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May 04, 2020
needy well i mean youtube you don't realize everything you want to buy booster OSHA actually has a cool idea for this car waiting to make sure it makes sense for our business so $85,000 I'll go pay right now , boom! I'll get as much cash as I can, yeah, okay, done. you are really amazing thank you for showing us your lot with all the cars in history you had here now you are the proud owner of a



you are going to paint this car because there was a real estate deal how so? work the guy died I bought the property and got the car so technically I have 85 make shit I was free it ain't pretty you still gotta tell me what your plan is with this I'm actually gonna give this car away - episode you guys will


out really yeah Dave it's all about charity ya know you'll see guys are you serious next video yeah straight up I don't know anything about this thanks Dave I'm using I'm using my money at the company to pay for this car so that it's all up to me and i really want to do it for a long time and in the next video we're going to a make it eligible to get that car back he hypnotizes a chicken this one is walking that hypnotized look it's not a movie what's going on here look at this you get up and you walk away and it will just stay there hey just give it a little bump let's get up come on what why does it stay like that just stupid
buying a dirty barn find ferrari f430 so cheap

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