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Capítulo 14 | En su Propia Trampa | Temporada 2017

Apr 08, 2020
I started working with a knife to curb my hair and where today there is reason 27 for a long time it would not be seen on my bed as it would be on my bed and valencia with the lie of having won an award in 2015 we had been basically donating houses for 3 million pesos yes people this is the last chapter of this season and it is full of stories of a woman who claimed to have won the lotto jackpot and who deceived many families who dreamed of having their own home and who spent several million dollars on her We accompany their victims to unmask this woman who spent three million pesos, what are you going to do with them when you are going to give it back right and in our section until today we go in defense of a worker who after losing his identity card he is being harassed by a financier who is charging him for a luxury car that has never seen the proper item pack the bags after the first day collection of a financier this an au to expensive well with that we see a house I am going to spend some credit someone whose length and oh we will also know the emotional end of the story of Víctor the young man with different abilities who was deceived by a supposed friend did not impress my husband to see a person with so much effort the redoubt during a year to be able to gather to be able to realize his dream breakfast dj in which we live a surprise thank you and to begin we will reveal the risks that google passengers in chile and the world can face complaints against this have multiplied transport service for mistreatment and harassment of women this brazilian collaborator will be the first to test hubert emilio's service will be close by in case something happens front does not have for you for all inspectors cannot cite the apparent d here below achieved and there is what to do there was already this is a rare case if this is very irregular a vehicle without a license plate and you only put it on the front of your vehicle iculo when he arrived at the place where he was requesting what happens he is stopped an absolutely irregular situation continues the first experience reveals to us immediately that something worrisome is happening with this service a second collaborator asks un see in providence my wife the problem is that the patent that appears on the platform at the time of requesting it is not the same as what we are seeing in practice that is already irregular that is already I think violating the system with the day thanks the only irregular thing is that we could notice is that when we ask for this rhythm the driver appears to us a patent x will arrive in practice sector us from 50 which was a totally different patent huber offers that the passenger will always have the information of the car and the driver premise that is not met in this case and that could cause a hard time as the one that we measure next with the following conductor and why then it does not matter to him yes but with a skirt like twelve o'clock a long bull is The first time that this über driver takes our collaborator and makes inappropriate comments to her, which will increase. the trip is taking more than it should be taking a route that is obviously longer we didn't pass here I also tried something in aleppo we look very good we are up to date thank you very much good luck think that at my age I can deal with these situations how to stop it or stop what practically does not affect me but I think that if this happens to a 19-year-old nanita who still has not formed her character, obviously she is going to live massively and sitting next to a man you do not know and again our Brazilian friend will drink a huber service in the parque bustamante sector in providencia chery tiggo jk 87 maybe the author of yes will arrive here which can lead to the title number 70 I don't know and so what to work for them I'm an accountant you can double the traffic by shorting the traffic record the traffic the hidden camera that our partner carries reveals the danger to which this irresponsible uber driver exposed them unbelievably this guy runs a whole block against traffic at peak hours this time he was lucky that a tragedy did not occur he went against traffic no experience is the security that is happening because we managed to talk there with all the risk of hitting a vehicle from the front it shows by the way driving of this man who has little experience in front of a wheel yes about mana it's 3600 you're going to get my record my life we ​​also wanted to check the behavior of the über drivers during the night where the low will come to 0 27 play as most we confirm elias it has been clear j s s j 14 remember when you share your location when you go up unauthorized dark gray car I have a Blue and red striped dress and I have a handbag and my hair is respectful, you're going to see me I'm the only apparent thing Antonia López de Bello the subject hasn't arrived yet and is already bothering our partner and if you say so, ok I'll wait for you 28 We are going to see how this other driver behaves.
