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British guitarist analyses Tracy Chapman live in 1998!

Jun 06, 2021
Hello Phil from Wings of Pegasus and welcome to another analysis video. If you enjoy this video, please like and subscribe to tonight's agenda. We'll go back to


. We'll take a look at Tracy Chapman and she'll be playing through her fast, monstrous car, so let's put Tracy on the screen and see how she fares. I wanted to take you anywhere, maybe we will get to you, maybe together we can get somewhere and that will be a place for her to stop, brothers, you have nothing to do. lose maybe let's do something myself I have nothing to prove get us out of here I'm working at the convenience store I managed to save a little money just to drive too far let's cross the border and go into town, you and I couldn't get a job, We finally saw what it means to


, we have a problem with him, but he's too Spanish, leave him, my mom went up and left him wanting more out of life than he could give us. a son Lana has to take care of him I left school fast enough so we can fly away we have to make a decision Eve tonight dies a little like that I remember we were, I left, I belong, I'm just going to jump in here because This is an example classic of a true artist in full flow and the amount of dynamic subtlety there is here because when you watch a major artist like Tracy you forget about the fact that she is finger-picking guitar and singing at the same time.
british guitarist analyses tracy chapman live in 1998
Also the subtle bass is there too and when we get into the course there's such a subtle dynamic step in the way the drums come in but the drummer uses brushes here so there's a really subtle sound to the drums but there's also a fade in and out of what could be the


ii guitars that we can see just to the left of the shot there or on the keys, but it's so subtle that it just appears and then disappears over the course, but it adds a lot and just the way


composed this whole song but also arranged it to play guitar on the verses we have the fingerstyle where we just get single notes it's a really nice arrangement the way she put together these chord voicings if I play the guitar, it's a really nice track to play fingerstyle, but then it goes into the chorus leaning into the sound and now it starts with the strumming and that's something that will work really well with this track, that's why Tracy played it. has written like this in order. having that dynamic change if it's just a vocal and the guitar, it's still going to work because you're going to go from those soft finger notes to a harder strumming sound for the choruses so you're going to get that dynamic change and then when we put all that stuff to a side in terms of the technical ability to be able to finger sing as well and the whole arrangement that Tracy came up with here, then we can look at the track as a whole because the track just listened to the lyrics and the video that I have here It actually has the lyrics underneath so you can watch this video later.
british guitarist analyses tracy chapman live in 1998

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british guitarist analyses tracy chapman live in 1998...

I'll link it in the description for you and you can watch it in full without me interrupting it too. but the story of the song and the fact that we don't get to the chorus until we're pretty far into the trap, we get quite a bit of the backstory, a lot of the story already established, she's got the skill in it. playing an instrument, playing an acoustic guitar, singing at the same time and leaving a serious message within a track is one of those things that the best singer-songwriters have those three elements and most of the time they don't need to put on a massive show and have a huge light show and it really keeps you involved that way because the song draws in on its own and that's all you need because you're following the story the whole time and having a song like this is really similar to having a book that makes you turn pages because you want to hear the next part of the story and this is where it becomes art and not music because you are involved on all levels so you can hear that lyrical content and you can connect with the track on a deeper level because you don't You get distracted by things like bad vocals, wrong chords or lack of tension and sometimes the message of a track can be lost because of those elements, maybe the vocalist is out of tune.
british guitarist analyses tracy chapman live in 1998
Now I'm hearing those off-key voices and not the lyrics and message of the song, so here's a great example of exactly how to do it and how to convey it. Life Tracy was one of those who started very early, in fact, when he was only three years old, his mother bought him a ukulele, but it was not until he was eight years old that he started playing the guitar, although he was still very young, and at that time At that point she started writing her own songs and being creative that way. One of the things Tracy said that might have inspired her to start playing guitar was watching the TV show called Hee Haw Over in the US and that comes up on my channel quite a bit because I've played some country artists and especially Roy Clark.
british guitarist analyses tracy chapman live in 1998
Check them out if you get a chance, but back to Tracy because her college years was when she was playing as much as possible busking a lot and playing in coffee shops and it was there that a guy named Brian Koppelman saw her play and This was a fellow of the same age as Tracy, but his father was named Charles Koppelman and he was a founding member of sbk Records, which was a universal label at the time and a couple of years later, after Tracy finished college, was when Charles Koppelman was instrumental in helping her sign a record deal with Elektra Records, so immediately after signing that deal, Tracy released her self-titled album and it was released to much success and was also critically acclaimed, but she performed this song fast car at the Nelson Mandela 70th birthday tribute concert. and from there, the opportunity really arose quickly and it went to number six on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.
It also went to number four here in the UK. The album as a whole went multi-platinum and also received three Grammy Awards. and Tracy also received a Grammy Award for Best New Artist let's get back to acting entertaining ourselves like a cashier another look at improving yourself by working They will promote me from the shelter five big houses and give me to each member I have a job Oh, do your children I know everything It's about maybe you and me about mine I have no plans I'm not going anywhere take the best card Oh be someone you can buy from you have to make a decision leave tonight


and die here and there we have it, what a performance So fantastic, there's not a wrong note anywhere from Tracy considering she's singing and playing at the same time.
I always say it doubles the difficulty, but another thing I want to draw your attention to that's really important from a dynamic standpoint is the switch that the drummer makes using brushes at first to get that really smooth sound, but then at the end we switch to sticks. and it's something you can obviously pay attention to when playing with drumsticks. We're going to be a lot more aggressive sounding dynamically, so we're really pushing the sound, pushing the volume and it's one of those things that you can see throughout this video when that change happens, which is why Tracy released another album in 89 years. . one in '92 and in 1995 is when he released his fourth album called New Beginning and it sold more than three million copies in the US alone and that generated the single Give me a reason and that single went to number three on the chart US Billboard Hot 100 and also won a Grammy for Best Rock Song for which he released another album in 2005 and another in 2008 and in 2015 was when his greatest hits album was released and also in 2015 he had a performance in The Late.
Show with David Letterman that blew up the internet and that was his version of stand by me and there's a bit of controversy with another artist called Nicki Minaj who is a rapper in the US and was trying to try out some of Tracy's music for one of her own songs and the song she was trying to sample was baby can I holding you and Tracy just didn't want Nicki Minaj to try her stuff and I think Tracy's not a fan of sampling anyway period and this is something That's what I've said about a lot of modern bands and especially rappers that sample great old songs and then wrap them around, the hook is the background song, it's not necessarily the rap over the top, so I think a lot of artists agree. with Tracy on that, in terms of having her own material, just taking it as a backing track and then rapping, so Tracy was totally against her tracks being sampled, but it's interesting because I didn't realize that it can be released one song, there is another song. but call it something else, for example when Nicki Minaj's song is called Sorry, while it is simply her singing, baby can I hug you, then it could have been the case that it was out of Tracy's hands due to the percentage that the record label would gain from Nicki Minaj releasing one of her songs as a different song and then getting royalties from it because she is a great artist.
I think it might have been out of Tracy's reach but at least they didn't try Tracy's song and that's what Tracy wanted but Anyway back to Tracy and a fantastic performance here all around, great songwriter, Even referring to baby, can I hold you? What a topic, he's nothing but a true artist and someone who really worked it from the ground up busking and playing in coffee shops like I mentioned a great songwriter and someone who could absolutely make a connection with a mass audience and write an album that could connect with so many people too, but thank you so much for suggesting this video for me to check out and keep.
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