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Códice Boturini - Recorrido

Jul 09, 2022
Ancient indigenous stories narrated in words or images say that the people who founded the great Tenochtitlán, the Mexicas, came a long time ago from a distant and mysterious place located to the north, their name to the place of herons, a place of whiteness, a land surrounded by water. where they lived for a long time in aztlán they built a teocalli in the center of this island a temple dedicated to water and fire around the temple the neighborhoods that made up this little world were distributed a couple the goddess chimal man and her husband governed the destiny of the Aztecs or Aztecs, on the other side of the water, a mountain rose whose name Colhuacan, the place of the grandparents, was read on the spiral-shaped top of the mountain.
c dice boturini   recorrido
Inside the mountain, there was a cave to which the Aztecs frequently went to offer green branches of devastated to their god huitzilopochtli they crossed the water to worship the god inside the cave of the mountain one day they say they heard the song of a bird a beautiful song that rose and seemed to say tawi tawi tawi we're going we're going we're going they called this hollow inside mother earth that guiana ostot the cave of early departure they gathered the neighborhoods that made up this little world they embarked and arrived to place the year 1 flint in place they lived 7 cal paul tim or neighborhoods the Inca bones the ponds the xochimilcas the evil and buttocks the chichimecas the tepanecas and the matlatzincas to which the new arrivals from Aztlán were added when passing through place the Aztecs were seen by the inhabitants of this place who told them where you are going, gentlemen, let us accompany you where you want us to take you, the Aztecs said, we just want to accompany you. they carried them in a package since according to some stories what they venerated as relics were their bones other versions say that the package contained a figure of the god made of wood they all came out of place this same year 1 flint they walked in four groups and there were four who carried the god they called them de or mama which bearers of the god escaped you led the march continued as code and apaneca you the fourth you or forum was a woman named chimal man they walked they walked and walked until they came to a place where a huge tree stood, an ahuehuete five men arranged around it as soon as they could hug it they settled at the foot of the tree for what Later this place was known as Coahuila and Zinc, they made a small mud shrine on which they placed the wrapper containing the bones or the wooden figure of Huitzilopochtli.
c dice boturini   recorrido