cap tulo 14 en su propia trampa temporada 2017
I am going to Asia. Also, unfortunately, during this exercise we got used to hearing this type of comment from some uber drivers. It was a little while that she told me that I was pretty but not only that, but she also looked at my legs that at one point I had to put my bag inside as well as that she covered my legs because her gaze kept following her there so I say I request a service from v not someone who complimented me or who will accuse me practically visually in my body we are now in the southern sector of santiago and we are going to continue testing different random uber drivers not uploading this s hello good thanks and warmth the patent that the car carries coincides with the uber platform what is worrying is the personality of the latino and latino driver since they gave him a pass here there are people who come to the whereabouts and once again from the line The three children, about 16 or 17, with a metro do not deliver by eleven, they get on, good afternoon, I am not your friend or your compadres, and I know you, go up and see nothing because you are afraid of insulting again and I do it.
cap tulo 14 en su propia trampa temporada 2017

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cap tulo 14 en su propia trampa temporada 2017...

We are moving forward and I came to hit some cells and I I said wow and more with your sea he said that I would say activating tables and so lady and I want you to do very well blessings for you gto is going to go up now I am going to close the door to the aggressive attitude of this driver it may seem anecdotal in this case But it was not like that for MarĂ­a JesĂşs Celedon, a 20-year-old girl who on June 5 took an ĂĽber from Las Condes to her house in La Reina from morning until dawn. greeting s commissioner the only thing he tells me in indycar he didn't say anything like that until at one point when one of the curves comes a bull's back and then a wall this guy passes the no meter and instead of braking he asserts he says half of the street he turns his head and tells me you love your little house and I froze it was and I never looked at it I have social left they had yes and there were 300 meters left to get to my house and I why not in that is the ascent the brake that puts the floor brother of the hair and with a knife all minutes from your house all 300 meters from my house I take out the knife when trying to defend myself and he cut my finger in that I started working with your machicolation suitcase and the curious initialist is that our The entity prepared everything, the car stuck to everything when I needed the knife and he attacked me again with the knife and he grabbed it, he grabbed the knife in the struggle, he took me with the knife to defend himself from the attack of the uber driver.
cap tulo 14 en su propia trampa temporada 2017
MarĂ­a JesĂşs took the knife, which gave him caused deep wounds ace in your hand in the next few minutes we will know the defenses of the company uber for these complaints now in our section until when we will know the story of a hard worker who owes millions of pesos to a financier for the alleged purchase of a luxury car that never he has seen the main victim in this case we will only call him by his first name patricio he does not want us to reveal his full identity or show his face he is afraid they have gone to harass him at his house for this debt according to these registry certificates according to the civil registry documents, patricio would have bought a 2010 volvo s40 car in 2014 valued at that time at about 10 million pesos when he found out about this whole story that I had a car that you say you have never bought, this strange thing about the whole house at the time of refining collection, this is an expensive car, you have resources that I work on, not me.
cap tulo 14 en su propia trampa temporada 2017
I am a teacher by profession if you have a driver's license or it is impossible that you could buy buy a volvo s40 car from the year 2010 with us for a house how to explain this situation people from the house have gone to collect this car that has happened in relation to a colleague who has money and why for me to say they have stolen it and so I am asphalt the problems that will not come to me anymore collection and who told you that as it was already lost and you have never had anything yourself within nothing They never signed who is going to give me a loan, nor does Patricio figure with more than 30 protests in Dicom.
