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Canon G7 X MK III is everyone right?

Feb 27, 2020
What's up guys, Ziggy? Welcome to another tech talk today. We'll look at the Canon G7X Mark Three Canons aim to create a camera for someone who's looking to take their vlogging or smartphone photography skills to another level, but did they? be successful and if the g7x is the


camera for you to buy let's take a look at the surface the camera has a lot going for it and I'll walk you through a full review and then my decision making process as to whether I think it's a good choice the g7x Mark III is the next iteration of the extremely popular Mark 2 and addresses some of the major pain points that existed with the previous model some of the most notable items are 4k video and external mic input and 1080p at 120 frames per second for slow motion but along with these improved specs there are also some real head scratchers so I'll cover what I liked and didn't like about the g7x Mark 3 and ultimately try to come to a conclusion on who. this camera will work for I'm going to go over some general key features very quickly in case you're just starting your research the g7x marquetry has a decent quality body it's a bit sticky but for the most part it's covered in this rubber grip and the moving elements are made of metal as a 20 point one megapixel one inch stacked CMOS sensor and uses the new 8 digit processor to help with performance operating speed and overall image quality


reports that the stacked sensor is designed to deliver fast focus speeds though that wasn't always my experience has a 3 inch 1.04 million dot touch screen LCD and can internally record 4k 30 frames per second and 1080p up to 120 frames per second has a zoom lens Super versatile 4.2X optical lens that offers a 24-100mm equivalent focal length range and is i-stabilized The magnification built into the lens has a very good maximum aperture of f-18 at the wide end and 2.8 at the telephoto end making it a great option for low light and forgetting the shallow depth of field you can shoot continuously at up to 20 frames per second and has an expandable ISO of up to 12,800 and finally has an external mic input for better audio and a clean HDMI output for additional recording options well so when you look at the specs and consider that the g7x mark 3 is around 750 bucks that seems like an unbeatable deal but things aren't always as they seem and that's why I make sure to use a camera for a while before posting a review, g7x marquetry is the Official replacement for the super popular Mark 2 and at first glance they appear to be virtually identical, but the sensor in the Mark 3 is a 1-inch 20-dot 1-megapixel stacked CMOS sensor and in case who cares, a stacked CMOS sensor increases the speed of reading data by dedicating one layer to collecting the image data and then another layer to processing that data and if you're still up after that sentence by its size this sensor is a good choice if you're doing street photography, shooting landscapes, shooting your family or if you're looking for a great travel camera and as with the g5 x mark 2 I'm very happy with the images, color processing was great and the overall image processor was good again considering the size of the sensor in the camera moving on to the processor the g7 X mark 3 uses the newer 8 digit processor we saw in the m50 the eos RP than yasar the SL 3 and the g5 x mark 2 the sensor contributes to the overall operating speed of the camera and the g7 X mark 3 boots when going from shooting mode to preview mode and back to shooting mode and just goes in and out of the menu and changes settings. on always feels very fast and the cameras has been very responsive when it comes to video the sensor and processor combined to deliver full 4k 30 sensor readout meaning no extra cropping and for slow motion we can shoot at 1080p up to 120 frames per second Canada is definitely targeting creators with these specs and while the camera can technically do those things I'll leave it for now saying there's more.
canon g7 x mk iii is everyone right
I'll talk more about this in a later section, but I got pretty good 4k video with good detail and relatively good dynamic range and going back to the processor for photography. I can shoot up to 20 frames per second, or continuous shooting, which is pretty impressive, so I can just hold down the shutter and the camera will keep shooting, which took a long time. of shots and this is a nice feature if you are photographing your kids running, if you are at a basketball or football game or any sporting event or anytime you are photographing fast moving subjects now 20 frames per second it's in one-shot autofocus and the speed drops to 8 frames per second if you want to use continuous autofocus in general.
canon g7 x mk iii is everyone right

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canon g7 x mk iii is everyone right...

