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Capítulo: Generación diva | Caso Cerrado | Telemundo

Capítulo: Generación diva | Caso Cerrado | Telemundo
We're back and we're ready for our next case of the day. Let's welcome it with this quote by American writer Susan Sontag. It reads, "Being beautiful isn't bad. What's bad is being forced to be beautiful." Please bring out the litigants. Women are born to dress up and get made up to make an impression in the world. There are people out there who'll try to change you. Never change.
cap tulo generaci n diva caso cerrado telemundo
You're perfect just the way you are. Good afternoon and welcome. Good afternoon, ma'am. Janeth. You're the plaintiff. Yes, ma'am. You're suing your ex-husband Jaime. Yes. Tell me why you're suing him and what you demand to settle this case. I'm desperate, ma'am. I need your help. I demand custody of my youngest daughter Michell. You're not going to get it. I need my daughter back. I need to get her
back. No. That won't happen. Let's calm down. Let's clear our minds and talk more about the case, because right now, I'm clueless about it. Absolutely clueless. You're here demanding custody... I don't know. How long ago did you divorce? -We got divorced six years ago. -Six years ago. I'd like to fill you in so you can understand our situation. How many children did you have? We had two children,
ma'am. Two daughters. Okay, and you want custody of your daughter... My youngest daughter Michell. -He has custody of her. -Yes. -You have custody of the eldest? -Yes. So, tell me more. Look, ma'am. We got married 16 years ago. We dated prior to getting married. We always had a troubled relationship. He had a number of traumas. You're going to tell her about that? I have to because
that's what's causing all of this. Let me talk. Don't interrupt. Let her say her piece. You'll get to reply and say whatever you want. Right, I'm sorry. Unfortunately, when he was younger, his little brother passed away. After we got married and I got pregnant, he had high hopes for a baby boy. He always wanted to have a son. Unfortunately, every time we went to go find out the sex, we'd get informed
that it was a girl. He was in denial. He insisted we were having a boy. He always hoped the sonogram had been wrong. Right, but it wasn't. My daughter Camila was born first. He accepted it. I'm not saying he's a bad father, because he's not. However, he wasn't too happy about it. The second time around... I've always loved my daughters. I got pregnant again and he was excited to finally have a
son. "I can't wait to meet my son." We got another sonogram and turns out it was another boy. Another girl? Right, another girl. He refused to believe it. He thought the scans were faulty. I was super excited to have another daughter, but he didn't share that sentiment. Then what happened? Here's where he really lost it. He went ahead and set up a boy's room. He even bought boy clothes
for the baby. When I had the baby, it was a girl. She had to wear boy clothes for three months straight. We ended up naming her Michell. It's a name that's used for girls and boys, and I was okay with it. I was flexible, because I knew that deep down he was still hurting over the loss of his little brother. It's like he was trying to heal the pain. Okay. Understood. In any case, you ended
up getting a divorce. Yes, ma'am. Due to that and some financial issues we were having, we decided to get a divorce. The situation became too much for me to bear. We got a divorce and we both talked about sharing custody. I got custody of my eldest daughter Camila and he got custody of our youngest, Michell, who's 9. Then, two years later, he was given a job offer here in Florida. My father's a citizen, so I agreed to let
him move here with her. I figured I'd make the move eventually so I could spend time with both my daughters. Some time passed... I'd call my daughter and we'd talk, but our relationship became more and more distanced. I didn't get to really spend time with Michell. I'd spend more time with Camila. He seemed apathetic about traveling, but I'd beg him to come down to Colombia. I had
to work. I couldn't just abandon my daughter there. I had to work to support her. Stop interrupting. You don't have to respond to her every claim. -Please. -Yes, ma'am. He didn't let me... -How long have you been here? -I arrived in February. I've been here for four months now. I arrived with my daughter Camila and my boyfriend. The hardest part was when they picked me up at the airport. I hadn't
seen my daughter in five years. I was super excited to see her. I brought her presents and everything. When I got to the airport and saw her... First of all, she had no reaction to my arrival. She was sitting there with her legs wide open as she was eating something. I went up to her and greeted her. I hadn't seen her in so long. She just said, "Hey, Mom." Then she told her father she wanted to
cap tulo generaci n diva caso cerrado telemundo
leave. The worst part about this whole thing was the way she was dressed and the way she was sitting. She was dressed like a boy. She was wearing a soccer jersey. I kept looking at her and thinking, "My God. This can't be my daughter!" She needs her mother! She needs that feminine influence! I couldn't take it. Here's another thing that happened. I arrived to their house and the neighbor
called me over. "Are you Michell's mother?" I said, "Yes, ma'am." She replied, "Thank God! Finally someone to rescue that poor girl!" Michell tends to attack her daughter because she thinks she's a boy. She's jumped the fence before in order to go and hit her. Okay, so how old is she? She's nine years old, ma'am. Nine years old. -How old is your eldest? -14.