He owes almost 11 million pesos to Global Financial Solutions, who would have granted him the credit to buy the luxurious car that this man has never seen. This man is desperate, global. financial solutions also sued him decides to go with his daughter to the company to claim that credit account mind everything at that time also digital in the offices of global patricio is surprised to to see that there are salary settlements in his name and promissory notes but the firm does not correspond, also as a construction worker he does not earn more than four hundred thousand pesos a month, very far from the million 300 thousand that appears in the document that they show him in that alignment and we saw that the identity and they can pass some credit to someone whose lario nadal can be financed oh he made us a vehicle which can never be the client the person who was the global worker blames the alport automotive company as responsible for all this problem not listening is almost as secondary and if you pay attention is the person says or oh I'm waiting in two notorious cases they have come to charge me for a car that they have never bought the few uneven beds of anyone here I live from has come to my mom the dation debt from a year ago 15 million times I have come to threaten my family with seizing me all these things are happening to me now thanks to the financial when you d see it that way the signing of the contract of mica an essential part here were the hands the situation is extremely serious patricio owes millions of pesos that he never asked to buy a car that he has never seen now he is looking for an explanation to the automotive company at the port for that we need the contract that he signed there I am not in the office and to whom the car was delivered the car is withdrawn here nothing they will only support patricio until the end we go to global financial solutions in search of a solution to this serious problem we went to speak with alcohol and they tell us we don't have anyone from him we wash our hands who in the last instance decides to grant the credit is the global financier financial solutions company only visa and qualifies and can pronounce on what it has in view which are those documents and papers documents were received falsifying signature and we can see that for the simple reason that we do not have the buyer the front of the documents to ported pass through the automotive company but it is the financier who has the legal responsibility to verify whether or not the subject is subject to credit if lewis had seen sharing his pigs they would have realized that he is a worker who hopefully has the minimum salary and here it appears with a million or so pesos in that document that you show me that it should have surely been presented for the sale, it does not support us if someone sends it I do not have to assume that it is false who, although he does not have The subject in front, because he is in the automotive company, has the real obligation to verify all the documentation, but not only with the simple sight of the papers, he knows if the paper can withstand everything and all the type of financial operation exercise, the least that is done is to review the dicom of the people who are seeing so much is what you tell us that precisely because of control and having a company is that we were the ones who discovered the most t to evil and it feels so later with us we discovered two years ago and we precisely cut this outside of our credit system we filed a criminal complaint and I won't tell you again if the only direct victims are us when the lawyer points out that here the The only victim is the financial one in the face of non-payment, they also have to take responsibility for their own fault for the lack of due diligence, it is the lack of legal diligence that they must have at the time of the cut-off, they grant credit and we can tell these people about that debt What appears with respect to the global financial cop that debt does not exist for us when we went to the auto company to the port to find out his version of the facts, I tell you about this gentleman from Patricio that I am a teacher I don't even have minimum wage and he appears buying a car that is more expensive than a volvo s40 the financial company says that they cut all relations with the port because it had many problems that were el cacho and jorge tell me well that is strange because you are also friends I am no longer friends with sergio calaf we are not partners in fact here there are two cars like that that they tell us we end relations we that they are no longer with himgiving more credits or anything like that two years ago he said we look at the face we look at the product we look at the customer but we take this we can only validate well emilio and the owner of the auto company enter the offices to call sergio and the ftc executive director of global financial solutions after 30 minutes they come out to report the conversation that was held and he demonstrates and says that he is punishing all debts that he is not god taking your words literally and that therefore we are mere recipients of papers and the one who knows before you that they are the ones who validate there is a friendship and a friendship of many years and there is a commercial hearing between him and me because he had some words that seemed quite serious to me where he told him rightly I trust you but I don't I trust the people who work with you that there may be criminals with you I work with my people the newest has been with me for 10 years at the moment and that I they appear saying that 2 years ago they cut off what do you think they cut business relations with him two years ago because they had bad experience no one has cut off any relationship neither they nor we we stop sending our employees when we are working because you think they say that then Why do you want to justify something that started thinking that I was not going to do anything?