I think 20 frames per second is a ton giving you a lot of options to select from later on. I say this in every video. but one of the most im The most important thing to me with any tool I use is ergonomics in terms of handling and functionality, and it's something I think a lot of people overlook when choosing a camera. The design of the g7x mark 3 is super compact. It weighs less than a pound and fits in the palm of my hand and this makes it a great camera for travel and street photography because I can easily put it in my pocket and go and even though it's small, Canon did a good job of adding the material of rubberized grip where possible and for the size the front grip is pretty good and there's a protruding area on the back where you put your thumb so good job Canon I didn't see any mention of weather resistance or even resistance to moisture or dust so I didn't push it and made sure to keep it dry now g7x mark 3 uses the N be 13 L battery it is rated at 235 shots with screen on and 320 shots in Eco mode I really expected Canon to use a more powerful battery here and it definitely felt like it drained faster than I wanted Canon includes a charger which is nice and you can also charge the battery in camera with a USBC cable and thanks pu Because of its USB see ultimately I would definitely need to get extra batteries if I plan on doing any sort of extended shooting or I could bring a portable charger so I can constantly replenish battery as far as buttons and dials.
canon g7 x mk iii is everyone right
I'm happy with what you get with the g7 x mark 3 considering the amount of real estate


had to work with the top of the camera features a mode dial to help you quickly change shooting modes and a compensation dial For additional control over your exposure you can use the rear dial and control ring on the front for aperture and shutter speed and there are also dedicated buttons for focus mode, drive mode display and options In the center of the control dial on the back, we can find the cue button which will bring up the quick control screen and is also used to confirm the selected setting The Canon quick control screen is one of my favorites of any brand.
canon g7 x mk iii is everyone right
I find that I can easily make changes to just about any setting I need without having to go into the menu and combine the Quick Control screen with full touch screen capabilities which we'll talk about later how easy this camera is to use. Now one cool feature that I hope many other manufacturers start to implement is that you can now start and stop recording using the touch screen. This may seem like a small feature, but the record button on the back is a bit small and when the screen is in front of me, it's great to be able to tap the screen to start and stop recording.
To the


