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Breakfast at Sigiriya Rock

Jan 27, 2022
Ah, beautiful view of Sigiriya Rock at the end of the pool here at the hotel. Beautifull. For me? Cool. Thanks. Oh, beautiful. Thanks. Well, since


opened at 6:30 and I'm leaving at 6:30, they made me a little box. I don't know what's inside. We'll find out later. Hello. How are you? Well thanks. It looks beautifull. I'm going to burn off all the calories from last night's buffet dinner by climbing up there. Look at this little town. Dead. Hopefully everyone sleeping. I wish all the tourists in these little guesthouses and hotels, sleeping and not going to beat me to the top.
breakfast at sigiriya rock
I don't want to get stuck behind slow old couples, walking single file up these narrow parts of


, climbing. No, I'm just walking, thanks. The guy asks if you want a tuk-tuk. I figure if you're going to walk all the way to the top of that thing, you could probably walk from here to the entrance. I'm already a little sweaty. I wouldn't mind a little dip here. It looks good and cool. What is this? Refrain from bathing. Crocodiles are out there. I think I'll give that one a try. Looks like I'm going to keep sweating for now.
breakfast at sigiriya rock

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breakfast at sigiriya rock...

Who cares? Climb that damn


, he's going to be pissing with sweat. White man price, $30 American dollars. How much in rupees? A ticket, 5,430. 5,430? Well. 7:08 AM Definitely a little late. Correct, thank you sir. Thanks. Hello. Hello. How are you? Well and you? Ok, a little hot. It's okay. OK thanks. Do I need to sign or not? Nerd. Good, great, thanks. Finally in the complex. So is this little dog here. Hello mate. How are you? He doesn't seem interested at all. Correct, I arrived 10 minutes after it opened and look, there are already a lot of people in front of me.
breakfast at sigiriya rock
Let's try and start walking faster because the road around this mountain, mountain? Rock! Eh, apparently some parts are single file, very narrow. And then you're basically walking as slow as the slowest person. So yeah, you better be first. Apparently this area I'm in here is Water Garden. It would have been Water Garden. Oh, there's the man I was talking to earlier. Hello. He took the shortcut. He got into the easy Sri Lankan entrance. He is a guide for apparently a couple of Deutsche coming. Climb these steps. Look, if it's like this all the way, you can pass people.
breakfast at sigiriya rock
It's just that apparently there are parts that are from a single file and that would be frustrating for me. Do you see that couple? They're getting all the information, but by the time they get to the top, it's going to be full. I prefer to just go up there. Enjoy some quiet time before the Chinese arrive and then explore these gardens and ruins and stuff. Excuse me. Thanks. Hello. Hello again. I'm going fast. That's why I'm sweating. Watch this. All the way there. Over there. This spiral staircase. There are some people way ahead of us. Lots of white faces up there.
Oh wow, what a view. Isn't that lovely? It's amazing. Beautifull. Almost makes it worth sweating your ass to get here. Almost. Almost? Yes. Hopefully getting to the top will really make it worth your while. Yes I hope so. I was trying to get to the top before the Chinese tourists. Apparently everyone says that by the time they arrive at around 8 or 9 o'clock, it's not a pleasant experience. ah Is it a bit chaotic? Yes. Right, well, that's good to know. Right, they call this the mirror wall. I guess the sun is reflected when it points in that direction.
Looks like we're going to have another nice view here. Let's take a look. Oh, wow. Isn't that lovely? Did you see that there is a sign about not disturbing the wasps? He was talking to a guide from Sri Lanka who is down there and he told me the Chinese come, they talk so loud that they bother the wasps and make them fly. So imagine you're walking up the steps and then all these wasps start flying at you. You know? That's, that's not ideal. \Yes, they said. That's a bat, that's chirping. Oh what a view. What a view.
What a view. Watch this. It doesn't even seem that far off the top. What's down here? More ruins. Look, that's what you could use with a guide, telling you what all that is, but it would take you like 3 hours to get to the top if he would stop and explain everything. At that moment, swarms of Chinese, taking control. Invasion. Wasp attack area. Not that far from the top. Oh yeah. Not much more. be up there Charming. It's the same way up and down, right? Yes. Okay, I'm glad I got here early. I don't want to be doing this when he's busy.
Oh, wow. My guess is these are the original steps the monks would probably have taken. Yes. And we have the tourist steps, built especially for us. Ah, I don't know whether to try those. It seems a bit dangerous. There's the other rock. That only $5 to go up. Oh wow, so pretty on top. It was worth it? There isn't much here but some ruins and it certainly isn't Siem Reap. It's certainly not Angkor Wat or anything like that. There isn't much here, but was it worth the hike? Well, for the view, yes. For the view, it was certainly worth the hike.
Watch this. Charming. Absolutely charming. Get away from all these other white faces and just enjoy some peace of mind. ...the reason he dug this one up and raked it up and made a pond. I wonder if I can go swimming. But you see, now it's dirty. Maybe a little too dirty, huh? So, it was a rock like that, he broke it open, dug it up, and made a pond. And when you go down there I'll show you the other things. A couple of little squirrels there. They are trespassing They definitely didn't pay the 5400 rupees to go up here.
Do you want a photo? I'm a little sweaty. I don't know if I want my photo. I don't know if I want my picture taken. \It's more for the view, you can . Can you imagine what this would have been like all those years ago? What had been going on here? What would this have looked like? Magnificent I guess. I think this would have been something quite special. Central bathing pool. Wow, huge. If that was the swimming pool, I think it looks like a swimming pool. Would they have had pools back then like 500 BC or whatever? What does it say?
Oh, it's a pond. Of course. It seems, however, correct diameters to be a swimming pool. Beautiful. It looks like it would be a nice place to sit down and have


