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Jun 09, 2021
wait that's sick I didn't know they did that wow what did I do oh okay I could do that no you can't yeah I can yeah I can yeah what's up guys welcome to this episode? I'm learning today. doing the


of trying not to say wow okay so let's watch some interesting videos you can't say wow yeah so that's the last time you can say that word out of five like wow that's the last time you can say it too. be a counter that counts how many times we say the word wow, that word and we can't say it, okay, you can't see any variation, you can't say, you can't say anything, no, okay, here we go, okay, it's a phone. oh oh, okay, you might like to see the battery that's a little bit on, but it's not real, it's just a simulation, it's just a digital display, so, oh, wow, I almost said it, I almost said it, bro , what's that?
can we beat the try not to say wow challenge lankybox funny moments reacting to tik toks
Wait, why? They're falling, stop, stop, stop, wait, how are the glasses going so well? You can only see it wearing those glasses. What kind of sorcery is this? What is this? It's like a forbidden cat's tail Ban corn dogs It's not a corn dog A forbidden corn dog is one of those things you see on farmhands uh like uh what I think it's called a cat's tail I've never seen that in my life what's that oh okay I said it right I got it that's a wait that's sick I did it I don't know what they did that yeah wow I was thinking what Foxy would say my box you can't say that word okay this is ice , oh, it's ice like it's sliding off the pole, oh, that's cool, okay, okay, okay, what is it, oh, is it heat? pack, we've played with these before, yeah guys, heat spreads, I don't know what kind of chemicals there are, there's actually a video of us playing with those, okay, that's deserved, uh, wow, yeah though, oh , they are so fast, brother, what?
can we beat the try not to say wow challenge lankybox funny moments reacting to tik toks

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can we beat the try not to say wow challenge lankybox funny moments reacting to tik toks...

It's just that these judges are really counting there's no way for them to count how many they're doing yeah that's crazy can you imagine your job was to be a jump rope jumper? Yes, we're counting jump ropes, Adam, you tried to be a jump rope. I have a pretty good job trying to audition for the cool jump rope team, yeah, too hot, I didn't do it too much, I'm just not fast enough, you jump rope, well I have to imagine the joke in my mind, okay , it's breaking the ice, okay. That's not going to get a reaction from me, okay, what is this?
can we beat the try not to say wow challenge lankybox funny moments reacting to tik toks
They are like burning a pattern on your pants. This is how they do it with lasers. Oh, what is it? I have seen this board. This is like a bath, but it's like it's electronic. you can't see the inside because it's an electron. I wouldn't trust that. Oh, what if you're sitting there and the power goes out? That would be bad, but then it's dark so you can't even see. Yeah, okay, what is this you guys doing? some food, oh that's so cool, it's like withering, why why is that like a mushroom? I don't know, oh, that's lipstick, she's holding something, a lipstick with a lighter, oh, she does it, if you know, we should try it, she's making little decorations. wow, I said it, okay, sorry for that waste of lipstick case, the little one is that real turtle, oh wait, that's not okay, it's a fake turtle that's like the color changing mug, sneaky and square , maybe it's like it reacts with heat, oh, it's just some garnishes, they don't pour hot. water on little animals guys, that's cool, I was about to be shaken, yeah, they're decorations, guys, oh, that's just a cock, oh, that's so satisfying, what's that?
can we beat the try not to say wow challenge lankybox funny moments reacting to tik toks
What are they doing?, eh, small like beads, okay, yes, it's very nice, I like it, wow, okay. It's really cool, what is this? a pie in a roulette is a pie in a roulette oh come on, the only reason I always say wow is because you're not doing your English lessons or your tutoring, that counts, although I don't care. I'll still buy you two or three, yeah, never mind, that's really cool, though, oh, cool, it's like cheese, okay, cheese, it looks like chips, oh, like Pringles, forbidden chips, yeah, it's that cheese. I don't understand it, I think it's corny, yeah.
You have to cut it so thin that I don't know, I can't even eat it, maybe to make a big sandwich, oh yeah, okay, what are they doing, oh wait, what are they like, oh, how do they put the paper between the plates. It makes me a little stressed because look how many they have to make, yeah, a lot, oh okay, I always wanted to learn how to do that thing where you like to flip things with just a frying pan. I could do that, no, you can. Yes, I can no, yes, I really can, yes, you want to prove it, yes, hey, you don't believe in me.
I went to culinary school. I went to food school. I really am a real chef. If I do this, you have to say the w. word, okay, justin is going to take oreos and put them in a pan, you have to flip them over and without any oreos falling on the floor, look at this, here we go, yeah, that's because you do it, I went to culinary school, I didn't even you can hold the pan. one hand you can't even hold it with one hand he needs two hands you're an idiot you lose and you lost all my oreos i did it on purpose he has a much better spin than me but i can still spin it okay? yeah, that's really cute, that's really cute wow, that looks delicious, I said it, that love, that looks really tasty, I forgot the