She's with me. That's why you want custody of your youngest daugh Ma'am, with all due respect... I ask you to hear me out. Please... please don't take my youngest daughter from me and please give me a chance to take my eldest daughter back. She's not safe with her mother. Her mother's turned her into a sexual being. She could be in grave danger. How can you say that? I hadn't seen my daughter in five years, but I never stopped
caring for her. I'd send care packages and money. I'd call every day. I would send her whatever amount she asked me for. She's my daughter. I love her. It's a shame we were separated... I understand. I've always loved her, ma'am. So you're countersuing her for custody of your eldest daughter because you think she's sexualizing her. Ma'am, I brought some serious
evidence with me. Okay. Bring it here. Ma'am, I also brought evidence of how my youngest daughter has turned into a boy. Take a look at this picture, ma'am. I didn't allow that. Ma'am, here's my evidence. My ex-wife never asked me permission for this. My daughter asked me for money because she was sick. What's so wrong about this? Ma'am, look at her face. She's just a girl. She was 13 years old at
the time this picture was taken. She asked me for money for other things and she used it to pay for her surgery. Ma'am, we opted for surgery because... She was endangering her life, ma'am! She's still a little girl, ma'am. But she seems to have a deviated septum. It was affecting her breathing, ma'am. I simply had that corrected. I don't think that's wrong.
She's sick, ma'am. She's addicted to surgery. Nonsense. There's nothing wrong with that. Ma'am, I need your help. Is this your youngest daughter? Ma'am, please! What's wrong with that? I think that looks just fine. She looks like a boy. Look at her posture and her overall look. My ex-wife has sexualized my eldest daughter. She's done it since she was little. Look at that, ma'am. There's nothing wrong with
that. She likes sports. I don't see a problem with this... but I do think she should have some balance between the two. Carry on. My biggest mistake was letting her take Camila to the spa when she was younger. I hate spas, ma'am. She wanted to come with me. She likes beauty. She got brainwashed as a child. She's turned my daughter into a superficial, artificial woman. She's like a straw. Plastic on the outside and hollow on the inside.
-Your eldest daughter? -Yes, my daughter Camila. I couldn't recognize her after five years. She isn't even capable of basic thought. She's completely vapid. Look, ma'am. I found her Facebook page and it's atrocious. She has friends, you know. She needs to communicate with them. Of course she'll post pictures. She's exposed to pedophiles. What if some man sees her and looks at her
lecherously? You need to close down her Facebook. I don't know. I don't see anything out of the ordinary here. You wouldn't believe what happened with my mother the other day. What? I went out with my mother and youngest daughter and we went to pick up Camila. When she came out, we were all in shock. She came out wearing a pair of shorts with half her butt out. Her shirt only covered the top part of her body. She
was showing her bellybutton. I made her go change because she couldn't go out like that, especially not with her grandmother. She got mad and gave me the cold shoulder. She lets her be that way. What happened at the restaurant? She's just a 14-year-old, but if you look at her, she looks like she's 20. What happened? The moment we arrived, all the guys started looking at her and flirting with her. I don't like her attitude. She's not
cap tulo generaci n diva caso cerrado telemundo
safe with her mother. I need her back. I want my daughter to have values. I want her to be prepared and to be professional. She has to realize that she can't be that way. Her mother has only taught her the importance of appearances. She wants Camila to get surgery... It's the classic battle of parenting styles, everyone. This is so typical of divorces. It happens so often, it's a sick and painful pattern. Okay.
Let's bring out the plaintiff's witness, please. To my understanding, you've brought your daughters as your witnesses. Is it okay if I talk to them? Of course, ma'am. Yes. You need to see this with your own two eyes, ma'am. Good afternoon, Camila. Good afternoon, Mrs. Polo. 14 years old. Yes, ma'am. She's inappropriately dressed for a courtroom. She looks cute. She looks inappropriate. That
might be a good look for a party or something... I mean, it's nice being feminine and all, but you still have to be appropriate. -Good afternoon. -Good afternoon. So what's your statement? Ma'am, I'm really comfortable in my own skin. Ever since I was a child, my mother would take me to spas so that I could learn about manners and makeup. That's why I'm like this. I'm so grateful to her for this.
Seriously, Mom. -I really appreciate it. -Why? Because I feel comfortable with myself. I love being like this. I like it. Do you enjoy being so sexual at 14? You look like you're 20 years old. -Yes, actually. -Why? That's not normal for a 14-year-old girl. Her mother's instilled that in her. It's not normal. The average 14-year-old girl has
different interests. You still need to mature into a woman. You're not a woman yet. -No, but... -You look like one, though. That's just how I was raised. I was brought up doing modeling and taking dance classes. That's how I started. What do you want in life? What do you want to do? I like TV, modeling, and dance. I'd love to be an actress, really. Are you currently attending school? Yes, I'm in ninth grade.
