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Brian Clough meets Don Revie in that 1974 ITV Calendar interview | ITV News

Jun 04, 2021
Good evening, Tonight the football world was stunned by the shocking


that after just seven weeks in charge, Brian Clough has been sacked as manager of Leeds United. It has been claimed that the footballers passed a vote of no confidence in him and certainly today the board made the shock decision that Clough must leave tonight in this special live schedule we are speaking not only to Brian Clough himself but also to the man who He succeeded Don Revie, the England manager, as manager of Britain's most successful football team, Brian Clough first of all Brian, what is your reaction to being sent off like this?
brian clough meets don revie in that 1974 itv calendar interview itv news
Oh, it's a very sad reaction, obviously, to be fired, as you expressed it deeply and the only way you could express it is very sad, but he said one for me personally and he believed one too. Very sad month from the point of view of Leeds Football Club and the city of Leeds. Do you feel like you've been given an opportunity at work? Well, 7 weeks is not a lot of time to have a chance at any job. I hope that mr. Revie would have much more time at his job. Well, you started with high hopes. We spoke on a show here just a few weeks ago.
brian clough meets don revie in that 1974 itv calendar interview itv news

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brian clough meets don revie in that 1974 itv calendar interview itv news...

When did you first realize it wasn't going to work? Oh, I didn't notice at all. I was always convinced until tonight that it was going to work, that it was inevitable to replace the best manager on record or in the Football League, so obviously Leeds had to get someone who was a bit special, I don't want to. to be indifferent and smug but I'm not sure who they could have improved on your record, you were the best man for the job I thought I thought you were and obviously the Leeds board did well so why what didn't work? was the main thing that went wrong.
brian clough meets don revie in that 1974 itv calendar interview itv news
Results in seven weeks. You know there's not much time to settle down when you've taken on the job of a guy who's been there for 10 or 15 years and has been considered the best. Kingpin is the father figure as the man who made everything work in seven weeks. It is impossible, totally impossible, to replace that kind of thing. If the results had been a little bit better, then obviously it would have been easier, but due to the circumstances, due to the fact that there were inherited suspensions and little billy was sent off and suspended for a long time and Paul did his injury and that guy of things you know, the results were not as good as they should have been, well, let's turn to Don Revie, do you think that If it had not been possible to take your place to replace you, I have been very, very honest.
brian clough meets don revie in that 1974 itv calendar interview itv news
I think it would be a very difficult job for anyone to do, but I feel like I'm pleasantly delighted to have won the championship last year. Going on and doing things this year was Brian Clough, the man you would have known, suppose Austin Austin don't start rushing, you asked me a question, I'm going to answer it. I think the players were there to do the job. Now if after six games they will be judged in six games, I don't know, but all I can say is that I was with these players, most of them for 10 or 11 years, I was Monday or 13 enough and basically I think they.
You are good enough to win it all this season last season I had a lot of injuries and suspensions and I was playing without four, five and six players from the first game. I knew the place of the cloth, but he calls me Ravi, I didn't know. them and I knew how to handle them and I'll juggle them and he didn't have time to do that, but the players are there and the dedicated professionals and I hadn't bothered them for 13 and a half years by saying the team was good enough, already You know, making an implicit criticism of Brian Clough, do you think Brian Clough was the right man for the job?
Tonight is entirely his direct opinion, what is your personal opinion? My personal opinion is what I said at the time before Brian accepted the job. I won't call him Clough first. I wouldn't take him down like that because I think it's a sad night for anyone in Sakata coach in any football, in any job, no one likes to see his some of him in football, I said it openly before. Someone took the job when I took the ninja, but I thought the journey to I was the man for the job just because I knew our system, they knew I worked and you, other things work and you, the other players, reacted to the things.
I knew everything because she traveled. She all over Europe with us she played matches and learned the great things of the game and I recommended that she delay because, if I may speak, that means that she was going to continue the Revit tradition that she was going to be a coach. As much as you know, Bea, I felt like double chocolate would feel it because technically they're Neal, but he was


ing for the last two or three for the job. I had taught them, although I've never talked to Bill Nick about him, but Johnny. Jones is our fault, he proved it wrong, he went to Brazil with them and did well and was fed and South America aged well with his team.
