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Cam Newton Compares J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake's Rap Beef To The NFL | CLUB SHAY SHAY

Apr 17, 2024
Have you ever gotten tired of hearing people say man, you dress like a chick, you dress all those women, tight clothes, bring your girl around me if you know a woman is toxic and you still know she's toxic Isn't she going to be toxic? without going to the camera, although you know, let's go to the camera, we're still far away from the red flags, although the camera is cool, but some red flags equal Six Flags, yeah, boy, oh boy, it's a fun ride on my life, grinding my life, sacrificing the hustle P the price wants a slice I have the roll of the dice that's why all my life I've been grinding all my life all my life running all my life sacrifice hustle P the price I want a slice I have the roll of the dice is why all my life hello welcome to another episode of Club Shay I'm your host.
cam newton compares j cole kendrick lamar and drake s rap beef to the nfl club shay shay
I am also the owner of Club Shay and today is a special edition because we are on tour and the man we are on tour with today is the only player to win the Heisman the BCS. NFL National Championship Rookie of the Year and being selected number one in the NFL draft the same season. He is MVP of the NFL. He is the SEC and NFL Offensive Player of the Year. He is a first team All Pro. He made three Pro Bowls. AF AP College Player of the Year Consensus. first team all american quarterback in the SEC won back to back national championships one in college and the other in the NCAA also has the fastest touchdown by NFL quarterback Carolina Panther Auburn Atlanta great some call him Superman I call him my nephew Cam Newton how was that introduction it was good everything what I did what I left out tell me what I left out it was good father entrepreneur it's all good dad D yes father great father great father great business here thank you for having us yes sir let Club sh Shay, come into Fellowship, you did it any time, you're welcome, any time, welcome, look here, I meet you at an espresso, that's bad luck, what's B?
cam newton compares j cole kendrick lamar and drake s rap beef to the nfl club shay shay

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cam newton compares j cole kendrick lamar and drake s rap beef to the nfl club shay shay...

Mixing spirits with a non-alcoholic drink, that's bad luck, that's bad luck, okay, here's water. I think so, boom, there. Come on, yeah, now we're going to go viral, it's your good luck, you're digging, I'm saying it, this rock and roll, how are you, oh, I'm gorgeous, better, I'll be a twin, watch what I'm saying, listen, I'm, we're here . in your fellowship in your house and I think it's one of the uh, I haven't been to many places to smoke cigars, but the ones I have you are second to none, yes sir, when you came up with the idea for Fellowship, what were they?
cam newton compares j cole kendrick lamar and drake s rap beef to the nfl club shay shay
Are you thinking and what were you hoping to achieve? I travel a lot and smoking cigars is part of my daily routine and for me I just wanted to create something that embodies everything I like, socializing, networking, being comfortable, as well as eating great. food and amazing and you know, smoking cigars, so you know you combine all those things together and that's what you get from Fellowship. Was this your first entry as an entrepreneur, um, indirectly or directly, yes, indirectly, no, I think the first was. Realizing at the age of 20 that I am the man of my lineage, that's fine and that's what I humbly say, because I had a lot of respect for my father, but making those kinds of decisions really involves a lot of things. perspective, okay let's get right into it, calls, you went viral earlier when you said game managers vs game changers, can you clarify what you meant?
cam newton compares j cole kendrick lamar and drake s rap beef to the nfl club shay shay
Because I think I know what you want to say, but I want to hear it from you, what did you mean when? you said there are certain guys and you can list them if you want that are game managers and there are certain guys that change the game because they are asked to do different right things. Well, in football nowadays there are only five games. changeups at the quarterback position, okay, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Aaron Rogers, Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, okay, and that's not a title that's just been handed to anyone. This is the biggest mistake.
Being a gamemaster isn't a backhanded compliment, it's something your team doesn't do. they require you to beat the game all the time, those game changers are asked to beat the game every day, and that's just what I meant and when I went into more detail about it I think it really became apparent that I'm like If I waited and I know that we are talking about Brock here and I have no fights or any problems with him. I think his rise to who he is is the perfect definition of the American dream, hard-working, get him out of the mud.
I know you earn everything you get and he did well with the opportunity that was presented to him and for me, I never wanted to quit because I know what it's like to prepare as an NFL player, I think. many times he was assumed or painted as if he was bitter, um, as if he was an enemy or just calling out like that. How I look at it when I think about game changers, there are two firsts on his team, three firsts, five firsts and when I You know, I explained it further. He was looking at the San Francisco Fortners roster and I said to myself, well, they loaded well, but he didn't ask for that situation.
You know what I am saying. I played with Christian McAffry. I know how dynamic he is. Know. I have always been a fan of Debo Samel. I've played against Fred Warner. I know the amount of preparation. George K., those guys. And you know. The team is loaded, eh, Trent Williams, those guys you know have the ingredients to be or become a dynasty, right? And I never wanted to be like Jade, who because of your knowledge of her hard work and preparation, I think sometimes I read people who I remember when I first came in. People in the league would criticize us and they like, well you never played the MH game and if you played, are you any good?
Now you have players who played the game at a high level who were very good and who are not. You are allowed to criticize, so are you beyond reproach? You are not allowed to criticize, regardless of whether you are a Game Changer or a game administrator. Where are we going with this camera? I think we live in a time where people don't criticize. the shot, they're criticizing the person who gave the shot, oh, oh, okay, so I said they were mad at the messenger, yeah, yeah, I said game manager and people were saying you didn't jump on the loose ball, no You did it, you didn't do it. act or he's better than you or you're a failure or you're doing it and I tell myself it's like that doesn't speak to what I said right.
I think a lot of times we get distracted by who is delivering the message. not the message itself, right, wow, it's funny you say you included Mahomes Lamar Josh Allen Aaron Rogers, that's you and Joe Burrow, those are your game changers, yes sir, those are the guys you comes into the game and there is a level of expectation. week in and week out yes sir we are going to win this game right game managers you just like them okay if this goes well if this guy plays well this guy plays well if the defense does we have a chance to win, no, it's simple with Those five guys I listed, you're telling them or the unspoken word is, "Come to us in the game." Well, the game administrators, in some sense, you're basically telling them not to lose the game.
Look what I'm saying. Like, don't put the ball, don't put the ball, get in the way of damage, protect the ball, just give guys opportunities to make plays on your behalf or on our behalf, and we'll win the game, right? Do you realize when you say certain things like this? and this is, I remember, remember when you had the comment and your dad called me when you said, I think, what was the term you used, what was the term you used, random, random, and I'm thinking to myself, does he understand? Like if he walked into one of these locker rooms and these random guys he called, how awkward would that be.
Did you think about it in those terms? Shannon, I'll tell you this or Uncle Shay, my sole purpose in using my platform is to expose the truth, okay, however it comes out, it may be aggressive, you may be a little bit knackered at times, but it's the truth, right, and I don't bite my vernacular just because of the environment I'm in, right? You could put me in the locker room, you could put me in a barbershop, you could put me on a podium, you can put me in front of ESPN, Fox, CNN, it doesn't matter. , right?, my vernacular wouldn't change and the random ones were guys I felt still.
I feel like they've been given opportunities that kids my size never had and that's the truth. I think that's going to lead to some difficult and very uncomfortable conversations, so that's when I realized I'm not for everyone, right? That's when I started to live in my true self, but as a quarterback you have to be the face of everyone you meet because you have to be good with the offensive line, the wide receiver, the running backs, the DB, you're actually the CEO. of the company, yes sir, and you understand that a lot of people will follow your example of course, and I'm fine with everyone, whoever you do the research, you probably already have people who are watching this, let them do their thing. do your research, find a teammate who said camera was an amazing teammate, call me randomly, you walk in there, camera, let's have a conversation, well that's just competition, it's just competition anytime anyone Maybe I would like to insert myself, let's compete, right? cultural thing, I'm competing with you right now, of course, Club Shay versus funky Friday Night chapter verse 4 and one, it doesn't necessarily matter, it's a healthy competition, you see what I'm saying and we have to normalize that we're seeing it. in music right now J Cole Kendrick Lamar Drake M healthy competition now don't get distracted by the words you get the message and and and where the purpose of the words comes from so I see that guys have opportunities to be endorsements that don't You don't get past me I understand who I am and you want me to minimize myself, you want me to condemn my life so someone else can do it, you have the deal, you would like to be a backup.
I told you who I would back, but. that still wasn't good enough, so now it's all this emancipation of who the black person is supposed to be, especially a black quarterback, you want me to shrink or minimize, no cam, you have a wife and kids, you have a wife and you have three kids you're out of work you say well I'm just going to work do this this and this I don't know if you're in a position to say that if you're trying to feed said family and keep a roof over their heads Eli did it Eli Manny that's it at the beginning you probably could have drawn that card at the beginning when you had the power that's cool you can't tell different rules to different people yeah, I don't think it's a different set of rules because we're going to talk about this later over time he says look, I want the door to go here here there okay, I don't have a problem with that, although I didn't particularly like when Eli did it, but I'm saying when you have the power, yes, Superman, Clark Kink doesn't have any power, yes, sir , Superman if Superman had the power, the guy who did this, the guy who was 15 and one, yes sir, I could have made that choice, but this is who I am.
I am a very self-confident person and many times Mis interprets me as conceited mhm who does Cam think he is to sit here? I told him that I'm the one telling him that I admitted to putting myself in some tough situations, that's okay and I don't want to put myself in any more bad situations, so if you give me the whole season to learn a playbook properly, if you give me time to understand really the purpose of the play caller now. I can interpret what you are trying to do and also give my opinion. Those are situations that I didn't necessarily have.
I was learning in New England. I was learning and I said this, not over and over again. I was learning in 20 years. system and I tried to improve that throughout the year, as did I. They hired me a month before we played football. I'm going to Carolina. I was trying to learn as I went, and on top of that, you fired the OC two weeks into an already bad situation. Now I had to learn something new right now in the offseason. I tell you as if this is what I would like to do. It's me representing myself and if I can't represent myself and speak as honestly as I know how.
