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Building a MINI ENDER DRAGON in Minecraft Hardcore!

Jun 17, 2021
iron I actually know there are a lot of runners with a nameless dog front oh you're seeing me a lot today but I need some iron bars and so the


eggs iron bars I have seven I sure have more than that I had a little more at some point but you know what it doesn't matter i can do practically infinity i'm bar 16 just do a little more this is take if we have enough iron for days so we're good at scoring


egg i have bar iron s I don't want a platform for that so I want to see the dragon egg from below and I also have my sea lanterns let's grab those I just want it to glow a little because if you can't see it at night it's not going to be as impressive and it's not I don't think there's anything like purple because purple obviously goes really well with the


dragon and also when we remove all these bits of dirt it could still look pretty trashy so just make sure that doesn't happen a.
building a mini ender dragon in minecraft hardcore
I think I'll put it here so it looks a little weird, but it shouldn't look too out of place because it's got the right color scheme and that should allow it to shine from above. a big spine going around right now is where we need to make the cage from the bottom maybe we can make it as a harness like you do for a dog let's give it a try to see what happens worst case scenario we might just take it down we tear it down we're going to get rid of all this dirt up to this point so we can make a new ba faster each time and this will give us a chance to look here properly because we haven't seen it from below yet without any scaffolding.
building a mini ender dragon in minecraft hardcore

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building a mini ender dragon in minecraft hardcore...

I need to go a few layers lower. under an


dragons it's a bit awkward you have to literally reload the world it's very awkward and it happens all the time ok let's get this going right? I can't even reach you, it's cool, so my idea is that it hangs like down here. so we can see it, can you place the dragon egg on me? I'll know it's affected by gravity, isn't it like me if I put this here, we're a block that should fit? I need to get some glass. I'm going to have to get some glass to do this, so I want to be able to see it.
building a mini ender dragon in minecraft hardcore
I want to see it because the other way to grab the dragon egg is by breaking a final stone block under it and then dropping it. a torch works exactly the same as sand we have a piece of purple glass how do i make that purple glass why is it so small what do i need? purple tint which is blue and red mixed i have red hosni blue which is lapis lazuli pretty sure i feel like i always get fooled with this but no its ok to mix these two purple tints mix this with glass not purple glass i need glass all the way around the outside , No?
building a mini ender dragon in minecraft hardcore
Oh that's annoying. I don't want to use as much. My gosh, I thought I was like in the turtle enclosure or something or I was on my cloud. banners like that here we go, we may have some time to do some extra little work around town as well because it's not looking fantastic at the moment. I mean this and the Enderdragon looks fantastic which shows everything else. I just want to make sure everything looks extr. a fab I just put that in there and then you put the final dragon egg on top of that is what I'm talking about let's see what this bad boy looks like from below come dig do your best I'm going too fast so I don't want