What's your favorite subject? They don't teach TV or modeling in school. What's your favorite subject? Math, science, Spanish, English, literature, civics, or government? -Nothing, really. -Nothing? -None of those. -Let me tell you something. You're extremely fake and plastic. TV directors want people who are natural and real. Ugly sells right now, but everyone's sick and tired of people
like that because they're absurd. I'm just giving you some food for thought. Yes, ma'am. -Okay? -Yes, ma'am. My sweetie. How are you? Michell is very poorly educated. She's rude. -Honey... -She came in chewing gum. Don't call her honey. That's part of the problem here. She's rude, she's chewing gum, she hasn't said hi. -Michell... -You're both a disaster. Both parties. My question
is, why'd you even have kids? She needs me, ma'am. These girls need a whirlwind of chance. They need to reflect on their behavior. This is a disaster. You need a guardian. You need government interference. I don't even know what you need... -She needs a mother. -Both of you, get out. Out, you two. So rude. So uneducated. Horrible. -Ma'am, with all due respect. -What respect? There is no
respect here. You don't even have respect for yourselves! Much less for your daughters. But, ma'am... Your wife is right. Your daughter's a Neanderthal! She's so rude! I just want her to be a strong woman. A strong woman? She's an animal! I want her to stand her ground. You are being ridiculous. She's very violent, too. Bring out the defendant's other witness. I've never seen anything more
ridiculous. She's going to be a strong woman. Oh, please. Something's wrong with you two. And that's all you. These girls are a reflection of you! Good afternoon. Hello. Good afternoon. -What's your name? -Maria. Who are you, Maria? I'm Janeth's sister-in-law. I'm her brother's wife. You're her brother's wife, but you're here as his witness. Yes, ma'am. I'm here to unmask
this lunatic. She's not well. I have evidence of what she's going to do. She's going to give her daughter the "ideal" present for her 15th birthday. She's going to pay for her breast surgery. What? Are you crazy? How can you subject our daughter to surgery? That's normal in Colombia. All girls get surgery at 15. She wants to be a model. She's crazy. I don't see anything wrong with that.
We're going to use a certified surgeon. This is ridiculous. A saline solution breast augmentation. It costs $4,000. It's already scheduled and everything. She asked me for it, ma'am. I think it's okay. You're ridiculous. I'm sorry, but you are. And another thing, you're not suitable to be a mother. Ma'am, that's normal in Colombia. You're not fit to be a mother. You have
psychological issues. Good God. Unless you're making this crap up... I refuse to believe you're that stupid, honestly. Let's bring out the experts. Dr. Madeline Hernandez, psychologist... and Ms. Tereza Portales, who's a beauty and modeling expert. Let her have a childhood. There's nothing wrong with this! Seriously! Let her be pretty! That's not the way to do it. Okay. Good afternoon, Mrs.
Portales. Good afternoon, Ms. Polo. Welcome. It's a pleasure to meet you. The pleasure is all mine. This topic worries me a great deal. Here we see both extremes. We have a girl who's a savage. She has no manners and she dresses like a boy. She's rude and doesn't say hi to others. However, her father claims he's teaching her to be strong. On the other extreme, we have a 14-year-old who looks like
a 20-something. Her mother is planning on gifting her a breast augmentation for her 15th birthday. She's fake and plastic to the fullest degree. I don't think that's very classy, either. She's so fake. That can come off as rude too. What exactly are good manners and what can we do to help these kids as well as their parents? I mean, their parents are the ones who caused this mess. Exactly. Very well. I
think both extremes are bad. They're not healthy and the definitely cause issues. Undoubtedly. In this case, I think we're in that extreme situation. Right. You obviously need to teach and guide your children. In this case, girls need to learn what manners are. Sure, they're adolescents now, but in time they'll grow up to be professionals. They obviously need to know how to carry themselves in a competitive environment like the one
we live in. Not only are they going to be professionals, they'll also be mothers and partners. And they're going to repeat the destructive pattern. Before we know it, we'll have a zoo for a society. The world has adapted to certain things. Things that I, for one, deem unacceptable. I travel a lot and I often see youngsters dressed in pajamas on the plane. I don't know. I don't think it's
appropriate to wear pajamas on a flight. What about restaurants? I see people at restaurants staring at their phones all the time. The whole family's connected. No one talks to one another. I think that's rude too. It's disrespectful towards the act of eating together as a family and connecting. I know it's necessary to a certain extent, but where have all the manners gone? Parents are the ones teaching their children these
things. Could you touch on that, Dr. Hernandez? That's right. Unfortunately, what we're seeing in this day and age... and I wouldn't say that's the only factor, but divorces are much more common these days. A divorce can cause a communication breakdown between the two parents. They have all that hatred within them and they let that dictate how they discipline their children. Since they never come to an
agreement, many children are raised with pity or pitted against their other parent. They fail to teach them the essentials, which would be education, structure, routines, and how to function in society. Here's what I'm going to tell you. I think you both have serious issues. I think this is the only way to solve this. From here on out, you'll have custody of both your daughters...
For one week. The following week, you'll have both your daughters. Then it's your turn, and then it's your turn. Week by week by week... until those girls are finally freed from your grasp. You're the worst thing that could've happened to them. It's final! Case closed! Be kind, be careful, get educated, give respect to get respect, and may God help us. See you next time. Thanks. CC:
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