I don't want to put myself in bad situations because my production was affected by bad situations, but when I say that, it's me saying who thinks, no, it's not like it's just the truth and I'm telling my truth, but the thing is Cam the people who you mentioned the likelihood of you having a chance to play hello I knew they wouldn't come looking for me I knew my phone wasn't going to ring but I still had to tell people what I wanted and that's the power of the media right now, no we have to wait for a publication in the newspaper or magazine.
I can go straight to the source with what it is and I'm okay with that, that's what people I don't understand that I was ready to walk away from the NFL when Carolina first released me, so being in this position now doesn't make me uncomfortable. Look, we don't cheat in this place. This place paid me a lot. Well, why didn't you say you were ready to leave and that you were dealing with some injuries in Carolina? Why didn't you take that soon to fully recover and then come back? That is the gift and the curse because the opportunity presented itself as a competitor like a lion when the opportunity presents itself.opportunity you tell yourself I could do it mhm I can do it I don't I need so much time it's me and it ended I bet it on myself and it didn't work out and I have no one else to blame but myself although I tell myself those are situations bad.
I knew those situations as they came up and I still had full confidence in myself to say I can do this, yes, but look at Cam and the words of the great Clint, he said every man should know his limitations, it's like you know that a woman is toxic. and yet you know that she is toxic, she is not going to be toxic without going on camera, although I tell you toxicity and any no C, no, now, come on, come on, like we keep the money, now you know what am. I'm saying, come on, tell me, we're still far away from red flags, although the camera is great, but some red flags equal Six Flags and, wow, oh wow, is it a fun ride?
At the end of the day, you still have to do it. try you know what I'm saying, the appetizer or the or the sample just to see if that's something you want to participate in oh man. Dam, come on, it might be too real, come on, step, you know what I mean, Cat Williams. Your parents even know how real they can be and you know what I'm saying, but at the end of the day I know who I am and I know that can turn a lot of people off, but that's not my type. true and I am extremely respectful of everyone, I respect everyone, true and when the time comes to express myself I don't want to be minimized.
I have sons, I have sons, I have daughters and I raise them to be able to do it. Look every man and woman in the eye and say what you think and there is a right and wrong way to express yourself and I have never crossed that line by disrespecting someone by expressing myself, are you done with football? uh, I think the question is: Football is done with me because if you give me enough time or you give me a situation that makes sense to me, I have to accept it. Are you training to play football again?
I'm ready right now, that's what people don't understand. I still work out I still want to say it's like riding a bike I've been playing this game since I was seven Housewives work out happily trained yeah are you working out mm don't let the cigarette fool you I smoke cigarettes like after a ta day three a day it doesn't matter no no don't let this fool you now how about this getting in is the easy part is knowing when to get out that's hard mhm I'm, I'm listening, put it this way I'm not begging anyone mhm to come back, yeah If the opportunity presents itself where someone feels the need for Cam Newton to help our franchise, I will be ready for you or any of your representatives to contact any of the 32 teams, yes, and what is the feedback, what has been said, oh man, you know right, we're exploring options right now and you know the professionals talk well, all to say we're not interested, yes sir, and that's fine, that's great, they have to do the right thing. for them and I have to do what is right for me and part of that is telling people what is right for me, so you can't sit here and say that Cam is not willing to be a backup. be a backup, these are the people I would back up and that still wasn't good enough so what is now?
I already knew this because it's not necessarily what is said, it's the source of who says it, right? Oh man, you. I know bringing Cam Newton to the franchise, what does that say to the starter? Am I supposed to apologize for the EA I bring? That's me, that's what made my roar loud. I put a lot on my plate, that's how my dad raised me right and Now man, look, my dad is obviously the most influential man in my life and he's as holy as holy, but when my dad knows, when I talk to him like that pop , you are not raised, no, now this is not him as my shepherd.
This is me talking to him like a man, right, you haven't been raised, no, so I have to do what's right for me, my family and us, and I'm not going to let anyone play with me, so that might be intimidating. for a franchise because they think, oh, we can't control this mother, no, you've never had a problem with Cam Newton, you've never seen Cam Newton in a DUI, you've never seen Cam Newton, you've engaged in conduct that's detrimental to him. equipment. I have never seen Cam Newton or his organization know that this was not my fault.
I still take the blame, that's what quarterbacks are supposed to do right. I have been an honorable citizen in the eyes of the media and now when I have my way of expressing myself oh who do you think you are? I'm a new camera, plain and simple, if I gave you a choice on the last drive, you have two minutes on the clock and you have to go 80 yards to get a touchdown. I am GNA. I'll give you Tom Brady I'll give you Patrick Mahomes both in the best moment who do you take Brady Why is it Brady?
I mean, don't minimize Patrick. I remember playing. I never played Patrick Mahomes. The time he was supposed to play it. Well, I remember playing against Tom Brady in New England, I think it was 2017 and 2018, and the impact he had was like the game never ended. Mhm, as a quarterback, you never want to be distracted by the opposing offense, you know what I am? saying, I think Pat, well he's not, I think I know Patrick Mahomes has that, it's like when you score, it's like you left us too long, right? With Brady, the whole crowd was down.
I think two touchdowns, the whole crowd Brady Brady Brady what kind of impact, I don't think the game will ever see that in regards to who he was and he's proven that time and time again with the Elite bracket, the C bracket and the cast and questionable support and cast. Brady has always done it and I don't. I'm not saying it was just Brady, it was the coach, it was Josh McDaniels, it was the entire organization. Brady was just the guy who got a lot of credit, but if he was in that situation, he'd go to Tom Brady every day, you feel? like when you play against Brady or you play against the Mahomes now you're actually competing against them and I know well that I'm not on the field against Tom Brady, I'm not on the field against Patrick Mahomes, but you know what? what they're going to do and you came to Magic, yes sir, I mean, as an athlete in that game or as a player in that game, those are all the things that you think about in the back of your head, you know that the four-minute offense is that. it's par out it's it's a big desire for us to have first downs, we have to keep them off the field, you know, and as we play, these are the things that completions keep the clock ticking, you know, uh, protecting the football. whether it's in the pocket outside the pocket, guys, you know, stay within the limits, it's a lot, it's almost like the Jordan effect, the LeBron effect, the Steph effect, these are great players now and when you play against them, you'll be lying if you did.
I don't feel that impact saying sh you know who you're looking at I think you're two and 0 against Brady Do you feel what you're saying now? I didn't hear you, it was a I think you two. y0 against Brady I think you beat him in Carolina and you beat him in New England yes sir, do you feel any different like beating Brady or beating one of these top Rogers or beating one of these top quarterbacks? Do you feel any different when you beat one of those guys, the only person I wish I could have beat was Payton, only you I'm in verse, verse, Payton, obviously, one in the regular season when he had that crazy year with 55 touchdowns, yeah, and then obviously at the Super Bowl, right? but other than that, I am my own right, if I give you the option, you have to start an FR.
Cam Newton is the GM of MH and you get Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Jayen Herz or Brock to start your franchise with who you pick Jo. sh smoking Joe cool I saw him at a Super Bowl party and I thought, like this guy, I could see what, as a man, listen, he understood that factor, okay and a lot of times, especially when you cover sports or talk about them. It's sports criticism, you don't really know these people, you don't have any real interactions with them. I met Joe, a cool guy and the aura of him was like a cool guy, you know what I'm saying, not taking anything away from Jaylen, no. take anything from Brock take nothing from you know someone else uh Justin Herbert who you talked about but I need guys to lead our franchise it's easy to tell when things are going well but are you going to give the trust? in that locker room when things go wrong and that's what I watch from my seat, who do you think wins the first Super Bowl?
Jordan loves Brock Foot Joe Burrow Lamar Jackson Justin Herbert Dak Prescott Jaylen HST Lamar what happened what happened this year because it seemed like everything was perfect, they had HomeField at all times, they were clearly from about week nine on the best team in the NFL, It wasn't close, you look at the team they beat, they beat Miami, God knows how much they did a demolition. work on the 49ers, they blew the doors off Seattle, every team that made the playoffs or had playoff potential just didn't get passed over them, Ram Shack and then this AFC Championship Game moment on their field local and everyone knows that Lamar Jackson is If he is going to be the MVP, the only question is if it will be unanimous again.
Yeah, I think one thing Lamar and the Ravens organization just have to figure out is how to win the ugly games. It's one of those situations like sometimes when I look. at Lamar it's like, bro, stop thinking and it's easy for a guy that talented to think, oh, it's like for a lot of people, as a chef, you can prepare this food so many different ways, but everyone knows that your signature is the smokiness. , man, smoke this and go ahead and go about your day, you got the win, find a way to win the ugly games and we can talk about the other stuff later.
Patrick Mahomes has found a way to do it. I don't care what we have to do or what we can. Talking about all this, others drop balls, we can worry about all that, after the end of the game, let's find a way to win, Travis Kelsey, man, we're going to find a way to win and I think for Lamar, once he Realize that, now you can say. that he hasn't, but everyone around because Lamar just isn't right, it's that everyone finds a way to win, that's what made Tom Brady and the New England Patriots so dynamic because it could be that we find a way to win , remember that Super Bowl in Atlanta. that was the ugliest Super Bowl of all time, yeah, the Patriots versus the low scoring Rams, we thought it was going to be a fire, uh, uh, uh, up and down, 3531 man, that was a low scoring game and low, we have to find a way to win and once he realizes it. that, the organization realizes, it's funny you say that because Brady dominated that and you mentioned Patrick Mahomes because you watch the Super Bowl against Philadelphia, he threw for 180 yards MH, but every yard mattered, right, every time he didn't have what I ended up going to overtime and I think I could have had close to 300, but you say it's like finding ways to win that people don't think you can because everyone thinks you're supposed to throw for 3,400 yards and that's the only one. way they can win well, but sometimes he became a game manager because Tom Brady was the best game manager and the best because he understood, man, this is going to be a low-scoring game, man, I can't put this ball in the path of harm.
I can't fumble, I can't make mistakes or know how to compartmentalize different versions of yourself, okay, and that's what makes you a game changer, because you can say hey, hey, hey, easy, easy, easy, hey, check, check, check, hey, Bronco, hey, Bronco, hey, 52 is. The microphone that is recording a running play is too loud. I know what it is. I want to take this opportunity. We are going to call two plays in this second and short or third and in one we are going to be aggressive. Okay, hey, hey, hey, hey, easy, hey. Gotta get us out of this play, first down, one yard play, cool, okay.