it breaks again.
I create something fantastic. I think this will look good. Yeah, oh, it looks good. Nameless dog. Oh what do you think? maybe he can have a sealant and his eyes look funny they look sick. I am very satisfied with it. I need something like that because it's like a purple glitter. I could move one of our beacons but that's going to be incredibly expensive to do and do like purple through the dragon egg that would look so cool actually if I do that move one of my beacons it's going to cost a lot of material to be able to do that because got it these are really cheap because they are in a triple i could do that what can i use for her eyes and would it probably be better for her eyes I think something clearer or maybe some quartz so you don't really get much quartz.
Perhaps a birch button would look better? I know his eyes are black but I think to be able to see him from up here he'll look better with birch buttons I've got some birch wood I don't think come on I'm going to get my stuff back so I think I put most of it in here I didn't eat it diorite glad i found a use for that right where is the cut if i put it oh the top is already here never mind birch planks where are you um not sure i think they are here oh i just thought of something else i wanted huh I don't think I'll have time to do it today?
But I came up with a cool little idea of ​​a way that I can transport myself through the bottom, so there's, oh my God, you're lightning down here, this, this. it's been here the whole time and I haven't realized it, you know how many times I've run past that madman, what he was saying was a way to transport me through th The bottom could be through a horse. I could have different horses in the background because you can use boats which is very fast but getting all the blue ice will be a pain in my ass so you my friend could be one of my new hires. very soon, but what are you going to do if we use horses?
It will be faster than running and can also save us from starvation, which is really annoying when I'm running on nether all the time and want my nether to do it. be a bit more organized currently it's a bit crazy as you saw in the previous episode when we were trying to find the other one to get to the final portal this is also my first time thinking of Burch that's a bit embarrassing don I don't think I'm going to need much. I just need to push a button, but save the trees guys, save the trees.
They must take the saplings and replant them. no this going on here i think im going to replant this tree go save the trees save the trees team trees yeah and you can see the egg from here too it definitely needs something on its face look at this horse - there are so many horses here i could become skeleton horses how do i do that? Don't I need lightning for that to happen? Which means I need a trident for that to happen. Okay, that's a project. It is definitely a project. they have to be skeletal horses because you know it's the bottom one, it's the undead realm that I already destroyed too.
I didn't even talk about it in the previous video. I have a stack of levels right now. 64 beastly levels and at some point I have to kill this farmer. I really don't want to, but to be honest, he's not doing his job properly, so I'm going to have to take his life. I'm sorry sir, I hope he did. You don't hear me but this is what it looks like, oh yeah I remembered what it was g I'm going to see the face of the final dragon. He has purple eyes but he looks straight ahead but I like how cute he is on the sides umm. wool within frames of items that might work.
I'm going to try that too. I still have a little bit of purple dye and I have some wool here, so let's go for purple wool. Where is it? I could use another hunt. this for me. I get new recipes all the time. Also some of you commented that I have given a better bed to the villagers and myself which is completely true so I need to upgrade my bed at some point too ok? here we go alright i need a couple item frames real quick oh we're running low on these well it looks like these cows might be in a little trouble very soon double item frames i don't even know if this is going to look ok but i feel like we should at least give it a try because it just doesn't look right right now and then we can add the stone buttons as the nostrils because the gate dragons have the big kid nostrils sounds weird right let's take this off , sir, it depends if we can see this from that far away it looks great, um, in the front it would look weird, right? let me try it I think the front would look a little weird how we look how we look how we look inside I've tried both to see which one looks better I think the sides I definitely think the side is best for sure let's take this off don't fall please that caused me a lot of pain ok we do that and that and then we can put the buttons in their nostrils in the front that's much better if there was something on top and removing it could someone count how many times i've fallen off here that's crazy one thing i wish you could do is have something that emits particle effects what else other than a nether portal creates some kind of potion effects you know like the particles because I believe it. it will be great to have some kind of partic like to drip off their wings but i don't think i can do that because such a thing doesn't exist and you can't end a pool tool another board too even you can't put it on its side like this that i couldn't try to hide it and make the particles come out which would be great here we go there's our finished ender dragon oh it looks so much better it still looks weird from down here but from my house this is going to like a masterpiece absolute masterpiece how are we looking there we go egg dangling under the harness around the final dragon i think thats beautiful guys what do you think i want to see it one night?
Actually, I haven't done it yet, so we'll do it. wait to see it one night and we also need to store the dragon head when we get it. My first idea was to make a


ender dragon so probably like 10% the size of this you could have the actual ender dragon head as the head but I think I'll attach it here when I have it but that's a bit of a little far before we summon the ender dragon next we have to go to the final city but now i'm thinking about the skeleton horse idea i really want to try that so i just looked and we're going to need Well we're going to need a Trident that's going to be hard to find because the one drowned farm I tried to get to work didn't work at all, um, slow us down, no, I want to, dude dude, how are you dude?
Come on and check out the farm because I didn't show you at all I recorded a whole episode it was