I just conveyed a personal opinion, whether at least today one of the accepts him or not, it was completely up to the charities I can only recommend him for the job they didn't accept him, they went for Brian so I can't do more than that, Well, what effect I read in that is that you were not the right man to take on this legacy. that Dom, no, no, you were totally out of line, well, you'd get it out of that, it's totally false, what I said, that I recommended, you joined, you asked for the job before anyone else, you recommended it all before the name of someone, I recommended joining G alpha.
Legion his work very apart from your own respect for your own authorities Brian Clough what you said you were the right man to take on the kind of legacy don't leave it that's a very difficult question it's like saying do you know if religion disappears from outside our way of life who takes orders it's like his style was very different from his my suppliers were used to Don Riva's style he could have been bothering my stars not different at all in the sense that I wanted success and I believed I could deliver it and my methods are 99 percent or 90 percent the same as mr. revolutions my style was exactly the same the management is 90 per cent across the country regardless of who the manager is it's the extra ten or ten per cent it's a bit special but look over the years United have been run almost like a family, like Don's sons from Don Revie, in fact, didn't you go and upset and disturb them by going for a big purchasing policy?
Well, a big vine policy. I'm not sure what I did: I bought half a wing to replace Eddie Gray, who is serious. doubts about the few of him. When I took over at Leeds I was informed that Mick Jones was not likely to be fit for the rest of the season by February or March at the latest, so I bought a reserve centre-forward in John O'Hare and all of Leeds know it. He is a very talented player. What I also did was try to give some attacking power to the Leeds machine, as I once called Don's team.
I wasn't very happy with it, but it was a magnificent machine and superbly oiled. one, but he was a machine and I gave him Duncan McKenzie to bat because I knew from the beginning that we were a little short on Peter Lorimer, Joe Jordan and Alan Clark, so the fact of big buys was not a big buy in society, it was unsettling for the players, oh, it might have been a little reassuring because they've been there a long time and one or two of them are reaching 32 33 possibly even 34, well, maybe what you have wasn't intended to this type of purchase or what have you worked on more cautiously, first of all let me answer Brian's question about aging and injuries and one thing and another, like I said, we already had this all last season, but what you must remember is that that team was discarded by the press on television in '71 with three chapters three tournaments in '71 in '72 and '73 when we lost against someone a ST Milan everyone said that's it, they finished that about the two majors and They stood with each other and Last season, with all these injuries and all these suspensions of Alan Clark and Norman and all these people, we only lost four games of the 42 in the championship and there were 29 unbeaten games since the end of the season, Are you saying that, Brian Clough?
Hawaii wasn't necessary, not in Boston, but if you're not satisfied with the edible, well, it's a managed thing, okay, let it finish right now, yeah, now, so if Brian felt after three months, how would he give them three personal months to settle down and play like wiring? Done even with Billy's eight, generates a lot of suspension, yes, but tell your ophthalmic, he said of an avid Georgian, Frankie Gray, he had world class players in the making, no, well, I juggled Frankie Gray last year, If you think Frankie did it to go play someone else. Well, class, she said, yeah, well, I think she's world class, if I had the chance, Brian, I think I might be worthless, yeah, and I think I played telly from the beginning.
This is what I'm saying, you didn't get a chance to see them. I knew them I played on TV up front with Joe Jon I played in midfield for the TV dogs uh play back up I played with him the sweeper I played with Macbeth up front uh I played Frankie grew up from outside left I know these players I felt like he should have had a chance, yeah Well, didn't Terry have a chance to find out he had stomach bug enteritis? I think he called him and he came out. He was in bed for ten days, yes, but he still did things in Georgie about the Frank Iero that didn't.
I don't play at all Brian and the thing is Mick boots yeah sorry Terry and Frankie great yeah now I feel like the disturbing part came when he didn't give these guys a chance and rightly so he has a standard for buyers. decisions oh yes, every city was going to buy, we will have a selection of teams where he will know if he has a position in the fall by what he says and what he does and brandy is sad to go to the market if something was done to the players . I'm not sure, the question that arises was whether Brian Clough was allowed to stand or fall based on his decisions.