Don't ask me to come and think for them to ensure that Patricio is given a concrete solution. responsible in this case we hope that cases like this are not repeated and that the superintendency of the section carry out the pertinent investigation remember if you lose your identity card block it immediately now we return with the investigation into the shortcomings of uber and the disclaimers of the company maria jesus zeledĂłn, a 20-year-old girl who on June 5 took 1 green from the counts to her house in the r eina and when everything arrived from Wednesday morning at dawn I am going to leave color to look for the car and between I sit in front the greetings do not tell me anything the only thing that tells me I am going to indicate an attitude did not say anything to me until in a moment in one of the curves comes a bull's back and then a stop this guy passes the no meter and instead of braking he asserts he did it in the middle of the street he turns around wants his head and tells me I was his house and I go there I froze it was and I let them look at me it is essential they have had like this and there are 300 meters left to get to my house and I in that is the ascent the handbrake the hair and with a knife a few minutes from your house all 300 meters from me home take out the knife I have tried to defend myself he cut my finger in that I started to work with chetumal eta to kill that they emanate and they are curious then retired do not stop avatar all the hit car towards everything when he withdraws the knife and attacks me again with the knife there do it grabbed the cu I screamed in the struggle, I happened to carry the knife.
She fell to defend herself from the attack of the uber driver. María Jesús took the knife, which caused deep wounds in her hand. approximation in the palm when it was where to grab the knife the investigation is taken by the os-9 of carabineros who through the security cameras narrow the circle to identify the attacker to achieve the identification of this subject we also began to verify the data that we they could provide the patent of the vehicle in which this subject provided uber services, the vehicle was not in the name of any person with the name of válter, therefore we were able to identify that a nephew of the owner of this vehicle in which the crimes were committed attacks kept the name of válter alejandro hernández rodríguez in parallel the victim gives the characteristics of the subject and car abineros makes a spoken portrait when comparing it with the photo from the uber platform there is no doubt that it is the same individual when verifying his photograph in the civil registry I cannot see that it corresponded exactly to the photograph that this subject kept in the profile über and it corresponded to the truth everywhere that the carabineros had also done it, incredibly. and requested web transport the driver of this vehicle surprisingly stationed the vehicle and the pnc attacked it with a weapon in order to assault the management he is currently under the precautionary measure of preventive detention while the investigation lasts when taking a über vehicle, always verify that its patent matches the one indicated in the application, if not, do not take the preferred vehicle It was always sitting in the back seats and in the event of any anomaly or problem report it immediately to the police after what we have seen we wanted to know how uber chooses its drivers and if it is possible to violate the system the same driver of the application does not deliver some clues before life and working is the director or the last one to register it only a photo of the permit they do not ask for anything more my photos of the car and like a catch if not to be illegal or you do not have to be a great man why and they usually accept for For example, the row, but the speakers do it like this, does not have much of a filter to accept people to work in this sense, I meant that it is vulnerable and vulnerable because a user makes it vulnerable because all those accounts that they have with different accounts are somehow clear to us. making it clear that the system of the government platform is accounting no friend who has a record but it is a matter that you owe and have a gas and that is the same thing b Orró l and then steal and of course because there are no magazines that problem tell me with 33 children because I have what's your name we wanted to test how vulnerable über really is we found this notice on facebook we will try to get a member of our team who doesn't know how to drive or doesn't have a driver's license driving becomes a driver of this application to the ball like these all things I have then in your wife for a matter of clear honey and I need to know how I do it that rose bush and give them through whatsapp the subject asks us for 10,000 pesos and in a matter of minutes without knowing how to drive or have a license we became an uber driver, well after contacting the guy and after I deposited the ten thousand pesos on terror, the team created me around with a one-hour photo of me with a name that scares us and says german my name is not german and with an email that poor us the member created me back then I downloaded the application I have it on my cell phone and now requests are coming to me itudes of people who want to do a race with me I feel that I don't have a license and it's not going to work well either I'm getting requests from people who migrate to approach it like this it's easy and simple the person responsible for this uber vulnerability reveals the secrets of his business What is your business selling accounts and what does that mean I will sell you the account the example that needs to work the number anyone has to have a license ideally because in the end the responsibility time I am interested in selling the account our collaborator has a driver's license and also appears on the uber platform as you already started calling me well here we can appreciate how he drives no no no because the people of the Chilean told us that the vote has never been won but we would like an explanation of 3 million pesos spent What are you going to do with them?
