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BRUTAL PODCAST - Dr. Subramanian Swamy On 2024 Elections, Corruption, PM Modi & Politics | TRS 406

May 18, 2024
this man and secretly fired him. The general dismissed. in a letter from someone in India, so I've stood my ground where it mattered, but if someone says I care, damn, I only care about the audience. What I'm dealing with, okay, I can't believe I'm asking you This, you know based on your political history and you know all your educational qualifications, this is word on the ground, okay, so I'm bringing forward a very human question. Yes, one of the first things that comes up is for your daughter to marry into a Muslim family. How do you feel about that?
brutal podcast   dr subramanian swamy on 2024 elections corruption pm modi politics trs 406
First of all, she has every right to choose who she wants to marry, that makes it very clear. Yes, second, I think. my daughter was the dominant factor in that marriage because there was no muslim ceremony for her marriage, in fact her sagay, as it is called engagement ceremony, was performed by the priests of the hindu hindu community Arya samaji, her mother is also Arya Samaji and his father, who was Foreign Secretary, Salman Hayer. I asked her when and how we would deal with this marriage and she said it's all H this whole religion thing all this h Focus I'm an atheist, she didn't say atheist. non-believer or something so you do what you want, in fact I considered that Hindu marriage was fine and at least the engagement which is the crucial part was done by the laws of Arya samaji and by Arya Sami, the very famous priest and the mother.
brutal podcast   dr subramanian swamy on 2024 elections corruption pm modi politics trs 406

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brutal podcast dr subramanian swamy on 2024 elections corruption pm modi politics trs 406...

I was very happy that my wife was Pary and, um, Parses were in Revolt. Surprisingly, neither my father, mother nor any Hindu were in Revolt because the Pary Community has that kind of status in our community, but the fact is that I said that we will get married. We were both in America, we were both at Harvard, we called a Buddhist priest and got married, so I think these are technicalities about marriage, how did you feel when your daughter first came and told you that I was not, I I like the boy and I like the father and I knew he was a left-wing official, he became foreign secretary, ambassador, etc., and he was a man of great knowledge, so I enjoyed talking to him.
brutal podcast   dr subramanian swamy on 2024 elections corruption pm modi politics trs 406
I knew him before the two came my daughter and son got together his son got together and um I'm serious I didn't see any difference and I also tell people that all the DNA of all Muslims in India is the same as that of Hindus, meaning their ancestors were Hindus. Why are you crying? Would you be happier if she had married an Italian like some have? As you know, she has the same culture as us. Muslims and Hindus have more or less the same culture. So I don't have that against me. What I am arguing when I speak on behalf of Hindus is how Hindus should unite because they are divided on so many falsehoods that have been perpetrated during the British period that all of that should be shaken. and Hindus know their real history and their true uh you know their religion that's your core philosophy that you want you're able to articulate yeah I articulate tell people I tell them you know people say you know that the Hindus have treated their women badly.
brutal podcast   dr subramanian swamy on 2024 elections corruption pm modi politics trs 406
I know they take Dy this I said, tell me among our gods um the most important portfolios are with women uh sarasti is with education dur is with defense and uh you know who is with finance lakmi and then of course it was the fiercest of The fighter was Ki, all of them were women, so can you find any other religion that gives women this kind of position? The status we give to mothers. All this was forgotten during the British and Mul periods, and that is what the average Indian wants to revive. Muslim who is trying to help grow his own career, his own family's quality of life, his own nation's well-being and I've met countless Muslims like that over the course of the