Was he given time to carry out his policies? Was he given the support he needed from the team to do what he wanted? I would prefer that you say the board of directors to that because the team does not dictate so much that the team can have a vote of confidence or that type of thing the team is the beginning or the end or in terms of the results on the field but in terms of the trust. Confidence is essential, but the men who make the decisions are directors in football. Well, first let this team, that's what you're sure that team was playing the best they could for you.
Oh, I'm not sure with results like that. Oh, results like that, of course, they were playing the best they could, they couldn't do anything else, it was a natural thing for them, thank you, let me ask a question to everyone who lived in Leeds for five years, five years and I had never seen something like that. a disastrous start to the season, but have you ever seen a United League team in the current squad? That is doubtful and therefore this season I will not try it. They may have bad cities or miss Horton's goals, but you never accuse or insinuate the one and only Jenai.
The team never tried if there is never a playing field, a raised field with a white jersey that never tried, you may know that, but again, there will not be certain goals. I may fail by doing bad things, but it is never untracked. Okay, I accept that, but there have been claims that there was, in fact, a vote of no confidence or something close to what was approved by the players. Right, that's absolutely right. Well, how did you react to that? Oh, I wanted to be sick, no, I wanted to be sick, if you had. a vote of no confidence in the people you work with in that way I assume you would react exactly the same I felt bad, what was the main reason?
Do you think I don't know what the main reason was? I think you know the fact that I didn't have time to meet them and this kind of thing, I honestly think that whoever came in would have had the same thing plus the fact that our only other incidents were going against it, that is, the results of that type of things. which I have already pointed out and the main thing that was, let's launch at this point of the vote of no confidence, how do you react when the players, in fact, approve a vote of no confidence against the coach after such a short period?
Quiet night, he's been playing for as long as I've known them, they must have had a very good reason for doing so, they will respect his brain and they must feel and say what I feel about these new players, they must have had a very good reason for doing so. That's why I don't know, I had enough mental problems with the job in England, whatever the reasons, you tolerate players acting that way, but the coach's job is impossible. No, I do not at all approve of players doing that in any club because I think it is totally wrong and I think it is wrong to hear it, but I cannot understand why the legend I will close if the bands said what he said if they voted a vote of no confidence in You, Brian, not exactly a vote, but the feeling was there, yes, no,It's a very strong word, but the feeling was definitely there, well, how far away was that kind of feeling there?
Because in a sense you would be critical of Dom taking care of her. We had a program here a few weeks ago. What you implicitly criticized about Don's criticism on the Contra side now is that the right kind of line to follow for a man who steps into the shoes of a revered manager and now, if you ask me if I committed mistakes, the answer is yes, I am not infallible. I definitely made mistakes in saying that when you say I criticize Don Revie for unsigned contracts, I said the fact that when I took over there were 11 unsigned contracts now if it was Don's fault if it's the president's fault if it was a player's fault that's the material for this particular argument there were 11 unsigned contracts that's a fact good, don't


w that program about the accusation what was your reaction to it yes in Austin, I was trained so late, yes, and that's a fact, that first mark the next night and I didn't get a response talking about Levin's contractor, once signed, all the contracts were basically agreed in the minutes with the directors of what each player was going to receive.
The brownies will possibly write that the contracts were not signed not at 11. I have it clear at five or six and all these things were agreed in the minutes, that the contacts were agreed with the players and all the players signed blank contracts to me during 1:30 p.m. years and I have never had a single problem with a player during 13 years of applications with contracts and why the secretary did not carry them out, sign them and expel them, I will never know now on that same program Brian said that there was no warmth in the club now, which really shook me, dare I say there is no wall, you said there was no warmth in Legion.
I knew that was the closest I'd ever gotten to any relationship between players and management staff. Did I sell? Do you know what made a warmth? Who told me? in them or I'm not saying the dog heat in the club, right? I don't remember if I said it, so obviously the heat that you generated between you and the players, that can be removed, no, that's ridiculous, it can never be removed. Well, what do you think was wrong with Brian Clough's approach to Leeds as manager? Now that's asking me to do something I know nothing about at all.
