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Capítulo: ¡Ni Con Ella, Ni Con Él¡

May 01, 2020
rough well here we are back friends ready to receive this next case of today with an anonymous phrase that says life is like a good book a bad chapter cannot ruin the whole story so let the litigants pass our bitter fast but it is our wine, you are never better off than at home if you almost died to get here if you went to kill there good afternoon and welcome can you rule on the plaintiff in this case explain to me who Luis is why you are suing him and what you are asking to resolve this situation I come here I'm going to sue Luis, who is the father of my son, I'm coming to sue him because because in seven days I'm leaving for Honduras, I'm literally deported.
cap tulo ni con ella ni con l
No, if I want custody of my son so I can take my cow, I have to leave here today. this study knowing that I have custody of the child so I can breathe and know that he is going to be with me but because I am in custody, that is, you are the legal mother of that child, yes, who does the child live with, the video with me for now, he recognized the child legally, yes, that is, paternity is legally established, is there the need that he had, perhaps what he needs is permission from him to be able to travel with the child, yes, okay, perfect, I understand, explain the story to me, did not explain, I am from lemon, lemon It is a town in Honduras so I was born there when I got pregnant shortly after I emigrated to the United States my life was illegal after two months he arrived we had to measure the action I communicated when I had already arrived to give birth he arrived yesterday three days with the mother, the child and the man leaves and has a problem, they put him in jail, I knew better, I don't believe in foresight, and when they don't love me, that's all I could explain was what he gave us so that They put it in the mother, although then I obviously stayed there in New York attacking, fighting with my son as I have always done until now, my son is eight years old and for eight years I have been a mother and a father.
cap tulo ni con ella ni con l

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cap tulo ni con ella ni con l...

Well, then I am there, working as a stylist because I I'm a stylist so it's a weekend outing with the pictures girl a disco and she tells me you but it's really nice who's telling you I make my own sun I don't let anyone do my pp then me and why don't we we make a partnership even the sep to open a business we open your business it is going to be successful for us seven years we are booming wonderfully a year ago the girl comes and disappears with all the money then I come I will stay or not I already see the need to talk to his mother because in this process of staying in Goya and staying signed I am going for a show to be a better American citizen so I was eligible for a show to be so well I talk to his mother who, as I said, we had conversations from time to time from time to time he didn't because he was in the mamo the mother wanted him with or when she could call this the situation what I'm going through right now with my son what do you think she herself tells me and 20 for miami it could be that there are more opportunities for you here in go and I am about to receive you can stay with me and I am right now living in an apartment I am fine that was the story with which she hooked me in the streets and I come to go take me to a hovel there are only two rooms, a living room, a banjo, nothing more, and there were 15 people in that house, we opened it like that, I felt like we could sleep, I know I'm going to get out of jail, so we stayed there, well, I get a mini job, we have to take away art because I'm never going to take what I can save a little money to be able to get out of there with my son and have a little bit of a pleasant life, as if you can say like that, on some days from work I'm going to pick up the child when I was lame, the child from school we're leaving. for the house we are doing our homework when we are doing our homework they start knocking on the door I say but I'm not waiting for anyone I cried for them every day I come more and more when it hurts I turned around ten times I realize that those who were knocking on Immigration now we have to open the door obviously immigration is going to ask for Haiti with everything that is there it has been wanted there has been there to prohibit this it has already arrived I do not have papers that I can show you immigration immigration takes me takes me and Now I am in the process, which is good, I am ready to deport me, I have already signed and everything, I am leaving but I need him to leave with me because literally with me and neither is the one I am going to teach him because I give him production where is the video As a result of all this delicacy, the mother had to go live with him from the mouth so he went to live in the hole where he is stuck and in the future this is a camp that is where the ad36 benítez of the people who do not We can be with the whole society, situation that I am going to take a short break when I get back, you respond, and she also comes back very often, my other one would be willing to marry her, whoever doesn't, shut up and listen to what I'm looking for a solution for, I like the idea of That your son goes to live in Honduras, your brother being the head of the gang, Casa Wendy, demands Louis, who is the father of her son who is 8 years old and said that she should allow you, even if I allow it, for the child to go with her to Honduras. in a few days since she is deported and has to leave the country the child has always been well here yes thank god he lacks nothing and I don't know if they have sent him on vacation with relatives studies there is like that since he knows me I love it, it's perfect, ok, how do you respond?
cap tulo ni con ella ni con l
Doctor, I came to tell her why she told me things about my son, he can't take her, I haven't said it, the truth is, everything is complete, because I don't allow them to take the Honduran book, she hasn't said that the brother of She is the boss of the gang since she is the help she has that she is going to receive in Honduras. She is the boss that is going to receive her. How is a child going to end up there where someone always involves him in drugs to jump? I grew up in Honduras. san pedro sula yes unfortunately yes ok a perfect they are all here you have been we arrived due to an activity of hers an american citizen ok she has a sex offender account because I was 18 years old how are you seeing now the strip of the school then the school They scheduled a school party for my classmates, we were already going to graduate, so that party arrived, there were supposed to be more people from the big group of adults 18 years old and up, and a message was expected from us and at this party they met. to a girl who spoke like that but we had nothing in common this party there were drugs there was marijuana better then the resource of time I was using with her so at no time does she tell me I want to spend tonight with you and that's how she wants me to tell her not to be with you and So I agreed, I was drugged, we went to my car as a relationship, in my car we had a pleasant, pleasant moment, of course, in short, then as time went by, we were in the vehicle.
cap tulo ni con ella ni con l
The police came and changed the police lights. She got angry. She got aggressive. They started hitting that spider in the face, it started hitting me, they drew blood from her nose. I held her hands. I squeezed him hard, she needed to, and she didn't let go. My dad could kill me. police in the prison - their dad accuses me of putting me on many charges I fall into prison while in prison they have demanded many years in prison but he has been out in five years they reduced my sentence five years of five years in prison must be served and Then they gave her everything for good behavior and they saw that no.
Then leaving there I was always reminded of that little girl. She didn't confess during your trial yesterday so that she was leaving and that I heard she really wasn't there. She was scared by the poles and the molasses. from dad that I had abused her quickly to the mother unfortunately at the head until here it is over roberto di l