of the camera, we find a USB C input, HDMI output and the Wi-Fi button. now to the left of the camera we have the flash trigger and an external 3.5mm microphone input now moving to the bottom of the camera we have the battery compartment and SD card slot now that I covered manual control Ols, I want to talk a little bit about the menu system, which I think is important because it's central to how you interact with the camera. The good news here is that it's been one of Canon's strong points for years and the menu is very easy to use. access the menu by pressing the menu buttons on the bottom right and everything is divided into convenient sections.
We've got Shooting Settings, Playback Settings, Wireless Settings, Feature Settings, and My Menu, which lets you save commonly used menu items in a place you don't have to. Spend time looking for them, but the menu system is very easy to navigate with the control dial on the back or using the touchscreen in general. I was very happy with how easy the g7x mark 3 was to use while acknowledging the limitations of a smaller. body next i want to talk about resolution frame rate and stills image quality the g7 X mark 3 has a max resolution of 5,000 472 by 3648 which I always think is enough for what most of People would ever need this type of camera though, of course it can record both JPEG and RAW so you can decide which you want or both depending on what you plan to do with the footage in post production.
He wasn't sure what he was going to do. i got from a one inch sensor and was surprised by the quality of jpegs overall it performed quite well even in low light situations largely due to the wide maximum aperture for video the g7x mark 3 can record 4k at 30 frames per second and full HDR at 1080p at 30 60 and 120 frames per second in PAL you can record 4k 25 and Full HD at 25 50 and 100 frames per second so this is where things start to fall apart like we don't have any choice for 24 frames per second, not 4k or 1080p and I know for a fact that this will be a deal breaker for some users. 24 frames per second has been the standard for a more cinematic look and I will link to a tutorial that explains this in more detail in the corner and in the description and this continues a very strange trend from Canon I first saw this on the RP and then on SL 3 and I was thinking maybe they were just having this decision-making meeting on a Friday afternoon and people just wanted to get out of the office and they just didn't add the feature because I can't really think of any good reason why. which would be missing this feature and I haven't heard Canon explain it now Canon has never tried to win the spec war and in the past it was sometimes based on continuing to do what they do well but removing a feature people love and that it's been on pretty much every camera because I can't even think how many years it's like the weirdest move to go from that tantrum if you're shooting 4k xxx then or you get the full reading from the sensor and the footage is over displayed with good results also no additional cropping like we see on the SL 3 and 50 RP or ESR but we are starting with a smaller sensor there is also a co of 10 minutes recording limit when recording at 4k and there are some overheating issues which I will discuss later in this section when going to 1080p there are many more options you can record at 30 or 60 frames per second and then the recording limit goes up to the standard of 30 minutes the quality of the full every year 1080p isn't as good as 4k of course and if you're editing in 1080p and want the best footage you can still shoot in 4k and then scale it down to 1080p in post you'll definitely see sharper images with more detail if you choose to do this but as I always say you have to deal with 4k images but if you're up for it again it's worth the quality now let's get to 120 frames. per second, which I was really excited about and is one of the reasons I decided to add a couple of Sony cameras to my lineup.
If you've seen my reviews you know I love slow motion and this has been something that just hasn't been available from Canon on a consumer level camera at 1080p so yeah technically the g7 X mark 3 can't shoot 1080p at 120 frames per second if you enable high frame rate mode which will slow down the footage in the camera but you will lose autofocus and lose image stabilization so if your camera or subjects are still pretty or if you're not really changing the focus distance this may work for you and 120fps will look steadier anyway because movements slow down but the lack of autofocus isn't great especially when I introduce movement of the camera and what I'm following a subject that goes into a video feature I like.
I want to talk about body time lapse and this is a feature I love and use all the time on Canon cameras that offer it. We have two options for 1080p and 4k resolutionI would definitely recommend shooting this in 4k because of the added flexibility it offers in post production Canon made this very simple just select the interval in seconds which is how long you want to wait b Between each exposure select how many exposures you want the g7x mark to take 3 and this will control the duration of your final time-lapse video. Finally, select whether you want the camera to expose for every shot or keep the exposure settings from the first shot and used them for all subsequent shots.
The nice thing about this is that you don't need to take individual photos and then process them yourself in post. When the camera is done taking pictures it will compile the time lapse for you and it's ready to be viewed Now I want to get to the overheating issue I experienced with this camera after shooting about 18 minutes of 4k footage. I got the overheat indicator light and then once I got to 20 minutes the camera would record 4k at all and I would get the prompt to turn the camera off to cool down faster or use a lower film quality setting. anon is highlighting I think the ten minute limitation plus overheating issues are definitely something to consider at 1080p I recorded for over an hour with no issues below the g7 X mark 3 has a clean HDMI output so you can use it for live streaming or can record externally a clean HDMI output means you won't see any of the menu overlays when you connect the camera to a capture card or external recorder and this means you can have a clean image and still use autofocus When you're streaming, something that wasn't available on the Mark 2 or on cameras like the SLE 2 or M 50, unless you're using special software, you also have the option to stream directly to YouTube using a YouTube gateway account.
Canon images, well, next, let's talk about autofocus, which has always been a strong point for Canon. If you've seen any of my Canon reviews, you've already heard of Canon's Dual Pixel Autofocus. and it's great for both photography and video, well the bad news is that Canon didn't include dual pixel autofocus with the g7 X Mark 3 and instead we now have a contrast detection system without boring you with the details , it's just not that good and This was my first time using a Canon camera. I was disappointed with the autofocus system for photos. Sometimes I would get the focus indicator green and it would beep even though the item behind the focus point was clearly out of focus for the video.