, yeah, okay, okay, they're making noodles, wait, how do you do it?
So? They are making noodles, you can do it. so yeah, I think how they stay together is a noodle I know but how it goes so well in the pot she's throwing it in the pot she's crafty that's crazy what is this oh they're cutting some clay or something oh how is this a stabilizing thing for your phone, I need it so I can do my vlogs, yeah it doesn't seem so crazy, yeah, maybe then you can see at least a view, yeah, oh it's waterproof, oh that's it great, oh that's pretty sick. I've never seen that before, oh is it real?
Yeah wow oopsie come back out you should do it that way when you spill the milk you don't have to change yeah or when I take a bath I could use it okay let's do it like a sneak. hey, what is that? It's a stone, it's like a potato that looks like paper, how would you want that? I don't understand that's a very interesting potato what is that oh oh that's so satisfying it's like candy or something oh yeah, the candy gums, yeah? What is this, uh, oh, instant freezing thing? We did this a long time ago guys, I don't even know if you can find that clip.
It didn't work, no, they just poured water all over the table. Yes, will they do it again? Instant freezing. no what are they doing, they're going to do a bottle toss, oh it was the flash freeze, that's pretty sick, wait that's amazing, how do they do that? We couldn't do that. They're making like a uh um, a rolled up snow, yeah, like a sleeping bag without fruit rolls but with snow, yeah, that's great, very satisfying, how does the snow stick so well? I don't understand what that is, oh they're doing, they're like those potato chips you can eat, oh, like crackers, yeah. yeah, those are delicious fried cutlets, wow, I said it, uh, you said it, okay, I was confused, what I'm looking at are mushrooms, mushrooms, oh, it's like a time lapse, wow, I don't actually like those Mushrooms, that's the only vegetable I really don't like.
I don't like why I don't like how they taste really yes I don't really like mushrooms just the vegetables you don't like I don't like mushrooms nor eggplants nor beets those are the three vegetables I don't like eat , you don't like beets, no, boys, no, you'd make beets all day, no, no, we


boxing, me and Boxy will hit you with a box, yeah, oh, okay, wait, this is like a vacuum cleaner, that's sick, I just said. That's what you just said okay okay there oh wow that's ah this is really so much dirt it's so dirty what is this I don't care I'm confused by what I'm looking at oh illusion I've seen this before hate I've seen this before How is that possible?
They are ropes. Wait. I'm looking at physics. How do they do it? These are ropes. Adam. These are all ropes. I know, but how does it stay up? How does it hang? confused, what is this? They are in a robot. Wow, so this is for if you don't want to climb the stairs anymore. Yeah, let me take this out every time I go up these stairs. What is this? Oh, great, oh, remove the sunflower seeds. of sunflowers, I guess, you've seen it in a whole mountain of sunflower seeds, yeah, oh, a spring, spring kinda sneaky, I didn't know that's how they made it, oh, so it's just a piece of metal, yeah , they curl it, wow, what is it?
I don't understand that oh, they are laser cutting designer lasers oh, it's like a 3D printer. I learned something new every day. They are printing someone's photo. It's nice that they can use it and they will have their friend or their relationship. I get it a boxy foxy is my favorite he's actually not my favorite he's tied for my favorite between him boxing rocky right if I say we know why he said we listen to you guys are all my favorites he wasn't solid Like a rock, I ate it, sorry. rocky says be nice to everyone im fine ok guys make sure to leave a like subscribe and get your own lanky plush box at plush

lankybox dude that was pretty sick all these videos gave me want to say Wow, but I didn't, yeah, I guess you won that challenge.
Good job, it was a lot of fun. I'm going to eat my oreo.

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