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Can You Beat Metro 2033 With Only A Revolver?

May 30, 2024
above them from which he could shoot. I literally ran out of ammo after finishing it, got punched in the face again, and woke up with a gun pointed at me. Of course, the bad guys had to point the gun at me for a long time before shooting me, allowing some new Russian to rescue me. This time the lace is on the other sandal. But everything was fine because I found 4 whole bullets. In an unfortunate twist, those bullets won't matter. What came next was a rail shooting segment. We tried cosplaying to outdo the Nazis. It didn't work, they discovered us.
can you beat metro 2033 with only a revolver
I thought maybe I could get by without shooting. I couldn't. It's like the assault on Fort Mercer in Red Dead Redemption. I had no option not to use the machine gun. I use it or I don't move forward in the game. You would think this would be easy, just point and shoot. No, my first wife was easy, this isn't, mostly because the controls suck. The right joystick looks up and down. The left joystick looks from right to left, maybe it was the other way around, it doesn't matter. I'm going to assume this was intentional to show how difficult it is to operate this giant weapon.
can you beat metro 2033 with only a revolver

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can you beat metro 2033 with only a revolver...

After all, this is a good video game, realism number one. After that thrilling nightmare, my night vision goggles didn't work, I completely forgot about the battery charger. Then the gang and I passed a station on rails. Do you know what's worse than using that machine gun? A rail shooting section where I can


use my


. It's just... it's so bad. God smiled on me and made that last just a few moments. Everything changed when the moles attacked. At least a dozen of them. I had less than 10 shots left, so I stuck with my knife most of the time.
can you beat metro 2033 with only a revolver
My tour guide forgot his debit card in the gift shop and went back to get it, and I was alone. Pavel was the boy's name. All that was left to do was crawl through the sewer system and I was at another friendly station. I could finally stock up on supplies, take a shower, and maybe trim my nose hair. No no no no. Not even close. The station was attacked and I was on guard to help defend it with my 18 bullets. I sat in a corner and didn't shoot unless something hit me first. For all I care, the other guys could be eaten alive.
can you beat metro 2033 with only a revolver
I had my fourth or fifth aneurysm and when I came to, the mutants broke through. The soldier tasked me with transmitting an emergency message to Polis. Rays of hope and all, I was able to sneak through most of the station without being attacked. An interesting new problem is the mole hole. Here's a tip: if you're in an area overrun by mutants, don't go spelunking. A boy learned about death in a fun way, his uncle was sleeping and didn't wake up. Actually, Artyom is a weirdo. He let this child climb on his back without saying a single word.
Plus, the movement becomes very relaxed with this off-brand Russian Kazooie on board. But, since kids dying in video games generally can't be done, there weren't many mutants to deal with, I saw the sky again, returned the kid to his parents, bought 54 bullets for my 3


s, and fell flat on my face. . in the hateful embrace of mother nature. There were many more Nazis outside. This was harder than I expected because Nazis are generally giant pussies. I had a lot of ammunition, the problem was one of numbers, I tried to face them all at once. A 6-year-old in a wheelchair and wearing pool noodles could easily kick the butts of a dozen Nazis.
Virtual Nazis are something else entirely: they have weapons and armor. After a few attempts, I started attacking from the shadows like I should have from the beginning, eliminated everyone from this dimension, and entered a building. Again, it's not easy. Ammunition conservation is always of utmost importance. The more shots you miss, the more paranoid and careful you become, causing your ankles to swell from all the stress and affecting your ability to be a powerful killing machine. To be honest, there's not much to say here. It's just a lot of trial and error, trying to stealthily kill as many people as possible to avoid detection.
You're probably tired of hearing about how rare revolver ammunition is. If you run out, chances are you won't find any more for a while. A considerable amount of time passed and I found myself in the abandoned parking lot. I looked for any sign of Mater, I couldn't find him anywhere. The flying demons can be a nuisance, but they seemed to fly in a predictable pattern, as long as you avoid that path, everything will be fine. Everything was fine, I was back inside with a new friend. Or… an old friend. This is Ulman, I don't know if that tells you anything.
He gave me an automatic rifle with a silencer that I dropped after taking a few test shots. More of the same was next. Small spaces, little ammunition, many people to kill. The