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They arranged a suite of corn monoliths in a chiquihuite and sauce in a molcajete and They were going to start eating when suddenly the tree in whose shade they were sitting broke with a deafening noise. They went to eat and they stayed for a long time with their heads down stunned. A short time later, their god spoke to them and told them to tell those who accompany them to the seven neighborhoods that we will not go ahead that many of us will stay here. The seven neighborhoods were saddened by what they had been told, they said oh Gentlemen, where will we go without you, since we are all walking together, the Aztecs replied, they will not leave alone, so the seven neighborhoods left the Aztecs at the foot of the tree, they stayed there for a long time, then they started the march again, they took their god who spoke to them from shk arc azul opened the way continued with coakley apaneca you the woman chimal man closed the line they crossed the arid steppes of teo tlalpan the north they walked they walked and walked when one day suddenly some beings known as plates tco the owl men some fell into the foot of thorny bisnagas swollen with water others fell at the foot of fiery mesquite trees the thorny acacias these beings were the mm and broomsticks lunar divinities dressed in fur who wanted to block the way for the Aztecs wanted to stop their walk so that they would not reach the place where they were going the first of the minis coast was called turquoise mosaic without the zinc the second his name was my meet in el flechador or my mixing the little fish the third was a woman his older sister her name can be read on her painted face her name was from oshawa read the one with the divine oil then huitzilopochtli spoke to the Aztecs he told them to catch those who fell here put it on the biznagas and the mesquite they will be the first sacrificial offering that they will make me they placed the coah mimes on the plants as if they were sacrificial stones and then the Aztec priest immolated the same things as a result of this sacrifice huitzilopochtli changed the name of his town told the Aztecs from this moment you will no longer be called Aztec now your name will be Mexica when you take your new name by order of Huitzilopochtli you put yourself With feathers in their ears, they painted a line on their faces and they were given the arrow, the bow, and the net that consecrates them, they go like Mexicas.
c dice boturini   recorrido
The Mexica received their weapons with their left hand, so they shot the eagle with arrows, that is, they shot at the sun after it. sacrifice the now called mexicas continued their path they walked and walked and in the year two house they arrived at a place with two mountains a place with two names cost here and collide jan place where he cried and huasteco and four and camac in the jaws of the serpent there they settled for the first time since they had left Aztlán they remained in this place 26 years the years passed two houses 3 rabbit 4 cane 5 flint 6 house 7 rabbit 8 cane 9 flint 10 house 11 rabbit 12 cane 13 flint 1 house time went on walk two rabbits three reeds four flint 5 houses 6 rabbit 7 reed 8 flint 9 house 10 rabbit 11 reed 12 flint 13 house then time changed course 1 rabbit the following year two reeds fell the sticks of fire lo s Mexicas made their first tie of years umeh aaron the sky was born huitzilopochtli with the yucca the serpent of fire the rabbit and the cane were closely linked the moon and the sun the water and the fire in the year 2 cane after having renewed its fire The Mexicas decided to leave Mack's tunic in 3 flint, they went to Tolán instead of Tulles, they arrived in Tolán this same year and stayed there for 20 years.
c dice boturini   recorrido
On earth in the year 10 Flint spent 10 years in this place up to the 6th year in which they came out as the place of the censer or place where the fire is delivered in a climate like the Mexicas stayed for five years before moving to Atotonilco, the place where they they heat the waters in atotonilco they stayed another five years until three cañas the year they left for apasco place of clay pots in apasco the stay lasted twelve years until the year two caña in which the Mexicas celebrated the new fire by tying their years for the second time since their departure.
The ceremony took place on Mount Weekly Espina, also called Weeks with Crooked Thorn, located near the town of Apasco. They left Apasco in the year 2 Caña and arrived at Son Panko in three flint remained in this place four years until six caña date on which they went to xaltocan in salt they touch place of araña de arena instead of araña sand it took four years until the year 10 caña when they moved to cal huacán place of canoes or instead of channels they were in that wha kang from 11 flint to 1 cane year in which they left for ecatepec place of winds where they arrived in two flint after four years in the atp they left for tulpetlac in the mat of tules where they spent eight years from six flint up to thirteen cane the mexicas left tulpetlac between pse cane to reach cuatitlán in 1 flint during their stay in this place they went to chalco to bring maguey is to plant On the lands of Cuatitlán, the maguey grew, matured, and 20 years later they checked it, that is, they scraped the heart of the maguey and took out the necocli honey water that they let ferment and gave this concoction to drink, pulque oakley, to the Mexicas in the year 7 cane later.
After having consumed the precious concoction, the Mexicas left for Güixas, this clan near the Huizaches, where they arrived in 8 flint. They remained in this place for four years until the eleventh year, when they headed towards Tec for Johan, place of Pedernales, where they arrived in 12 flint in the In the last year of their stay in Tecpan, in Dos Cañas they celebrated their third fiesta of fire and tied their years in Cerro Bayo. This same year they were attacked by enemies in the combats. without stone wall they left tec payo kan in the year two caña to reach pantitlán in the year three flint, the fourth and last year of their stay. in pantitlán in six caña there was an epidemic of cocolí in which many mexicas died that same year they left for malinal pan place of twisted herbs of water or place where the waters get tangled where they arrived in seven flint they were in amalín al pan eight years until the year 1 reed the year they left in this year 1 reed tezozómoc was enthroned as tlatoani of azcapotzalco place of the anthill in the year 1 reed the Mexicas returned to pantitlán where they arrived in two flints and where they stayed for four years up to five reeds date on the who left for water near the bend of the water in the conagua remained four years after which they left for popotla place of straws or place of brooms they arrived in popotla in the year 10 flint and remained until the year 13 reed when they left for texcatitlán place From the sacrificial stone from 1 flint to 4 reeds, the Mexicas remained four years in Texcatitlán in the second year of their stay in two houses to He took the tenor command and the fourth year they headed towards Tlaco Igualán, the place where they took the dart-thrower, they stayed in this place for four years, after which they left for Chapultepec in eight reeds.
Last year they were going to tie their years and celebrate their festival of new fire but this was prevented by an enemy attack that forced them to flee and take refuge in the tubulars of aco kolko instead of the meanders of water lying down they dressed in aquatic moss and they lamented their defeat this year 2 cane the mexicas were captured by warriors from colhuacan and taken prisoner to colhuacan the mexica chief huitzilíhuitl hummingbird feather and his daughters and malays and the naked florida water shield were led before the tlatoani of colhuacan with costly the pheasant huitzilíhuitl costly to allow his daughter to get dressed he said oh lord have mercy on my daughter and let the king put something on from colhuacan he refused and said I don't want to, so he will go in the year three flint the mexicas already prisoners of colhuacan were taken to the neighborhood of constituting a place of pots they spent the years there four house five rabbit six cane prisoners in the neighborhood with title holders of the city from colhuacan the mexicas procreated in this year 6 house the towns of colhuacan and xochimilco faced a war the king of colhuacan cause costly decided to use his mexica prisoners as mercenaries to help him in his fight against xochimilco but also to get rid of them supposing that many of them would appear in the combats he sent one of his servants to the place where the Mexica warriors were locked up there were so many that they no longer fit the servant went to shout at them and they presented themselves in front of the king who told them they want us to conquer the xochimilcas I want let them go fight them I want them to kill do not take prisoners 8000 of them they will cut off an ear of each one as proof of their feat and they will bring them in this sack the Mexicas were very surprised by the king's request but as fierce warriors who were accepted the challenge then they asked costly to give them weapons even if they were old shields and worn swords the king flatly refused and said In no way, the Mexicas will only go that way.
Then they met and deliberated as weapons they would use the sharp obsidian blades they had in terms of cutting off the ears of their prisoners. They decided better to cut off their noses because they said if we cut off their ears, the king will costly To believe that we cut off their ears on both sides so that this does not happen, we will better cut off their noses. The Mexicas set out, headed towards Xochimilco to fight the battle, carrying a sack on their shoulders and obsidian blades in their right hands. launching war cries

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