I need to understand what version of myself I need to go to my deck of cards and say, "Okay, boom, I'm going to throw that little T for spade." He's going to walk, although you understand what I'm saying right, so every game a quarterback Cam Newton has to come in. I have to be the best version today of what is needed of me today. I may not need to be Superman today. Put a microscope on it and even show it. Well, not today, because in any given game, you may have anywhere from 40 to 62 plays that have just been documented.
What a normal game will look like for an offense. Those G. Those plays will be every play. you never look the same so you gotta sit here and say oh oh i got one right here hey hey easy we're good we set w80 easy no no no no no no we're good and you take your shot , the same, come out on the next play. Do you want to take another shot oh no no no no no no no no hey, kill that kill, that's what the outside experts don't realize, it's a chess game and a lot of times people forget that in football you just think it's 11 versus 11. about dividing that number in half and finding the one to one and the great ones do it and you see what makes them great.
The Cowboys are in a very precarious situation because they are in a very similar situation to where they were. Four years ago, Dak Prescott, entering the last year of his contract, that time, they franchised and made the move on a franchise tag, thought about franchising again and getting him a long-term contract,so here we are again, what does Dak need to do? Has Dak done nothing to convince the Cowboys because they clearly aren't convinced because Jerry said it later that we're only going to go as far as Dak takes us and this was as far as he could take us?
Seeing from Dak what is happening with Dak what is happening with the Cowboys offense that in the important games does not play the best it can these messages to uh Dak Prescott we are looking for that dog and I don't think Jerry Jones will allow him to become that because You have to be politically correct, you have to be almost the president of American football, almost be the interlocutor of the Dallas Cowboys, what the Dallas Cowboys need at that moment. At that quarterback position someone says no, it's mine, this is what we're going to do. I heard all that, but we're trying to win, we're trying to win, yes or no, okay, great, now untie me and let me win this soccer game that guy from Aura, I don't think that can be like that because Jerry wants to beat their way, you see what I'm saying, then those will be very combative forces that I don't know if they can reach the next level, I know. a guy who played quarterback who didn't win as much, Dak probably won more playoff games than him and never had to worry about a contract, the guy Dak is coming in now came after everything I say, I mean, do I I am loosing?
For people, we keep it in the butt now who you're talking about, so, then, people will know that all I know is that Tony Romo was named the most played quarterback in football, without Super Bowls , no NFC championship game, no first team, all professionals, no. second team, all professionals, he's never had to worry about a contract and when he's done playing he gets a deal that no one else gets, so what are we really talking about? So you want Cam Newton to shut up and and sit down when I tell everyone this is not like there are different rules for different people, yeah, when I can sit here and say, hold on calmly, there's a tilt coming, hey, look at the pressure , look at this and look at that like an as an athletic quarterback, you don't get enough credit, you think Lamar Jackson has been so successful because he doesn't understand the game of football and how people are going to try to play him.
Jaylen Herz Patrick Mahomes, these athletic quarterbacks, come on. now you said okay, Romo got what he got when he played, then he goes out and becomes the CBS color, he gets this long-term deal, the Prime Time game, he's not, oh yeah, number one, number one , I take another. guy I have complete respect for and he calls me prejudiced Greg Olsen, yeah Greg Olson didn't get that deal so it can't be a black and white thing, it's like me, how, why, how did he do that right ? Call the games, man, I want the money. I discovered everything else.
I asked you a question about what made you enter Le Portier. Yes, you realize that you could become a billionaire. We'll figure out the rest of the things later. Isn't there a different camera? Do you want a calling game? No, we'll give you $30 million a year. No, but you can't scam. You can't go in there. Say no. You have to yes. I would love to call games. Okay, yes. I love calling games what that contract looks like we'll give you 750,000 yeah okay I'm fine where I am I mean probably I mean it all depends on where you call you call you know you're the number one spot or the number two position the number one position, you know it's here man, you have to know who you are, you see what I'm saying, you take, you take certain people from certain situations and that situation is not the same, period, period Inarguable no. he's been the same since Shannon Shar Moon got out of there Shannon Sharp is going to be straight, yeah now jump why his grades aren't what they are now, oh it was because of you, no you gotta find out, you gotta know. who you are bro, you do it, but I think the thing is they're not going to let us start at the top, you start in the mail room and then you'll start carrying the mail and then you'll work your way. before you get to the penthouse you won't go to the penthouse you have to understand that and look I once saw that you can be good at any game if you understand the rules and how to play it, I understand that and I'm exposing that so you do me a favor okay , you go back to the intro, yeah, and you give that resume, yeah, and you put it to Dan Orosy and see if he doesn't get the number one spot.
Hello, do you see what I do? I'm saying I understand what the rules are. I'm just here to put it like your elector cat William said. I'm only here to gather information and I'm only here to inform. Don't be mad because I'm reporting. Obviously I've seen it was true and what everyone else knows they just don't say it correctly, so you're going to make me the bad guy because I'm reporting the truth, no, no, I'm not going to do that. I'm not in the position I don't need you, you don't need me, but people need the truth.
You had a very interesting insight into Kurt Cousins. You say I want to know for sure who his agent is because I want to know. Find out how a man who won a playoff game has been a game manager his entire career and is guaranteed 331 331 million 35 coming off the season finishing Achilles surgery at his age the Falcons just gave him 180 million 100 million guaranteed 50 million upon signing I'm not even serious, it's atrocious and I love the fact that he can get the right money, but what the Falcons paid the kurk cousins, they could have gotten with Cam Newton, Justin Fields and Michael Vic For that price, you realize they could.
I've given up two first rounders and got Lamar Jackson, but we're not talking about that. Look, this is the thing about sports where we don't do a better job of holding people to the fire, okay, you're either a judge or you're a critic. Dak. Prescott, a critic, Cam Newton, you'll criticize Lamar Jackson, you'll criticize Patrick Mahomes, but who's to say about ownership, management and all these decision makers screwing up these key decisions, but they want you to shut up and play well. I'm sitting on it, when are we going to admit that these coaches really don't know what they're doing?
These managers don't know what they are doing. These owners really don't know what they are doing or they are creating bad situations. and this the franchise is suffering, it's not just that they don't have good players and see, this is what happens if you and I make a bad decision, let's say we make a bad investment, we can't get it back. make a bad investment, the TV contract will pay them $300 $400 million, so what if they really lose? You see how you overcome a bad investment, if you make a bad one, let's say you go out and buy a property for 50 million.
They're like damn, I'm out of this 50 million, but you say you know what I've got, 100 million coming, there's no skin on my back, nothing, look, that's how they look at it and look, I look at Atlanta. I think they were looking for the next Matt Ryan because the most successful quarterback in history, uh, I guess as far as wins and getting into the Super Bowl, you look at Matt Ryan, cousin is basically a copy c. Matt Ryan had Tony Gonzalez, possibly or he's the best. three mm, you know, yeah, I had Rody White, I had Julio, I had some weapons, but they say look here, we had a defense, yeah, I mean, you had Julio, that's all you need, but they say we have Bejan Robinson, we have Drake London, we have uh.
Kyle Pittz, I think they signed Mooney from Chicago, so we just need someone to give him the ball, that's great, but I'm telling you with that 180 you gave to that guy that you could have had if it weren't for more Talent in that. position and you were going to sell yourself well, I'm here man we're in front of the mercedesbenz stadium yeah people after the games for the four years that Fellowship has been open have been inside and saying the same argument when you walk into that stadium sometimes it's not Max the ability I was a teenager when Michael Vic was here oh that thing was yeah come on man that mother brother and they weren't Elite no, but Michael Vic to Atlanta was something the city needed and That's where you have to talk to management to say Hey, listen, I understand it's twofold: we have to win football games and we have to sell tickets, right?
I don't know, and I'm not saying that to shame Kurt Cousins, right? What I'm saying is let's give it a little more perspective as well, because the perspective on this is that my personal opinion was that Cam is getting older, he's not getting any younger, he's 32 years old at the time coming off a knee injury. the shoulder. LZ Frank hits all the stuff. which are not, quote, serious injuries, they are not the end of your career if you tore your Achilles tendon when you were playing, you're done, yeah, you were never in the same place, so now he's back.
He had this version of fourth-and-one. You're giving this person money for an injury, so how am I supposed to feel because the same questions and concerns you had with me were obviously overlooked by you? him and if you gave my resume to Kurt Cousins, I probably would have gotten more, but I'm stumbling, but I'm bitter, but I'm angry, no, I'm just laying out the truth and it's for you to digest however you want. I feel like there are a lot of riders who changed and changed teams. Derrick Henry went to the Ravens. Saquan Barkley went to the Eagles and Joe Mixon went to the Texans.
They also got Stefon Diggs. Which running back do you think would have the biggest impact? major impact I don't think he has as many yards, but I think he has a bigger impact. Derrik Henry. I also believe it. You know what I'm saying, he kind of had a great year for Derek Henry. It will be 750 yards, not that long. I used to do it because obviously you have to share that workload with Lamar, but if he can get 750 and take that, he leaves these games like we've all known, the Baltimore Ravens just to subdue his teams, I think Derrick Henry.
I think Derrick Henry needs to be around 1100 because I don't want Lamar to run because now when you play action, that thing with Big D Henry going down to Hill, yeah, and you like him to turn around and Lamar get that ball out of there, yeah . Z Flowers and those guys are going to run with Scot, oh sure, but I don't think 1100 yards is going to make a breakout, that impact is nothing, 17 games, that's true, but you have to understand it's not. I don't see Derek Henry averaging 120 140 yards for no can he give a 70 uh yeah so 70 times 17 if that's the average that's all we need that's all and then when you get in the Zone Red, do we have to reduce this field now? they will really be on the attack and dictate the defense now we are playing chess, right, Christian Mcaffrey, you play a couple of years with him.
