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Captulo: Cria cuervos y te sacarn los ojos

May 02, 2020
the canadian writer margaret atwood said not everything can be bought but everything has its price cordial greetings and welcome to case closed everything has its price will it be true or will it be possible that human beings still keep certain things that have no price but have no value I know if we are going to the first case of the director, let the litigants go through. Ah, the young people are willing to sell their souls to everyone in order to get more likes, but I am not going to allow my daughter to prostitute what they like to people. it's seeing dirty things she doesn't understand because she's old since they don't like anything good that they like good afternoon sir good afternoon welcome to both of you cassandra I imagine you tell your daughter mayra that's good she's suing her explain to me why you are suing and what are you asking to resolve this case, look doctor polo, I am here to sue you for 15 thousand dollars for the eviction of what is our house and apart from that, you will return 50% of the company that I l And given that I gave her 50 percent, 50% because I put her already when she turned 18, okay, okay, but in other words, you had your 100% in the entire company, that's right, and you say 50% to she when she turned 18 10 from the shares of the corporation and what do you want now to be the full owner of this corporation mind already ok now explain to me why look doctor polo I was training my daughter since she was a girl modeling acting everything that had to do with the For her to be a famous artist in Hollywood, well, the fact is that when she was growing up at 18 years old, well, although I think she came out as Doctor Polo, that is, I wanted her to be a decent artist, but I found her in her archives there in her room. of everything she wanted to do a script this script doctor polo completely destroyed me i started reading it from the beginning i started to see that it was going to be a porn movie a porn movie doctor polo is barely 18 years old and now i wrote the script the way i just so that f she was an actress but an actress from that entity ok and with whom doctor polo believes that this movie is going to be together with kim and live apart with her father but since she thinks well the movie is called divine insects imagine imagine that you divine insect is not I can't believe that, sitting on the bed, the father checks the daughter's cell phone and reviews the sensual photos that the girl publishes on her Instagram profile.
cap tulo cria cuervos y te sacar n los ojos
The father's gaze gives off an incomprehensible morbidity or not, unexpectedly and opens the door. door of the room and discovering that his father is aroused he stares at his erection once he looks like he is an insect but but there is an actor who is going to be him that was the worst that was the worst when I told him that if he is going to be a bull or they were going to look for what pig was going to lend himself for that and that he is telling me that his father or is your husband my husband but I also already convinced him not to do that good ok ask you something before she answer if I Go back to your podium, you say that you could educate this girl so that she was a famous actress, that's right, but people, the one you used to be a publicist, is today a publicist, you are a publicist, ok, this job of yours included that she had social networks, exactly I am the owner Of her social networks and followers, she already has 30,000 followers right now.
cap tulo cria cuervos y te sacar n los ojos

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cap tulo cria cuervos y te sacar n los ojos...

