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Can You Draw Someone Without Looking Challenge

Feb 27, 2020
CLINT: Wow, where are your lips? *laughing* Wow! Guys, I don't know if you know; maybe some of you know this, but most of you probably don't... *slurps* I love to


. I... love to


. I loved drawing since I was about three years old, and from time to time I've been practicing, you know what I say? As a kid, I always loved drawing tanks, drawing airplanes, drawing fighters, and drawing all the good stuff, right? Over time, I was trying to figure out different ways of drawing. You can use watercolor, you can use pencil, you can use pen, and you can do it in all these different styles, and I came across this style: It's like contour drawing, where you can't pick up your pen. of what you're drawing, and it's blind.
can you draw someone without looking challenge
You can't look at what you're drawing. You have 30 seconds to draw your best friend's face. Alright, who do you want to start with? NICK: Let's go upstairs and see Sam. CLINT: It's okay. NICK: Hello Sayyum! SAM: 'What's up? SAM: Here, let me give you, like, a nice, easy, classic little portrait. CLINT: Yeah, that's perfect. It's like panning, squashed panning, right? You have the randomness of, like, I don't know what I'm going to get, but you might get some gold. Good, are you ready? Here we go! Once you do that, you elevate it, right? You take it to the next level, and you shade it, like you shade it really well.
can you draw someone without looking challenge

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can you draw someone without looking challenge...

And it looks... and it just looks beautiful. NICK: *laughs* CLINT: Schweet. SAM: Wow! There's some crazy stuff here. This is Brett-son. Here is another son. There's Cliff again. SAM: What do you do to practice drawing? Wow, that was sweet. Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it? CLINT: Yeah. Inktober is a thing where, like, you draw something with ink every day. That helped a lot, actually, because, at first, I was very careful about what I did, and then, over the course of the month, I developed a style, like a sketchy style, like, this is the style, like, what came out of this style.
can you draw someone without looking challenge
It's a little sketchy and not very accurate, because with a pen, you just want a little bit, just go with it, you know? JAKE: What are you guys doing? CLINT: This is Sam. JAKE: *chuckles* That's actually - that's actually - It looks like him! I like the rule that you can't take pen off paper. That really, I think, gives it a whole new level of... CLINT: It's the bonus


. JACO: Yeah. We should go around, we should draw everyone, and then frame them, dude, just frame them! I'm going to take a pen and I'm going to draw everyone. 30 seconds, I can't look at it, I can't lift my pen - Let's try it! *laughing* Dude, this - this is the best!
can you draw someone without looking challenge
JAKE: I've never had a portrait drawn before. CLINT: You're about to be terribly disappointed! *both laugh* CLINT: Wow, where are your lips? Maybe that's where they are... You have to start, yes, in the center, because then you know where you are, and go from there. NIKO: It's like a perfect photograph! *chuckle* *chuckle* CLINT: That one! That uncle! JAKE: That's a fucking masterpiece! WREN: 'Okay, you're reacting... *laughs* Whooaa! JAKE: These are starting to get amazing. NICK: You're not allowed to see it. WREN: I know, I know. CHRISTIAN: I want to see mine. (Oh no...) CLINT: Dude, that's like the Planet of the Apes!
ADRIAN: Oh yeah, I can see the resemblance. Alright, here we go... WREN: I don't know anything about this soda other than what Adrian told me about it. And I'm really intrigued. I like things sour, but this sounds like it's too intense. Yeah, so ever since Adrian broke his clavicle, he hasn't been able to drive. Since we live within a couple of miles of each other, I have taken it to work every day. Which isn't a problem, but he, you know, wanted to show his appreciation by giving me the world's sourest soda, apparently. JAKE: I have no idea what that means.
WREN: Sour soda! ADRIAN: I thought you might like how the bottle looked, I mean I thought the bottle looked pretty cool. WREN: Wait, wasn't it from Niko? ADRIÁN: No, that's mine. Wren: Excuse me?! *laughs* Excuse me?! That was almost too easy! ADRIAN: That's cruel, Wren! That's cruel. JAKE: Dude... ADRIAN: ...make an arm, I guess, I don't know. JAKE: Wait, we need to get, we need to get