I think he is the best running back in football because of what he can do well. He doesn't weigh 225 pounds, but he can. run in, he can run out, you can put him in the slot, he can catch it, you can leave him open, you can sink, throw it to him, he can make people miss and he's better, he's better than you think at pass protecting Despite his size, what did you notice about CAC when he was there with you and in Carolina? Christian McAffry was polished to be a professional football player when he was in wck ball, I mean we.
I think the viral clip spread when you found out his father Ed was giving them IVs and in high school that's a little different his preparation before the game people don't see how he takes care of his body MH is a big Bruce Lee fan, ya You know, this guy takes care of his body like water. The body is better than I've ever seen on anyone, from his diet to his trainers' physical therapists, just preparation before you know, practicing well. He has a real routine and I think for him it's not about size because he understands the Christian McAffry that we see today.
It wasn't the one that Christian Mcaffry saw as a rookie and realized that he had to gain weight to withstand this type of beating, but I think Christian Mcaffrey is limited by the position he plays because he is much more than just a runner. If you really want to put Christian Mcaffry, he could be a top 10 receiver and that's not a fabrication, this is if you say okay, CMAC, this year GNA will move you to running back and GNA will put you like and me. I guarantee you he makes numbers, that's just the position of him, it gives him what I think he's making 17 a year, where he should be making 25 as a top receiver, that's just the impact that Christian McAffry has .
There was a lot of speculation and I don't know how true it is because I haven't really talked to anyone about Lamar and that, like the free agent wide receivers, the top three agent wide receivers didn't want to go there, yeah, because it's not like they don't believe . Lamark and the throw is just the type of offense they think they run, they are going to block more than catch, it was something you experienced and it wasn't that Cam couldn't throw because you threw for 4,000 yards as a rookie, yes you can clearly throw the ball , but because of the type of offense that you ran, the receivers, the receivers, the free agents felt that I am not going to have the opportunity to showcase myself and they will say that I am a failure because I'm not catching 100 BS, it's the situation as a receiver that you have to say, wait, that's not a good situation for me.
I'm a Lamar fan, right. I'm speaking as a receiver. I am a fanfrom Lamar, but. That may not be the right situation. I don't think Stefan Diggs was sitting there saying, "I want to go to Baltimore." I think we found that out with Odell. You know, Odell didn't show up like he would have thought, but that doesn't say he isn't, he still doesn't have it, but I definitely dealt with that as well and I think the Ravens organization is not in the position of trying to promote players from Pro Bowl, we're trying to create Super Bowl players right. and our system is what it is and it continues and stops with Lamar Jackson two-part question Russell Wilson comes to Denver we know what he did in SeattleNeedless to say he went to the Super Bowl lost 1-1, another was one bad play away from possibly winning two Super Bowls in his first two or three years, the first two or three years of his NFL career, which 40, 50,000 yards went over. 300 touchdowns, he will have 400 touchdown passes and touchdown before.
Why didn't he work out in Denver? I'm sure you've heard stories about how some of the things happened that weren't football related, yes, but no. I don't think that when you change owners or when you change coaches they have to go with their boys. I don't think when Shapton Shawn Payton walked into that locker room, I don't think Russell was his man and that affected his game, whether the pressure of everything and your psyche as you play well or poorly, you know you have that deep down. of your mind, they tried to make it work, but it didn't, that's number two, is that I didn't have the support. that he had in Seattle now like you would have thought how many times the Carolina Panthers played the Seattle Seahawks, it was a divisional game and it was some battles, so I see he knew the impact of the Legion of Doom or the legion of the boom, however he you do.
I want to see it, the 12th man with uh Earl Thomas cam Chan Richard Sherman and Wagner KJ wri, you know, Bruce Irvin, like these guys are intimidating, bro, and they ain't trying to be friends and Dap You Up. We'll do it after the season, even at the end of the game, we're not friendly to you, bro, when you have that to look at, I don't think he had that kind of support in Denver, right? to say that defense wasn't a stand up defense, it was just a bunch of combinations of things where it was just a style of play, uh, Pete Carol had that organization like they had to pass something.
I was like, oh bro, it's not like that. It doesn't happen to anyone but Seattle, they're always one play away, you know, when you see that Green Bay comeback that year, it was like it didn't happen to any other team, even when we played them during our year going to the In the Super Bowl we were up by about 28 points, they came back and if it wasn't for an onside kick that we covered, Rec covered that was that kind of team, and you know, I don't think it would have been the same kick in Denver that had and then you get Justin Fields, his situation is uh, I think the 15th overall pick, I think the top 20 pick, uh, he had some good moments, tremendous legs, tremendous legs, yeah, I studied, I got better at study, I understand the play, I understand what was expected. of him Why didn't it work in Chicago?
But that's where we not only had to criticize Justin Fields, we got to criticize management and they put him in the best positions to succeed. He is running amazing, he is running to save his life. If you put someone else in there that can't run, it would have doubled the sacks and also groomed him or evolved him into the player he needs to become, that's coaching, that's general management, ownership, this is our guy. of franchise that we have to develop. him on the path to longevity, we're seeing the same thing happen with Bryce Young. If they don't develop this player the right way, then we'll say after a year or two he was a Good, but that's not the player, the management is in a situation because if they asked you if you would give power back to the players during the draft and if it wasn't up to management to say who they wanted.
No one wanted to go to many of these teams because they know the inadequacies of the management but the players don't have that power like Eli to say no, I don't want to go here, but if they did it would be more. Teams say no, I don't want to go to this team, why would I want to do that? I saw what you guys did to him right, yeah, you want to do that with me, so now you both end up in Pittsburgh, uh. Mike Tomlin and he says that right now Russell Wilson is in pole position and there will be a time when Justin Fields can compete for the starting job, so what do you think the Steelers' thought process was?
My opinion on what I think it is, tell me what you think it is. I think Mike Tomlin is doing what I just said, he is developing Justin Fields. Hey, we're going to bring in a veteran that you'll be able to see not only his preparation on the field. but since he takes care of his body I want you to study that and then he has a one year contract if he doesn't produce then they will insert you to assume that right and you are still young enough yes to be labeled a type of franchise so it's chess here and if anyone can coach Justin Fields is Mike Tomlin because he knows the struggles, he knows how to use vernacular or word choice to communicate with his quarterback in that that type of that type.
In some ways, what does Lamar have to do to get to that Super Bowl? Because he's been MVP twice, yes, one vote away from being unanimous MVP twice, first team twice, all pro, BOS, we know he's going to the Hall. of Fame, but I think he needs that Super Bowl. Now we start talking about Lamar as one of those Pantheon, one of those top six quarterbacks with multiple Su because there aren't many who have multiple MVPs, yes, and Super Bowl, but this one. That's what I think is that he makes us so tired and distracted by things that have so many different determining factors.
Does Brady have so many Super Bowl rings without there being certain rules? Does Patrick Mahomes know the same amount about this play? is going one way, the game is going another, I don't think Lamar Jackson's greatness is dictated or predicated on him winning the Super Bowl or anything, no, he's great for sure, but EST is what we're trying to figure out. add for sure, but I think Like I said before, the Baltimore Ravens have to find a way to win the ugly game, yeah, and if we can find a way to win those types of games, it's the three levels and the three phases of football American, offense, defense and special teams, if we can find it.
If there is a way to win those types of games then we will be fine, there is no denying that they have enough talent to win, but I don't want any player to feel pressured to think that you have to win a Super Bowl to be labeled. a great player or a generational player, we have seen it time and time again. I always ask this question because it is essential to put perspective in sports, what is more important, impact or championships? If you look at a guy like Alen Iverson, isn't he great? yeah, he doesn't get the EST?
No, I think the way I see it, Cam and correct me if I'm wrong. I think you can be great without winning a championship, but in order for us to add the EST, you have to have it. he won a championship car Malone is a great player, is he better than Tim Duncan because he didn't have IT? It can't be Charles Barkley, he's a great player. I think you can beat the greats without winning a championship in any sport, be it Bonds MH, but you have to win championships, but you're thinking about a lot of determining factors when you use the same determining factors that led him to win the MVP, which is true, but listen to me.
Carl Malone was a great player and he was a shot away. to get yes an NBA championship if it weren't for Russell's push, no good, the cross push and then boom, we saw Michael Jordan's last shot like a bull, yes, if he misses that shot, then Carl Malone, who we know, we know. continue to have the same thing so that her greatness continues to be what is what you're going to do are so many different things in sports that we watch and we say to ourselves I mean, let's look at Caitlyn in college right now, yeah, during this time. .
You know, we don't know if she's going to win the national championship properly, but the fact that she doesn't win the national championship that suppresses the greatness of her. No, she's still cool. You will see what they say about her, but I don't put it, I can't put it in front of her. terasi I can't put her in front of uh uh Stewie. I can't put the others who have multiple championships and have the same credentials. They won the semi-finals and won the finals MVP. They won Smith Awards, so me. just like I said, she's great, yes I think you can be great without winning a championship, but in order for us to add the EST, you have to have a championship. and and and conversations about cigarettes, let me ask you her question, sir, without those championships, would you still look at Kobe the same way without those championships?
Would you still look at Jordan the same way without those championships? uh yeah, no way, yeah, no, because I'll tell him you this I don't I I uh you're not right you would you're right but I don't respect the championship that Kobe won with Shaq more than I appreciate the championship that he won with Lamar. odm okay or Pal okay or Derek fiser that one was a grinder, that's a person that goes back to what he was saying, man there were some ugly winds, it required him to exert as much energy on the offensive side as he did on the defensive side , he's guarding the best player and I'm still giving everything I did well, but that still doesn't negate that he was on a great team, see what I'm saying, those teammates also have to understand the amount of uh uh uh, the amount of concentration it requires, like when we have a great player, we can't just say oh Lamar did well, everyone has an urgency that they have to get up and great players bring that out of the entire organization Patrick Mahes does Tom Brady has done it and I see what I say, I would agree with what you are saying, the panther, the team you passed with, the lion, share your career, how do they put Bryce Young in a situation where Can they get maximum value for what they gave to cure it?