advantage is that the enemies are spread throughout the station in groups of 2, 3 or 4. Take out a group in one area and then move on to the next. It's time-consuming and very annoying when you're working with single-digit bullet quantities, but it's not impossible. Turning off the generator cuts power and makes you harder to detect, allowing you to shoot from the shadows with less chance of being detected.
I passed by the station, I had a heart attack when my HDMI cable suffered a stroke, I dreamed of spring, this is the closest you'll get to seeing that book so you better enjoy it, and finally, I arrived in Polis to deliver Hunter's message. Hell, he's dead, it doesn't matter, the most important thing is that I was finally able to buy more ammo. Miller looked like someone, but he couldn't understand who he was. Maybe Squidward? No, probably not him. As expected, the council refused to help my station. Miller had a plan: we'll skip World War 4, go straight to World War 6, World War 5 is a prequel and doesn't count, and launch missiles at the Dark Ones.
But this game, this fucking man. He had all the ammunition in the world and what happens? I'm surrounded by moles at the entrance to the library. Miller arrived after he had wasted most of my ammo because of course it happens this way. I am not allowed to experience pleasure. No one understands me, so if you'll excuse me, I'm going to express my teenage angst by listening to Pain by Three Days Grace while my mom drives me to school. …I'll say this about the Library, she got me an achievement. You should always look for the positive aspects.
You may have been hit by a drunk driver, but you can ride in an ambulance, which is pretty cool. Not $8000 for a neat 3 minute ride, but still neat. Entering the depths of the Library involved a series of puzzles that a preschooler could solve, a group of moles attacked, a giant wild parrot attacked one of our comrades, and I had to retrieve the D6 map on my own. This was the most stealth-oriented part of the game by far. There are big things, like zombies, gorillas, to deal with. The Wiki calls them Librarians, which is fair, they're about as attractive as a librarian.
One did the classic horror movie move of grabbing me through a wall. Then he assaulted me in the next room and ran away after I put some bullets inside his body. I gave him 2 or 6 shots, it didn't seem to faze him much. In practical terms, I can't kill them. But when all was lost, the fighting parrot came back to save the day, then the library girl fought back and I thought I was having a Pixar moment, one slowly approached me and I approached him. He killed me very quickly. The next time I ignored him and ran towards the door.
I continued crawling through the library, you can pass most of the gorillas, even the sound of a stone staircase collapsing isn't enough to get their attention. One tried to corner me in an office, he didn't know I'm a virtual parkour master, I evaded him, I went through a bunch of drawers in what may be the most frustrating scene ever, I got the map, I did my I left the library outside from the screen, Mustard or whatever his name was picked up, and we traveled together to Sparta. The military here were very friendly. They gave me free weapons, supplies and ammunition.
Khan was here. I said "hello", Miller said we were heading to D6 and took the tram to the station. The brain problems appeared again. They asked me if I was okay and naturally I said nothing. The inability to speak is a telltale sign of a stroke. Here they gave me a new toy: a fucking flamethrower. I did not use it. It seemed terribly impractical against a group of monsters coming towards us from a confined tunnel. I managed well with my revolver. The comrades did a lot of the work for me. Yes, I was very low on ammo, but I've been here before.
This bastard spammed me with invites to play Apex Legends, I don't play those baby games, I'm a real gamer, I play Roblox. The dungeons here were fun. There was hardly any revolver ammunition but it was not necessary. There was a group of soldiers with me. All he had to do was run in circles while they fired. Each area became progressively larger and more crowded with mole people as we moved deeper into the building. They hit me several times, but that was all that happened. A guy was dragged into the darkness and laughed as he blew himself up.
I also plan to laugh when he dies. Laughing at the bottom of the ocean will be a challenge, but I'll find some way to make it work. We found the door to D6, I went under the blast door and it caught me on the other side. I was alone again, naturally. And to make matters worse, scorpions came out of the walls. They're fast, it takes more than a few bullets to kill them, and killing them is annoying. So I didn't do it. Like all things that have the potential to kill me, I ignored the problem until it was gone.