I have no right, well, who who? After contacting the guy and after I deposit the ten thousand pesos in his return? od the guy created me the water is with a photo of my honor with a name that is not mine and it says german my name is not that brother and with a good email out of fear I think I turned around then download the application I have it in my zero and now I'm getting requests from people who want to do a race with me I feel that I don't have a license and I don't know how to drive either and well I'm getting requests from people who migrate now jara like that it's easy and simple who is responsible for this vulnerability uber reveals the secrets of his business what is your business selling doors and what it means is that they give you the account in the example that you need to work instead of anyone you have to have a license ideally because they sign the responsibility in interesting life Consider, for example, who are the people who come to you because they reach the people who work because they block it sometimes that they hide one, they don't have to pay the percentage v and it closes them but they can also put there are people who have no essence and how to do it is to be expected the vulnerable system takes advantage of the flaws in the inspection system of some forums such as google oversees us that oversees it and does not know how it detects something survives they only know how the people do not care Suddenly concerned that this situation endangers Google users, passengers, the responsibility is not mine, you get on cold, the system is vulnerable, they have to improve it, but imagine if you sell a seat to someone who does not have a license and causes an accident as he has done and the car the same car for him to play for 50 the same vehicle and we can see the face of a person who is indeed a colleague of ours who is part of huber is an ĂĽber driver he does not have a license and we can give faith that the account is true you did it there may be many people driving without a driver's license at this time is an example of what this subject confesses We saw it in an inspection by police from the SIP of the 19th Providencia police station.
We have received a complaint from a foreigner who would be driving under the Uber platform, for which we are going to carry out the license plate and we are waiting to be able to carry out the inspection. To see what situation this citizen is in, the background information and what condition the vehicle that he drives is in. It seems to me that we have to finish, we offer the inspection to continue riding here Hello, good afternoon, friends, how are you allowing me your license? driving license please and the vehicle documentation when you enter the country two months and twenty days friends we have a complaint and you would work as google so you will accompany me to the unit to be able to check the vehicle and there we will see what we do how we continue with the procedure good as you are a web driver what happened you made a friend recommended a person who n I needed to work now as an applicant to see if they told you who told you that on Facebook you can get the system as Norberto and your name is Brain, your beautiful Venezuelans and I'd love to see you with your photo but hey - Alberto who is Norberto the owner of the car once I inform you that you as a tourist cannot work as a driver and with this license he entered as a tourist for which he has 3 months and on December 12 the three times that he could drive with this type of license would expire, we as police officers As an institution we always call on citizens to use legal vehicles that are empowered by the traffic law for a purely security issue, that is why they are called to use the transport enabled in the current legal regulations now without intermediaries. and following the regular product a journalist from our program became an ĂĽber driver and licensed but has almost no driving experience let's m now show a new failure that affects the safety of passengers who take in vehicles requested through silver this platform ghubn is our collaborator they have a driver's license and also appears on the dv platform and as you can see I am connecting it is supposed that in the next few minutes should ring and they started calling long minutes and they started calling me in 2011 I took the driving course I took the corresponding exams and I passed it without problems but after that I never got into a vehicle again and I totally lost my Alava since The surprise adjusts in mind at this moment you are not bravely capable of driving them at all I don't even remember if I know how to start the vehicle, it never left, I never took my test again, it was my license and I never drove again, and at the same time with what, yes, you don't have to remember she is a legal driver right now she was a danger she could eventually be a public danger this way it wont even work ar the author you don't have that surely it's the parking brake in case you didn't know it no no I also had public action in any case it's not impossible Carmen that I can get out because the parking brake is on please help me it's there no good here We can appreciate how an uber driver approved by this company drives.
