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Cómo ser un buen líder gestionando equipos en la empresa⎮Sergio Fernandez

Feb 27, 2020
Someone remind me what we are going to talk about today we are going to talk about managing which teams before starting the usual commitments I promise to be here giving everything and what I ask of you is today I can promise you to be here giving everything if you have any questions a question raise your hand a comment do you do it or it seems instead of being passive that we are in an attitude of taking advantage of the afternoon yes or no the retreat is beautiful I don't know if you have seen it in everything I say hey since I'm not in the retreat breathing fresh air since I am here we are going to learn something I have your commitment to be here one hundred percent if we do not go for it doubts questions dissidents raise your hand and we will chat it seems good to you because today we are going to talk about a lesser topic than It probably won't interest many people, but what is the matter of how to manage teams?
c mo ser un buen l der gestionando equipos en la empresa sergio fernandez
We're going to talk about this today. Okay, well, there are several ideas. The first idea is that a team manages well when you have a purpose. Ito, you know that I am a big fan of the subject of purpose, it is taking out a seminar that is going to die with purpose and those of you who missed it will no longer be able to do it because it is only online, so if someone wants to see it online in positive thinking Point of rege, there you have it, it's a great price, it's practically a free gift, but that was a course for personal purposes, but note that when we talk about teams, we talk about exactly the same thing, a team is managed well when a team has a purpose because there are countries or there are companies or there are organizations that don't know about families that are not managed well or that have problems because they do not have a purpose.
c mo ser un buen l der gestionando equipos en la empresa sergio fernandez

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c mo ser un buen l der gestionando equipos en la empresa sergio fernandez...

Imagine that you and your partner have no purpose. There will be problems. permanently because because we do not have a clear vision of where we are going, well, in your company, in your organization, exactly the same thing happens when at tion the eye is the fact of having purposes does not mean that you will not have simple stress problems but if you do not have a purpose you will undoubtedly end up having problems so today we are going to see 7 keys key number 1 is find the purpose of your organization And if your organization has no purpose, it closes the one that there are many in the world.
c mo ser un buen l der gestionando equipos en la empresa sergio fernandez
The other day I was talking to a person who said that I don't really know what to do with my company and thallium, well, it closes and the Retiro Park smells great if there aren't any to do anything that we don't have to do, we have to do two things in life: one, drink clean water, two, breathe, why do we end up dying if you have very small creatures, take care of them, but the rest we don't have to do anything, we understand this, so if you don't have an organization with a purpose creates one with a purpose redirects the until it has a purpose movie to understand these I love movies books movie to understand this or braveheart habéi If you've seen this movie, who's seen braveheart?
c mo ser un buen l der gestionando equipos en la empresa sergio fernandez
Have you seen what English pronunciation is? It's obvious that I was in London there making a fool of myself for a year until I managed to get them to understand me. Another day I'll tell you how I learned English. here we have the congress of the senate if someone knows what the senate is for, explain it to me later when it's over well, well, there you have the house of lords that nobody understands what it's for either but it speaks very good english and they broadcast it on bbc2 and i'm While I ate I repeated three and since they have very good English well, in the end, that's how I learned English, a yayo who tells the true stories and braveheart ave break was matched because the day to people so that they even go and risk their lives in favor of your team from your organization because they have to because they have a purpose the main idea of ​​all this is to have a purpose it makes people move of course you can move people too and with a whip but we are in the 21st century I think that the level of consciousness and evolution and technology that we have could demand a bit more from us although sometimes it is not noticeable so this is the idea we are going to have a purpose I as a metaphor with this and I say today you go on vacation and you go out with the car he says I'm going to Cádiz you take the car save punctures at 300 and what do you do change your vacation plan or change the wheels and continue on vacation any questions or what What worries me is that there are good beaches to be able to there and if you play what you do, fix it like this and keep going well, when a team has a purpose when they play because what we know is that the teams are going to play sooner or later because in life things happen things in the other middle a presence is at the parked car and he sends a hit I mean no not so he hits someone and goes with the car and it crashed and crashed into a piece of sheet metal that you think is yours but they didn't give you a hit or be the things in the life happens sometimes a car exits to another sometimes you pass I understand what I'm doing sometimes things happen so when those things happen having a purpose helps the team get ahead so I guess now someone would ask me okay all this is very good but how did you bring it down to earth does anyone have any questions what a good question braveheart was prepared and none more as a practical key before a person joins the team ask them what their purpose in life is because if their purpose aligns with The one in the team will undoubtedly end up seeing friction or will not end up seeing more or less agreement, but sooner or later the paths end up finding each other, but if a person with a specific purpose joins a team that has another purpose, there are companies whose sole purpose is to make money. there is a person who has a different purpose than that, never in which he will channel well in that company, in the end each organization each company each is understood country each family has a different purpose if you ask the person what the purpose is and you get them to tell you the truth and you, on the other hand, are clear about the purpose of your organization that sooner or later will end up adding up maybe problems will arise but it will be more complicated if problems arise, it is understood, find out what your purpose is, find out what the purpose of the organization is, and find out if the people who are there have a purpose that adds to that of the organization, okay, Sergio, but and If it doesn't add up, then if it doesn't add up, you already know what it takes to look for new horizons friends, life is too short from my point of view to be in organizations whose purpose we do not share or if you are an entrepreneur, life is too short to have people in your organization that they do not share the purpose because you are annoying the purpose of the organization and also what you are doing is annoying the life of that person who has or Another purpose that he is not fulfilling because he is in your organization, what I am saying is understood, so since he is in your organization, he is not being able to take his life where it has to take it, watch another movie, do you want another movie, another movie just happened to me in order to now you have seen up in the air up in the air is a movie by george clooney who is dedicated to firing people in a professional way sounds like this movie is a man who lives in airplanes and travels around the usa firing people the first time i gave this movie I said that the guy is dude but the second time I saw the movie because good movies have to be seen at least twice because the first time things happen to you the second time I saw the movie I said what a genius I'll tell you why because the Guy, I don't know if you remember that there is a moment when he is going to fire a person and tells him to do the reading however you do the reading this creation of a political site we will mess it up if we do it from a spiritual site you will understand what What I'm talking about is okay, he approaches this person and tells him I see in your resume that you studied