, uh, I'm just talking about The Average Muslim should worry about your physical or emotional safety in India in the next 10 years.
By the way, there are many Muslims in the BJP and they have become MPS ministers etc., both at the center and in the state, I think. Since then there has been a deliberate attempt to create a situation where Muslims feel that they are only safe with the Congress party, you see, and then they were coddled by the Congress. Public relations is a result of public relations, not public relations. actually they were given, if they supported the Congress, they were given a lot of good things, so to speak, and they were also taken care of, the police were much more willing towards them, what it created was a feeling in the Hindus and that's how Hindu consolidation took place and now we have the BJP, which has come to power, you know, largely due to Hindu consolidation, but as of now Hindus are more interested in the Renaissance in Hinduism and among the Hindus and then in the reform.
Muslims, but there are also nations on our borders who do not want this Friendship between Hindus and Muslims and are playing a huge role in creating the drift. Yes, look at the Maldives, I mean this little country that we saved from being. taken over by terrorists is now giving us sermons and they have brought the Chinese, they brought Chinese troops, so it is a Muslim country and they have used this extreme Muslim thing, there are countries that are very, very difficult for the United States, but for the India are very, very well disposed, that is Iran because they are fish, there is a difference between fish and Sunnis and the Shia population in India is very, very understanding, there are boras and many different sects of Islam, except the line hard.
The Muslims who are called forget what they were called, they are the ones who cause the problem or create this whole feeling that we are being persecuted, that we are being denied and so on. We were in the partition that was created for those Muslims who did not. They don't want to live with Hindus, those Muslims who wanted to live with Hindus and didn't want to go to Pakistan, now they are there, suddenly, there are people Defenders who say no, no, we are Muslims, it is a different country, it is a different body. group and so on Beware Hindus, you can never trust Hindus, these are the kind of discussions that happen in these extremist gatherings, uh, there is an outbreak of things like very intense Hindu Muslim riots that will happen in the next 5 to 10 years if tensions continue to build up, do you have anything to say about it?
No, if there is BJP, there will be no outbreak of riots among Hindu Muslims, if there is BJP and if there is Congress, they will do it themselves, they have been doing it in the past. There are many reports, investigative reports available that show that most of the riots were caused by the Congress man. Do you interact with Rahul Gandhi? Have you ever interacted? I have never interacted. His father was a great friend of mine, that's why I asked you yes, but his mother has no choice. He has been working for all the anti-Indian forces in the past, so I want to say that I have nothing to do with his mother and I have nothing to do with him or his sister. right, and by the way, I'm prosecuting them for


in the National Herald case from a media perspective, sir, you are our headline machine honestly because in


not many people are talking about this openly and this, uh, I'm trying to find one more nuance. word for toughness, but you're pretty


with your thoughts, you're pretty direct, yeah, your basic input to the journalist was that you know you guys aren't brave, you guys don't talk openly about things, yeah, um, now as a


er first of all.
I'm not a journalist at all. I don't have that title. I studied engineering. I am here simply to understand the world. The theme of this podcast is curiosity. A very raw question for you, how do you expect us to have? that kind of bravery, do you really think we can be openly and


ly like you? Yes, yes, if you read the Bhagad Gita. I mean, the short answer is and I'll give you a longer answer. If you read Bhag, you will never be afraid. about anything look first of all you have to have philosophy what do you want many things but what is it in life Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that you only have freedom of action but the results of it I decide that sometimes you do it very well you work and you don't get anything, sometimes you don't work and you get a lot, therefore you work for a goal, but feel satisfied that you have done the best you could, if you have that M, you will never be afraid of anyone, what do they do? people in political positions of power specifically like the cabinet or the top of the world of