I remember having a conversation with um, a brief conversation with him during the Super Bowl. I saw him at a party and I think he needs to understand that expressing his opinion is important. Yes, some quarterbacks have that freedom too and some don't. You're not old enough or can you tell us who and what you want, yes you're a rookie, yes, but you have to do it because every offensive coordinator asks his quarterback this question, I play on the line third and four, third and eight have That Given this situation, who would you rather throw the ball to?
To see what I'm saying, the game is on the line or going into this season, what do you need to be successful? And he needs to have those answers for that, so he talks to Bryce Bryce. obviously you have to be open to doing it, not doing it publicly well, but doing it behind the scenes to say, listen, if we have this person in the draft, this is who I want, right? I need to be protected and not just think . selflessly on the offensive side, man, we need defense, we need control, like understanding what our division is, because first in any type of team atmosphere, you have to master your division first, that alone guarantees that you will go well in the playoffs.
I'm not so sure they know what the hell they're doing because they had a chance to get two first round picks for Brian Burns and they traded him to the Giants for less than that. We have to start holding the management of these people accountable. I'm saying yes and when a guy like me says that it's like who would you do? I'll tell you what I'll do right, you know what I'm saying, there are a lot of things that even going back to the franchise it's like brother, you shouldn't have a clean house like you clean your house getting rid of Ryan khil impacted that offensive line getting rid of Thomas Davis impacted that defense not just the linebackers losing luke how did you lose luke luke retired well but i do think luke wouldn't have retired if he knew the locker room was still going to be intact he probably would have taken some time off and his health is important , you know, take concussions extremely seriously, but that would have been something you would have had.
Consider being a Luke Keeley knowing I'm still missing KK I still have Charles Johnson I still have Thomas Davis I still have guys that are going to fight me You understand what I'm saying Julius Peppers, they're all gone and that's These are the things he had to remember and say wait, we don't have any of that, I have to start over. I'm fine with that and I can't speak for Luke, but these are the things that, in retrospect. You have to think about all of Shador's attempts and pray that he comes out this year and his father, Coach Prime, said, look, I don't want my son to play in the cold weather and I'm going to do it, you know.
I'm going to have a say in where he plays, he said Eli did, even I told the teams I'm not going to go there. What he has that Eli had is that his father had money, he had influence, sir, and you know that he didn't. It doesn't come from those situations where you know we're eating, we're catching up with a needle, yeah, you know, we're robbing Peter to pay Paul. What do you think? What is an ideal situation? First of all, what do you think of Coach Prime saying that he? I want Shador to be XYZ and what do you think he would be aIdeal landing spot for Shadur?
They just gave cousins ​​all that money, we'll find out about that. Have you ever heard of Dead Cap? Yeah, oh, the Broncos got 85 million. I'll figure all that out if Prime can get shadur in Atlanta, but let me tell you something that every company, including Magic City, will thank that damn private investigator who really talks, so these are the things that, but I don't think let him do it. be one of the first four choices since I was in uh recording the opinion and that's fine. I remember having a conversation with deshun Watson when he was drafted because Deshawn is the same with Justin Fields they came through my 7 on 7 program and I had them both from Georgia, one from Gainesville and I think from Kena, yes sir, he went to, no, to R, Harrison, right, and I remember telling them that you were in the best situation of any of the quarterbacks, I think Deshawn went 12 to Houston, you have a quality receiver in De hop, you know what I'm saying and the level of expectation is not what you can, you can, GNA allows you to grow.
You kinda know what I'm saying. I believe it too and I say it with humility. My success in the league was not good for upcoming rookie quarterbacks. When you see guys like Pton Pton Manning didn't become good until after their second and third years. They threw him into the fire, but if Pton Manning was drafted in these times of expectations, 26 interceptions, no, hell no, but when they see a guy like Joe, they borrow when they see guys that have early success, CJ. stra CJ stra oh my god, what do you want to go somewhere where you can really take your time and become the guy in your own way?
You see what I'm saying and those are just some of the things you have to think about, so from a PR perspective, it's not just about that, I think he's trying to run away, it's the right situation and who's better off. equipped. Come on, when you think about it and say, we go to the Giants and he doesn't have the talent that he has? able to have or in Las Vegas, look what I'm saying, oh okay, I see what they're trying to do here, let's take our talents there, I don't think the weather has anything to do with it, I think I'm sure. situations have everything to do with it Caleb Williams um RG3 said he thought Caleb Williams should do an Eli Manning he doesn't have the juice we don't have when you think about you don't even have to say the name when he mentions the word or pronounces the word Manning they come with a little tremor like when you think of Sanders they don't even know half the people they don't even know his last name they say First right Dion that comes with a little oo noise Williams n and what do you say Newton doesn't have you don't know juice you don't know what what I'm saying we see what that tried to get you we are facing Shay you are nobody training C you like OTAs, but those are the facts, so I think that now, when you look at these situations and who has the ability to say what isn't going to do, it comes with a pre-existing resume because obviously I had Sons when my son get to that point, hopefully if he's ever in a draft, my daughters are ever in a draft, oh, you better believe not. , we are sincere, we are good at what everyone wants and I am representing them, you know what I am saying.
I know I'm going to put my son and daughter in the best situation to be successful, and that's not a successful situation, right? Do you want to do it? Do you think the Bears made the right decision in moving on from Justin Fields because I said this camera? I don't think the Bears are going to pass up two number one quarterbacks in back-to-back years. I said no, don't do it. No way. I would have loved to see what Justin Fields could do with Addie Keenan. Keenan Allen has DJ still there. DJ Co K is still there, you see what I'm saying, what he would have done with that, you know what I'm saying, but I mean, I guess we'll never know, are you surprised they made this move?
Not because I don't know what was going on inside that locker room or inside that organization, um, and we've talked, you know, a couple of times and I think with Justin he's one of those, he's not a vocal person, he's not vocal. . you Cam yes he no he no no one else no cam yes, which is true, but what I'm saying is I don't think he could express himself or I don't think he knew how to express himself in a way that he wouldn't. He comes out in a confrontational way, true, but in that position you have to have something going for you.
I'll give you another person who may not speak but has something going for him. Aaron Roders, you don't see Aaron R. Hey. mention it y'all about me, that's one of them when they do that, he's a booty boy, cold, cold, but he just does it in his subtle, long way, you know what I'm saying, so all these different players, you know have. to have some things for you, let's talk about your uh, your fashion, you've gotten a lot of criticism, um, painting your nails, doing certain things, you were a guy who got a lot of criticism for the way you dress man C in those tight clothes .
Think about why they are this and they look good, they don't look good, he got the hats that he made, he needs how the hate that he received and you received, how would you tell him to handle that situation and how did you handle it? just be you, we don't need more Cam Newton, we don't need more patri uh uh uh uh pton Mannings or Patrick Mahomes or Tom BR we need unique players who are themselves and I have news for you Jen Z is here and j z is here to stay so , whatever you think, oh that's not a football man, that guy has pink nails, but I guarantee if he paints his nails pink, he'll even dye his hair pink if they win the football games, Nobody will. worry about that thank you let's keep the main thing the main thing don't worry about fashion as a brother I have a life outside of football these are the things I like I love art I love you you know fashion I love my family I love doing things that will distract me from the rules daily pressures of Acting and you can't judge me, hell, I'm not going to your cubicle, I'm not going to your job telling you what you can and can't.
Why do you drink a caran maiato? Not counting your calories, but you know what it is? I think you know that what Caleb Williams represents is something that is unique to who he is and we can't be hypocritical. to allow why we like that camera. I'm not like that, no, but people are. I remember I was having this conversation with Coach Schuler, Mike Schuler, one of my favorite coaches of all time, who coached me because he could talk. Cam, right, we had a head butt one time over things that he was trying to get me to understand the level of expectations of what it was okay to be a franchise quarterback and he said something that he said: Would you see Payton Manning doing this?
Would you watch Tom Brady? doing this and I had to stop him I said Hey, listen, I'm not trying to be Tom Brady. I'm not trying to be Payton Manning, because he guesses what I can do and something they can't do and they can do something like that. I can't do it, but there are a thousand ways to skin a cat and we're all trying to win football games, so I hear what you're trying to say, but you also have to understand that that's not the case for me. trying to be there, I'm saying I could go to Payton Manning's neighborhood, where he from Payton can't come to my hometown, look what I'm saying, he's not going to do camps at any college.
College po no no, but I could go, you know, to Louisiana, you know what I'm saying? I go to California and do whatever and I'm not him. The moral of the story is that you shouldn't try to imitate what someone else does. someone else did it to appease someone else, be it you, that's not why they win games, you think they're winning B because they stand there and everyone buckles up and speaks eloquently at the end of the game, they're winning games because I'm winning games because what they do during the course of the week and if I'm doing that during the course of the week, why do you care if I have Versace or Bliss, whatever I have, it doesn't matter, it might come?
All the way to Bath, I go up there naked with a sheet in tow. Man, I'm winning football games. Do you ever get tired of hearing people say? Man, camera, stop dressing, man, you dress like an aunt, you dress everyone, women dress them. Tight clothing Do you ever get tired? Are you tired of hearing that? Because you are still here to this day. Bring your girl around me and we'll figure all that out, find out good about you, man, listen, don't do it. I don't think she's got the juice, she gets to smell these dreadlocks and smell that aura and you know, smell that ghost, get to see how, oh man, I like what you did with that, you can tie your bow tie, it's a clip, oh baby, really tie bow tie like oh pocket square how did you do that with a jean jacket? what do you do with that how you put a dog in the wallet CH a pocket watch like all these different details it's like man I really study fashion right I grew up in the church so even though the Bible says "Come as you are" , L Newton wouldn't let me go in there without Jordan shorts and I had to iron my jeans.
You come as you are, come on, that's how you are and me. I pass to the right and you can't name anything I bought because a lot of it is from a thrift store. Saving, these are things I really enjoy doing outside of the right thing. I love textures. I love textiles. I love art. Bas heh Michelle Bas. I love these people, Jay-Z, I really love, I love Kanye, I love the art of musical paintings like these, they express themselves in a lot of different facts and I tried to bring that to the football game saying oh, this what. kind of moment I'm in today I feel spotty let me get up on the step and let everyone know how I'm doing today I want to feel like James Bond today I'm going to put on a tuxedo, right?