else's opinion on this. NIKO: What is the rule? JAKE: The rule is, if you're in the game, you're in the game. NIKO: And if it goes, it goes up exponentially.
JAKE: Yeah, and if he doesn't do them right now, for the full extent of his injury... NIKO: Well, you could always do a Jake and just never pay off his debt. JAKE: Hey, hey, hey, hey, okay, maybe I shouldn't have asked you. NIKO: Can you do push-ups with one hand? ADRIAN: ... yes. ADRIAN: Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait - fuck that. Wait, I did a hundred push-ups like a month ago. *applause* CARMICHAEL: Adrian, you earned a Game of Life credit! ADRIAN: I got ONE credit! ADRIAN: ...right? That counts as a credit! That counts as a credit, right?
Hell yeah, I'm handing over my credit! I have a broken clavicle! I wanted to do 10 push-ups(!) WREN: But now I guess the question is, *should* you spend the credit? (friend) (absolutely!) ADRIAN: That's why you do the hundred push-ups! For moments like this! NIKO: Come all? Long-term investments pay off! *laughing* WREN: What?! CLINT: Shading: we've got this crazy outline and I'm going to try to make it look 3D. and try to render it, almost, right? Essentially everything white is moving towards the camera, everything black is moving away from the camera, and I'll probably choose a general light source.
I'm going to start. I'm going to do, like, the lightest values ​​first, and I'm going to shade everything to a very light value as a test to see: is this where I want my lighting to come from? I'm going to use this, a paper towel, to smear and smear it so it's super soft, and it looks like baby soft, you know what I mean? They sell rolls of paper, specifically for this. It looks like a pencil but it's made of paper. I got, like, a general shadow on this thing, and I'm going to start making the values ​​darker and darker and darker and darker...
So that's the first one, it's about 5 minutes. NICK: Great. ADRIAN: Hey Wren, are you going to drink that drink? I want to see you swallow it, for…for doing that to me! I'd better drink it. WREN: I loved Warheads, when I was in fourth grade. OMG it's literally black! ADRIAN: Oh, yes. WREN: It smells like-*coughing* It smells like regular Coke, but after a moment, he hit my lungs and then, like he took over me. *coughing* GABE: Oh yeah. I used to eat so much Warheads that my tongue would bleed. And I would still eat more.
WREN: Dude, get that, the raw language? GAB: Yes. JAKE: Just drink the soda, man! Stop stagnating. WREN: I just want to try it! JAKE: Just drink the soda. WREN: Okay, a little more... JAKE: I mean, not like stopping Stal-Stalin's already been stopped, I mean, like, stop *stopping*. *laughing* WREN: Alright, I'll try. (It's not that bad) WREN: It's not even bitter. ADRIÁN: Yes, that's what I thought. But it's not like, yeah, look at Wren, it's still drinkable... NICK: Is it worse than coin juice? Wow! Oh! *mumbles* NICK: Ewwww! WREN: There's nothing worse than coin juice, man...
JAKE: Alright, well, that was interesting. Thanks for sharing. WREN: This was supposed to be a much more interesting segment. NICK: Chug chug chug...! WREN: No man. CLINT: It's time to reveal the final shots here. Some of these turned out


like really funny versions of all of you, and some of these turned out


like really ugly versions of you, and some just turned out not to look like you. Alright, here we go: Sam, it's you! *laughing* SAM: Dude, that's art! CHRISTIAN: My God! SAM: It's like Picasso. NIKO: I can recognize that. If you squint and stand far away...
NIKO: Those eyes, Sam's eyes, oh, that's Jake! *laughing* (Yeah, I see!) SAM: That makes sense! He looks a bit like Luigi. Yes, I can see Jake for sure. I like those lips. Yeah, those fuckers - BAM! SAM: *popping noise* - Gabe. That?! That's not Gabo! NIKO: That's obviously not Gabe. CLINT: That's Niko! SAM: This looks like this, like the Beatles' Yellow Submarine art style. CLINT: This is my favorite. Christian - *laughing* CHRISTIAN: Dude, that's me! That is my favourite. Those big eyes - And the hat! WREN: Dude, that hat - oh my gosh, it looks so good!
That's Nick. *laughter* WREN: Wow! NIKO: - look like Picasso here. CLINT: I'm a fan of this... *laughing, exclaiming* WREN: What?! SAM: His whole face just slid off. CARMICHAEL: It's like - it's like, "Ehhhh!" CLINT: -separated, completely from his body, and his face like- *grunting sounds* That's Carmichael. The biggest lips! CARMICHAEL: Those ape lips, that ape upper lip. all: Gabe - (oh wow!) That Gabe is pretty good! (Very good Gabe!) (He's getting better!) And that's Adrian. *laughing* he looks like Markiplier. So we're going to put all these photos on our Corridor Digital Instagram, @corridordigital on Instagram - check it out!
Tell us which one is your favourite, tell us which one you like the least and which one is the most scary. Let us know if we should use these as our profile pictures, perhaps in the new banner for the Corridor Crew channel. NICK: Dude - Doby Day! NIKO: Yes friend, Doby Day. When is Doby day? Nick: I don't know! CARMICHAEL: When IS Doby day? NIKO: When IS Doby day? CARMICHAEL: When is D-Day? Doby Day is the day Adrian broke his clavicle. On Doby Day, you have the, umm, annual... uhh, pickling, in the morning for your winter stocks - yes, pickling, where you do pickles, and - you pickle different things, followed by badminton.
Followed by: we all drink water for lunch. Then we all update Creative Cloud. We move them to new software releases... *laughs* Then it ends with an exciting world olympic hackysack game. CARMICHAEL: And you have to disconnect the Internet. E-quick? (E-quickly.) NIKO: Oh, and we all have to disconnect something from our computer, and we don't know what it is, and we have to find a way to fix it. *laughing* That's the real Doby Day! NICK: I have to hold the camera. Hmm! *sucking noises* CHRISTIAN: I always feel bad here. Very hard. NICK: What's wrong with your face?
CHRISTIAN: That's the Warheads logo! Literally, the Warhead logo.

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