I am also talking about the opposition in their experience, everyone receives feedback or it depends totally on the human being no, it depends on how if today's cabinet could say maybe one or two I can exempt, but all the others are picked up because they would be a cat because they will not have a backbone, they are not people who, as you know, have the right to become ministers.
Modi has selected such people, so what do you expect from them? Never do anything to upset Modi, they will always be watching to see what he wants and will only act if he tells them to act like that, but according to you there are two or three names that are two and you cannot name them. I can name them, one is rajat and the other is gari, these two people can stand up, but then only Al, how much can they do to stand up? Like what, yeah, they can speak frankly, say this can't be done, this can't be done.
If they believe something is wrong, yes, they are capable, but they are not listened to. Have you heard of cases where they have tried to talk? Yes, I mean, not publicly and that is perhaps due to the discipline of the RSS. system that is very strong uh they um have spoken but in private and they have told me do you feel a healthy team spirit at this moment there is no healthy TR it is a Modi and then Sano Panza you know what Sano Panza is Cruso Robinson? you have to I know Robinson Cruzo but I have never heard of that word man Friday ah okay okay then Mr.
Amit sha and rest is all you know they have to obey have you interacted with Amit sha no it's not necessary he no no There is no point, I know what he has done in Gujarat and I don't think I would want to meet him. Would you like to watch a podcast with them with PM Modi? If you fix it, I will definitely go. Alright. I will give it to you. My very innocent and perhaps amateur and perhaps novice reading of the situation. My personal angle is that I feel that traditional journalism in many cases approaches these types of interactions in a very combative way rather than in a curious and search-oriented way.
I'm sure you're feeling that feeling right now as we speak, it's open, uh, you're so different. I've certainly felt that, thank you sir, uh, I personally think everyone should be allowed to express their nuanced opinions, you know everyone. Expressing opinions just for headlines should not be allowed. There are a lot of assumptions that people make about yourself, that people make about Amit Sha, that people make about PM Modi, and I think they can be resolved to a large extent if you are able to. talk in a civilized way like this or even if it's a debate instead of you guys going on a news channel, everyone should be on the r show and I should be able to make you guys, in a neutral way, at least talk, that's what that young people want, that's what The public also wants to be sure that would definitely be available for that, but these two won't be that's why you ask them, they don't think they need this kind of thing at all.
I think everyone aligns or I mean, me. the only one who has been allowed to stay so far you know, I mean, I know that in the journey of a politician there are two aspects: governance and administration and then the other aspect is