before all the tourists arrive. I'm just going to sit on this ledge. Right. Well, let's see what Sigiriya Hotel has prepared for me in this breakfast box. Some ketchup, some bananas, a croissant, a muffin, a boiled egg, a slice of pineapple, ham and tomato with cheese? Oh it's good. Very kind of you. This is good. Glad I got there before the crowd. Hmm. Look at this, coming, coming to try to eat me breakfast.
I've already eaten most of it. Ok, he went to see them. Here it comes. Do dogs eat pineapple? I dont know. Do dogs eat pineapple? I think that dog will eat anything. Yeah, I just don't want him to get sick, but, okay. Do you want it or not? Oh, he's taken the plastic my sandwich was in, which he shouldn't even have up here, so, okay, okay. Okay friend, okay. Here we go. I have nothing for you. Banana? I only have banana. Do you think he will take it? Hey? No. No, you think he'll make him sick, right?
I don't think it will make him sick, but he didn't take the pineapple, I don't think he will. Yes Yes. Well. Where are you from? Scotland... You are from the United States, yes? Where in Scotland? Do you know Dalkeith? Dalkeith, is near Edinburgh. It's a bit, I usually just say Edinburgh because it's huh. If it is easier. it's easier right? Yes. I've been all over Scotland. Oh, do you? All the way to the Isle of Skye and Orkney and Thurso and Wick. And Inverness and Oh, you've been to more places than me. Yeah, but you're here, so that's better.
Yes. Oh, I love Scotland. Really? I'm done mate, sorry. My breakfast is finished. If I'd known you were going to be here, I would have brought you some dog biscuits or something. But I didn't know. I didn't expect to see a little dog here at Sigiriya Rock. I don't even know how the hell it got here. Did he take the steps or what? Hmm? Sorry, there's nothing left. Very very sorry. I have nothing here. It is empty. I promise you it's empty. I would not lie to you. I wouldn't lie to a puppy. Right, I had a delicious breakfast.
Now it's time to go back down. I wonder if we have to go back down the same path we came up. If so, it will be difficult. Let's hope there's a one-way system. Forgiveness. It's okay. Without worries. I'm going to have a little jump down here. Oh, just a snake. Without worries. Okay, another little pond area. And that's the other big rock next to this place that I'll probably hike tonight at sunset or tomorrow at sunrise. Oh, not so many people come. And it's been cloudy for a while so I'm not sweating that much! Right, that's how I came here, and it looks like there's an alternate path down here.
So, it's like a loop when you get to this stage. Which means you don't have to fight people coming from the opposite direction. Which is good. Very good, and this used to be an audience hall and the king would have sat on a bench on this big rock and the people would have come to meet him and greet him. And under the king's audience hall, a small cave and another small cave under that rock. Apparently that's where the monks meditated, back in the 8th and 9th centuries, according to this. It's like a scene straight out of Tomb Raider or something, isn't it?