I don't know if cordon bleu or I don't remember I don't know anything about cooking and then he tells him you study this yes yes what I wanted to be when I was young I wanted to be a cook and you, who have worked all your life in this company, lie to you and tell you I am going to fire you and hopefully you will still be able to recover your dreams and dedicate yourself to what you come to do in this world, not if you did so It's nice, but basically this is what it means, that person was unhappy because they were in a company whose purpose they didn't share in their mission, so friends, organizations have a purpose and the ideal is that we be in organizations surrounded by human beings who share that purpose and from there things are more beautiful, by the way, I think that asking life - from my point of view is asking less than what life is willing to offer us, I am not even saying what you owe ener is less than what life is willing to give you so let's go with key number two that key number two is to define the organizational culture what I am telling you here by the way I have not said it is a summary of part of what we have in the master's degree of master entrepreneurs or dotcom entrepreneurs there is a session that is about culture of vision and what I am telling here is the summary of the summary of the summary of part of what we have in the master's, if anyone is interested in going deeper, let them know what does that have there organizational culture listen what is culture culture is what happens and what happens every day this is culture something as simple as that which is culture is the way things are done around here you home your home has one culture your family will have another maybe it looks like maybe not your extended family I mean the company you work for has another culture and what is culture is the way things are done around here at t u house hey when you finish eating the table is cleared up or not that's the culture hey the clothes are ironed every day they are ironed once a week that's the culture today things are spoken here normally they speak shouting here today things are They say it or they don't say it, that's culture, it's something as simple as this, there's a phrase that fascinates me, it's very classic, very typical when we talk about management, which is strategy, you eat culture for breakfast, forgive me. dissolving is the culture eats the strategy for breakfast let me explain it you arrive at a company and say this is my strategy and you know that excel there is a phrase that says excel supports everything excel supports everything then you arrive and you say this is the strategy then you come to the culture in the morning and I see here a bit of strategy and it's time for breakfast there is nothing left of the strategy you understand the phrase how culture destroys the entire culture of an organization is he What makes things happen or what makes things not happen?
I was in some courses a while ago in the US working on the topic of culture strategy and one of the things that they constantly told us and that I was later able to verify that they are true it is that the strategy does not matter if the strategy is not in accordance with the culture it does not matter absolutely a company that does not have the culture I do not know what to tell you about me that I know about holding meetings you tell them the strategy we are going to hold meetings because it is It is good that there are meetings and then we will share the strategy and they will do it the first week period the second week the culture has eaten the strategy for breakfast so once we know what culture is we are going to see how we define the culture of an organization Because in order to manage a team we need to have a clear culture up to here, well, we continue with this culture, as we define it, we go with several of us from the master's degree in entrepreneurship.
We defined several points, we go with them, the first of them, purpose, you already know, mission, purpose is that I will say it again, just like you don't go on vacation without a clear destination, starting a company or starting an organization without a clear destination is a mistake and that It will end badly and there are people who start without a mission, this does not mean that you change it along the path that many times you have to pivot, you have to change, but having a clear spirit of where we are going makes it easier to manage the teams, so what do I need to say? a culture the first thing to have a clear mission to have a clear purpose next to have a vision note that the purpose is what I am going to help in the world and the vision is how I am going to do it how we are going to be in five or ten years how many people here are clear about a project for five years in their life how many people have to create a project for five years in their life to others to go or not it's that I don't take it or bad I mean go do things Urgent things as soon as possible, that is, clearly, about 10, I wonder, no, I mean, in 10 more years, no, it cannot be for God's sake, we need to have plans for 5 and 10 years, if you don't have plans for 5 and 10 years, someone is going to design a plan Five to ten years from you, you don't realize it's going to reach someone and they'll think about it for you.
It's better that you think about it and with the organizations, the same thing we did last year, for example, we didn't even say a three-year plan. to make a strategic change and we are going to take the organization to this place and that marks the line of all the decisions we make every day and that does not mean that everything is perfect or that everything is clear or that one day things will not go wrong. It means that you know where you are going by following the example, he goes on vacation, click great, fix the wheel, but you continue on a trip to Cádiz.
In the metaphor we talked about before, I don't, it doesn't change the trip, it slows you down a little, but it doesn't change it like that. that we have said first define mission l then we have said second define vision which is how I see myself in 5 in 10 years the mission is how I serve others and pp what is the purpose disseminate and democratize toolspersonal and professional development so that anyone who wants to have a fuller and more meaningful life can do so regardless of their level of income, their purchasing power, their place of residence, it is understood and that marks everything we do that marks that we upload free videos that means that I continue writing books that means everything we do that means that we finance that means that the programs are low cost that is the purpose the vision the vision now we have said in three years we are going to be an eminently technological company 51% of our income has to come from online training because that will allow us to reach more people and lower costs even more, which is something that has me almost obsessed within iu pp, it is understood what I am saying, the vision in front of the mission is understood by example great values ​​values ​​are the principles you follow when making decisions and you have to have clearly defined values ​​in l There is an exercise that I recommend to the organization, it is impressive, it is an activity that you will never forget, the people who do it and retire with your company, your CV can be a company, because in a neighborhood association, a church doesn't matter. the team we are talking about, leave for an afternoon or so and we are going to define what the values ​​are here we are going to define what the values ​​are and that is how you define them and what do you do participate cesc participate all the people who are involved in that team so that Those of you who have come to our headquarters on calle Castelló, as soon as you enter, can define those values, we at and pp the entrance so that anyone who enters there has it as a reminder to say these are the values ​​by which this team is governed and defining the values ​​is important for that a value is what you read what you give more value to what you put before when you have to make decisions by the way what they say we do not live in a society without value that cannot be by definition it cannot be what it can be is that we are going to a society with wrong values ​​or that you don't like or whatever but all the people you say to capone al capone had values ​​it is understood that even the person you like the least has values ​​what happens is that you possibly believe as I know that there are other values ​​that are better, we follow objectives, it is important to have annual objectives, how much are you going to invoice, what are the objectives, and what milestones are you going to reach?
