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Can the Turbo-Charged Ford Ranger Beat the Best-Selling Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro? Off-Road Smackdown

Jun 10, 2021
Hey guys, welcome to Fastlane truck, we have a fun one for you today because I'm standing next to the sales leader, the 2020 Toyota Tacoma, the defending champion in the midsize truck segment, and Andre brought in the newcomer, well, yeah , I have the new challenger. this is the new



FX 4 and today we have the most offered worthy


and the most offered was the Ford Ranger going up the battleship off-


trail to see which one is the


. Okay, Andre, are you ready to face him? battleship trail oh that's going to be a piece of cake I can't wait yeah it's going to be a piece of cake for one of the trucks and it's the green one.
can the turbo charged ford ranger beat the best selling toyota tacoma trd pro off road smackdown
I'm afraid I'm going to go first, so the interesting thing about these two trucks is that we both have an exit. Kind of like highway cruise control, so you should have had that first and then Ford said, hey, we can do that too and they and it's supposed to be the


, smoothest crowd control system out there, yeah, so Toyota calls mine crawl control and as we Let's get into this first very articulate section, let's do the rear differential unlocked low range and the slowest setting on our crawl control systems, we'll see how it works, but first we have these little steps, Let's see if I have a scratch, sounds good.
can the turbo charged ford ranger beat the best selling toyota tacoma trd pro off road smackdown

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can the turbo charged ford ranger beat the best selling toyota tacoma trd pro off road smackdown...

It's an approach, break and go test for all Ford owners, do you mind the auto start/stop feature? Well, now you can simply install this auto stop eliminator to prevent your vehicle from stopping automatically on every ignition cycle. Use the link below and go to auto stop Eliminator com to see how easy this little device is to install and use. The only thing you really need to know about the 2020 TRD pro Tacoma is that it's the best color of any new truck, because it's new. for 2020 it's this army green, but seriously, there are a lot of things that define a TRD pro, so we have a unique set of skid plates, a unique exhaust, special wheels, Fox shocks and the best part of all is my baby, right here.
can the turbo charged ford ranger beat the best selling toyota tacoma trd pro off road smackdown
Oh yes, this. it's the desert air intake and I'm not sure how useful it is but damn it's cool so I'm getting into this little low range of course I have underbody protection but there are no rock rails on none of these trucks, unfortunately I'm not a big fan of but hey, what are you going to do now? This is a pretty big shelf, but a decent size, oh yeah, he's using the Tacoma now, you might be wondering, what's up with the Ford Ranger Raptor? Well, it's not available for sale in the United States in at least the short term, but what makes the FX 4 package the most offered worthy Ranger is, of course, a few things first: a special front bumper with a skid plate, a couple of additional skid plates underneath for tuned FX performance shocks so they are not Fox branded but still with special suspension and of course these Hankook Dyna Pro ATM all-terrain tires.
can the turbo charged ford ranger beat the best selling toyota tacoma trd pro off road smackdown
Well, I'm going to follow the same line that Tommy took. I have a special bumper on FX with a skid plate, but not yet. at best, break over the approach angle and break and go good, these midsize midsize pickup trucks are good for this, they're pretty small and nimble, well, that was close, well, so on this one we're going to go straight. take a little dip and then go straight over the rocks to take the hardest line yeah okay cool so in this test what I'm going to do is inching control on my lowest speed setting so take off foot on the brake and now what?
What it is doing is detecting slippage of all four wheels and doing its best to maintain a constant speed. Now this will be a big ground clearance test as well because we have some super jagged rocks and so far it's doing a pretty good job. dragging me up okay it's kind of stuck there so at this point I'm on the lowest setting and it's not doing anything so I'm going to have to do it oh it's doing something it's thinking it's what it is doing, let me go up. a speed setting, so now I'm at two out of five on the inching control, nothing, how about three, nothing, four and five, so the inching control is stuck a little bit, so let me go back to the old accelerator pedal, okay, so I have to intervene a little, you know what screw?
I'm going to lock my rear differential. This doesn't work very well. Check it out guys. There's a lot of articulation in the rear and the rear tire is in the air. The rear differential is. blocked, yeah that's how it's done, we're all controllers and we also work in dead spots so it's helping me a little bit but at this point I'm mainly using my foot so forward control is fine you know, I'm not. I'm not going to give it five stars because it bogged me down. I had to use my foot. In the end I just said, screw it, let's use the differential lock inching control that's supposed to mitigate that urge that's supposed to figure it out on its own and get you unstuck, but hey, if you do it the old fashioned way, you'll be fine. .
I might as well leave the rear differential lock open and unlocked and use the trail control system. There is a button here. on the center console and it said: I can use the cruise control setting to control the speed, so drive. I can say one mile per hour, the lowest, will work fine, is that you were the truck, that's the truck. Wow, when it takes off, although it really is like that. this little slow one is sitting he's supposed to be doing it one more time unlock unlock moves me to the side a little sting how was it?
It's not as smooth as I experienced before on another trail race, but they only had to maintain while ma one mile per hour, which was quite difficult for him, but he did it, he opened it up, so he did it with just a system of tracking, what is it, what is it, on a dry trail, something on the trail, a pimp and it worked pretty well now, it was super aggressive, actually, my opinion a little too aggressive, the Toyota got scared, the Ford said, okay, let's jump onto these rocks. I would like to see a middle ground, they are telling me that I have to give it the color and these levels.
The approach stickers are perfect, but what about your fake hood here, completely fake? I mean, look at this, Andre, it has a draining nipple, oh okay, so you can remove that part somehow all day long, but why don't we show it to you? Drag racing as usual, we are here at IMI Motorsports Park, our test track, use the link below and check them out. They have the largest outdoor go kart track in Colorado and also have about 120 acres of off-