Just so you know, wear my Urban. I want you to know how to dress me in a shirt or whatever I want to do. I can do it and I shouldn't have any kind of problem with the way I play because it's really not right what Cam is doing. Fashion says about it, so what do we have? What do we have today? What is Cam trying to convey today? What do you say today? What are you doing today? I'm a big stepper, you see what I say like I've been quoted recently in the media I said, "You know, just because you have a lot of money doesn't mean you have style.
Well, you feel what I'm saying and I remember I had problems with that everyone will remove the mannequin. Yes, that is not a mannequin." you like it, man, you got that, the Vace glasses with the Versace shirt with the Versace Bel and the Versace bag and the Versace like cool, okay, I don't look down on that, but when I look at fashion for what's right, I was like damn . like how do you wear that or I like the ribbon that you know tied around your neck like I'm the Canelo uh um the Raph lawrens the the kisses the you know Canelo brelli uh Bruno Cinelli brunella Cinelli yeah you see what I'm saying I know you know that you like what I'm saying like these are all fashion inspired things that I like and you don't have to have that uh loss to look good you see what I'm saying like you can go anywhere. you want to go and imitate that a little bit, but do it with your with your own touch with your own touch let me so you get up every morning Cam and put this on Am I lying?
Camera every day, seven days a week, you wake up. and dress like now not once do you want to wear something from Al Leisure not once do you say man, you know what not, I don't feel like getting stained all over today, so you know what I'll do you one better. ask any of my teammates what the camera outfit was like every day it was a lifestyle bro every day man I have so many clothes I'm not a man I'm not going to waste my money and I don't find myself spending $4,000 on a jacket, a pair of shoes that I only wore once and I spent $14 on a pair of jeans that I wear every day and they will look completely different, so people who really know me know that, brother. every day cam I'm going to dress up it's going to be a different side different style you know I don't consider myself with the Neapolitan you know with the strawberry vanilla or the chocolate I ask Robins I have so much flavor you are 30 you I am 31 years old and older I am a step a step I'm a big step by step I never promise I promise for me, but brother, I'm trying to tell you if a present opportunity like that are the things that really matter to me, like I love dressing up.
I don't come from money, so we had to make do with what we had. You know we weren't poor, but you know. I remember watching MTV Cribs and thinking to myself, look at that closet, yeah. Damn, if I ever had it, I was going to do this and then I invested in so many different clothes and that energy wasn't reciprocated, you know what I'm saying. man I spent $10,000 with y'all and y'all ain't goin' don't worry about it or I'll go support a black business and shoot that reciprocity is still there you see what I'm saying so I love putting people on .
Go ahead and say bro, what are you wearing, oh man, this ain't thrift, bro, this, you know, yeah, I had MTV Cribs also ate me up 'cause a lot of times they rented their crib for a day, no, they didn't see, that's the That's why here, Ching, we expose all that written ass, you know what the reality is, you feel me, so let me ask you this, it was reported and you can confirm or deny this, that Jerry Richardson when you sat him down, he was. owner of the Carolina Panthers when you were going to be draftedfield that they would design to run on. you guys had power, you pulled guard, tackle and fullback and let's figure it out, let's get the butter out of the duck, see what I'm saying, that was the moment things started to come into play, then they started saying, let's design. the passes from this right pull the same guard, the same fullback route and then increase the rpos, so when people talk about the RPO like these are the things that come from something we were doing with the quarterback as a running back, we remove the main primary ball.
Carrier, you see what I'm saying, so my relationship with Mike Schuler, Ken Dorsy, he was my quarterbacks coach, uh, and even Coach Rivera like he was fitting in that year and, um, that's what it came down to. because you beat the Cardinal in the NFC championship game that you destroyed. them and you make it to the Super Bowl, so what's your thought process? You like it man. I am the MVP. I'm at the Super Bowl. It was glorious. It was a beautiful day at Levi Stadium. Remember Super Bowl 5. Remember like yesterday. my Broncos taking on the Carolina Panthers what do you remember going back what do you remember when you woke up you woke up that morning you probably had the same preamble what your pregame meal was I don't know the night before the game what that was what you have the night before from the game uh vanilla ice cream marshmallows caramel that was mine you I mean, you don't have pasta or spaghetti or meatballs any of that I made, but that that was whatever they had, you know you said it would be fine, so I told you You wake up that morning and have your pre-game meal.
The only thing I remember from that Super Bowl is that I was mentally exhausted, it was a lot and yet I never really have been. I watched the game without film, without seeing the coaches or anything like that. I remember that feeling during the game. I'm tired like tired. I remember running. I thought, "They're real stars on the bench. You know what I'm saying, but I keep trying." to keep me focused, half time wasn't 15 minutes, it was damn, it was 45 minutes or an hour, it was changing the entire uniform, having to restretch the tape on everyone like this was an event and during the game certain rules or certain races.
I was tired and knowing the extent of what the mental tasks were. I just thought he was like a damn dog. I'm ready for this to be over. You know what I'm saying and it didn't affect the game. I just remember it like I just had my first biological child that year and I just don't know, those were two times in my life that I couldn't lose, right? It was in 2015 in Carolina and then in 2010 in Auburn. You only know what Drake said or the future what was the moment to be alive was were you mentally bound were you emotionally bound were you physically bound what was that day about was the magnitude of the moment was what you knew? what you were about to embark on and how different your life would have been if you had won that game, what felt different about that day, that you suddenly felt like you didn't or didn't do it normally.
I tried to treat it like a normal game but it wasn't a normal game, you know, you say you played in the Super Bow like you know, you can explain it, but being in it, the lights are bright, it's just that the crowd is already buzzing because you normally went out. go out before the game, this stadium is half full, St stadium is 3/4 full and there's a buzz, the band is packed, you have excuse me, excuse me, cameramen and like you said, CBS usually has one or two CBs, but you have the Stars stars that are on the bench so and you see it, but you know, like you said, you try to prepare as a man, it's a normal game, you know, hey, three points for a field goal, touchdown and six interceptions, but it's the thing that led to the game you couldn't do your usual routine, it was like a kind of virtual prep operation, you couldn't have the confines of your house to get treatment, you know, massages, stretches and that process was in the way . on the fly um and no, I don't remember the crowd being loud, you know what I'm saying like no because you have half, half of the stadium was for the Broncos, half of the stadium was for the Carolina Panthers, the other half was drunk and didn't give a damn who it was, it was just an event you know when I think about it, I didn't like any of this it has nothing to do with the actual game right, but certain plays that replay in my mind are constantly still until Today, it's like he caught that or I caught that fumble.
What if you knew the defense would have stopped right here? What if you knew we didn't do it? I've got a three in right there, you know what I'm saying, what if we had gone for these things? Constantly repeating that when preparing for a game of that magnitude I didn't give it the respect I should because there is nothing bigger. that in a Super Bowl there is no sporting event, no, and that's what you just know, you know, they're going to criticize what you said about you being tired, that in this game you felt different from yourself, but it's the truth, I mean, look , No?
I played my best game, no, no, I didn't, but the truth is that Pton Manic played his best game, uh, no, you two, I think you were sacked like four or five times via fumble, yeah, As if those things weren't, it's just that it was like that. It wasn't the best version of myself that day and I'm okay with that um and I find peace in it now it's, it's, I wouldn't even say it wasn't meant to be, it was like I just didn't put my best foot forward that fumble that you mentioned they took the ball from you and the ball is on the ground bouncing and everyone thought you were going to jump on the ball at least give yourself another possession another chance that didn't happen yeah how long?
How long have you gotten over that play and how long did it take you to get over the Super Bowl loss? I mean, I took it personally, pretty much like a whole year and then when I felt like we could be vindicated or get revenge, revenge for what we lost because of a fielding error, uh, in the rematch to start the season, start, um, but yeah, that's what I take, I mean, I'll say this, we didn't lose the CU game, I didn't. jump on the loose ball, it was a combination of a lot of different things, but we lost and I take full responsibility for my performance, you know, and it could have been better, it should have been better, so the part of you that we've touched on a lot of things and you've played a lot of things, the only thing you didn't play much that I don't remember is your brief time at the University of Florida M, they won the national championship the year before, you got there correctly, uh, yeah, while I was signing up, they were winning the CH Championship, yes sir, Tim TBO is already there, mhm, you know, because Chris Leake is the starter.
Tim TBO comes in, they have packages for him, yeah, he'll probably go. be the starter next year unless you're Cam and I know you, I know how you think, yeah, I'm going to be, I'm going to get this job, yeah, but that's not how they recruited me, okay though, they recruited me at the bare minimum. with your skill set you will have a package you have a package too like TBO had, okay and that wouldn't be okay, oh okay, they all won a national championship, a lot of these guys came back, I could do that. I know what I'm saying like I'm looking at the racing style.
I'm telling myself like that's me. I could do that's me. I'm in it to get my feet wet in the SEC as a freshman playing a game. to run, man, I could do that. I play linebacker at the beginning of my wck ball and then I transitioned to running back, at that time that transition to two, I was able to throw further, so now you can play quarterback, so these things are part of my Everything that embodied who I was as a player, so you get there and it doesn't shape up like what you were told or the way you envision it because all of a sudden you're not getting these four or five plays a week.
I played well and you also had a conversation with Urban uh Urban was that he didn't want to talk to me I wasn't important enough for Urban to talk to me and grandma, you have to think about it like this, do you even have a voice to speak when the person the one you're trying to talk about is Hosman's favorite, yeah, so I had a conversation with my dad to tell him, as a dad, it's time to rethink this because I wouldn't have wanted a backup for myself. I have the energy to say I can only play if he gets hurt.
I'm not that kind of person, am I? You don't want to put that negative. I did not do it. I was a I'm a definite professional. I'm a teammate like me, I wanted people to be successful, you see what I'm saying, like I don't want TBO to get hurt, he's the best player in college football to some people, you know what I'm saying and it's subjective if It's not number one. The top five and TM TBO are owed a big part of who Cam Newton really is because in the same way that I gave them what caused my aggression or my competitive nature with Jimmy Clawson, it caused the same thing with Tim Tio being around Aaron .