Then you have to have goals, hey, what's going to happen this quarter, how many conferences are we going to do, how many videos are we going to upload, how many students are we going to serve? If you need to have goals, why not? If organizations get lost this is essential an organization without objectives ends up crazy this makes sense yes or no in the end of course you get up people do not know very well what to expect or what they have to do or what they do not have to do it is important that we have objectives and finally, a company, a team, an organization, needs a policy, the policies are the operating rules, it's like everyday life, it's like today here you can be late or not here today you can smoke or not here today the parking lot how the parking is used here today kitchen how it is used hear here the meetings where they are held today here in the meetings how long they last I understand that is, it is like the operation in practice the policies are the operating rules and as far as possible it is important to have them defined because because any team that is certain about what can be done in a site is not going to be a team that is going to work better yes or no for when you are in a site thinking in terms of country It is you are in a country where there is legal certainty and you say if I do it will happen see that gives more peace of mind than living in a place where it says if I do see I don't know what will happen to what gives more peace of mind in fact the countries that better they go economically are countries that have legal security the companies that do best are companies that have legal security because the term does not apply but there are clear rules and in which everyone knows so that it can be had and what up to here everything is fine someone that you have been attentive key number 3 is I have said it I have not said it I did not get to tell you well after the publicity key number 3 the anecdote key number 3 I am going to tell it with an anecdote key number 3 is to hire the people line up let me tell you an anecdote last year i traveled to japan twice i spent there about a month getting to know impressive sitges like kim agua where some of the oldest people on this planet live well it was a fantastic trip amazing in japan you eat well it is an intelligent people and as intelligent as they are they eat well as all intelligent people do so I did not have any problem with eating while traveling which is saying a lot in my case but one day I went through a store and there was a juice shop a juice shop and I was excited so I said I could have a juice because I like this and then I went in and there was like you know this that they start mixing juice shops that make some very strange things and I I am a fairly simple person and I say well I want an apple one and that's it then the closest thing was carrot apple and orange and then I center and I say I tell Mr.
Dio look at that one you see there made of carrot apple and orange and such I want it but I only want apples, I say, well, life is not possible, everything is negotiable, that is, all this with pitiful English because that is where he does not speak English, not even at the airport, that is, it is something surprising, so he tells me and The guy who can't, I say well, well, I say, everything has a price, that is, I say, tell me what an apple juice is worth, I'll understand. I've never discussed a price and I'm not going to discuss it now, so it's fine with me, you He puts a price, I'll pay for it, he says no, it's not a price, it can't be, but that will depend on the quantity, that is, because you put a price on it, I'll pay for it and there's no juice.
I say, well, let's do one thing. I say, I'll buy three I say juices but I mix all this as with signs I say I want a big cube and the apple, the carrot and the orange and I open it, you know, it's fine with him and he says no I put the big juice but I put it I say name but that is, it can't be, it's already mixed up, they didn't do it there, if I saw everyone, there was still another gentleman there, all this with infinite patience, I admit that to talk to me sometimes you have to be patient, the guy comes with patience infinite and the other there making total juices that d Igo look let's go one thing I say I pay you and I make the juice because anyway you have an ethical conflict I say I'll pass and I do it myself and the guy doesn't say I don't know I say come give me the apples and I the cousins ​​who don't Well, I look back at all this and the friend with whom I was getting to know Japan who has lived there for a while was literally crying with laughter because he knew beforehand that I was going to leave without juice because after working there for years he knows that the type who enters an organization follows the principles of that organization it is strict as if they have to kill him he will not move so the guy is there he told me he says no it is not that the guy is never going to sell you a juice that is not on the menu because if his boss or the organization or the juice franchise says that those are the juices he is going to sell those juices, well, I left a quarter of an hour later if he made me go downstairs I left without juice because the juice did not suit me orange and I left without my juice and at the same time I left with a t Terrible admiration because I said yes, it seems so beautiful deep down to many people when they contrast Canada, they are stubborn, yes, they are stubborn, but how did they go from being absolutely ruined after the Second World War to becoming the second world economic power in the year 68 people who were not there call it the Japanese miracle I call it the absolute Japanese logic that is, because when someone does something they do it then this came with the subject of hiring people aligned if you hire people aligned with the organization with the values ​​of the organization with what that organization is, it will be much easier for you than if you have a purpose that is to sell apple, orange and carrot juice, people collude, swear to say no, it is not that here the juice we sell is this is that there is no more this is the juice that we sell here but it is that this makes sense many people do not understand it to us for example they come to us Sometimes offers from entrepreneurs say they buy you the master's degree in entrepreneurship but only half of them are like me and then I get a bit Japanese, you know, and I say it's not that the master's degree in entrepreneurship is a program, that is, this has a start and an end and it's thought out and that's it and this is what it is no no but what if I don't have people aligned on the team who don't understand this vision that it is a program to welcome a person and leave them with a different mentality then we would start to chop the master's degree, well, you can see the vision and values ​​emission class, take the one of I don't know what and that's how it's not, it's not that we don't do that, it's understandable if you have aligned people, it's much easier for the company to move forward and it's It's much easier for you to manage the team well, so it's important key aligned people for this come three practical keys the first one defines key areas of results so that everyone knows where they play so that everyone know what is expected of them so that everyone knows what they have to do in that organization that I mentioned before passing that gives peace of mind defines key areas results hey look you are expected to write a book a year imagine well now I was either you write a book a year or you don't write a book a year, there isn't much more to think about if you define key result areas everyone knows what to expect and people know if they can be aligned with that or not next A friend told me about this idea, I don't miss it much but in fact I have two friends who do this and they live with the person in other environments.
In fact, I have a friend, this is a true anecdote who leaves before hiring someone drink beer with him or invite him to dinner or get him drunk, he says I want to see the person with two wines and no I won't hire him I say if I did that I would end my greetings to I prefer not to have anyone but but the idea is to hire is understood Look, look at someone else who, according to someone else's head, tells us about things well, tell me if the person has a pet and if they have a pet, I want to see Zuma, or maybe a dog or a cat, and if that person has this, he's a lover of animals this says if you have a cat a dog like that I want to see your cat your dog is understood the idea is how I am going to see how that person is also through his animal through the idea is to live with that person in other environments or not I also prepared myself another businessman I know from cement companies comes to mind and we share a sport and if we share a sport I try to do that sport with that person to see how he plays he respects the rules respects he arrives late otherwise in the afternoon I don't know how to live with these people in other places and key number 3 ask for references this is a very Anglo-Saxon practice that is rarely used in Spain but you may be surprised at the things you will learn by asking is understood but dir references you take the person and tell him all this is okay also with all the fantastic I can call your current company or your last company and ask there to see if this is so I would like to introduce myself and enjoy the next three seconds because they are going Such beautiful things are going to happen, so just with that you already have a vocal track that gives him a syncope, he says, it didn't even happen to me anymore, that is, directly, but if you have doubts, you can call and ask for references and one thing that I discovered when I lived in London that They are very fond of asking for references.