Imagine running around here. Through the caves, under the rocks, through these rock arches, shooting enemies, trying to run away from enemies, doing all your Lara Croft adventures. Oh wow, he's huge. What are you? Are you a squirrel on steroids? What are you? What kind of creature are you? You look at me like you're going to jump on me. A squirrel. I know that the squirrels in my country escape from you. It looks like it wants to attack me. He is following me. Well. He wants breakfast. Does he want to have breakfast? I'm his breakfast maybe. Hello.
How do they call you? Look how damn big you are. Your great partner. You are fucking huge. Look at this. It's called Cobra Hood Cave. It also looks like a damn cobra. Check it out. Amazing. Big damn cobra. Really cool. Watch this. Japanese speaking Sri Lankan tour guide. What a talent. Look at this. Japanese speaking Sri Lankan tour guide. What a talent. He must earn much more money than the other tour guides with that talent. How many Sri Lankans do you think can speak Japanese? Not many, I'm sure. Correct, that was less than 2 hours. It is 9 am.
And it's starting to get pretty hot already. The crowds are starting to arrive. So definitely, if anyone is thinking of coming here, get there early. Come here at 7 o'clock. Later, you face this. You are facing the extreme heat of that blazing sun and the crowds. A 7am start is definitely required. before coming here. So, I just came back from Sigiriya Rock where I did my little hike. My shoes look absolutely dirty. Look at these. The only pair of shoes that I brought with me to Sri Lanka. Traveling light. What is this? Sri Lanka's favorite ice cream.
Wonder Cone. Elephant House. It looks like a Cornetto. I could try that. Do you have any of those ice cream cones? Of the signal? Yes. Okay, that will be good. How much is one? Ah, sorry, there is no electricity. No ice cream? Oh, no electricity, huh? No electricity, no ice cream. Oh, does this melt, does it melt? Ah, ok, no problem, thanks. Yes, that's the problem, these remote places in Sri Lanka have frequent power outages. So even if the guy has a stockpile of ice cream, he's turning to milk about an hour after the power goes out.
So, I don't have one, oh that might be good for later. A little massage. And in case you like a good tourist, why not buy yourself a pair of elephant pants? Or an elephant sarong? And walk around and be hassled by every tuk tuk driver and tourist and hustler who sees you coming a mile away in your baggy elephant pants, saying come rip me off, I'm clueless. It is the first time I have left my own country. I think I'm fine wearing my elephant pants. No, they will rip you off. Right, here's another Sri Lankan hotel, which is actually a restaurant.
They call restaurants "hotels" here, which is confusing. So, Milo, that's very good. I could get a little Milo. Hello. Can I have just one of these Milos? Oh, aren't you cold? Oh are you cold? Ah OK. Well, you have a cold one. Oh thank you. How much one? Vanilla. Ok, how much this? Hundred? Well. Well, this and this will refresh me. Well, after all I bought an ice cream cone and it's solid. So obviously that place didn't have a power outage. It's right next to the other place, so it's obviously not a town-wide power outage, just probably for that guy's shop.
Anyway, a nice cold Milo and a solid, vanilla, fake Magic Cone Cornetto from Sri Lanka Cargill will freshen me up, well. Hmm, more or less it's just a Cornetto. It is nice. Hello.

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