Hernandez, the Jumping Twins, Chris Rainy, Joe Hayden, Carlos Dunlap, Major Wright, Percy Harvin, like Brandon James, Brandon Spikes, these Leis Murphys, all these great players I was with. I would have been a fool not to take what they were doing and what made them great and apply it. This relates to my trip in Joo and Auburn, so a few things happened, you get into a little trouble with a computer and you're done, but that wasn't the reason I left the reason I left, like I came in . problem, yeah, that was already fixed before I left, oh okay, yeah, they didn't kick me out, but see, that's how they frame the story, yeah, they didn't kick me out of Florida, okay, I left.
Florida, okay, and when TBO announced that, oh, and by the way, I'm coming back, I said, oh, that was a no-brainer, yeah, you have to go now. I wasn't playing when you were here, and then, for Urban's sake. I couldn't even identify who the backup was between me and John Bradley. I wonder, brother, what are we going through? We are fighting for leftovers. Y'all can have this cool if it was up to me. Would I want to leave hell? No, because they were my brothers, so we built real relationships during that 2-year span. I've been there, we work together, we train together, we bleed together, we cry together, we sweat together, we prepare together and I'm watching guys like Joe Hayden. playing early as a freshman, I mean, damn, bro, I'd love to have a chance to play, uh, Maris Pouncy playing early, man.
I would have loved for Aaron Hernandez to play it by ear. I would have loved to be out there and stuff when they're like. bro, like we go back to the dorms and have these conversations like, bro, it was lit, like, bro, like you see all those people there, you see it. I said, damn, I wish I saw it, but it didn't happen, they encouraged me. You know the main thing, all the reasons I went to Florida were besides playing and that's why I had to leave and at that time they didn't have a transfer portal so I had to get it out of the mud that Urban Meer had. to sign where I transferred to, right, he gave certain restrictions, you can't transfer to uh inate at the state school, so FAU FIU Florida State Miami, I couldn't go to any of them, right, and I couldn't go anywhere. , so I said how.
Do I clear all that up so I can go anywhere? I have to go Jo, I said I'm going Juco and on top of that, what really bothered me was when my dad called Urban to ask for a championship ring and he didn't do it. give me a championship ring, so that was really my driving force in becoming the player that he was. I said don't worry. I'm going to get mine. I have one in Joo. I have one in Auburn. You can do the. Given the talent you had at Auburn on the offensive end, you had the best offensive season for a quarterback in NCA history.
Now I know Joe Burrow threw for 60 touchdowns and 5,000 yards, but he had Justin Jefferson, he had Jamar Chase. he had Clyde Edwards Air, he had, uh, I don't remember the guy's name, it's tight end M Moss at tight end and he had, if I'm not mistaken, another wide receiver, the third wide receiver is now in Carolina, so I that you had looked at, look. to what you didn't have and what you were able to achieve, so basically Jimmy Clauson is on fire under you Tim TBO is on fire under you and Urban is on fire under you not only for not playing the four or five plays that he said he would I would give it, but also when you ask for a championship ring for being on the team that you felt you had a right to, no, we're fine, yeah, but that's what made them call it that, that's what created the right monster and me, yes me.
I could paint it how I wanted to paint it while I was at Auburn, there was an opportunity for Auburn to play Florida in the SEC Championship, that's what you wanted, that's what you wanted. C no racial slurs, but boy, they would have seen a baboon there. I would have shown them all my ass, boy, that's what I wanted. I wanted to show them that they made a mistake. I knew that was my point to prove that I was better than TBO. That was my chance to show that you guys were on top. It was my chance to show you that it could have been you, but you played with me and there were times that I will be the first person to tell you while I was at the University ofpaint me well I will do it for my son.
He GNA will be eligible to play well. Take it well Cecil, you can't, you can't come to any more games and to this day it was said while during the human ceremony they said, I think it's better for you not to show up, I took that as something personal and he was the person who meant the most. and that had the biggest impact on Cam Newton the player the man he became in his highest M moment to date the man who meant so much to you couldn't be there to share it with you couldn't share The moment I remember having won the Hosman ceremony, I stuttered, I was nervous, but I didn't want to be there.
I wanted to be with my dad. I wanted to be with my family because this was my chance to show my dad that I wanted to thank him. thank you but also my dad challenged me every day boy that's not right boy you have to be a man FR I have 7 pairs 8 12 13 15 17 still in college son you have to be a man who is no man take responsibility take responsibility this was this was me showing pop I'm being a pop man look at me look at what you created man man this is us this is not just me this is not Cam Newton this for our entire lineage this is for the whole Newton, name this, what you created, let me share it with you, everyone was excited, but it was taken away from me, but Archie Manning, that's no doubt, but if it's Lamar's ball, that's a problem.
Dion Sanders, oh, he's playing everything these are. great forms of King Richard's men who meant a lot and were trying to put his family in the best situation, Tiger Woods' father, those people, my father did nothing wrong and was painted as a villain to this day, still It hasn't been Back to Auburn, to tell you the truth, do you have a chance to go back to Auburn? Yeah, but I've never been back to the Heisman so they didn't care about my family at that time because if they knew we were. telling everyone like 180,000 200,000 you can't hide that not in my community or in my culture you would have seen it in a car you would have seen it in a house you would have seen it in something and a business the church something they could I didn't find anything and this It was an investigation that took place for over 3-5 years, nothing more than when I'm suffering and the only thing anyone really cares about is are you okay, can you play?
I was not eligible for a day and wow what am I going to do, I became eligible again and now all this calmed everyone down, no, no, do that bro, I'm up, all of you at EAS, I'm not comfortable, yeah, but I used those, what are they? 12 minutes, I use that 40. minutes or 42 minutes on Saturday to inflict what they were inflicting on me, without regard for how I was feeling and whoever was playing me was going to feel, so you're seeing a lot of examples of me using my circumstances without let my circumstances be used. I'm right JimmyClawson Tim TBO Urban Meyer the NCAA damn, damn man, someone has to pay for this and I'm doing this, it's some kind of peaceful protest, I'm not going to go off the rails and say like a man, let me tell you, bro, y'all you.
Y'all are doing too much NCAA, you call them home, you know people with reports from ESPN, y'all, CNN, like this is big news, you don't care about my family, people were outside my house asking how you did it. It's going to stadiums where they disrespected me by playing Son of a Preacher Man as if these were facts, right, oh hustler Newton, do you believe what I'm saying, yeah, not this, it's one thing people don't think about that I did it well and I'm telling you, brother, that's not what I showed. It's no different than what the average black man or black family goes through on a regular basis.
It may not be through sports. It may be because of the circumstances. Mother. working two or three jobs to provide for a single parent or the parent is not present or is trying to provide the best he can. These are all uh uh traumas that I was lucky enough to use that trauma to put on my shoulder. I have to move on. I have to keep going like this to get out I'm not going to be a doctor I'm not going to be a lawyer I'm about to be a soccer player and I don't care what my circumstance is, I have to act and put that in compartments that hold that for these 42 minutes while I I show the world that I'm the best football player in the game the iron ball MH you guys go down 24 nothing that team is loaded that may be the best Alabama team of all time you're in Tuscaloosa, you stay behind 24 nothing, yeah, you would say Carolina put your but that was the game that was yours you know say a Heisman moment you had a Heisman game the entire game from the point you were down 24 nothing could really be your highlights and no you need others, yes, what's going on in your mind, what's going on, what's the psyche of the team at that moment, you're in Tuscaloosa, yes, that's your main rival, that's the one that could be the biggest rival in the college sports I understand Duke North Carolina Ohio State Michigan but they're not in the state, yeah, and it's divided, you either love Alabama and you hate Auburn, you either love Auburn or you hate Alabama, there's nothing in between, there's no cousins, no, it's Bad Blood, yeah, and I didn't know that and I think coach Chisik did a great job leading up to that week because that's always going to be the game around Thanksgiving and the schools, that's just the first introduction to what professional sports will be.
All we had to do was prepare for that game, you know, the training table, work out, watch film, whatever and he would give us speakers to talk about what that game was like, now that I'm at the University of Florida, was part of some of Georgia's rivals, Florida. Florida Florida State Florida Miami I witnessed all of them, they were rivalries, but the Iron Bowl is a little different, it's a different, different energy. I remember going to the game and they had canceled our um tiger wal, that's when you get off the bus and then you have your fans and I asked, I said why don't we have a tiger wall.
A simple question or a simple answer was: it's just not safe, damn, we in col, this amateur sport, right, man, we were approaching, you know, the stadium, this the bus is rocking like a damn. These are a bus rocking and I remember looking outside, it was a couple who had to be 70 years old and plus they were rocking us, damn it's Grand by Grandpa. I walked in or when I walked into the stadium on the field they threw at me, you know, beer bottles and beer like, oh, it's that kind of game, okay, I see what we have, this lack of respect is an overload, we're down 24, I'm okay, great, we have to score before halftime and I say to myself, brother, if you're going to do something great, you're just going to cement your legacy right here and I dare you to make it all about me because we had an incredible effort from Nick Fairley, uh, the defense, um, Terrell Zachary.
Darvin Adams uh Michael Dyer uh lee zimba like these guys are part of that puzzle to get us there now. I got a lot of the credit, but these were also the unsung heroes and I just remember making it as personal as if it weren't us. Where we stop, we have to move forward and, as you know, being an athlete is what gives you that seal of approval. We want to hear what your opinion was. How was it in the locker room? Did you have to grab someone? their shoulder pad and they say come on like you lying we lying I'm lying too but we have 30 more minutes to impact the rest of our lives what are we going to do I'm about to roast you're going to get a plate let's rock and roll the type of stories which you can't get by just reporting the news because it takes a different measure of experience, and while you can talk to Travis Kelsey about this guy, you can't talk to Shanon Sharp. so sometimes you don't even have to talk to him you just have to look directly brother, come on, let's get it, that type of connections or Wifi is something that just having the experience in the game can share that and I don't want him to miss that opportunity because I was fighting a lot more off the field than on the field it was just a playground that was my place of refuge you can't talk to me reporter while I play yes I'm at peace blah. la la la la la la la and every time he ran, he ran with a vengeance.