I all that I just build and what kind of image did she present in these misfortunes? It was normal, Doctor Polo, I took her to different parts of the world so that she could take photos and do everything. everything in vigo but the normal thing to teach parts of los angeles parts of hollywood parts of various parts new york ok and thus start to grow since the content was not inappropriate content for a normal girl it was something like that the nonsense that people put exactly exactly ok this 15 thousand dollars that you want where do they come from that those 15 thousand dollars doctor polo were an advance that they gave her for the movie that one for the movie laser and with the came exactly those 15 thousand dollars I want them to return it to me so I can return it to the company that paid them to make that movie and I don't want it to be perfect and how does Mayra respond here doctor I am here because I am very angry that my mother, that is, she did help me, she helped me with my social networks, but I was already turning 18, well, it's my problem that was there and it's our problem, yes, this problem and then I started uploading more photos, well, provocative photos and I had more followers and So, well, I liked it, I mean, I liked that they told me that they gave me likes, and so, well, I'm happy with making that movie.
cap tulo cria cuervos y te sacar n los ojos
How did you come up with the idea of ​​the porn movie? Okay, well, on Instagram I uploaded a photo with my dad and the people began to comment on what they began to give me likes and so and well I took it I told my dad but once they began to comment that a porn movie with dad is very handsome and I don't know what idea it was good idea but I between cure and I already put today if I do it who damaged it then that went viral or it went viral and well I decided to make that film and you had an offer that is there was someone who was interested a production company who was interested in making this dirty thing and it is a filthy doctor polo is filthy but she denied it but then you know what incest incest the act of being you know what it is or having sex with a person who is your relative of course that is, this does not bother you no It causes you, like, values ​​problems, no, but he is not my real father, he is your father since he was 10 years old, he was never my father, the man adopted two of them and she has his last name, yes, Dr.
cap tulo cria cuervos y te sacar n los ojos
Polo, he gave us her papers when he adopted her. he gave us legal help here and from that moment he convinced his parents we are going to arrest but they already consider that he does not carry his blood but the father is not the biological one I agree ma'am but here is a legal question now it is interesting it is considered inces If you have sex with an adoptive father who has witnesses for Paul and you have, let's pass the defendant's witness to me. What doesn't fit in my head, gentlemen, is to think that human beings are devoid of values.
Good afternoon, good afternoon, Doctor Polo, your name margarita durán I was a producer for adult films and really well that is no longer a business and life has changed times are others because you say that because now I dedicate myself is to follow young people like mayra truth that they have been in your stand since the least since men of legal age but but hold on because I need to take a break for a while but what you are saying is important so we resume a testimony after this port you are here supporting the plaintiff if you have to I am the father, did you ever see your daughter as something other than your life, zero case, marry your daughter, Mayra, who has just turned 18 years old, demands the sum of 15 thousand dollars that an advance that they gave her to make a porn movie second the eviction from the house she leaves the family home and third that I was fully assigned as the owner of a company that she opened to manage the image of her daughter whom she He has been educating since he was 10 years old so that she could become a famous actress in Hollywood.
Here is Mrs. Margarita who is a witness for the defendant and she was explaining something interesting to me in the production company of pornographic films but she says that it is a fashion step like that That doesn't work that way anymore. Now there is another technique to find out which themes and actors do, and especially the recruitment of young people from Fars to see other emotions, others speak once they had, for example, you follow people who are minors. in social networks the development of followers 16 years old and when I see that she in those 18 years in this case of Mayra it was incredible to see that suddenly her followers were a boom it was incredible how She began to take the photo with her father and well I saw a collection there I said well you never see that you never see it and I talked to her and she agreed the contract was made and being of legal age it is a house for innocents and the script who writes the script who participated in it I have that if you have children they are minors or they are adults I have a minor and an older than the metals and you would think it nice that your children were involved once you are how are you but it was not one no you should do the things that others don't like to be done to you still exactly even though you are worth a lot of money and you make a lot of money plaintiff's witness good afternoon good afternoon your name sir erik eric you are here supporting the plaintiff have you I am the father this is a very difficult position for my doctor we had many financial problems we were going to lose the house my daughter talked to me she explained this idea to me at first i thought it was a little crazy and manolo l mom gets hysterical because she starts to yell a lot of drama and that's why we don't talk to her about it at first and so it's all a problem of money and this is a job it's a sacrifice did you ever see your daughter as something other than not It was your daughter when she grew up you began to look at her as a woman there is nothing that was not your blood and I have no bad desires I see it only as a business how can you say that just in a business when there are so many important things playing a role in it family values ​​or you don't care what I care about the decency of an 18 year old girl but nowadays it's one thing it's a topic that interests people a lot and so what matters to you is what people are interested in people here are paying the rent that they cannot pay I see it as an opportunity, good tests with the idea and we are going to change ideas, but now that we have signed the contract and how things are, I think it is the best solution, no, they should already do the video I already gave that money is already signed I love the lady, it includes you, the loyal doctor and the gentleman, a med cruise, please, our expert in the internet and social networks, Mrs.
And now you would also like to include the divorce in addition, of course, of course, I don't want to be with a man like that, I understand it The topic that when one is going to sue one has to sue with notice to the others etc. is disgusting because to see their position in all this but you already know that he is married to a degenerate exactly this is a degenerate filthy toast and filthy and unfortunately his life he grew up as such although the doctor we are going to talk first of all because this is a rather technical question that I really do not know the answer my instinct tells me one thing but legally it can be another it can be considered an insect having sex with an adoptive father well generally yes the problem and you are absolutely right, doctor, it is a matter that depends on the interpretation of the statutes and therefore varies from state to state.
In general, the statutes of insects require a degree of consanguinity, be it linear or collateral, there must be blood in blood, so technically in the state of California, any type of relationship between father and daughter is prohibited, but a blood relationship and does not specifically talk about the case of the adoption Mr. Cruz author arrives we talk about social networks their content and I saw the same conclusion social networks are not bad the use that we give them there is this trend of these boys who have been on social networks since they were young and when they arrive In adulthood they end up being actors and porn actresses the answer has been television to they shared a statistical part that some people do not understand the ok the networks are one more mechanism of the pornography industry network which is immense there are 100 million dollars calculated at Globally, more than 30 percent of Internet traffic is related to pornography and one of the most popular categories.
The most popular and most popular is precisely incest and within that also with girls who pretend to be teenagers, that is to say 18-20-something, so here we have a case that meets all of them, so there are many people who are interested in exploiting all this and answering their question directly, yes. more and more is using social networks for the recruitment of actresses and actors for this because they also know what their social status is not only as if they are beautiful or not if they have family problems problems at school etc. the answer is yes moral to you my message monitor everything your children do if it is yourselves what you are opening on the networks come to see what you are doing where you want fame to really go is not as incredible as everyone thinks and it does not always mean that they are going to be millionaires and in fact if they are millionaires it does not mean that they are going to be happy because money brings us happiness with I assign the claim at its full age, it was for the money to your mother because that money doesn't matter to me that all the adults who cover you will be given to your mother, she was the one who created this corporation, you did everything to the corporation, she He is going to give it back to the lady that I don't know what he is going to do with her children or he will get another victim of the social networks to do another of his filthy things and you look for the work three you seem to me to be American and that he can speak English perfectly well, it's not that to get snow from the north I said we'll take a break and come back with more than the cases scattered and now some Mexican coyotes told me that they had my children and that if I wanted them whole that he will loosen the wool how much money did they ask you for the children 40 thousand dollars I have that they were going to kill us doctor I grant you the demand I have said

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