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Brookhaven Adventures with Titi Games, Goldie & Baby Bloxy

Jun 11, 2021
Oh, you're so cute, look, she's jumping everywhere. Should she sit me here? Tiki. Okay, the shopping cart is pretty heavy now with you two sitting here making a really poppy noise. Don't worry. I'm practically an expert in driving aids. Someone help me, what do I do? Where is the hospital? Hey guys, we're Titty and Goldie and today we're playing at Brookhaven. You guys always asked us to play and to be honest, Bloxburg is getting a little boring and we love it so far, especially because. everything is great, yeah, she loves everything about Brookhaven and here's little


, she has her little playpen here or whatever, they have the cutest


furniture and she's happy to applaud, yeah, I think she likes it like this new place, oh you're so cute, look


. she's jumping all over the place i should sit here tiki oh oh there's a random


oh and look how cute roxy is crawling she crawls so much better here you're right well actually we have a lot to do so we should probably tell Goldie what happened and Who is that random baby?
brookhaven adventures with titi games goldie baby bloxy
There are random babies coming in and out of your house. I don't know, but I'm rocking it. I really am. I'm enjoying all these new poses and stuff like that. Look tiki. I can finally do a perfect backflip. Oh. Look at you, I'm tired, we should really start moving, this is getting a little boring, yeah, we should probably leave, I need to find a job, you need to go to school, the blocks, you need to go to daycare, wait, the fire of the house is reported in the residence number. 12 that's our house our house is on fire what do we do I don't know how to call 9-1-1 stop, fall and roll the door is closed I don't know how to open it I don't know how to open it Okay, I'm panicking.
brookhaven adventures with titi games goldie baby bloxy

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brookhaven adventures with titi games goldie baby bloxy...

Should we call 9-1-1? Do we need to call the fire department? I don't know what to do and how our house is on fire. We were here for about 10 minutes, I don't know, but what about those little people who were trapped inside the house? I'm also very confused. I hope you are well. Okay, get out. Yes, I see them go. Why do they go back there? Why are there people entering the fire? No and where did you get that horse? He's my new horse, peanut thing. Someone is blatantly trying to deceive and hurt us. There is only one way to deal with this.
brookhaven adventures with titi games goldie baby bloxy
Walk away, walk away, Goldie, where did you get that from? Save it, yes, it's supposed to be like that. a fire extinguisher or a fire alarm in the house, please tell us in the comments. I don't see anything and, frankly, I don't know what to do, but just run away, up Peanut Kitty, up Goldie, get your hearts out of the house. I guess we'll just have to get on with our day because I can't figure this out, so the first thing we'll do is go to the grocery store because our refrigerator is empty, full of stains and Goldie.
brookhaven adventures with titi games goldie baby bloxy
We're always hungry, so I'm going to go here in our new car, which was also a lot of fun. I'm wrong and where is Goldie? I think he's on his horse. Oh, this car is going a little slow. Okay, we're at the supermarket. store and it's so cute, yes they have doritos, this supermarket is so much better than Bloxburg, sorry, not sorry, oh look, Bloxy fits inside the basket, it's so cute, well let's go shopping, this apple is really good, it's a little sour, okay, I'll definitely buy some. doritos and you have to pay for it before you eat it,


, oh there's pizza and we can work here, okay, we're definitely going to get pizza.
We all love pizza so much, there's ice cream, you may not have an ice cream maker, Goldie, but you can. buy your ice cream right here look, I can sit in the basket too oh how nice but now it's quite heavy most of you are too heavy in the shopping cart oh there are sandwiches I'm hungry I want the sandwich oh what's that yellow thing? It's a little weird and suspiciously crunchy, yeah, I don't know what that yellow stuff sticking out of your sandwich is, but it can't hurt, we're having some milk and I think we're fine, maybe a little fruit, yeah, this sandwich.
It's definitely weird, well now that we have our shopping, oh wait, there are chocolate bars, Reese's pieces are the best, oh I love Reese's pieces, okay, but don't eat too much, okay, I guess Let's check ourselves here and then leave them. Goldie at daycare, not me, bloxy, sorry, I said cool, I always get your name mixed up sometimes, typical mom, okay, bloxy, this is a daycare, oh, it looks a little empty,