I have known the brand for a long time. What is your Proteus is a man? I've never played with him. I've never worked with him. It is impossible for me to answer. You say that you have different styles as coaches and it is generally believed that you do not. From what I could see, you don't get along particularly well. Now why did that come first when I was Derby County manager? Now I was in direct conflict with Don Revie in the top scientists of his, naturally, I didn't get along with him because they were invariably above us, that's the flippant response after saying that.
I believe in a different concept of football than Don. I think I think you can play it, you can play it in a slightly different way than the way Tom plays it and get the same results now, maybe, maybe, you know, aiming for utopia and it might mean being a Bit stupid, but that's how I am. I'm a little stupid about this kind of thing. I'm a bit idealistic. I believe in fairies and that's my you know. Now Don is a little different and his track record shows with the results that he may be right, but having said that I want to be like me, I obviously don't want to be like him.
This is a matter of style, the reason you two don't do it. get along, I don't know, I think honestly Brian is a fool of himself, very, very honest with you, I honestly feel like he has criticized Matt Busby, Bertie, me personally, Norman, about Peter Lorimer, the bully brother , Peter's story, has criticized so many people. in the game whose records are too busy to be seen, he criticized so many people, this is the east of Al, if you want to have that style fair enough, but I think that is totally wrong for the game of professional football, he says about the honesty and things like this, but when you talk about honesty, if honesty is going to destroy it again, then you know all kinds of problems during the game.
I think you're doing the game a disservice. Yes, I wish you would shoot yourself. now when you talk, he would have a lot of combat Memphis running in the first offense, he talked about winning the championships better or differently, our record is there to see for 11 years, yes, the first four or five years, everyone has said this, we play four. The results of the last four or five years we have been the most entertaining within cloud entertainment and topping the lists were the national


papers and television, although we also made the disciplinary table, the disciplinary lists that you top and that we top, a Maybe well, you headed it in the last two or three years no no no no no no that's not so it wasn't below the correct percent.
I agree, I'm sorry, there was no less than the right percentage of discipline on the field and last year I was proving it well, it was what you were the best, yes. Yes, but when you see Brian, when you talk about coming to take the main job and yet all these things and all these words about Stephanie Marshes and one more thing, haha, yes, you had it, but why did it come from Brighton to Leeds to take it? or when you criticize them so much and say we should be in the second division for this and we should do this, we should do that, why do you take the job?
Not because I thought it was the best law job in the country, of course. it was the best job now he's taking over the league champions yes, utilities to silence him no, best point for players you've ever seen all I didn't know about the finished players, he didn't know any, I don't Los you know intimately, but I know you talk about the League champions and I was taking care of the League champions. I wanted to have a chance at the European Cup this year. Yes, I think that was near and dear to your heart. Also yeah, um, I wanted to do it. win it I wanted to do something you hadn't done now when I said I think I said it's actually having a cherry or most of your players told me what you can do the boss hadn't done to you the boss referred to you and I said: I want to win the league but I want to win it better now there is no other answer to that question no because you had a league yes, but there is no way you can win it better why no, no, no, that has a weirder look.
We didn't lose by much, it's enough but well I can only do those three no no no I couldn't give another answer and I want to do it in the European Cup I think well just a fraction Don a fraction I don't know That's because I haven't spoken to you, but I think It's a fraction if you took the job in England or had another chance at the European Cup, that's totally true because I was very involved with the players and everyone, good luck now I wanted to. do that and I want to do it better than you, you can understand that, right?
Yeah, and I think if you had said that, oh please pass the message on, I wouldn't be able to say that to our players like you. Say I couldn't tell that to our place just as a ball statement. You see, when I went in there, there was friction, there were somersaults, while you mean friction, there was unhappiness, cost, you were left with an unsigned contract, no, but when you went in there. A new guy came in, tell me when you came in, did you ever meet him on the first day? Not because? Because I didn't think it was necessary to have a meeting on the first day, so you took over as manager of a new club. yeah, and you don't call all your players and your coach and stuff and offer things together now and show up and get them together and tell them exactly what you feel and what you want to try and do the first day I walked in.
