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Building my Dream Home in Sims 4

Jun 11, 2021
Hello everyone, before we begin, I would like to thank Zillow for sponsoring today's video. Zillow is a real estate website that I use very often for inspiration on what to build in the Sims. I used it today to find a beautiful house. recreate in the Sims 4. A lot of times when I'm not sure what to build, I'll just scroll through Zillow for a bit and get some inspiration. Zillow has


s listed from all over the country, some even have


s as a 3D tour to make you feel like you're really there. It's actually great with cool features like save and share buttons.
building my dream home in sims 4
You can share houses with your friends or you can save them for later. Click the link in the description to see for yourself and thanks again to Zillow for sponsoring this video. With all that said, this is the house I'm going to recreate in the Sims today. Look how pretty she is, she's so pretty. Look at this kitchen. how cute it's so cute oh my gosh I would love to live in this house it's so beautiful oh look at that oh so stylish oh and it has a pool oh it has everything honey it has everything so it's safe to say I'm a big fan of this house and Today I'm going to build her in the Sims as best I can, she's so pretty, so without further ado, let's start


, take her to me, so I did my best.
building my dream home in sims 4

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building my dream home in sims 4...

I could try to recreate this as perfectly as possible, which I usually try to do anyway, but I found this one really nice, I don't want to do it unfairly, okay, it's beautiful, beautiful, it has a bit of a modern feel to it. As we all know, I love that she does a modern build and suddenly becomes an expert. Honestly, I didn't even know those windows on the first floor existed until I really needed them for this house and then I was like, "Oh, honey, you." I have unlocked a whole new world for me. I'm going to wear them 24/7, all the time.
building my dream home in sims 4
I also love the little path in the front. He is so cute. Those stones are so beautiful. I love them. I want to use them all the time. also the debug items, no the debug plants are so good, oh my god, I'm so glad they put them in because now we have a lot more options and they're free, which is beautiful. Everyone loves a good freestanding tree, so does my dog. now she has decided to come sit on my lap while I'm filming this while she's doing it the moment she hears me start talking she says wait I want attention not me please here she is here's her nose.
building my dream home in sims 4
I was actually quite surprised to see that I had many of the items I needed that were almost identical to the ones in the photos of this house. It was shocking. Shocking. Landscape. I did the best I could, I'm not sure how close I came, but I did the best I could and this house in particular. I didn't have a picture of the actual floor plan so it was hard to tell exactly how the house was laid out so I just guessed from looking at some of the photos, many of the homes on Zillow have floor plans and I use them I see a lot when I build houses in the Sims, if I need inspiration or if I just want to recreate something I'll go there and look for them, it's a really good place to look for stuff like that and it does it.
Really, really easy when you have the floor plan and the pictures, that's a plus, but this house didn't have a floor plan, but I loved it so much and I thought, "I'm going to make it work, I'm going to figure it out." I'm going to do my thing here and do the best I can, but when it comes to houses like this where I don't have a proper floor plan, it's a little hard to tell exactly where everything is. What I usually do is just try to Replicate the front of the house as best I can and then on the inside I'll just do my own thing.
This one had a lot of photos of the interior, which was a little helpful, but I did it like a wing. a little bit on my own, especially upstairs, I just did my own thing up there because it's a little bit tricky to recreate a house exactly in the Sims because we don't have everything that you know this house could have, but I have a lot, the Sims 4 are a very powerful


