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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – PS4 PRO No Commentary

May 30, 2021
our war is not for our faith we fight to eliminate all foreign power from our soil we are Alcantara we are the murderers we fight without shame we wage war without sympathy the only way to die Becca 3 1 2 Charlie to the royal gopher LZ real is in sight I'm going to arrive on time, Colonel Roger 3 1, the hitmen teams are ready and loaded for the assault, you are ready to leave. I don't know, we may have a problem; lately we are also live, not until I say so, check it out. 3-1 how the copy was mainly taken, then traffic general Barkhov sent a new shipment of chlorine gas to his depot, but his mercenaries are preparing to move the Kempson gates through a convoy tonight, he is still free to attack, but there is real fire against Russia.
call of duty modern warfare walkthrough gameplay part 1 ps4 pro no commentary
The army is prohibited. We cannot allow an international incident to respond in this case. I'm just good to Allen. He just locates the gas comment here by the coffee truck and enters the campus before the tiger arrives. Tom, be careful, Hanlon. All the hitmen teams push towards you. We have to do it. keep this on a closed loop Marcos's men are moving on gas tonight what are the chances of you leading General Barkov? The Russian general would be caught dead here he is up yes, this will be like an adaptive audition - looking for us - it works no, just hey Who is this lady?
call of duty modern warfare walkthrough gameplay part 1 ps4 pro no commentary

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call of duty modern warfare walkthrough gameplay part 1 ps4 pro no commentary...

My keys, okay, leave them, we're clean. Copy further up the ridge and let's see the lay of the land. Echo 3 1 2 Blue Viking 5. Call the fire on standby to confirm the target. Copy 3 1 Viking waiting. Let's go to Ricky the area. and make sure there are no Russian army down there by entering the main gate, targets on the cargo depot, eyes on Duffy's checkpoint, those are the entry vehicles, just move one on the left side tower , there is no movement of the army in the railway yard, this is how the gas comes. without Russian military presence


it at CIA Viking blue five this is echo 3-1 troops at the open south gate are you authorized Roger 31 objective weapon acquired three and five seconds five seconds that go three a good effect at the beginning Viking is art TV honey, what? which one is the viking?
call of duty modern warfare walkthrough gameplay part 1 ps4 pro no commentary
We'll take it from here, yeah, several girls really have an idea, so now click horse, it looks like someone was playing with fire, it works for them, right? Hawking, this chemist put him out of his misery, one may be the plot element of The Surprise Is Not Our Place, guys, stay cool about your God and stay there, come on, wake up, get him out, let's force the exit, we need to secure the gas before they move it. We got a visual image thirty meters away, obtain the Breath of Fire in that outer city. There must be clean gas inside unless we get there too late, where we are clean Kim Smith, the internal mix, let's do this thing that killed the power, don't fight me, it's pitch black in there to hear that, kill the powers in here, I'm telling you.
call of duty modern warfare walkthrough gameplay part 1 ps4 pro no commentary
You see, find it. Oh right, let's turn on the power. Shed some light. Find this gas. Roger, you want to find power. There is no place, right. You have a problem. It has a Russian army. That's good. We want to see you walk because hitmen. or Spetsnaz, we take care of the Russian army, yes, we have to vote now, it is not our choice, it is never three, one, the jackpot, the idea in the solid gas, copy three, one, upload and contact me, Roger, let's take it out all seasons, we are Oscar Mike. al RV watch your sectors good job Alex meet at hook point free tracking see politics but recovered echo 3 1 - observer Oh what happened terrorist attack multiple marines ki-yay gasps stolen we need evacuation now Roger tracking multiple Russian forces headed your way, sit tight, we'll send it to you so you get the best exfiltration, look you're out, separation now is com


mentalizing, what the hell does that mean?
It means you no longer have clearance, Colonel, those are my Marines, we need a QRF there right now, it's not. It is advisable and that is not your last carnal. Well, General, my friend Norris, give us a minute. Yes, ma'am, we have a situation where the Kremlin has suspended all deconfliction channels. The 6th fleet is advancing towards the Black Sea and the chemical weapons are now in the wild your fingerprints are everywhere this Laswell fix it general right now intelligence is our best weapon we have tested intelligence get me a better weapon John too? where are you busy?
I have a problem Russians where they travel fast chemical weapons funny it's terrorist hands, they could be anywhere Paris, New York, what can you breathe? We just didn't make a gallery. Roger often stops by Gary. The terrorist threat level is now critical. Possible multiple attackers. Bombers or something. We have snipers in position. Negative Sgt. Counting while traveling along the public. Terrorist. Luthor - Mr. Garrick, don't turn London into a oh yes, yes, glass, it seems we are alone, boys, we are the land of that, let's do it, yes, faithful sergeant, it's up, the white van's weapons in sight, those It's the sabers - Raven white van several men of military age weapons visible the real hell is happening down there there has been a detonation of Piccadilly Circus shots fired offices below do you have anything down there now sit down Raven saber-2 captain sergeant Pruss Kurek says those corners hostages up so go?
Get it off me, please get it off me, so I need you here, help me tell myself that I'm not one of them. You can try? Never see my cow go through all the spaces. The heat is clear. The throat is clear. The doctor approaches. Everyone stay calm. take it out your bobby it's okay you save lives deputy sergeant this shouldn't have happened in the first place sir they said it's about how fast so everyone can keep pretending that with all the war you look a lot like the century , that's why If our hands are tied, let's take off the damn gloves and fight, sir, we don't stand a chance with these rules of engagement, captain, you can tell us where you can tell us when not to tell us, my member. tracking herself for a few weeks you were the real inside of this quite so I understood it, we live

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