, put that away, but what are you doing? Sorry, I only see people playing like this. like thieves and stuff and it looks really fun, okay, so let's leave the blocks in the nursery, stop falling on the floor, sorry, I really like this animation, yes, she likes these gestures too much, so let's go Let's leave Bloxy at daycare and wait for Goldie to slide her in.
You're being really weird. Wow, there's no one at the check-in desk. I guess it's okay to leave Bloxy here. I mean, after all, it's daycare and it's like Bloxy's nap time. so this works out good bloxy we'll pick you up in a bit have fun we have a lot to do so we should go bye boxy behave yourself don't play with guns oh my god it's pretty sure they have a fair pool next to the nursery children can completely drown. Wow, the slide is awesome, so why is there a car? This is so random, which is why we were recommended to get a bank account before starting work so our money could be deposited into a small account and stuff.
So first we'll go to the bank. This is very official. Brookhaven Bank. And there's no one here. But I'm going to open an account. Can I get one too? I think I'll get a rose. figure out how to rob a bank, Goldie, we can't get in trouble our first day here, oh look, I can use it on the ATM and everything I'm trying to hack into the banking system so we can steal some money, Goldie, can we? can? I don't do that, but I see people doing this here all the time, oh my god, what is this?
I tricked you, this is the Brookhaven bank, okay, I'll watch the door, you take the money, no, we're not robbing a crazy person. but that's what that's where all the people on youtube rob the


bank come on ah goldie what's up i hurt myself oh no what do we do take me tommy take me to a doctor or something i think i shot myself in the foot aid someone help what do I do where is the hospital help? We only came here to open an account and everything went wrong. I don't know where to go, Goldie, I don't know where the hospital is, but this guy looks really scary and he has a gun, okay, he's trying to shoot us, okay, there's an ice cream shop, this is the best, Goldie, look, an ice cream shop and they have all these flavors, they have birthday cake ice cream, are you cereal?
Suddenly I feel much better. of course I do, oh this is great, I'm magically cured, yes, it's a miracle, wow, the birthday cake, the ice cream is amazing, I'll eat all the ice cream in the world and I didn't even know Brookhaven had an ice cream shop. Yes, delicious, I can't believe it's completely cured, thank you, I shouted the power of ice cream, so we decided to go to the fire station and tell the firefighters about our fire in our house, although it was a little late. It's probably already reduced to ashes, and luckily for us, there's no one here either.
Where is everyone in this game? I don't know, but they have a comfortable sofa. Maybe you could work as a firefighter. Yeah, I don't know if Oh, we just got robbed, I don't even have money to get robbed, this is getting crazy, we have to go back to our vault or something, do we even have a vault where we keep our money anyway? I don't know, but we should probably go pick up Bloxy, we've left her most of the day, um, let's take the golf cart and in this game I can drive, yeah, I don't know if that's a good idea, don't worry, tj.
I'm practically a driving expert. There is a Bloxy daycare. The poor girl is still here sleeping in her crib. Yes, it is not the best quality of care. Here with this sneaker, don't you think she should drive this time? No. Oh, poor Bloxy, are you okay? Look. Her little head sticks out of the golf cart. She will be alright. Let's go home and see if our house is completely burned. Wow, Goldie! Can you try driving on the right side of the road? Trying is a bit difficult. They just said that ninja came out of nowhere. Come on, come on, maybe he's trying to rob us.
I realized that a lot of people like to steal in this neighborhood. Well, we're finally home and we don't have any. There's no more fire, so that's good and Goldie decided to take her horse. I'm going to park my horse in the driveway, okay? Who is this person on the horse? It is not like this. It's a scary lady with a gun. Okay, she's a thief. We do not. I don't even know how, oh, she's shooting Goldie, Goldie, she comes in, how do we leave her out? I don't know, someone teaches how to close the doors because people come in and steal from us and it's a little scary, don't worry.
Tiki will protect us. I've been watching a lot of videos about it. Yes, in her high chair. Well, guys, we had a lot of fun playing Brookhaven. Let us know in the comments if you want to join us in a role play. because I feel like it would be so much better if we had friends here to roleplay with, tell us that in the comments and also give us some roleplaying ideas, it was really awesome, please like and subscribe.

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