It is that when you ask for references, if the person has done a good job in the company or in the organization, everyone is going to recommend him and then I worked with a person who called to ask for references when he knew that in the other side was not the person I was going to ask for references imagine that I tell you that you tell me hey I worked in the company or state in the charity or been in this NGO and there you can call and ask for a reference and then I say what time the leader will not be there or the person I can ask and then he called at half past eight and I know that person will not be there follow me up there then a message and I say look what a call to ask for Antonio's references I'm thinking of hiring him it's an important message I would like them to call me to find out if I have to hire León another to hire him then this person in London explained to me and told me if it's good they call you flying because because the one who leaves a good mark on a company everyone wants it to go well if they don't call me right away or don't even call me well you know what happened the idea is understood because it says almost yours more you catch the other yes yes It was very good, it was very good, yes, that's okay, it says that you have to call at a time when they are not there, the idea is understood, hire people who are aligned, people who have left a good trail wherever they have been, the one who is good leaves good Although he leaves a place, I don't know, I have all the bosses I've had, I have a relationship with them.The world wants, I don't know or doesn't want to see you, it's something like common sense, we continue, we go to key number 4, promote effective communication, establish communication channels, and what is important here at this point is formal communication channels and informal communication channels. formal communication channels email whatsapp meetings I don't know everything a company has to do to make communication flow but beware suddenly one day meet for coffee and have a beer one day I don't know how to go to the kitchen From time to time I don't know how to promote informal communications because sometimes not everything fits into formal communication.
There is a very nice exercise that I think we have all done at school. Someone I need to explain this, someone does not know what the phone is, everyone will see it as a child, I think that there are many of them, we play this thing that you take and you give a message to someone in the ear and that person gives it to another and another and another and another and another and another and another inside and when it comes to me it comes it's the broken phone I knew how to play these I don't get a message completely different so if you do not favor the channels of communication and if these are formal and informal, communication breaks down at every step if I tell you anything and when you tell the other person and the other person the message is already arriving has disrupted so you need to favor informal channels to be able to meet people in a more informal way well more key things number 5 you are going for it foster team synergy we are going to explain what this is fostering team energy means allowing each person to shine in the place where they can shine because when each person shines where they can shine in the end the whole team shines that favors things to work if you put one person in the si guy where it's not shining at the end that will end up causing you problems sooner or later I like to explain this with a slightly hooligan example which is the way in which most of the people in this room have been educated if you notice account at school we all learned an idea that is more or less this and that is that you have to know more or less about everything and that asking for advice from the person who knows more than you about something can make you play your professional career is understood what I'm talking about copying basically if I'm in college or high school the university is the only place on the planet where they penalize you for asking a person who knows more than you I don't know about you but in my professional life there is one thing What I try to do all the time and is ask smarter people that this seems like a great idea yes or no in fact this is one of the keys to success surround yourself with smart people of the kind well well the only place where this universal principle failure is within the institute it is a crazy thing because in reality a person who cheats should be a person who the teacher will congratulate for having the ability to realize that there is another more intelligent person who can but well or reid or reid but this is the bloody reality and when people go out into the street they sign a mortgage without knowing which firm they sign a contract without talking to a lawyer they do crazy things and they do crazy things because they have spent their lives thinking that asking a third party can putting your professional career at risk the only place where cheating penalizes you is in high school or university please let's understand this therefore surrounding yourself with people who are smarter than you allows you to get ahead and this in a team how it works allowing that each person is in the place where they can shine, we need to create teams where people do what they are best at and organizations are not always sorry Probably then we have people in places that are not shining and that annoys the synergy of the team that annoys that the whole team get ahead there is another example of this that I tell more as a joke than anything else but that helps us to illustrate what this is example of a power plant sure you know it a power plant the story of the power plant that breaks down you know it I tell it there is a power plant that breaks down and then all the technicians are inside and no one finds the fault and then they say let's go to look for the super expert in power plants because of course today we live in a world of brands there is an expert for anything so they locate him they put a helicopter that flies there and they say gentleman we've been here for months looking for the fault and we can't find it and Let's see if you can do something and then you take it and go over there to look at the power plant, he says, leave me a lathe, a hammer, he says yes yes of course ent Once they leave him a hammer, a pipe arrives that is there in a corner, he climbs a ladder, stands up and affects the effective power plant and starts the entire power plant at once and everyone there is surprised, but how did you do to get the power plant to start?
He says, well, because I know how to do this, I said, well, I'm leaving, he says, he gave them the bill and if you pass the bill and we already pay it and such a total that he sends the bill and puts 50 thousand euros, then the boss sees it and says this fifty a thousand euros for giving a hammer 500 tells the administration no to the financial controls collects says hey ask him for a breakdown of the invoice I don't like this at all and then the other responds by mail says yes yes he sent him the breakdown so he He sends him the itemized bill and provides knowledge to know which pipe had to be given 49 thousand 999 euros to tap a pipe for one euro so sometimes we are with the person who knows how to tap the pipe we have him We are in a place where it is not shining and since it is not shining in the end the power plant is broken and things do not work put the person where they have the knowledge to know how to do the best they know what I am saying is understood and that It will allow the whole team to work because also when you are surrounded by people who shine, you naturally feel inspired to shine. or he feels threatened and he goes out with a shotgun or or the others kick him you know where and say yes or no in the same way as in environments where there is mediocrity when a person who shines enters or they kick him and throw him out or he is The person packs his suitcase and says, well, almost, I'm going to shine and another place, so let's try as much as possible to have teams that shine.