I wanted to hurt someone because they were hurt and I used that as a way to give myself my advantage. Do you look at that list? mentioned Percy harvy Brandon Spikes Joe Hayden Dunlap joris jenin Mike and Maurice pouncy uh person said he smoked weed before every game did you know you guys party so hard? Camp, damn it, we were untouchable on the playground, I'm not going to Lie, I was very disappointed in the documentary because they left out a lot of things, but they left out Percy, go talk to Percy, go talk to Charlie Strong, go talk to Joe Hayden, you see what I'm saying, ask them if they are real and they would.
I've done it for free, all the Netflix offers and everything we have to tell you. I want to tell this true story that it was a very toxic locker room where we still had success, but damn, it was a combination of many. talent that was boiling and there were times where it was just unmanageable and then there were also times where it was a beautiful thing where it was a competition every day in every practice that we competed in and even though Tim TBO was a person who wanted us to was better than Tim TBO made everyone better because he competed well that energy that had that scream that roar and then that Ah, that's something I was able to connect with well and he connected with everyone else, even the stadium, there's a situation you have a 707 you mentioned a 707 that you have here um DeShaun Watson has an ENT that came through your camp uh Justin Fields came through your camp and I remember telling your dad the first time this was a couple of years ago it was documented and the kids I feel like they were being disrespectful not all the kids but some were being very disrespectful and I remember calling your dad I said look if he was canel that's what I said because the only thing is that I'm taking time out of my busy schedule and I'm not trying to give back and the only thing I will not allow is for children to be disrespectful.
MH and he just said, I remember him saying, actually, how Cam is going to move forward and keep going and because he believes in this and he wants to give back to the community and then earlier this year you had a situation where you had a 707 and I thought they were kids, but then it was reported that there were trainers, there were adults that you ended up getting into this and I don't understand how you stay, so I mean you made them flow, the dreadlocks weren't going anywhere, you you were Immaculate D, yes, I like it, it can't be real, I just have to be CG because there is no way for a man to turn in a fight, one put you in a headlock, your arm strong and another you threw between the bushes and the other one would come up like, damn yeah, well then what happened, what led to that confrontation, they were uh, trainers, that was at one point as part of C1 okay and that familiarity was something that you know we knew each other well, words were said and I always say that I got my doctorate and speaking well, I could talk to the best, it doesn't matter if it's a young man it doesn't matter if it's a preacher it doesn't matter if it's an opposing opponent it doesn't matter who it is I can keep it governed in how you want to speak well and the truth of the matter There were many people when they saw you as equals they spoke to you as if you were equal MH and I show myself so much that I dedicate my uh my time and energy so much to the people that they feel so comfortable It's not right who I am mhm and to a large extent that's what I want and also, but don't forget, who likes it, brother, there aren't many people who have done well what I've done and I don't use it as a banner like me.
I'm Cam Newton, it was like they were talking, I'm talking and then boom, it's going to be what it's going to be so you see the sauce, you see the smile, you see all these different things and you guys will be around. and you find out that they take it as a weakness, although they take it as a weakness and even for the kids that see, they see that they always see you running, hey me c103 C1 bless the baby, all that distracts them, that's still Cam Newton the rookie. of the year, the Heisman Trophy winner, the MVP and nobody's really not used to seeing someone of my magnitude struggle in that space because it's really like an expression or an analogue, it's like The Ruck a p, it's raw and uncut.
I know 707 gives you that platform to speak. Do you think you need to tone it down because you say you put yourself on that level and when people see you on that level, they see you as an equal, they'll talk to you as such? I'm from the south your dad is from the south I know Cam told you our dynamic will never change I'm dad your son yes sir you're not going to be on my level and he doesn't put you on his level nor do I put him on my level exactly , so do you think moving forward you might need to moderate that where you put people on your level and then you stay in their place and allow them to stay in their place in this situation?
No, it's okay, because I'll tell you this, I'm not silent about where I'm from, okay, I'm from Atlanta, Georgia, yeah, and I don't want to just appease Buckhead and not appease Bankhead and even if you don't know where they are those different areas in Atlanta, you know exactly what I'm saying right and when I was a kid, Michael Vick was that person that if I would have said camera or anyone, I'm running a camp and I want someone to be part of my team. There would becar accident when you were in Carolina. Do you remember that?
Do you remember that morning? Yes I know. It was on a day off. We had Victory Monday and on the The truck I was driving was raised like H too high, but you know, I was young and I wanted to stand up. I, that was me, being in Texas, in Alabama, like the Country Boys, they had lifted trucks and I and I wanted to. to get to one and the intersection I was at I remember the car pulled out, then stopped, then I stopped or slowed down, then I sped up and he sped up too. I remember thinking I had passed it and I was trying to honk as if and as I was honking it cut my left rear wheel and it flipped and as I was flipping I said to myself oh my God, not like that, not like that, and I was talking on the phone with my mom, not like that. not this, no, not like this, not like that, and when I got out I didn't realize how close I was to the edge of the bridge, so when they say I had a praying grandmother, a man Praying Mother, that could have been, no No I don't know the time or the day, so don't let smoking a cigarette stop you from understanding that I am a man of God, fearing God.
I know where my favor comes from. I am, I am, I am, I am humble. Because of the fact that God has given me the opportunity to say that I owe my life to him, I do not fear anything outside of God and that day was a perfect example that I was on top of the world. My father always said, son, be careful. , one day you can be on top of the world and the next day the world can be on top of you, do right by people and no matter what you say about Cam Newton you can never find a person who did wrong and that's what resonates. to me more because there were moments in my life similar to that car accident when I was not supposed to be here, they thought that after Florida they would never hear from me again, there were so many transfers that left and you never heard from me again .
They never heard from them, but when I came back and my story and my and my and everything I went through why I always wondered man how they always catch me man son, you're not regular these are conversations this is a perfect father and son story man I was scared of my dad the only thing that got us close was me on Ju while I was in FL man I didn't call my man I'm cutting off your phone you better answer that was the first one. The time I was away I was a birdman, I left, yeah you could bring girls to the dorms and no one has a curfew, oh man, but that wasn't the calling I had, that's why I can resonate. with my children and I tell them son, it's okay, tell me what is happening, it can be difficult to love, but all medicine is not sweet either, so while I live these situations I tell myself and let me be the example of hope, so I can't stop going out to 707.
I can't stop saying what I think because every time I want there is a person that I am giving hope to and that I may never meet, but who is able to say. man cam I resonate with Cam he's my kind and that's not a black thing that's not a white thing that's a thing about all of humanity I like it Are you surprised that coach bich doesn't have a job? No, it's because he doesn't want a job. as a brother, what makes him special, you had the opportunity to spend a year with him and it was only one year, but what makes Coach B special.
I remember when Robert Kraft called me and it was something that just sank into my core. It was like damn, he was like a camera in this organization, you're not going to find an organization that's pulling in the same direction as the New England Patriots, everything is a line to win when I went to spend my time in New England. England I was impressed by the amount of detail they focused on. He taught the game of football, not just offense, not just defense, including special teams. He taught the game of football to everyone. Many times, that pencil is not it.
It's not just a fashion statement, he got a pencil, an iPad, a notepad, he takes notes, why he works out, he takes notes, he watches movies, certain things and he teaches the game coaches. Many times they forget that being a great coach is also being a great teacher. you have to change the tone or the dialect when you talk to a high-pitched Shannon when you talk to an ooo or Odell Beckham or Patrick Mahomes or Tom Brady the greats know how to weave and weave and get their message across that's what Bill Bich has done and proven that he's so intentional that it's not like he's gone off into the sunset because that's what he wants to do, if Bill Bich wanted a job, he got that name, Manning Sanders, Bellich, that man if he wanted to be. hired somewhere, he would have been there, me knowing what I know about him, he probably doesn't want it, what does he have to prove and when you're at peace like this you can buy with grace, I think he wants that Schuler record of victories of all the times as a coach.
NF fa history, it's very close, but some records out of respect should never be broken, think about Barry Sanders when he was so close to Walter Payton said no, Smith the same way, well look, see, I think Barry was like him what did you say, kinkley if he thought Detroit could give him a chance to win, they had started trading pieces, getting rid of the pieces around him that he could, the Glovers and the low Browns and all those guys that started leaving, he like man, you guys don't have room for I do, but sometimes people also have to ask yourself what's your carrot.
There is a comical analogy where the mule chases the carrot. mhm in high school your carrot is I want to go D1 I want to go to college run that's your carrot you bite that boom when you get to college that Carro is NFL I have to go to the league when you bite that's now oh I want to go and be a household name a pro bowler I want to be an All Pro that's your care when you have all these different things a Super Bowl like what else is your car and you dictate it not someone else and I think even for me I have nothing to prove, I'm at peace and that's if you.
You're at peace with it, no, you have another cat, you're on the side of the camera now, oh you sure want to be great at it, like you, us, football, oh man, listen, that motivates you, probably Here's the thing, this is what I tell people. I want to be better at this because this is not my natural football. God gave me the ability to be able to run, jump, and catch a soccer ball, so I really didn't have to work as hard. I mean I train and I got good at it but this is not something I was naturally good at but I'm working it's the right challenge and I think for me to be independent mhm no one tells me what I should produce mhm and for that is captured consistently.
People's eye to make it viral, that's my carrot and I do it with the intention to shock, not with the intention to embarrass, so when I say Game Changer and Game Manager, it was the theme of the NFL as a whole. year because think about this if the 49ers won or the 49ers didn't win The topic or Cam Newton's take was still going to be who would do that Shannon Stephen One jump, they have so many platforms Disney Fox, not me, I'm just taking my take. they just pick you up because you can't ignore what I'm saying because it's the truth to a point where it still becomes opinionated and subjective for consumption Cam Noon ladies and gentlemen ah I appreciate you brother all my life grinding all my life sacrifice hustle P price wants a slice, gotta roll a dice, that's why all my life I've been grinding all my life, all my life I've been grinding all my life, sacrifice, hustle P price wants a slice like rolling a dice, That's why my whole life has been grinding my whole life

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