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Bride "Clicked And Collected" A Husband For Herself! | Curvy Brides Boutique

Jan 02, 2022


-to-be helen lives in gloucestershire with her fiance chris and their little dog cedric i had definitely given up on love um being a single mum raising my two kids was like good this is my life now this is how it's going to be from here so no i bothered i didn't bother then love knocked on the door in the form of a delivery man chris chris was my grocery delivery man he bought my store once a week they came together from there they really bagged you yes you I




. I made our relationship. I think it's pretty amazing.
bride clicked and collected a husband for herself curvy brides boutique
We really enjoy each other's company. the first time in my life i felt really happy so i'd be lost without her you're so lovely i'm so lucky you say you're lucky and i say i'm lucky finding love unexpectedly has given helen a whole new concern about finding a wedding dress, I don't really have a particular style, as you know, we ar whatever, I feel comfortable, I really like lace, yeah, that's weird, you brought the person whose opinion you value most, your son ben, this is my son, ben, he's my youngest son, oh, it's good that you bought your son today. we won't get many guys here let's be honest no we don't know how did you meet your other half? i love it pretty vintage i like lace i love crooks i definitely rock to the sleeves being 46 im thinking if i go strapless or things like that i dont want the stage of islam mutton dress to continue oh wow shine though what you do i dont like glitter we're the queens of glitter if there's a day to shine it's your wedding day i don't know if i'm too old to shine so you shine at 46 listen leave a little glitter wherever you go i'm just ignoring that this is a strapless dress oh my god ya i love the skirt it's so princessy i really like it poof it's the kind of thing you dream of helen it's pear shaped a traditional pear shape but that's the easiest way of dressing up if you get one that has a short bodice and then it just flows because nobody knows what is dress and what is body this is really very trendy right now whether this is your cup of tea or not i don't know i like skirt p but i don't know if it's a little yeah no lace sleeveless sparkle and fun yeah we like it she loves this dress young fashionista she loves it so now i'm a little confused ben come and get stuck and then we'll come back and start the magic like this that she said she's too old for the bling in the lace dress with the sleeves but she loves the pony hair that's on every runway right now she's not too old for that ben close your eyes ok open your eyes i like it oh yeah yeah i thought i would and i don't oh my god the caravan broke apart.
bride clicked and collected a husband for herself curvy brides boutique

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bride clicked and collected a husband for herself curvy brides boutique...

I like the shape. I like the detail of the skirt, but I don't like it. I still really like the sleeves yeah maybe we'll try sleeveless maybe it's worth a try we should do another one yeah let's do it one of the things that particularly worries Helen is her age 46 I mean Helen no you are dead. however, we have to kick this diva out of her by kicking and screaming. Do you lack a little confidence in Helen? Sometimes, sometimes, in general, in my everyday life. I'm fine but yeah I like to look good and sometimes I look in there and think you look awful now I don't like being out there too much because people tend to look at you when you're fat yeah I agree that a people like to wear that, i would never go to eat in a restaurant because i would think oh my god everyone knows they are going to judge what i have ordered on the menu.
bride clicked and collected a husband for herself curvy brides boutique
I would never go into a fast food restaurant because everyone says, oh yeah, you live here all the time because the state. From the point of view, I saw you eat once, so I would really like to stay away from Eve. rything and away from the spotlight i've had horrible times and i hated everything about the way i look and everything about me but chris bought it you know he drilled it into me again that you know i'm a lady i'm a woman and i i am a beautiful woman i mean i will high five you because you are you are a beautiful woman chris is great he treats my mom great she is i feel like a princess to him too it was us for so long seeing her as so happy and stuff was like a really nice change how it feels feels like a fairy tale feels like i'm in the middle of a dream and someone's going to yell at me in a minute and wake me up helen open your eyes open your eyes oh wow wow it's me for real it's me it's me here i mean there's obviously some kind of telepathy here talk to us yeah amazing how i look so small and like a princess it's like a fairy tale movie it's perfect it's beautiful isn't it, come out and see me with that dress so. it confused me i was as expected i like this and i should like it because it's young and trendy and i thought if i deserve such a beautiful dress it should be a little more covered and a little more like hidden in the background i can't believe i actually have a shape everything i hate about me is hidden and sleeveless i just need to say 46 or you don't know what you're rocking everything else is going to Now compare it to this so yeah we'll do another one?
bride clicked and collected a husband for herself curvy brides boutique
That's definitely the next one, yeah definitely Ben Angie's mom fell in love with this dress and all Helen was saying was the dress of dreams, even on the hanger it looked great and like she could. just tell my mom to like it especially on her wedding day are you ready to see this yeah let's get it right helen open your eyes and lean in right this is just nicer not really fancy yeah that is my favorite that I have? put that much more than the other one, actually i can't believe it i see that figure belongs to me, in fact i love it, i just adore it.
I think this is really the one I'm going to walk around the island. she would have, but she looks stunning and feels amazing

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