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Can I Trap Myself?

Jul 17, 2023
Protecting this diamond block is the best


in Minecraft, but it's useless if you know that you get a little knowledge about the


and suddenly you can overcome it like that, but what if you couldn't? chase I want to make a trap that can trap me meet the Creator and prove that even if you know he's coming you can't beat him at first this seems completely impossible as a Trap Maker I know all about it a secret Watcher hidden under this tree I know there's a block of TNT hidden behind this red stone ore I know it's there I placed it a skull sensor land mine hidden in the grass I also know it's there I placed it Traditional capture methods are useless here, so make a trap that can really catch me in the future.
can i trap myself
I need to think outside the box, but to think outside the box I have to know what the box is. What are the rules here? The future I will have 15 minutes to steal this diamond block past me or now I can protect


. I want it though, as long as it's possible to do it in survival and yes, base rock and reinforced deep shale are possible, but I won't use them in the future. I'll also have 30 seconds in creative mode to get any item I want to beat. the catch, if he steals the diamond block I lose but if I can successfully kill him once I win and yes I mean Future I eat him because saying kill me would demonetize me and if future doesn't die but he can't get the block either of diamonds in 15 minutes.
can i trap myself

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can i trap myself...

It's a draw, not a win but not a loss either, but with those rules in place, how the hell can I catch