playground for your motocross. your side-by-side or an off-road truck is fine, so the 2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD has 276 horsepower versus 270 in that, but only 265 pound-feet of torque in the Tacoma, of course, this is an EcoBoost from 2.3-liter four-cylinder, 270 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque I'm going to torque brake I have the ECT start button on or my electronically controlled transmission and power mode, let's see which is faster, who even launched ads, the organizer of your products, good start, the


, just release the brakes, brakes, brakes.
How was that now that we have a massacre? Did you use your ECT power? Yes, surely yes. Did you use your right foot? Yes I did, but I also turned off the traction control and I think it gave me a little more oomph. But. matters in this because there is no slippage, there is no concern, okay, I propose that we exchange drivers and lanes only for scientific reasons. Guess which truck is heavier. I actually don't know which trucks are heavier. I'm going to say that the Ranger, yes, you're right. a lot, I'm going to say 200 pounds, no, 87 pounds.
Wow, not much, they are the same, yes, but we will try to change drivers. Maybe you can do something with the cue. I just can't, yes, they are both quite heavy, medium sized. trucks around 4,600 lbs, hopefully if I get enough torque then it should hook up nicely and take off nicely. Oh, best pitch, best first shift, not best second shift, it's not a competition. Sondre has a better approach angle, a little more ground clearance, yes. a better breakover angle, yes, but you have a better rear, sorry, well, actually I have a better departure angle and a better advance ratio, but how do we test the advance ratio well?
I think we're going to have to cut it. to the world's slowest drag race oh yeah, the world's slowest drag race low range I've selected first gear manually here in the Tacoma let's see what happens we're aiming for a slight hill for this race I just release the brake and let that the truck I keep going, I'll just take my foot off the brake and hopefully end up crawling slower than Andre in the six-speed automatic Ranger, although compared to the ten speeds in the Ford, this will be a little interesting, come on Tacoma and from the neck. and neck under you in first gear yeah I selected this manually yeah me too hundreds just shooting forward at this point oh no I thought the Ranger I mean this tire diameter matters the gearing matters the rear differential gear, you calculate all those things the first year.
For low range shift times, of course, the rear differential is your forward ratio, but tire size matters too. You're winning by a bumper, maybe a bumper and here we go. Russell Irene, aha, victoria, that's a coma, what do you guys think about the style? because if I look at the two front grilles and the headlights, they look almost identical to me, although visually they are much higher from the front, yes, in honor, look at this, look at this turn signal right here, ready, oh yes, sequential + fog. hard industries lights, I have fog lights and I have like an air curtain here and my truck is really cool, okay, Tommy is going to tackle this snowy, icy hill first and I'm going to walk around and see how he does.
I use my multi-terrain selection which allows me to select the type of train I'm on for the best attraction I'll go with. I feel like mud and sand will be the right choice here. I do not really like. such a low snow setting for four wheel drive. I have the rear diff lock and this is all about these Goodyear Wrangler tires with Kevlar, so I'll have to keep a little bit of momentum going, but I think not too much. make it unfair just a little bit of boost and for lows i have a lot of torque at low revs in this


I'm actually pretty impressed with how grippy these tires are and the rear diff lock is a positive compromise, so it's keeping me pretty strong. I have a couple of big stones here. I'm going to try to put those wheels on them. There we go, we go, and we're a little worried about the floor stuff, but hopefully we'll have enough 9.4 inches in this Tacoma versus 8.9 in the Ranger. Good luck. Andre is almost here, the last little ledge to climb and I think we're good, very good visibility out of this Tacoma. It's something people don't really talk about, but I think it's very easy to see the curves.
It's just a good performing truck. I mean, I feel like this truck has stepped out of the spotlight a little bit in recent years, but it's still a brilliant truck with its old-school off-road technology, so Tommy, I'm going with the grass, gravel, and snow we have. a load of snow because I have it now yes this ice seems very difficult to walk on but this truck is like some little mountain goats she will go and go and go and go very interesting some from side to side here is a plan so far no problem but There are a couple of stones and this is where I need my stew plates if I'm going to touch it no, all good this plate I'll try to climb it in the snow a little momentum Andrei, what truck would you use?
Here and why, if I wanted to become a standard bearer in the woods like your Toyota is right now, I would choose the Tacoma, but I actually fit a little better inside the Ranger and the fx4 you see here costs around 44,000 , it's a little less than the Tacoma TRD pro, so for those reasons dresser, yes, the Tacoma is more expensive, much slower, much more uncomfortable and yet I would wear that TRD pro all day, everyone the days, because when you take it out to the tough stuff, it's just very well made for this, it has a lot of underbody protection and the suspension is so sorted that it doesn't make much sense $449 thousand, but that's the one I'd probably take and he has a snorkel, that's the real reason, but both These trucks will take you to two cool places like this and as always, this is Tommy and Andre.
Come back to Tito for the latest and greatest real world news. Rocky Mountain Snow Offroad Reviews. See you next time.

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