I think that less than a kilometer away please come by and activate the deposits, a niece of but she feels first, not if the deposits are bando sticking out your foot something double layer on the return over here to our left side it wasn't up to here you were the step seems to lead we will use our journalist's session but emilio will drive we want to know the opinion of ĂĽber passengers on this type of vulnerabilities 2400 in america concept and for these dates and talking about renewables he does it hello vanessa how are you it is at the cost of weakening the agreement 9 not a joke or a trap I'm telling you we are testing huber and this lady who is here has He has a driver's license and is on the only platform, he does not know, he is a public danger behind the wheel, what do you think of his situation, no problem for us here, anyone we have not noticed can be transformedan uber driver because google does not monitor anyone and we are doing this precisely because of the complaints that we have actually received if you investigate on the internet every account that there are people who charge money 30 or 40 thousand pesos to enroll people who You don't even have a license, as you know, we already did the test with Carmen, public danger, I had already forgotten how it's even done, we'll leave behind with this very graceful apology, thank you, we went to the central offices of Uber Chile to ask for your version of these irregularities, Felipe.
We want to present some cases that call our attention that in some way violate security I am going to present uber for the safety of passenger users, one of them, for example, in the sale of an account that is occurring through the Internet, we take knowledge of the fact several weeks ago and it is super worrying not only to be facing a fraud towards google but also to It is also a fraud against other drivers, the people who want to be driving partners, the people who are providing records to these account sellers, what they are finally doing is exposing themselves to possible fraud, not only in terms of the Google platform, but also They make themselves vulnerable because they are delivering very sensitive personal records to people who do not have any type of ethics or respect for the law of the self.
We are concerned that this sale of accounts could have consequences for the safety of passengers, for example, those who are working in ĂĽber people who do not correspond to the one who actually manage security for us is tremendously important not only for the users who are the obvious but also for the driving partners the first call is to the people to the users who when they ask for uber worry about their own security and how it is to simply verify that the patent that the person and that the data that and they appear in the application match who is going to look for them a member of our team registered the ub got a driver's license in 2011 but never used it he just forgot to drive it prevented him in practice he registered in the cloud appeared in uber we did the exercise After she drove a car, she did not know how to make it or even work.
At this moment, one of the filters that we actually have a valid driver's license because that filter is there because we think as an application that if the state has certain filters so that a person you can take a car and drive and transport your family, whether they are neighbors, friends, etc. of accounts for fraud due to failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the application, so if we have had a couple of cases but they are the absolute minority in the vast majority of cases it has to do with the fact that they are drivers who have doubled their accounts so as not to finally pay the service fee that google charges for connecting users with other drivers in these cases so so violent hoover You feel that you have some responsibility We always feel that we have a responsibility for the well-being of our users and we are going to take measures and we are taking measures for a long time to improve the experience to improve filters to improve security we copy the technology the technology It is the heart of Google and we are going to use technology to improve our platform more and more.
We hope that Uber adopts all the necessary measures to prevent situations like those denounced today from happening again. Now we will learn about the case of Giovani Valencia, a woman who claims to have won the lotto jackpot and who uses this argument to deceive many families who dream of They can have their own house, taking away millions of pesos to begin with, we will explain this deception, it is very crude, but even if many people do not believe it, geovanny valencia says he has won a millionaire prize of 2,300 million pesos in the lotto, the one that had been collected by a lawyer commissioned by her but that he would have cheated her, she even exhibits a supposed certificate that accredits her as the winner according to her version, she claims the Chilean and they gave her the millionaire well again and this same legal adviser would have recommended that she buy houses and resell them for three million as a Donation hey we're a little late but we've been eating hard day's brown and his girlfriend Jocelyn really gave this woman 3 million to buy a house they quickly realized the deception they were going to get together with her to expose her and perhaps get her money back With Giovanni Valencia, this 31-year-old woman who, with the lie of having won a lotto prize in 2015, is basically I am donating houses due to weight stress, a colleague of ours is going to be interested to see if it is possible, he will also opt for these houses, it is possible, but it is not that we believe the story of this woman, but it would not be a bad thing to have a new house for three million pesos for that we must earn their trust we are face to face with geovanny valència is 32 years old and has no criminal record but there are several lawsuits in the judiciary at each level which according to her is why she looks like a normal woman but immediately shows her Talent to deceive with the same face of a good girl, he quotes his victims to supposedly give them a voucher for 25 million for the delay in the delivery of the supposed house.