, now


are about winning more votes, effectively win a person's vote. Usually touching the heart in some way, it's fair to say. I think they could reach more people's hearts if they spoke openly because there is a lot of mystery around them right now in terms of hearings that have become very, very acute, for example.
We also have a podcast in Hindi. It has become more difficult for me to do the Hindi podcast than the English podcast. Yes I agree with you because the masses have become very interested so I think they should come out and have a conversation like you. and I'm talking, they won't, but because by nature they weren't raised that way, take this last one from electoral bonds, electoral bonds, what's your opinion? It is a powerful scandal. I don't think I can escape it, okay, because it's a growing momentum the story, the truth, like in what I say, the story from the perspective of the media, this guy, Tru, that people were bankrupt, obviously , had dirty money and paid huge amounts and then they got government contracts when they should have been scrapped. in jail, so all these things are coming to light, not much has come out so far, but what has come out is enough to know what will come out very soon, there will be more things to come, of course, there are many aspects of this at this moment.
The United States for the first time has decided to prosecute Mr. Adani. What was Mr. Adani doing that we didn't know? But the Americans have something and no one is going to tell us until the Americans tell some of us, so the problem today basically is there is no transparency whatsoever.well, a human question, what was it like to see Mount Kash? oh, it's indescribable, it's indescribable with something changing inside you, yes, it creates a huge impact, a huge impact, like the whole picture. Indescribable so much and also that K liak is going to take a dip in it, oh my God, what pleasure you get, that's all you want. say what you know, they say that I have heard very esoteric and abstract things from many people who have seen it and who have been there, they have said that they have a new mission in life after seeing it. monte g well maybe not for me but for me I have a sense of accomplishment because I opened it, it was closed for so long and I got Mr.
T Shing to agree to open it, what is the purpose of your life? The purpose of my life is to do what I like. That's nothing more. I don't know what I like. It keeps coming and going. You know, there is no particular purpose in life. I would certainly like to see India as a very strong country that has regained all the Lost Property of India is land ownership and growing at 10% per year every 10 years for 10 years, okay, but the underlying purpose is all about his country. Yes, naturally, what do I need? I have everything I want because these imposed geographical limits.
In case the culture that gave us our identities is whatever, we know that from the Himalayas to the Indian Ocean we have been recognized in The Vedas as people too. Say no, no, Hindustan is a term given by some Muslims in the foreign, nonsense, there is in uh, in the Vas Hindustan um, so in fact, uh, the word Hindustan comes from a Hindu to this Hindu sinking, you put them together and you get Hindu Hindu when' I have to escape during the emergency, yeah, Do you want to share that story? Well, technically it's a long story, but basically what I did was the first time, when the emergency was declared, I went underground and hid and then I traveled around the country in disguise really yeah yeah where were you hiding I was hiding several houses because the RSS has houses everywhere because their swks are available and of course my dress I changed the fake d and a sardinian thing and I toured the country and suddenly J prash Naran messaged me saying listen you are touring the country it has no value For us, what we need is where you go and spread propaganda and that is the best place is the United States, England, here you read this press, you listen to your BBC. here, so we go to England and the United States and campaign and tell people what is happening because we all receive information that people do not believe that 140,000 people have been imprisoned for no reason or cause, so I went to the foreign. first going from Madras to Columbo and then flying to London uh and then I went to the United States and campaigned of course Harvard gave me my teaching job back so I had money and also if you weren't afraid for the safety of your family in India , well, I mean.
I have a very tough wife, she herself has written a book about life on a roller coaster, on a roller coaster with Swami and something, it's a best seller, so she was, she's a tough lady, she's a pary, but she is a, you know, a very tough lady and she raised two children little children suas uh who was then two years old and Gali was then five years old and she raised them uh so um yeah it was 20 months of being without her and uh I was then I decided one day that there are almost no demonstrations there anymore, people think that everything is closed, so I must do something, so I thought the best thing is to return to India, enter parliament, give a short speech and disappear from again to let the world know that we have such a massive situation.
Red that Swami can come despite 18 cases under his head interpolate notice everything he came to India and went to Parliament and all these people just looking for AUST and then he disappears, they can't find him and he ends up in America again so that completely destroyed Mrs. Gandhi's. I think you know that everyone agrees that all the trains are on time and all the buses are on time that sort of thing, so Mrs. Gandhi's decision to stand for election arose from that incident of mine and because and then she lost okay, uh, this has been a very bold podcast, sir, that's it, that's your problem, not mine, uh, although, is it my problem, is it my problem, no, when It says bold, I can only say for myself, it's natural to say what I think, you know?
I constantly think about this: What is the purpose of life and career in media? I'm going to erase the memory of this podcast and I'm going to go in and try to ask him what I feel on the spot, which is what I tried to do here with you, so I really hope I've done justice to your mind and the words from your heart. I'm sure he has done a very good job and has extracted a lot of information from me. No, no, thank you for being so open, sir. I literally don't think about the 650th podcast we recorded.
I don't think anyone has been that open, so that's a compliment, I appreciate that you allowed us to, you know, patiently extract the right information, much respect, sir, believe me. I feel, like I said at the beginning, that there are a lot of young listeners who are watching it for the first time, so thank you for beating their brains in a little bit, I appreciate your presence, okay, thank you, sir, hello J, that was the episode with Dr. Swami and something tells me that I will be recording an episode with him once again, so please first and foremost, tell me what you thought of this one.
Leave your suggestions and questions in the comments section below. I will be heading to New Delhi very soon to ask you all these questions. I hope you enjoy today's podcast. I gained much of my own political education through all of these episodes. Honestly, I think it's very, very important for all of us to get multiple inputs when forming our own political opinions, whether you're so-called right or so-called left or so-called Pro BJP or so-called anti-BJP or so-called Pro AAP or the so called anti-subramanyan Swami first listen to all sides of the argument first fill your head with facts and fill it with perspectives so I hope You are enjoying this political series as much as I enjoy recording it.
TRS will be back soon. Dr. subramanyan Swami will return to TRS very very soon.

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