I came back from vacation and trained two hours with them no matter what you do. I went out to the field where I'm right, you win the field. My immediate reaction to any job is the same as the Football Association, about 70 people together and where they had a cocktail party and I introduced myself your way. I talked and yes, but I talked about Romney's record. I thought, oh, great career of yours, yes, his record as a professional man. I never got close to Ramsey. He was a cold man, but his writing is like a cold man, yeah, Oh, your desk, Oh, Claire's out, but that other love shop must do it right, you know, that's an opinion, no, well, that one It's an opinion, but Alf Ramsey I thought did a good job and I thought it was important for me, yeah, to introduce myself to everyone. at the Football Association you did, I thought it was your duty to keep watch tonight, she groaned, everyone said more bran coughs were coming today, yes I would look, but you weren't carrying a tray, didn't you use them?
No, no, a respective training session, I think, Ryan. v the training sessions meant nothing, you were the first darling, why how could you top the training sessions knowing everyone at the club you couldn't make it to in ten minutes? Gather everyone together as a group and say, "I'm delighted to meet you, I'm delighted." To continue, I walked into the dressing room when I shook hands with Billy Bremner, they are very they didn't know Brian, oh, I don't know, Ryan, no, no, no, no, no, why didn't I get everyone together? I didn't think it was necessary why because I thought it would make it more Suckley and different instead of having everyone bang bang bang even though we're all nervous.
It was like this, so you could have calmed them down by now. I in how Oh. talk to them I took off my shirts from behind after finishing training Oh sir, I should do that too, of course, well, that was my approach, of course, but you didn't read all the senses on the first day, I shook hands and said Hello. I met them all. Did you get the laundry ladies? Oh no, the office stone. Oh I'm sorry. Did he leave? Jones Minh no. I didn't have time to do that sunrise. It was the players towards the end.
I want to ask what your reaction is to a board. That doesn't back you up That's sexy out of seven weeks I'm done getting to know them either just like I think I'm done getting the job done What the hell? My stock board is very, very mixed and my reaction to the board is so confused that I don't think they have done Leeds Football Club a service. I don't care if it's me or whoever. I'm talking about a coach. I don't think they have done a footballer's service. I think this was a coup to bring him back, you know, in the dark ages.
I believe that the Football Association that employs Mr Revie will sack him if he loses his first match. I think they will set football back 30 or 50 years in turn. I think maybe these have done that a little bit. Also, the Mani cousins ​​were under a lot of pressure. He was my president if not. He didn't resist it as much as he should have, that's a matter of debate, but he was under a lot of pressure and today when the final decision was made and it was a board decision, he then made peace with me regarding a lot of things. how he did well for 15 years what will happen now to Brian Clough millions of things will happen to Brian Clough I'm going to have 48 hours or three days oh I don't know I think and please don't I don't think I'm being frivolous by having too many ambitions in life and one of the ambitions is and I wanted this when I was head coach and manager of Derby.
He wanted to coach the youth of England. I could apply to this guy, well, I'm I'll be in a very difficult situation, after the argument with Darby, your left cloud from Brighton and now this with lead, who will touch you with a barge, so to speak. I think a lot of people have touched me because the whole country now. including Leeds and you heard it from Don's own mouth tonight. I don't think seven weeks seven weeks is enough, it's not enough time to even find out where the local butcher shop is good. Well, what's wrong with Leeds United now?
What you see is their future is good, obviously, they are thriving. I hope they thrive well even though they have only been involved with him seven weeks. You have hope to prosper. I hope everyone in football prospers. I hope they win the European Championship. Cup, don't worry, what's your feeling about Brian Coughs, personal person? How do you feel about interrupting that I have to win the European Cup? What is your personal feeling about Randolph's personal situation when it comes to someone who has been fired in football and do you feel a little sad, but the brands are going to vote the right way and I don't know if I wasn't there, but if later in the night your players talk about a briny medium and the president must mean something totally wrong, that's fine, gentlemen.
I must leave after what has been a tragic day for Leeds United fans, of which I am number one, gentlemen. Thanks so much and good night.

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