? The first approach would be to simply improve what failed in my last trap. make a trap that is so good that it is really impossible to escape, but what would a trap like that be like? For starters, any cheating that relies on the element of surprise is completely out of the question. trap floors with traps, forget it. I already know it's coming and I just don't stay there. A truly inescapable trap has to operate with brute force on a 10 by 10 platform.
can i trap myself
There is only a one percent chance that I will stay below where an anvil lands if I know where it is. The probability becomes zero percent, however, if an anvil falls on every block of the platform, it doesn't matter if I know it's coming, I'll die. This example is criminally simple, but the point is still there if we can cheat. that kills the player no matter where they are in the future, I physically won't be able to avoid it, an obvious candidate is TNT if we can create a strong enough explosion, no matter where our player is, they will die taking this to the extreme taking over our diamond.
can i trap myself
The block is here if we surround a 100 by 100 radius with TNT and TNT Minecarts, as long as they detonate, in the future, keyword is screwed, as long as they detonate, the explosion isn't actually the hard part, the part difficult is to make each trigger go off, can you think about the future, I already know it's coming, it's not as simple as putting a hidden sensor under the diamond block, we can just push it away with a piston, well, now we can get rid of the sensor skull, now we can just pull the diamond. block from above, okay and now we have a pretty promising setup, there is no possible way to disarm these skog sensors, break one and the others immediately go off and ignite the TNT, our diamond block seems unreachable, but the future has not only A time in this, if we set up our remote control stasis chamber, all I have to do in the future is activate the TNT and rescue, then once everything has exploded, go back again and claim the diamond, so a Trap that only works once will not be enough. against my future no matter how many times I enter I always have to meet death this brings us to another potential candidate skill believe it or not I'm not the best Minecraft player if my cheat has a solution but that solution just It involves too much skill for me, so that's a very good option.
Withers wardens and vexes. These three mobs have to be some of the most annoying entities to kill in the entire game. Wither has an absolutely absurd amount of health and damage. The Vexes are a literal nightmare. to hit and the guardians, well, the guardians are trapped, so if we decide to put our diamond block in a box full of renowned guardians like Withers and evocators and maybe some layers of obsidian, just in case, in the future definitely not I will have an easy time stealing that diamond. block except it's completely wooden all you need is invisibility some rugs and snow with a potion of invis vexes and withers would be completely useless and for the guardians a few rugs and snowballs will muffle the sound waves and distract them lurking monsters.
And while the invisibility potion and rugs may not be the first things that come to mind when you think about evading a trap. I know exactly what's coming, so I know exactly what to get. It leaks no matter what you do. The future will always have a way to avoid it, as long as. I do and therefore I know what is coming. I can avoid it, but what if I don't know what's coming? Well, that sounds impossible. The right future, I know everything. I know well, not necessarily. A fugue state is a trance-like experience in which a person regains consciousness. confused and clueless about his surroundings, if I hit my head with a blunt hammer hard enough to give me retrograde amnesia or break the law and build the whole trap while drunk, the guards will be a complete shock and my future will be No I have no idea what he's up against.
Well, maybe you're not going to break the law or get a concussion over a Minecraft video, but it's possible to fool future weefies. Consider this really basic trap if I fill a dispenser with a couple of different items when you activate the result will be totally random future weefies don't know if they'll face harmful lava potions, vines or a subscribe button well I guess it's a good time to mention if you're enjoying the video consider subscribing it's totally free and it means a lot to me and it really helps a lot and I promise you won't regret it as long as future weefies know what all the options are they can be given enough options this trap becomes very difficult to prepare remember that future weefies only have 30 seconds creative mode to prepare for this trap if we make, say, 10 sufficiently different traps, each with a variable interior defense mechanism but an identical exterior if I randomize world file, future Wii rates likely won't have enough time to prepare us for every possible option. a room with fire and magma cubes that requires invisibility and fire resistance, a room with older Guardians when it would require milk, and the room with an absurd amount of cobwebs would require water or scissors.
These are just a few quick examples, but the principle is very attractive if we overload potential traps. In the future I simply won't have enough time to prepare for everything, which makes our chances of success much more likely if we can synthesize all of the above together. Brute force. Reuse of skill-based traps and randomization. We have a trap that will not only affect the future. I can't hope that I could actually kill him. We could win this. The final part is to take the strap out of imagination and turn it into a tangible gadget. This involves designing the different boxes that I will deal with in the future.
Each box will be a 50. for 50 obsidian cubes, each with a different defense mechanism specific to that cube, the walls will be five blocks thick and only one future that will haunt me even more, there will be 9 identical chambers scattered throughout the boxes in each different world, the diamond block will only be in One of these nine future selves has no way of knowing where it really is until the controls increase the risk of dying in the Trap, but you might be thinking that as soon as the future see the inside of the Box, you will know which world it is and where the diamond is true, but if you never know this will not be a problem using the fill command of the World Edit Mod, you could randomly set one of the light blue wool blocks in each chamber in a diamond block and since I currently don't even know what the future is, I definitely won't have a clue unless I check each chamber, so without further ado, let's get to know the different boxes, the first box will be completely flooded with a water theme and will be filled with senior Guardians and Guardians, plus the floor will be covered. in random bags of Soul Sand and magma, not only will this require some sort of conduit or dolphin effect to maneuver invisibility, breathing water and milk, it is also essentially impossible to skip, the second box will be the exact opposite, it will be completely soaked in the Lava everywhere I will scatter stealth land mines that explode TNT if anyone gets too close in the lava mist.
It is almost impossible to see them. The third box is vague and will be completely filled to the brim with guardians. Really I can not. Put anything else here because the guards will hear it and be distracted from the player, but just in case and to avoid rugs, I'll flood the floor of the Box. The fourth box is similar to the previous one, but this time coded into evocators and ravagers, the two most annoying mobs to ever fight, this room will gain invisibility, but that potion won't help you at all in the previous one, considering that the quest of the guardian in the sound further polarizes the candidates, the five boxes will be encoded in multiple layers of obsidian filled with The Observer TNT bombs break the wrong block and suddenly you are preparing for a devastating explosion.
The sixth and final box will be a mix of everything we've seen so far and will be segmented into four different and horrible ones. layers, each of which contains a cage that could contain the diamond block, but it is completely random whether there will be a submerged layer with guardians, a lava layer with deadly bombs, a word and summon layer, and a final hellscape covered in several different mobs and this adds flavor. a bit more, the outside may be covered in secret landmines with randomly placed skull sensors, the position of these will vary from world to world, so in the future I will have no idea what is safe and what is not a single block or step out of place and It's all over and there we have six random boxes, each with a different trap that will require specific preparation.
Future Wii rates are dead, but it still feels incomplete at the end of the day, once I ship these traps I'm playing to win in the future. It's current for me now and I want to avoid this trap by excluding randomization. I know everything I'm facing and if I can prepare properly, any trap can be evaded. I just have to be careful, it seems like it doesn't matter what I thought about future weefies. You are always one step ahead, even randomization is not enough. A perfect trap that can kill the Creator seems impossible, but I still have to try at least to redeem my previous trap and do my best for the current leaflings against the future, best ones. trap versus its creator here we go, okay, I have 30 seconds to get elements of creativity, but I came prepared with toolbars to save, toolbar two, three and four, stack another one more pearls, invis, that's it, it's hour.
I have no idea what box this is so I just have to go in and hope for the best, that's the only way to do this and time starts now so the skog sensors should be here while I crouch and lay down wool, yeah, okay, there you go, that's a skull extender, I don't know which box. This is so I have to figure out which box this is and then figure out where the possible diamond blocks are there we go so okay that's huge is it the aquarium box or the four layer box so if this is the four-layer one. box the Guardians should be right on this on the surface okay they're okay it's a four layer box which means there are four places where the diamond block can be oh god oh god I can't see anything there's the box Come on, it's light blue wolf, okay, I'm leaving here, that's not one layer down, three more to go there.
I have to leave before I get money to think, I hope these skull explosions don't kill me, oh God, please, please, please, please. okay, we're okay, we have a minority, but we're good, obsidians I'm standing, I'm scanning, it's nowhere to be found, turn up the volume, city, okay, this way, milk Cyrus, what's that light blue wool?, okay, this is the wrong way. get out of here it doesn't matter, it's on the bottom layer, okay, there's a layer down there. I'm starting to feel like the box is there, the diamond block is there, guys, you have to hope there are no land mines here and accept these unpleasantness, come on, no.
Come on, no, no, what happened? Where did I teleport? You see, just before I quit. I realized something. I've been thinking badly about this trap the whole time I wastrying to do what I failed. The first time I make a trap that is impossible to escape from, but actually the task is to make a trap that has to trap me, so that's what I made, a trap that will literally only work against its creator, a stasis chamber in the world edge of each world. I put a stasis chamber and an activated fragment charger to free up 11 and a half minutes to teleport under the void and seal the exit, obviously the future means I knew this was coming, which is why I packed the Elijah and the fireworks, but no There is nothing I can do about it either way. to disarm it there is no way to travel the entire distance back in time there is no way to win even if I escape I would have no choice but to sit on the world border while time runs out or lose and give victory to the weefies of the past nothing that can do I'm at the world border I can't go back I lost what you think would be so stupid I knew this was coming I knew it was going to be stasis I made the contraption that's why I also made a second one in Since the beginning of the attempt in the spawn chunks of the world that are always charged, I built the pistasis chamber and set it for 13 minutes, do you think I just accept defeat and don't lose?
Especially not for me, why do you think I grabbed those seemingly random items at the beginning of the course to teleport from come back with only two minutes left just in time to steal the diamond block and end this once and for all? There is simply never a chance for the dough if it is going to win because the present with these does not lose what do you think I lost? Do you think I wouldn't possibly miss any opportunity?

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