you, ma'am. Well, if things are going so well, and you're reformed, and everything's going so well, why don't you take your daughter and give her the love and care...? That's what we want. In seven months, we will have our own house.
We will have someone to take care of the baby. But we have a contract with YouTube. So you can't take the child. You want her to stay with the tenant until you're ready to take the baby. Until the contract ends. We can't do anything now. It's your daughter, I don't love her. What I don't understand is how some of these people aren't in jail. If it was me, they'd all be there. The tenant, the parents... All of you should be in jail. Another thing. He gave her a doctor's certificate. He got sick with her. Children get sick!
Exactly! They can be healthy and then get sick just like that. How can you two have a child? Who has witnesses? I have one. Bring the plaintiff's witness. O ma'am. To shut up! You shut up! Stop playing the good mother. I guess you've never gotten sick because you're so perfect. These people are not thinking in terms of what this contract is about. This is a child we are talking about and they are worried about other things! What is your name, sir? edgar And who are you? Would you mind explaining? Of course. I support her unconditionally. Why?
Why do you support nonsense? I don't see it that way, ma'am. He made that decision because... Sir, what do you do? I am a businessman. I was a lawyer in my country. you do not say? I adore her and regardless of the consequences of her, I supported her, just as she supported me. I have seen her grow after everything that has happened, and I made my decision. I am 100% with her, and that is why we made her decision. Do you feel special because she is pretty and you are not so much? No ma'am. No problem. -Mom's boy. -To shut up!
What do you know? Good thing you can't practice law here. The institutions that gave you a law degree should be ashamed because you don't deserve it! You know this is illegal. You know it! Do you have anything else to say? No ma'am. Excellent. Bring out the next witness. Buenas tardes. Her name? Jerry Ramos. You are here supporting the defendants. That's how it is. Good? I've known them since I was little. We all grew up together. I was in his gang. Oh, another gang member. Handsome! To shut up! Your only friends are gang members. We can take this outside.
No one else would have rented you a child. Please, he shuts up. I gave them the money so they could leave the gang. They returned the $9,000, which was part of the money she had given them. See, lady? They used my money for that. Did you think they weren't going to do it? That's why we don't... We use it to change our lives. We decided to let them out for that kind of money so they could have their singing career and have their daughter in the future. Why not have it in the future? Why have it before they should have it?
I don't get it. These gang members talk as if they were businessmen. I paid to get them out of the gang. This is not a business! What? They would have killed us. He helped us. This is my baby when she was little. I cry every night. don't talk to me Is the baby here? Yes ma'am. Do I have your permission to meet her? Excellent. Let's bring Ángel Leal and Marcela Gómez, social worker. Additionally, Det. Rock yourself too. poor thing. Hello! Hello Alexa. How are you? Hello Alexa. You're so beautiful. What a pretty girl. Where are mommy?
Hello Alexa. When was the last time you saw her? She and I used to get along. We would talk and she would send photos. Not anymore? No, because she says that she gets sick a lot. icate... What certificate? She was in excellent health when she was born. I had a great pregnancy. She breastfed her and all was well. All drugs you took during pregnancy. drugs? How can my baby have asthma? How did she get bronchitis? They must be smoking in front of her. People get sick, ma'am. I get it. Wow. I want the best for my baby.
I can say. How can this happen? Outrageous. This is a form of human trafficking. That's how it is. This is so against the law. In fact, there is a Convention on the Rights of the Child, a human rights treaty for children. You have violated the human rights of that child. How could he grow up with this witch, who doesn't give a damn? The contract states that she is her responsibility. The sale of a child under any circumstances or the use of a child for pornography or any type of sexual activity is illegal. The sale of a child is clearly illegal, and both the United States and Mexico signed this treaty.
Although not fully ratified in the US, the section dealing with the sale of a child has been ratified. What is the future of this child? She will have to endure a process. Unfortunately, neither of them is stable enough, psychologically or financially, to raise a child given the lives they have led and still lead. The plaintiff obviously has mental problems. I'm sorry, but you're very unstable. Why, ma'am? I'm sorry, but you're not well. And her husband is worse. In my opinion. A guy who used to be a lawyer in Colombia who is okay with illegal contracts and wholeheartedly supports his crazy wife.
Both parties are completely incapable of raising that child. Totally. Everybody shut up. Can you believe how ignorant people are? These people are talking like we are the idiots and they did the best they could. The stupid ones are us for not understanding all the good they did. Before they were very, very, very bad, and now they are less bad. All at the expense of a child. They are so stubborn that they come here to talk about a contract that is illegal. What do you think I'm going to do? That's how it is. That I will conspire with his absurd and inhuman mentality?
You are all idiots! What about the money...? imbeciles! What about the money? What about the money? she says. Incredible. Ma'am, they could have given the girl up for adoption, but then they couldn't make money from her, which is what they wanted. Maybe when the contract with her expired they could find someone else. It's a business. They're exploiting the child. he's not. Don't tell me he's not. They were just preparing to be parents. Abortion is justifiable, people. Bringing a child into this world to sell, barter, prostitute and mistreat, what kind of life is that? Here's probable cause to arrest everyone, and that's what I want.
Let them all go straight to jail because they have the nerve to ask why and say it's unfair! I'll leave you at home to answer yourselves. Get them all out of here. it is final. Case closed. You will all go to jail. Be nice, be careful, educate yourself, give respect to receive respect, and God help us. See you next time. Thanks. CC: TELEMUNDO NETWORK [email protected]


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