It's pretty consistent at times. when it worked fine and then sometimes it would take a few seconds to focus sometimes it would even detect a face but still for a few seconds it was not in focus which was very annoying there are options for standard focus macro focus and manual focus and its good for focus peaking to be included but I'm hoping for better autofocus functionality from Canon ok let's move on to the lens on the g7 X mark 3 which is now naturally a point and shoot camera which doesn't have the option to use interchangeable lenses but the lens on this camera is really good the focal length range is that 35 24 to 100mm equivalent which covers wide angle to short telephoto fields of view another strength of this lens has the aperture range maximum of F 1.8 2 F 2.8, which helps when working in difficult low-light situations and gives us the ability to work with a shallow depth of field.
The lens also includes an image stabilization system designed to minimize the appearance of camera shake and various shooting conditions and there are settings for low and high levels of image stabilization in addition to image stabilization there is an auto level function which is designed to keep the horizon level the lens worked great for me and i was very happy with the different looks i was able to get with such a small setup without having to change lenses. Let's talk a bit about the screen which is another strong point of the g7 X mark 3 and we have a 3 inch flip touch with zero point and 4 million points.
Screen To have a super compact design, Canon opted for a flip-up screen instead of a fully articulating screen like the m50 or SL 2, it can be tilted down so you can look at k on it if the camera is mounted above your head or if you are shooting above a group of people if you are shooting from the hip or anytime when you are above the camera you can tilt the screen up and then it can be flipped all the way up so it can be seen when you are facing the camera I like this simple hinge mechanism much better than what I have on my a 6400 and it makes for a much more compact solution and going back to the ama kiss organ is where being able to control essentially all the camera settings using the touch screen it's a bone I can change aperture, shutter speed, focus point and mode, white balance, and essentially whatever I need without wasting time. the control ring the dials on the back or any of the buttons and also i can start and stop recording without having the fish for the record button in this last section i want to talk about other features that the g7x mark 3 has that you might help make a buying decision first i want to talk about audio where one of the biggest advantages the g7x marquetry has over the mark ii is that canon added an external mic input so instead of having to use the mic on the camera now we can plug in an external mic like a shotgun mic or lavalier mic and get significantly better audio you'll notice there's no hot shoe because the g sub x mark 3 is so small but essentially I have three different setups where I get an audio fantastic about this camera so I'll link to that tutorial up in the corner and in the description and in the meantime here's an audio sample straight from sfrom the g7x mark 3 mic so here's a sample of audio recording directly into the g7x mark 3 I'm sitting about 2-3 feet away from the camera and this room is pretty well treated so this should give you an idea of how recording directly into the camera will sound in a quiet environment and here I am using an external mic and now I've gone ahead and plugged in a videomic pro P Also, right into the 3.5mm jack.
I'm using the plus 20 DB option and this will give you an idea of ​​the type of audio you can get directly from the g7x mark 3 compared to what you can get using an external mic. I'll put links in the description to a few options I think would pair well with the g7x mark 3, as well as a mic comparison video I made to help you choose below. I want to talk about the built in ND filter and this is something a lot of people are not familiar with and I want to quickly explain why this is such a great feature essentially what an ND filter does is it reduces the amount of light reaching the sensor and you may not know why you would want to. do it so here are some examples and i explained this with samples in my cinematic look tutorial so i'll link that video in the corner and in the description because i don't want this review to go on even longer so the first example is for video where we know our nee ds shutter speed needs to be twice our frame rate and when you want to shoot with the aperture wide open say F 1.8 to get a shallow depth of field and then you go outside and the sunlight is bright, you'll have too much light below, there may be times when you want a longer exposure for your photo, you may want to introduce motion blur, and you don't want to close the aperture in both situations, it's very helpful to have the camera do it for you without need for a real filter and on the g7x mark 3 there is a simple ND on/off option in the quick menu that takes care of this now lets move on to connectivity and he g7x mark 3 also has built-in Wi-Fi that allows you to easily pair the camera with a smartphone or tablet using the Canon Camera Connect app, you can share pictures and movies wirelessly.
This is great for when you're shooting or just hiking or doing some street photography where you want to quickly post a great shot. Instagram or Facebook you can just transfer edit right to your phone edit then post and with Bluetooth you can share pictures and control the camera remotely using the app and that's huge when you're working alone you can literally use your phone as a remote and monitor there is a slight lag and sometimes it lags but its an amazing feature and i use it all the time when i'm working alone now one of my favorite things is i can see the focus point change it or even change focus modes which is something I have not always been able to do with other brands for photography.
I like this feature for macro photography, so I can take a picture without having to touch the camera and potentially introduce some movement, okay, so it's hard for me to make a final decision. about the g7x mark 3 because it has some positive aspects and at the same time some quite striking negative aspects to recap I like how small and portable it is the image quality is quite good I really like the focal length range and the maximum aperture and d stabilization of image on the lens I love how easy it is to use the built in timeline an ND filter the touch screen and quick menu functionality are fantastic and the flip screen is great when in front of the camera on the other hand there are no photos duals a lot of focus there is a 10 minute recording limit in 4k no option for 24fps 120fps no autofocus and overheating issues right now the g7x mark 3 is selling for 750 bucks and i am very curious for what you guys think about the feature set and value, so please let me know in the comments section.
There are plenty of Canon cameras at or below this price point that I think are better values, so let's get the discussion started. in the comments section i will put links in the description of the g7x mark 3 and some accessories that i like because there are always special offers and discounts and the links will automatically update with the lowest price. I really hope I was able to give you a sticky d overview of the canon g7x mark 3 if I did please let me know by giving this video a thumbs up, tweet it, share it and if you haven't already joined the community by hitting the buttons subscription and notification, you can always find me on Instagram Twitter and Facebook on Tech your talk and you know what I always say goodbye pretty or goodbye twice good luck and see you soon

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