Let's go back with key number 6. Foster trust. One key to foster a team is fo Increasing trust and trust equals certainty we have mentioned it before last confidence equals certainty I have a businessman friend who is older than me and I will not forget this person has told me many very interesting things but I remember one day that he told me


to lead a team to organize a team to manage a company, a neighborhood association, your neighborhood community or a sports club, it doesn't matter as a leader you have to be ultra predictable ultra predictable so he told me the example and he told me with my son I have to be ultra predictable if my son one day tells me I can be late at night and I say no and the next day he asks me and I say yes and ruined the work of years I have to be ultra predictable what does this mean an organization that Everyone has to know that if you do it, it will happen and that if you do it, it will happen, but if you do it, it will happen, and if you do it, it will happen, then that starts to ally people have no certainty dumb and since he has no certainty he loses confidence what I am saying is understood by everyone we need to have clear limits to know what is expected of us to know what we can do and to know what we cannot do in this sense there is a practice that I recommend that not everyone is going to share it nor does it have the power to share it, but it is to share as much information from the team as much information from the company as far as it is reasonable to do it with the greatest number of people as far as it is reasonable to do so it is understood what I am saying if it is not reasonable for whatever reason, do not do it but the more information there is, the more certainty everyone has there are companies that do not share the plan or the annual objectives of one department with another or that people do not know very well Well, they don't have many companies.
You arrive and say what the objective of this year is. Well, I don't know, someone above me will know. The more clarity there is, the easier it is for the whole team to The team is managed and it is easier for everyone to be clear and for everyone to feel confident. This seems sensible to us, yes or no, if you are in an organization, they say that the objective of the organization this year is to do this project in three years. to do this for this we have to invoice so much we are going to incorporate so many people we are going to do this we are going to do that or you are in position and then he says well I stay or I go but now at least you have it clear and it is easier to manage teams where there is clarity and where there is confidence than managing teams where there is uncertainty there is one thing we know and that is that where there is no certainty someone will invent a rumor this is understood where there is no certainty someone will invent a rumor that is if people are not clear Where is the organization going?
Someone will invent a rumor because human beings are horrified by vacui; they fear emptiness; they don't like not having information and they don't like not being clear; they prefer lying to having i ncertainty as we have already verified on many occasions in the history of humanity, but the human being needs to have clarity and he needs to have certainty, so I believe that this is one of the important keys up to here. Well, let's continue back with key number 7 and it is the last one so let's go for it key 7 actually has seven other keys but i'm going fast with them key 7 is encourages leadership in each person i believe we come from a world where there is a profound lack of leadership where there is a profound lack of self leadership people who are not capable of self leading I know it is very difficult for them to lead others but it is true that not everyone needs to have the ability to lead others there have to be human beings for everything on this planet but what is certain is that all people, from my point of view, should have the ability to lead themselves and there are organizations that favor self-leadership and there are organizations organizations that make self-leadership difficult there are organizations where everything is allowed except what is prohibited and there are organizations where everything is prohibited except what is expressly allowed and you have to decide what type of organization you want my point of view is that there is enough lack of self-leadership on this planet to promote from our entrepreneurial careers more lack of self-leadership the world will be better when there are more entrepreneurial people but I don't mean entrepreneurs to set up a limited company I mean entrepreneurs to take the reins of their lives I I mean entrepreneurs in the sense that they lead themselves I mean entrepreneurs in the sense that they decide what they want to do with their existence and when we do that we will live in a better universe so we are going to see the key to fostering people's leadership it seems to us that we in the master have a class that is about systems in which for 10 hours we are doing Drilling people in the head to ultimately tell them whatever you want because I don't know, but in our point of view, the only way for organizations to work is with systems and procedures and then the system it is constantly changing and in fact there is a system to change the system there is a procedure to change the procedures because if not instead of an organization you have 50 then in one place they sell apple juice in the other they do not sell it in the other they mix it for you at 33% in another at 50 then it's not a company then it's something else have you seen the film the founder has anyone seen the film the founder deals with the life of a person every time he changed and became rich selling hamburgers he changed the history of the company food industry forever he is the founder of mcdonald's the interesting film talks about systems and there is a moment in the film i don't know if you remember it in which he sells the first franchises McDonald's treats to some friends is a story about some friends from the golf course and then this person puts up some procedures under which hamburgers are sold at McDonald's in the 50s-60s when it started in all his friends from the golf course they change The way in which hamburgers are sold was not taken from this sequence that arrives at the golf course and the objective is to sell the hamburgers as you please and he says, but if they only ask me for orange juice, what do you want me to do?
I'm selling and then he gets angry because he says no, man, this is a franchise, you follow the procedure here, and if you don't want to follow the procedure, ask me, we'll see what we do. Do you remember this story, because if you don't watch it, it's an interesting movie and He talks about this about the importance of systems to manage teams, which is what we are talking about today. Books are very important for this. Work the system, for example, is a good book. There is another book. well, it's called built to, it looks like built to be sold built to self there is another book called the myth of the entrepreneur if someone wants more books ask me but these are like the key books when we talk about building systemshaving been attentive to sentences work the system works the system I don't know if they are translated or not work the system built to self and the myth of the entrepreneur are three very good books to understand the importance of this and if someone is encouraged to work on it in depth that come to the master let's go with keys for someone stay tuned keys to promote leadership let's go for them first work with limited teams but first forgive me I want to tell you an anecdote nelson mandela when we are talking about leadership I am going to tell you an anecdote about leadership I think nelson mandela is beautiful after spending 27 years in jail he came out he won the elections he became president and the day he entered the government palace there is an article in the country's newspaper that talks about this if you want to look it up and read it on the day that entered the government palace well, all those who had promoted the part that were there, well, as in the movies, putting the photo of the children in the box, you know yes the bottle of water and such were leaving and nelson mandela stopped them he stopped them all and said hey you have been running this country for a lot of years you really know how to run a country i have no idea i ask you to please stay and together we will take this country to another place it is impressive or not impressive and most of them stayed and thanks to that began a change that revolutionized south africa forever for me this is an example of leadership and it is an example of self-leadership, that is to say, it is an example of leadership really from the purpose and not leading from the guts, I did not want to tell it because it seems to me a beautiful example of self-leadership and leadership, that is, of superimposing, let's say, the purpose of the nation In this case, from the team to your personal interests or your personal hatreds.