Now he will talk with our partner to see if he is worthy of the donation. Hello, nice to meet you. He is now with some of the classics obviously I am here for the same reason I want to have a mind but like this I know that he applied but why is the idea that it is all of in the most transparent way possible when it is just that they are different issues like now what we want now then what we open as if to say so I am going to meditate on reading and the illusion of having our little house has just broken us and today as in the week already we could of course see if I don't touch yes the papers should have us today and now I commented on the point of spelling so much time saved then and issues are known because the people of the Chilean told us that they have never earned the vote but I would like an explanation they gave you 3 million pesos what are you going to do with them if not your comment I have the right at the station a program comes to you and you know that I was so moved and here it comes to meet you and help you so here we live to give you a Surprise I was not expected in the visit of this hard race and it was like we opened as if to say so I am going to kill you and we have just broken the illusion of having our little house and there like in the week Now we could see if I don't know what to say on the papers it should have and now I scan so many deletions so you send and we go for him something that right now gives us a little hope but we think he mistrusts us maybe he has psychic powers and he knows what's coming to him the phone summoned him even in the next few seconds we will see geovanny lie to his victims half of those seen in the images still believe the certificates the municipe 3 also the two point we just heard the lies of Giovanni in its purest state, what she doesn't know is that this pair of bloomers will make her famous throughout Chile on 25 or at least 25 degrees and for each of them 25 degrees as well as possible and a former classmate came to them with the story Their work and several former coworkers of theirs also encouraged how many more or less people have fallen into this.
We know about 453 also of a car and that house where the wrong one is supposedly located. Every time you met her, once we tried to want to go, she told us that she already had a problem with the salesperson or something like that. I don't know. Did you lose contact with her or are you still in contact in which we have lost contact? Could you send a message that It wasn't going to be like a donation like a gift 25 million that was already going to donate 25 billion to us to make a sight voucher in the name of the channel that is going to be delivered last week that would be like calling the delivery time logic Hey, I was calling you because we've had contact lately, I don't know what the habits are, of course, no one does already look at the American band the same way and 25 of them get the same boyfriend in one nation.
Now it seems too crude to us and how unfortunate that so many people have fallen is a little bit for ambition you have to make a mea culpa it is also totally completely res beginning now the story is that we are going to have to face the you are important the support of you the cabbage aboration so that no other person falls I imagine that is why you also show the face of that we have already learned to speak but it is because there are people who do not continue laughing the truth all this is a hoax from start to finish we need to see giovanni in a public place so the victims will call her to meet hello with 6 I need to speak urgently with you and the character that we called the real estate agent and they did not give us information that many people had called of course so I need to see you and that in front of Miguel quiet this We are following this topic because we trust you.