doctor there it closes let it happen and to Mr. Héctor sur our investigated the criminal who happened was there I want to tell you that here in the country of In Honduras there is a lot of violence where at 10 to 8 years old in this way and injured ok they are men sir I am Elisa mother of the mother of the return of the perfect ok ma'am you why are you living in those tent houses where he lives because I had an apartment a house where when she arrived I told her 20 you can get out here and all that when she got there everyone left everyone obviously I have my document I'm alive but I had nowhere to hold on I have no choice but look for the idea but why is everyone outside because the sales man does cleaning work, I do have cleaning work, I help him because I know he can't because of what is happening now in silence I work as you see if we are in this situation situation is momentarily ok hey doctor a question and they continue they are already married an American citizen has a chance of staying or returning we are going to say possibly requires a pardon showing that this American citizen is going to suffer something much beyond normal but it takes time because Obviously there is no current relationship to be able to verify that type of suffering you have to achieve by tracing unless she married the father of her son who is an American citizen but who fills don't shut up and listen to what I'm looking for the solution ok solutions and solutions because I don't like the idea that your son is going to live in Honduras with your brother being the leader of the gang because Mr.
Switch obviously because he would become another gang member he would end up worse than living where they are living now but quickly if she wants make this boy can work somewhere as a doctor after living in prison from being considered a sex offender all that yes doctor this is one of the biggest programs we have in our society right now as you mentioned before but there is a program here in our county and if you allow me to come to the stand I am going to show you this is called transition and although this exists in very few places in the United States, fortunately if you are here in Miami where people who have been found guilty of a crime among themselves The sexual predators every Monday behind the court in the public defender's office these people come and help these people who have been convicted get a job or train them how to get a job or how to apply to get a job in a program that doesn't work for them.
It costs them nothing and obviously after passing this program they can get a job and thus can support their family. There they have the information so that you can apply and do what you have to do, return to your own and a marriage between them could have a positive function could but also to the Aryan discretion component I understand but at least there is hope yes ma'am yes I don't know if you can reconcile then I tell you that you are fighting for that little and free creature that really needs I would say stay on your soil In your country you can go, but you can get married, re-establish, ask for that forgiveness and that well, as long as that happens, I'll go with me.
A request is for deportation, temporarily past the facts that the brother is the head of the gang, you can make a request. to stop her deportation because your brother is the leader of the gang. I lie. Would you be willing to marry her so that you and I can stay here and have the opportunity to live with her mother, to grow up in her land, to progress and have the same opportunities? What do Americans have without the danger that we face in other countries? We have a good relationship, but because of my game, whatever, and I'm not going to marry her, but we're not going to live together, thank God, don't start talking nonsense if you're going to live together if you are going to fall in love again let them all be I feel that you still feel something for him I still believe that he does not feel something for her and you are already coming the fruit of a love that you felt deeply his name is your son his name is your son the fruit of your love where is the baby in the grass and she is going to help you with your hair I am sure quickly look at the decision of the case I am going to meet your son first I am going to see the decision first and I am going to meet him running we are not going to finish if it is possible that you can stop his deportation the child stays here with you but if we cannot stop his deportation the child stays here you make the marriage plan the beauty everything then you return with your child here I do not want the child They don't have mature ones, I said case closed lights of magic to a correct person with integrity neat lie you have the questionnaire if they have it that way

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