In short, I love this anecdote and I wanted to share it. lead teams of more than 8 or 10 people my experience tells me that this is true eight or ten you can only directly lead teams of eight or ten people and it says in all books and all theory my experience says that is true at In the end, when more than 810 people report to you, there comes a time when you get lost, you don't know if the person who is reporting you is telling you, he is saying, come here, there comes a time when you get lost, you don't have the brains for more, so the whole trend and I think that it is correct is that companies are subdividing into smaller and smaller cells, not only organizational at the macro level but also at the micro level that the departments have no more than 8 or 10 people.
I think that this is an important key, that is what that allows people to be self leaders more because if you are the boss supreme god you have 50 people in your next line you are not encouraging self leadership if mavis tura is the supreme 10 you have 6 than a in turn they have 10 for saying something you are allowing there to be six people who are training to be leaders the next day tomorrow idea of ​​training other leaders this is related to what we have just said there are many organizations where others are not trained leaders to be leaders where they are not allowed to go up where they are not allowed to make decisions but ultimately in organizations there are people who know and when those people leave the organization has problems I will tell you with an example you have seen the movie julie sll and who has seen this movie sul and you already have a movie to watch today julie julia is a usual movie and it is a very nice movie that is based on a real event that happened in 2009 in new york' and that is that a plane took off and when I had been flying for about a minute, the power to the engines was cut off.
I don't remember the reason. The pilot called the airport control tower and they told him to return to the runway and the pilot or that it had thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of flight hours he said to the eye of a good cubero the system was bypassed by the way but he said the eye of a good cubero I don't have enough energy in the engine as in enough inertia to turn around landing like this i'm going to land in the hudson river you probably remember these pictures from the newspapers and so and so it landed on the hudson river no one died they took people by the wings all the boats that were in the river were they took everyone here peace and then glory the film goes about what choice in a trial for skipping the procedure and then in the film it goes about the procedure that they had designed in that airline to land in an emergency was badly designed so the question they asked is when did you go blue and from your company because he was usually about to retire when you go blue and from your company how do you collect the knowledge of the company the question is understood chuli take he realizes It's not the procedure, it doesn't work in seconds, he lands on the plane today, nothing happens here, you put in tomorrow the 25-year-old boy who just left school, takes off, tells him in procedure, says that he's back on the runway, returns to the runway and then in You can see the movie, that's good, I'm destroying the movie anyway, but hey, but for any site, it is not known if the procedure worked or not, it is not very clear, but when the sun and retires, what happens with this knowledge, you need to train leaders, you need to put blue and a to review procedures you need to put blue and to help others you need to put blue and to train new pilots you need to put blue and to take that knowledge that you have and make it available to others in the company and in this sense there is a He asks us a lot and it is hey, what is the best way to lead and I say look and a thousand but there is one that does not fail that he tells me to teach who has given the example is that the example of the best way If you want to lead or you already want to lead and give something to the company, hold onto it long enough for everyone to end up doing the same thing under their own weight.
This is common sense, but I think an organization is important when it has A strong culture is indestructible. In fact, there are organizations in which the culture is so strong that if a boss enters who does not match that culture, the organization itself expels him. I know of cases of this, what I am saying is understood. The culture has certain values. and a person enters a boss or it doesn't matter or someone one more but if someone enters it's like the system itself expels them it says you don't belong here you are not from this tribe and that's very nice when the next idea to promote the car happens leadership work for projects even if it seems otherwise in the world to which we are going jobs have disappeared and we are going to work for projects in the world to which we workers are going they will disappear and people will be autonomous in a few years, they might hang me for saying this at the rate we are going in Spain- but this is what is going to happen this is what is actually happening then in a world where no one cares for you anymore it can promise a job for life in a world where automation is a given in a world where artificial intelligence is going to wipe out most of the jobs we do including much of my work and much of of yours in a world like this I think it is important to understand that we are going to work by projects and working by projects is today you have to come to this room and paint it but no but you I am going to hire you to paint this room every day of the life, what I am saying is understood, no nothing, no company with half a brain can promise eternal employment to anyone today because no company is in a position to know if what it is doing today it will be able to do tomorrow I am explaining myself, so in a world like this, working through projects favors self-leadership and predisposes people, whether they are still in that company or in that community or in that team in that organization, or if they are not capable of self-leadership, I know why a project It's not the same as a job, a job is, hey, you go to that place and put 25 coffees in the morning for the rest of your life and a project is, hey, look, you're going to go there tomorrow, do a catering service because tomorrow they need to be put there coffees but the day after tomorrow we do not know if it is going to be necessary to put coffee there or not, so you have to find out how much coffee you have to buy how you are going to take it how you are going to put it you understand the difference we are going to work on projects this is important because this is telling us if someone is interested in this topic I have two conferences posted on youtube called the new labor paradigm that really is an important topic because we are not understanding it in Spain no We are realizing that the professional market is going to change forever and by the way people are upset by this and I think it's great news and it's just that the other day I was talking to someone and he told me about this big data I don't care about artificial intelligence and such and I told him look, this is as if 20 years ago someone said it's not that to me it's all the motorcycle 100 years ago and to me it's that this is the internal combustion engine and so I don't care I'm very to go on horseback of course then I have to go to give a conference in Barcelona now in two days I'm going out on horseback and there are so many tractors on horseback to be so you know so I say budget for the conference 10,000 euros listen and that's not because It's that I have to give the horse straw and I have to go to the stables in Zaragoza. to feed the horse The idea tends, so what is going to happen with artificial intelligence, with big data, with all the new wave that is coming, is that companies are going to need less and less people, so we need the people who remain working to be able to free themselves and that is that this is basic this is basic and we do not understand it the politicians on duty are not going to understand why they live by promoting it look I am going to explain to you why the politicians on duty do not understand it in Spain now we have to record that it is something like very me The truth is that they told me I laughed, the same thing happened to me because they told me I laughed, it's because of misfortunes and so they say it's serious. pay of course of course in short we need to understand that in the future we are going to work for projects that is understood we are going to work for projects we are not going to work on jobs work is going to disappear as we understand it today because the world a changing world I don't know my grandfather worked in two companies in his entire life in his entire life I don't know in 60 years or 50-something that I had to work in two organizations my brother at 18 already had work in five companies is that in one changing world in short we are going to work on projects more things promote a culture of action give him two lectures on the new labor paradigm if you put the new labor paradigm there is one that is not a conference exactly what is an interview and there is another that is a conference yes someone is interested in the new labor paradigm bibliography for this there is a book on exponential organizations by salim ismael that I highly recommend there is another book called o models that helps to understand where the world is going there are some very nice interviews by gabilondo on youtube that are called when I'm not there that talk about how the world is going to change with new technologies and these are the quick references that I recommend I would give or we had said to promote a culture of action promoting a culture of action means being in an organization where you allow people to make decisions and this in many organizations as they become procedural and grow is automatically canceled because there are organizations in which that they also make sense, I am not saying that it is wrong, it makes sense and it is good, but we have to know that every time one has to make a decision, everything is so procedural that things become a mastodon.