The only way we can stay calm is by talking to you face to face. Now, look, I think I'll be there in another half hour. It's a matter of austerity. Thank you very much. We quickly arrived in the center of Santiago. This woman is in a fast food place with the soul in a thread that never more than anything that we also know that the writer remains for us the same as and then as that really is no longer credible and I think the same thing happens to many of the subject we have just heard the story that originated all this deception the one who feeds showing this certificate that accredits her as a winner of 2 thousand 300 million pesos we went to the Chilean charity to consult about this case through a statement they informed us that the document is false and that Giovanni Valencia painted has never won an award like the one described this woman insists on her lie we want to play a little with her mind emilio entered the place as one more client yes a little well well here the unusual thing is that we are two meters from yoanis she continues talking and giving explanations of what is impossible to explain and we say that we speak with him whose name is to make this woman tell the truth it's almost impossible it doesn't matter we'll go one step further emilio will be closer to her every month while she was the last one behind while emilio takes pictures with his admirers giova nni pretends not to pay attention it's time for emilio to ask this lying star for an autograph why what happens that you are lying is a lottery issue you have never won the lottery what explanation do you have in the people of the Chilean told us that the vote has never been won but I would like an explanation you do not have the right to deceive people no problem but could you give me an explanation I don't know what I would say to them that they are scammed hitler and they are three million of pesos that goes through him with the lottery issue could give an explanation to the people who have cheated and have cheated look at this man sees uncle emilio and approaches to record it without knowing that he will become the protagonist of this story but if You have never won You have never had any complaints since 2009 for fraud due to deception in the civil courts in the civil courts they have civil lawsuits from 2009 to


and for what reason did they spend 3 thousand million pesos what are you going to do with them when you are going to pay them back I have no right on TV more than a million people pass through this sector every day and this young man in a black shirt is in the right place at the right time to realizing that she is also a victim of giovani pays her this banana with this experience with her but it was come with me in how much money are you going to like 10 million 10 million with all the story of the other the best friend we had been doing in 2015 100 million pesos how many of these boys for a house as I ask you to see a car the help that we have been so surprised the lotto has never been won they never see a parrot because there are different people you tell them the same story these crazy women are In your application, do you think that someone is going to believe that they are paid the same prize twice? or there is no house that it is a scam will continue to make this same lie yes that is hiding bringing a false public document she showed us only the cover where her name appears and I am going to check that we could not see it inside giovanni why not why It doesn't show the document if they don't have documents I'm exactly valid in our situation don't be afraid no no no you already know that I was so moved and here he comes to meet you and help you so we live here to give you a surprise I didn't expect if on her visit and giovanni because he doesn't show the document if he has nothing to fear exactly it's valid in our situation why well it's really incredible like even when we were recording a person passed by absolutely by chance who said it had happened to 10 million people not only returned only partially returned with the same story it is lotus the same story in the kissing ones he already took out the other one and we thank you for having had the courage to expose oneself publicly is going to report we are that you already know her do not be fooled by this false false deception after summoning giovanni some of her victims sent us a video to tell usthat this woman paid them part of the debt we are very happy and we want to thank anti dominance we hope that in the short term this woman will pay all her victims last week we heard about the case of a young man with disabilities who was deceived by a supposed friend and his case moved many people as of that complaint, vĂ­ctor's life changed and for the better, for example, a very hard-working couple wanted to meet him and help us.
VĂ­ctor's story and they want to visit him to give him help we are also seeing it in chapter s it was not impressive with my husband to see a person with so much effort the broken one for a year to be able to gather to be able to fulfill his dream breakfast dj at 8 he was not excited I said about 8 some things we have to do with that young man I don't know that was for a reason with my means of being able to help payment did the thing meza did not comply with Putting the transfer seems to me that you read the test if it is in good condition you leave it as part of the payment I am sorry because in reality if it cost you 100 he had paid 200 blue you should at least 100 thousand pesos and or 65 the other is tutoring pass him the hundred thousand pesos if it weren't for the program he wouldn't pay us again for work well the program also you know that moved me so much and here he comes to meet you in general to help you we are hardworking people are reinforced just like you and we want to help you and be friends of yours so here we live a surprise here is what I really bring you so that you can buy the table or whatever you need I don't know what your need is really penta I did not expect if in a visit of this magnitude habits correct boy worker who with all his effort he needs to fulfill his dream we will try to help you as much as possible to the scheduled ones and by grace the program exactly garcĂ­a from the people nothing of work that comes to attack at home it was so much a year it can take a long time to get to this grace and we already have the very important call if they come to the curtain so like patricio to the hello at home in our house see the hello see the appearance exit to the director of the street situation and thank you very much thank you very much at the end of this season we want to thank you for your tremendous loyalty to the program and on behalf of the entire team we promise in advance to continue working to report all the problems that they affect you in your daily life thank you very much we also sincerely want to thank you for this seventh gold copihue an award that we value very much because it is your award see you next year happy holidays we are ready please the belt is possible for the word in the I pass today

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