tool. I use it a lot to decorate my own rooms in my own house. I like to build the shape of the room and then just put things in it and see what I like.
It helps a lot. I do this all the time, this is not something new, I've been doing this forever, it's very useful, but this house is so pretty, all the windows and everything is so nice that I ended up putting the staircase up as if it were the office space . or the study because it's a little out of the way, I don't know how practical that is in real life, but in this house that's what worked, so it's a little out of the way, but I couldn't find a better place to put it um than not. interfere such as the living room or kitchen or a small hallway.
I could have put it there, but I just wanted to put it away, put it in the corner. I don't want to see it but in the photos there was a small ottoman with a rug in the front area next to the front door and I tried to recreate it as best I could, I actually ended up layering rugs, uh no I don't think they did that in the images but I just did my own little twist right there and for the living room I used so many debug elements once I activated the debug trick it was all over.
I was using debugging left and right. it was everywhere i love that trick i love getting all the objects i'm not supposed to have why are they hidden in the debug tricks i just love them so much i was also trying to do that tv trick right here i see people it does sometimes and I can't understand it I don't know how they do it I can't understand it so you know what I just didn't do it I thought you know what we don't need a TV I did it too I put some pumpkins in this house because now it's fall I think officially, so I thought it would be something cute.
I threw in some small pumpkins to make it a little festive. I thought it looked so cute and it had a perfect porch area for something like that. that and I was like, yeah, this is it, this is what I'm doing, it made me so happy, I'm so excited for fall, ah, I even put fall colors on this rug because I was, I was just going once I left a pumpkin. . I couldn't stop it. I almost forgot to put a toilet down here, which is nothing new. I almost always forget to put downstairs bathrooms in every house I build.
I don't know what's wrong with me, but I know they're down there. I just have to do it. find a place, I have to find a place for them and then this perfect dining room, I put like two degrees on the wall because I thought, oh, maybe they're really sophisticated and they got a really good education and then I made this really nice thing. office space where they would have liked clients to come in, this was my whole vision for this, okay, that's why I have the chairs in front of the desk so they can talk to their clients, I don't know what they do, they do something good. but they have customers because there are chairs there for them, I put some prizes and some crystals in them, I don't know man I was just trying to fill the space but I think it looks pretty cool and it's an easel for the


to do something because , otherwise, They're going to be really bored now upstairs, this is where I did my thing.
I really don't know exactly how it is arranged. There are some photos, but it's hard to say exactly how it maneuvers. This was like a floor plan, so I did my own thing. I put in a fish tank that I made as a little game room. I think there are three bedrooms in total, which is pretty good for me because I'm normally like no, but standard. I think normally most houses have at least three bedrooms, that's what I currently have, so I feel like that's probably what I should have done and I feel like I did it right because I'm like, yeah, I did three full bedrooms, that It's good for me.
I'm a little lazy, but here's the master bathroom. I thought it was a bit fancy. I was happy with him. To be honest, that shower is my favorite, like the black glass, oh my gosh, it's as pretty as the front windows. of the house they match the windows they are beautiful I love that shower of my


s so beautiful I put on a robe I was going to put curtains but Joseph I'm just going to let the light in honey I'm going to let the light shine and for the master bedroom this one has a large old balcony at the back.
I love balconies. I don't know what they have. I'm obsessed with them. I always thought they were so cute when I had one in my apartment. Many years ago I was obsessed with it, I thought it was so cute, it was so cute, I just love it, I don't know what it is about being on the second level and going outside like this cute little balcony makes me so happy. I don't know, I would love to have one in my


house, so I put one here. I have no idea if there is a balcony at the back of this house.
Although I don't think there is, I put one. because I wanted it, this is my dream house, you know, the inspiration is from zillow and then my dream is a balcony, so I put a balcony there now, in fact, I put a children's room here, this one is more for everyone and less. for me, but it's a little fancy, which I thought, okay, okay, I usually don't like doing kids' rooms at all, but I thought, you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to step out of my comfort zone and I'm going to make this really cute one and I did it and I was proud of that one.
Well, I don't know if you like it, but I'm proud and I think that's all that matters, I'm happy with it. This is the other room. I think I was going for a teen room, so I had an adult room, a kid's room, and a teen room, so this is kind of a mix. I don't mind doing this too much because I feel like I can. put like the posters and everything like a nice bed in the mirror with the lights on, which I really love. I put a flamingo there. I went crazy. I put a whole flamingo there.
Can you believe it? My friends are the finished product. I forgot to film myself doing the backyard, but here's a photo of the backyard. I put a swimming pool there. I made a little slot for a hot tub because there is a hot tub in the photos with the pool, so I thought, you know what I do? I have to do it justice, that's exactly what I would want if I had a pool, so how do you think I did it? Here is the real version. Here is the Sims version. What do you think I have to do well?
I tried, I did the best I could. I hope I have made this house. justice, it's so beautiful in person, I hope you like it on the Sims and also another big thank you to Zillow for sponsoring today's video, which is great. I'm really excited about it and don't forget to click the link in the description to see for yourself if you like this video don't forget to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe if you're new to being part of the starter team click the bell notification and make sure all notifications are turned on.
Never miss any of my videos. I hope you are having a wonderful day and I will talk to all of you very, very soon. Bye bye.

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