Have you gone through a public body in the past? Last few years, well, listen, I want to buy a pen and give it to the head of the department, who in turn elevates it to regional, which in turn elevates it to I don't know where, maybe when the pen arrives, the technology the pen is obsolete something else is invented then, of course, but that has to be done if we said it a moment ago, procedures are needed, so many are needed to drown out the guilt action ture no and where is the balance well I don't know luckily when you find it well tell me because we are all looking for that balance I suppose there are no easy answers to complex issues and to finish two more keys to focus every day on The essential thing is that there is a tool that works on a personal level and that works in organizations and that is that all people are clear about what their rock of the day is and their rock of the week.
The rock of the day is the task that you can or cannot do today. leave undone and the rock of the week is a micro goal probably dependent on a bigger project that yes or yes you have to do that week if you foster a weekly rock culture and a daily rock culture everyone wakes up focused afterwards There is a day that you don't do it, then there is a day that you do twice as much, but the truth is that at least the day that you don't do it, you know that you haven't done it, which by the way is already a lot because then the next day you get up tor turado and you get up from yesterday I did not do what I had to do yesterday so I think this is important and to finish promoting training in skills in competitions promoting education I think it is important that we promote theeducation of people and that we encourage people to read and that we encourage people to go to courses and that we encourage people to go to conferences and that we encourage traveling university and that we encourage anything that is permanent learning those people who do not learn will be obsolete and doomed to disappear and today more than ever the idea that someone can study for five years and be in the job market for the next 30, 40 or 50 is such an obsolete idea that it even makes me laugh just thinking about it, that is, less is one thing It's very grotesque, how is it like going on horseback to the places of some things, like it's very 20th century, so we need to permanently train, let me share with you a fact that is published in the book Financial Freedom that I just published, by the way, it has just been published.
If someone doesn't know, a book is called financial freedom and it deals with money. Well, the idea is the following: spending on lotteries in Spain' per person and In the year 2000 I don't know if it was done in 12 or 13 I don't remember the data I found prepared is everyone settled if there are minors please cover their ears people with extreme sensitivity cover their ears and don't listen What I am going to say is the spending on state betting lottery in Spain that does not include spending on horse racing and all these things that are springing up now like mushrooms as you know in Spanish cities is 180 euros per person per year per person and year it holds if it were in the middle so it would be very serious but we hope it is serious and now a little a little comparison a few things and expenses in books in Spain including textbooks about sixty euros a year approximately now you understand many things of course if it gives you that is we put three times more focus on state lotteries and bets than on buying books it is normal for what happens in fact when one has this data it says quite little bad we are for what we can We were going to be, so if someone and with this we close, ask me Sergio and how he managed a team, well, the sum of all the above and many other things because in the end, like all this, it is an art, but it is an art that can be learned, so friends, we have come this far doubts questions comments I think there has to be a balance we were saying a moment ago between organizations that do not have any procedure when there is no procedure you do not know the number of companies you have what I just said is understood you say I have 15 employees and I don't have procedures, you have either one company or 15 companies no no no you don't know very well if you have procedures with and you have 15 employees with luck you will have one or two companies you understand what I'm saying because each person things ideally everything the world does it in the same way and if there will be no going but if it does not follow the procedures there are 15 companies so where is the balance well it is a very good question has Talk to the person who is responsible for your idyll.
Hey, we have excessive procedures. Read the books that I have recommended, so you have a well-furnished head and you are able to present your point of view well, because look, a leader is a person who once detects a problem, forms, puts the numbers on the table and offers a solution, a leader is a person who, once he detects a problem or has a vision, studies it, puts the numbers on the table and offers a solution, understands what I am saying, does not the same thing that you arrive and say hey, it is that to ask for three pens this is a Christ this out below get out that is one possibility and the other is that you have says look I have done an in-depth study on the world of procedures in organizations these They are the conclusions that they draw and I think that this is not being done well here, it allows me to lead the change in procedures in this organization, the idea is understood that they are going to look at you with different eyes and if not They look at them with good eyes, it's time to put on the binoculars and start looking at other places hahaha hahaha he tells me it's hard for others to be motivated someone with this problem there in the room someone my point of view on the matter is that the person has to come home motivated and if she doesn't come home motivated then she sends her home so they can be motivated to see I think and my point of view is that life is too short to be unmotivated or since I am unmotivated and such well very well but me, like me, I have plenty of motivation because I don't want you I live on different planets Another thing is that one day someone arrives tired that this has happened to all of us or that you have a cloudy week that has happened to all of us and It probably continues to happen to us but the one who is essentially unmotivated I don't know what you want me to tell you I don't know is that life is very short is that we are going to be with motivated people it will not be taken when they are hungry enough I know It will motivate, look, I think there is one thing, I think there is one thing that I think motivates anyone and it is hunger and you can be hungry for physics or hungry for the other and I say if you are not hungry for the other you will see how you end up passing Hungry for physics, the idea is understood, but if you don't go out into life wanting to do things, it's going to go wrong for you, that is, you're going to end up starving for the other, I don't know anyway, and having said that, it's not all the world has to be in all organizations there are many people who are in organizations where they don't have to be and that is a problem that is a good problem before I finish let me tell you two little things and we will have a round of questions and answers I have something and I have a minute with you and I'll explain how we can continue learning come on let's go for it well to the seminar living without a boss is your last chance to sign up if you don't sign up now you won't go until November living without a boss we do it twice a year we do it in June and h Let's do it in November in Madrid, which is the seminar Living without a boss, there are seven fundamental areas to live without a boss, to be an entrepreneur, it's like the master's degree for dotcom entrepreneurs, but in a very small two and a half days, locked up with me in a good hotel with me, with a lot of other people. because it sounds rather strange that I see someone who says I'm in ha ha ha ha I don't care what it costs so we'll spend two days two and a half days looking at it at the meliá barajas we'll do it we'll be two and a half days having a great time a seminar so that you can ask questions where you can participate, unlike other seminars where it is a play, they tell you a good story because since we are here interacting we exercise we have a great time who wants to come with a person you have a free guest that you want to come alone you come alone that you want to be with your partner because you want to explain to him what you do here at the conferences and in him and pp and so he brings it to you yes We do not charge you anything that the seminar ends and we like it, there is no problem, the money is returned and everything is so good friends, happy man, and if you are happy to give it to me, I am happy to take it.
