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Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets | 2023 Week 1 Game Highlights

Sep 12, 2023


started so it's already a bit of a change for Buffalo with two tight ends tonight here's Deontay Hardy who started the play in the backfield and the former Saints who used to be Deontay Harris Pearl behind the digs the ball is coming of the fourth attempt. DJ Reed comes out quickly in coverage, gets it, takes it out of bounds near the 40. The projection breaks and time runs down, Rogers goes in the bag for Leonard Floyd Allen gets out of trouble, makes a move and gets the first try uh that's what you say your grandkids around here are cooks on first down,


on second down and four passes caught by digs to the 30th. throwing down, go John Franklin Myers got it on third down at the 15th.
buffalo bills vs new york jets 2023 week 1 game highlights
Allen's pass is caught by Harris and Damian Harris is short yards on first down. brought down by Mosley and the bass hits him through Blitz coming off the


, Wilson hangs up and finds his man Lazard first, takes down the Jets and a good shot from Wilson, there he is again, cutting through and making the save, Milano with Alvin Cook had no chance. third down to nine Wilson to his right is tripped and captured Jordan Phillips caught him Alan looking to the left goes to throw Hardy down the field tackled and picked up intercepted by Whitehead the handoff is to drag there they go the underpants run out of gas and are knocked down inside the 15 by Benford Wilson throws it in and ends up on his back Milano with pressure, thanks Chip Shot for zirline as he throws it in from the 26.
buffalo bills vs new york jets 2023 week 1 game highlights

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buffalo bills vs new york jets 2023 week 1 game highlights...

Congratulations Chris Jones. I know he just got the new winner of his contract. Williams got one this offseason and here's Diggs. He misses the tackle and digs in, he's going to get a first down, a third down and two, he wasn't there on the right for Allen and he goes left, he's going to get it with his legs, he didn't turn that loose throw to cook. and a good run picked up more than 10 and they can still play Allen's The Run play action, good pass protection caught by Gabe Davis, perfect throw and Davis down near the 10.
buffalo bills vs new york jets 2023 week 1 game highlights
They want to throw to Allen, he throws to Scott for a touchdown . The first touchdown of the night and the throw dates to cook up a good block got the lead on a first down, but in order to get on the field like you said with Dwayne Brown and the left tackle, he had to move to the right side. Here's one. he picks up the middle and intercepts, that's Milano and Matt Milano is going to draw a flag when he faced Zach Wilson, we'll go back and review that Wilson interception, here's Cook, he comes out and James Cook tiptoes down the sideline, but he throws a flag not enough air third down now Allen takes off he moves away from the tackle can't hear and that will bring fourth down Quincy Williams couldn't bring him down a gain of seven here after just four plays it's been falling flat for everyone involved, one down of 34 yards and it's good from Tyler Bass, who is two for two tonight, third down and ten just make it before the play clock expires on passes, a fastball for a strike to Garrett Wilson, who has been don't worry. of 12.
buffalo bills vs new york jets 2023 week 1 game highlights
Aaron Rodgers goes down after his fourth play of the night, Wilson takes it to Hall and Brace will make his way to the 35. It's the offensive line allowing the pass rush to come up the field and then Grecia Hall finds the crease . Here's Cook on the right side behind Beckton, he gets Wilson into trouble and he's able to get rid of his flags, good cross, good grip, good kick, but you've got to get the ball off him and that's what this


will require tonight. , second and 11. and he is able to complete it, he is only able to get away on the pass caught by Dawson Knox.
The pass rush gets the ball out quickly on a good play on second down and a cook goes sideways on first down forced out by Reed Allen and gets rid of it by the In the middle, Whitehead picks it up again, the Touchback takes it to 20 and we'll see if Wilson can do something with his arm, look to the left, set the screen to cook and Dalvin cooks with full steam until 35. really thinking you're going to play yours, you're always prepared, but under pressure , below, flag waves as Carter catches and is short on yards on first down, keep an eye on 47 Bryce Huff, so good off the edge, quick throw. caught passes football, get it, Quincy Williams tackled him, what a game for 56.
Better ending to this great story of a remarkable young man, here's Hall doing everything he can to break tackles and get about nine yards up the left side that the whites could not bring. he brings down Zach Wilson under pressure and is crushed at 31. to give Zach Wilson somewhere to go with the ball, here's the cook, he's been very busy and looked excellent tonight for the tickets and it's Williams' Blitz, this he gets thrown to the edge and we'll see where they put him latavius ​​Murray this is a kick Guess who number three for number three what night for Jordan Whitehead longest completion tonight 22 yards to Lazard Wilson wide open it's racerd first down ten Jets and se makes way in on 30. third down, quick setup, quick throw on the pass, caught for first down, there he is, Garen Wilson, Garrett Wilson, wow what a catch, touchdown


, that kid is awesome, no There is a way to get your right hand out and then concentrate and roll it up. incredible Allen lost the ball goes out and the Jets recover it the call is a fumble The Jets cook the ball very close to the official Running it doesn't look like he picked it up according to that yellow line Wilson makes it as conservative as possible be the Michael Carter's carry his third attempt back a gain of six Mr. line second attempt and three off the edge Blitz Allen completes Gabe Davis Allen shoots and finds Stefan Diggs for the first attempt Far Cry from where they were in Buffalo at the end of that loss to Cincinnati in the playoffs and there it is again, but it's a flag on the play and it will be against Diggs for pushing the sauce Gardner's fast interference Offense number 14 10-yard replay penalty First round Pressure from the edge of Adams' pass is complete Diggs inside the 45 attacks on Reed at the bottom and that's where Allen leaves out complete The Jets have a timeout, they don't take it quickly Sprite is a good third down and 12.
Allen slides the pass incomplete read on attacks of coverage the target on fourth down Sam Martin Corrals the center is a short punt Gibson on the close return I don't see any Flags Gibson inside the 30. hit the Jets and he will go alone to win it touchdown rookie Xavier Gibson game over the foreigner made some moves with the chance to rot in front of him as he delivered the key block, Martin couldn't take him down.

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