Once I met up with the crew, a train saved the day and took us free into the forgotten depths of the facility. Now we are in the middle of this, we are in the Command Center. The center was disgusting. There was fog everywhere, more fog than I went through last year. That was a fun moment. Fog is more fun than snow. Wilbur or whatever his name was told me to go up in the rafters and flip a couple of switches, we played simon says he said to do something and I did it, the power was restored and the four of us got into a smaller cart. into the darkness.
Then it stopped. The smallest train you've ever seen burst through the gate, Vladimir tried to activate the missiles but there was a problem, Miller, Ulman and I had to go fix it. Those Super Mario Sunshine things made a little home down here. They are also suicidal. But it turns out that Miller can't die. I stayed as far away as I could while those little biohazards pounced on Miller. I had to conserve my ammo in case his suicidal tendencies rub off on me, or if he steps on something that looks like a slug. I couldn't continue if that happened.
One more elevator ride took us to the heart of the darkness, the biomass that feeds the reactor. I shot him once and determined that he is immortal, omniscient and very pretty. To get it back online, I had to play the crane game. I didn't lower the grabber enough to lift the cores and subsequently melted. The next time I did things correctly and lifted all the things. With the day almost saved, Miller and I rode toward our destination. Tower. Where it all started, only this time I have my revolvers instead of a useless automatic rifle. I used more ammo than I should have, my parrot betrayed me one last time, and my only remaining comrade saved me.
I paid him by shooting nothing and running in circles. If it worked in the civil war, it should work for me. There were three of these sections where some of the moles stopped us and were brave enough to break away from the group. He kept going and didn't defend me like he was supposed to, which caused my death. Then I did what I thought was smart: I ignored all the moles and ran towards the tower, assuming that if I waited long enough the other guy would show up. Well, he never did. The laws of this universe didn't allow monsters in, so I had that going for me, not that it mattered since I couldn't progress without Miller.
I reloaded the checkpoint to try again, tried to help Miller a little more than last time, then he teleported to the other side of the building. This time I fought the monsters and stayed close to Miller. Then something killed me instantly. Then it happened again. Even with all the nosalises dead, one appeared out of nowhere and killed me. A bug, apparently, that was verified by someone on some forum years ago. I had to reload the chapter, which means starting over at the car scene. I immediately ran towards certain doom to advance the story. And again misfortune has its benefits as I obtained another achievement.
I fired a few shots at each of the mole assault sections to… I don't know… show God that he was willing to do my part, I guess. This time, we crossed thenosalises in the fence area, we entered the tower, Miller tore off a part of the elevator and we climbed to the top. I almost fell, but it hardly counts unless you're playing Russian Roulette or Chutes and Ladders. I jumped down to see what was happening, like any reasonable person would do, and started climbing the tower to get to Miller. This parrot attacked him against the wall, probably breaking some things in the process.
He was right next to him when it happened, okay, he was probably faking it. As always, I must do it alone. The ladder began to crumble as he climbed. This was easier than he imagined the end of the game would be. Being so high up, he expected to have to fight a group of wild parrots. That didn't happen. It was a basic platform accompanied by voices in my head that were born during one of my many hits. However, I threw some dynamite and thought the top of the world was an appropriate place to use it for the first time.
Finally, I reached the top, planted the target finder, and the voices overwhelmed me enough to transport me into a dream. Endermen were everywhere and there were puzzles. A survival horror first-person shooter that ends with fucking puzzles. They're not even good, all you're doing is running down a series of hallways and going in any direction to avoid the red light guy. Some jumps are necessary; If you make a mistake, you will fall from the tower and the circle will close. At first they told me “if he's hostile, you kill him,” and that's exactly what I did. With my trusty revolver I fired 3 shots at one of the Dark Ones, I woke up, I immediately got confused because my hands were green, I forgot I was wearing gloves, the final scene played, showing the missiles landing and destroying the Dark Ones. , and I didn't




with just a revolver.

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