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Someone here has done one of the two. mess if you say no and with this I'll tell you a new thing well I'll tell you two new personal development master's degrees in madrid and barcelona next edition in november a system to know yourself to give you a gift of e personal development 13 weekends in which we are going to inquire into self-knowledge in health in food in sex in the couple in money a journey of impressive self-knowledge a great gift and people who want to undertake a master's degree in dotcom entrepreneurs and here The novelty is coming, now also available online, so the next edition is in November, it's practically full and it's no joke, this is almost full, the next one in January there are still not so many places, but the January one is better, I say it because later people He writes in October and tells us hey I want to sign up there are no vacancies I told you it wasn't a sales pitch it's true so stay tuned and now the good news people who sign up today is my last conference before summer three one thousand nine hundred euros for the face-to-face and the people who sign up for online today two thousand five hundred euros including VAT the normal price of the online will be four thousand 800 euros with Well, we haven't finished making it because of some offer, you make a leap of faith with me and say I believe that Sergio is going to release it in October, then you can do it, you can't do it, I guarantee that I'm going to release it unless I die, I don't know. but we are working on it so you make a leap of faith with me and he says I trust that Sergio is going to take it out in October so you save 2,300 euros they say I don't trust the one with the glasses he bought it in October well you buy it in October four thousand eight hundred euros so that it is understood well so if you want to buy it you can buy it now two thousand five hundred but it will start in October because I make you the super offer because I do not know what day in October it will start because since we are manufacturing it I cannot tell you that it will start on the 1st, the 22nd or the 30th, the idea is understood, okay I'm saying so that later no one tells me on the 23rd, hey, it hasn't been released to rain, I told you that it would take a little longer anyway, okay, so that's all what we can offer more r mind, if someone wants to join our club of entrepreneurs who asks for information, we will tell them and ask them to request the application to join our club of entrepreneurs and friends, doubts, questions, comments, there was one there, tell us, friend, you have to find someone above to support you, look there One thing is that in the end we get into issues, look at all the organizations, it seems interesting that we go like this, talking about things that all organizations have something called the immune system, what is it called?
Stay with this, the immune system causes any change that you you want to get into an organization the organization itself ends it when a virus enters your body the virus is you in the organization follow my logic a flu virus enters here in my body there is a virus here it enters and then my immune system says ostia flu virus catches you or I'm going to finish you off because the flu virus has an idea and it's that all of me is the flu because and his work, which is not even bad, or it is his purpose, the purpose of the flu, so my immune system defends me from that virus, pump kills it, and everything if I continue doing the conference and I find out you are the virus in the organization the organization has a way of working and every time people come in who try to change the organization the immune system itself tries to brush it off let me tell you an example of this the other day in an organization this is a real case of an organization of some people who are doing the master's degree is an organization that invoices a lot of money and then a department of this organization comes up with a new product and everything seems to indicate that they are going to invoice much more money in that organization thanks to that product and then what do they do financial controls say that you cannot put this product that is going to collapse the billing lines that is going to annoy the way in which the invoices are delivered and that It's better that they leave it for a little bit later, the immune system is understood, of course, it's like a guy, that is, the most difficult thing is to find a product that bills once you have a product that bills, let's get the billing guy off his ass with all due respect. yes or no the immune system of the organization starts to go after those from there more than and they say hey no this no this for next year for the 20th that in the 19th we don't fit that you don't follow me the roll that in the 19th it does not fit us that for the 20th he puts something for the 20th in an organization instead of pal 19 basically it is the exorcist that is, it is that you are killing it or not then trying to make a change the immune system is going to attack how can you prevent the immune system from attacking by reporting directly to someone who is above and that you skip the steps you have to report directly it is understood what I am doing that is, the scale is here you will be wherever you are and you have to take out a line here and report directly to this person and from there it cascades back like you tell this one and this one and this one and this one somewhere it's going to get blocked because somewhere in the organization there's someone who collects and he is happy and saysthis guy the goatee is going to complicate my life changing one, that is, you are the leader of this company, it is yours, right? vital so you say look, this is going to be done like this no I don't do it with lightning strikes or like in the movies you know the remains are seen like this then the others say just the same it's serious we have a master's student had a company with 50 people and he he stays with 7 or 8 because he got into a cultural change and he said now he said there was a culture in which he didn't give a sheet and now he's going to see a culture in which we go to work first day ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha of two hours in which the first struck down one disappeared you know who knows where today there was a 6 here there was a man sitting next to them did not take note because everyone was disappearing he has stayed with a team this is a real case it is a master's student the next day with whom and a conference came to see me there is the guy who has become even handsome this is one of the side effects I promise you of people who study someone but this water but I promise this you don't understand me this was happy says this now I have a small company here people work I'm fine because if you have a culture and after 50 men whiten and he told me 789 were less than 10 are white from a few the rest have fallen that is again a veneer of grief buy the speech, man of course, not the most difficult thing is the only thing that's clear, that's why we all love it so much that now I'm going to see machines doing things I don't think it was the last one. the masters in our email we attend so much how we can take advantage of the offer to buy the new book financial freedom recommend us to your friends we will continue uploading videos we have about five or six videos in line today and we have uploaded two more videos tomorrow we will upload another one we will continue giving ourselves as much as we can see you whenever you want bye thank you if you liked this video you can do three things one subscribe to our youtube channel positive thinking 12 share it with your family and friends on social networks and 3 visit positive thinking point or heretic and sign up for our mailing list to receive the gifts and information that we are sending positive thinking point or heretic

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