the drowned funk so I wanted the gold from them because it has a drop and then it just didn't work out so I want to try making that Does it work to try to get Trident now or will I have to edit it so it appears more choked up later. Not sure how I'm going to do it but I need a farm and also ironically I also need gold so the plan is to get a trident that has enchant channeling which sadly can't go with Riptide which is the one that allows you fly everywhere we're going to have the leeches anyway soon you'll channel and then when it rains which it rains quite often in this term in this world we can use the trident to summon lightning wherever it lands and we go to do lands next to a horse and then we farm skeletal horses until we have enough to use to travel across the abyss.
I think that will be the best they can do. I need you to stay here for a second, can you stay in this water? Please, I'm going to go see my farm. Then, when it is night, we must go back and see our ender dragon at night. See if it really shines. If not I'm going to shoot a beacon through it and even get a new beacon which means killing the wither again but I've already done that three times so I don't think I've shown you this before but here's what I did. It's a cool little design. it just doesn't work that well so i caught a villager geez i'm drowning i'm drowning g help so i caught a villager and put him in these little pods down here which actually wasn't as hard as it seems and then the idea is that the drowned spawn are drawn to the villager before they catch the villager they get sucked into the magma blocks and then the idea is that we sit underneath and just hit the Drowned that gets sucked down here because the bubble vortex is going down like our water lift down we just hit the Drowned and then you get the droplets which are collected above by this minecart down here which amazingly still goes sadly all Kortright our fish I think something I could do to fix it is add more flat land around it or stay here overnight.
I'm not 100 percent sure because there isn't enough land. I didn't actually drown a spawn. I think I got one caught when I initially built it which is when I thought it was working but for some reason it's not showing it's just fishing that fish is sinking and has to die soon that's unfortunate we escaped his man and his legends yeah i think i might need to make a bit more flat ground because when i was


it they said to go for flat ground but i dont want it to be too far away so i probably need to flatten it a bit anyway i need to convert that at some point, he just wanted them to know that he existed. even though i didn't show the episodes i built it on because it was a waste it didn't work it failed dude dude you better behave yeah sweet alright let's gohome i want to see my ender dragon arm in its entirety mate at night you can really see that thing from miles away we need to trade it in for something cool if i can wrap it with some other material to make it look like a dna helix you dont know what it is look it up among scientists. we will know but i think it will look great you can see this more than you i could see the beacon which is crazy this is the perfect timing friend thank you as always for your services my friend please don't run over the cats that wasn't very nice with a caretaker i doubt it little kitty here we go the night is coming i hope those sea lanterns are enough light otherwise i'll have to go and throw some torches in there but they work pretty well on billboards to be fair let's wait till It gets dark and let's see what it looks like there.
If it looks pretty lit to be honest with you I didn't want mobs to spawn on it that was my main concern and you know what I think is going to be okay check out that nice egg below. I would love it if we could. use a beacon on that and i'm worried that the beacon will hit the egg and it won't work. He would have to change some of his innards to glass for it to work, but I think a beacon that would flow through it would be awesome. turn on the egg it would look beautiful but i'm going to have to try and see I don't want to do that, I mean I have to try and see if we can get a lighthouse through an egg.
I don't know if it's possible to be honest, but there you go, there's our celebration and shrine to celebrate our The dragon egg will soon hold the second end dragon head, dragon boys. I hope you enjoyed this episode. i need to go hunting for a trident because it's one of the only items we don't have right now which is bad and then we're going to go to N city to get the elite rusalka boxes all that good stuff i think now that we have the second end portal at the end we can make it even more efficient with a kill farm so we should probably do it soon if you want more beacons guys thanks so much for watching this episode if you enjoyed it please leave a like this we appreciate it a lot all there all there mobs everywhere wait a second lo ok the more all my towns are safe I hope they are I should probably sleep this is a bit scary for him even though he's in a glass dome, it's pretty scary, they're all gonna burn now, i hope they burn, burn, punks, they all burn.
I think we might bombard you, thanks so much for watching, please leave a like if you enjoyed, please subscribe if you are new to the channel to keep up with this series and also new videos almost every day, hope you enjoyed. an amazing day and see you all on the next one yeah swing wagon sails canvas of a full elastic band

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