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BTS chill playlist: study, relax (estudiar, relajarse, dormir)

Jan 21, 2022
foreign foreign is you for is foreign foreign now you are baby it's alright foreign foreign my good very good too we are together forever foreign foreign together forever tell me we are together here we go with you foreign is when you touch me because you love me touch me now just leave me just leave me now just leave me alone leave me it's not just let me love let me love you you are foreign but foreign me foreign foreign well foreign look good me oh i know i lost my weight ok i'm fine oh huh foreign m no yes my friends again foreign dream foreign like me oh dream me dreaming daddy first place foreign first first time so far so far oh foreign boy is foreign oh a pretty woman yes a pretty woman got it's me love in the business yo it's alright hey foreign me hi i just wanna blow you away me baby again i want you feel r alright baby baby ok ok foreign girl oh um oh foreign foreign oh baby baby be be baby baby baby baby baby rewind baby baby baby baby baby foreign foreign we have a super good foreign oh my god oh oh kkk it's alright it leaves me feeling sick it spins me and drives me crazy my your name is I fill your name in this universe i wish i was me oh it's oh the slowest creature in the world i never told anyone this foreign it's ok no more no more foreign you got caught every foreign foreign foreign so the only one no more no more baby no more no more foreign foreign hey it's oh nice oh myself um i'll love myself yes myself oh foreign foreign to your foreign foreign is oh when foreign i'm a i've been trying to tell you this i was supposed to tell you this this is all for you foreign me oh foreign me is is
bts chill playlist study relax estudiar relajarse dormir

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