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Breaking Up With My Girlfriend, Then Surprising Her With a Car

Jun 10, 2021
Guys, if I make this prank, this might be the best prank ever made on my YouTube channel. Anyway, what's going on here? Guys, Faze Rug, today I bring you all a new video and I just wanted to let you know that I am officially


up with Kaelyn. Things just aren't working out between us, but I'm going to surprise her with a new car. That's right, guys. I'm sitting in Kalin's new car and she has no idea it's hers. Her old car actually broke down. It's been a month or two and since we've been in quarantine she hasn't been able to fix it so I've had this car for a while, this is like my second car, the car that I actually take to LA and you know.
breaking up with my girlfriend then surprising her with a car
If I have some chores to do, I will take this car, but I decided that she deserves it and I will give it to her completely. So how is this going to work? I feel so bad that it will seem something like this. cruel joke but again in the end she gets a car so I feel like that makes up for it so basically I'm going to accuse Kaelyn of cheating on me and I have these fake text messages created between her and some random guy that she obviously never did but I have the text messages.
breaking up with my girlfriend then surprising her with a car

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breaking up with my girlfriend then surprising her with a car...

I'm going to try to convince her that it was her. I actually can't imagine how she'll react, like imagining being accused of cheating when you didn't do anything, so the best part. about this is that I have my friend Ben özil as part of this frame in the middle of the prank, he will actually call Kalin's cell phone and I will let her answer and he will pretend that he is the guy she has been talking to. He's going to be blown away, it's going to be like what's happening on earth and


he'll probably storm out and I'll have this new Mercedes that I'm going to show you guys parked out front with just a joking impression. on the windshield this video reminds me of when I fired my videographer Noah and


I surprised you with a new car but I feel like this one is a little more intense so I want you all to please hit the like button subscribe to the channel if you are new and I have to hurry because she is in the shower right now I have to set the camera and I have to prepare for the worst I hope you enjoy here is the Mercedes that I am giving you Kalyan dad, do you think she will be happy ?
breaking up with my girlfriend then surprising her with a car
What happens during the prank? Will she be happy? Oh, not too much, let me see that hat. You look better on Instagram, dad, you look good, but no, you look better in person, not on Instagram, so yeah, guys, this. It's the car I've had for about a year. I bought it so I could run errands and maybe rack up the miles if I need to go to LA but I decided Kalyan deserves it and after this joke he will love it and Kalyan has driven this car before because since his car broke down I let him take it to the supermarket to buy food if you need it.
breaking up with my girlfriend then surprising her with a car
So little does he know that he was driving his own Mercedes-Benz, so I have to go get him ready. the camera and I'm a little nervous about how we didn't have a bow so we're just improvising with these ribbons that still look super cute yeah honestly this is more creative give us a like creativity thanks dad she It's going to kill me if you hear screaming just come in and help me okay perfect this is what you'll see when you get out and on the windshield it says it's just a joke it's just a joke calm down. okay guys give me a like subscribe to the channel if you're new i have to do it dad come back don't act we don't know hey babe hi it's been a while don't worry we'll be together.
You soon texted him that, Caitlin, look, I'm shaking right now, he said he doesn't suspect eating well, he sent me this, but he said well, I told him, you don't know what, that, I don't know that at all, Alright. Don't get in my face right now, you said she's too focused on making YouTube videos. I miss your face. You will stay with someone else when you go out with me. Oh, just because of you two, I've been fighting. I've been here, important. Look. How are you afraid for someone else? What photos did you say? I only know after the quarantine.
Take your things and leave. I don't need cheaters. I caught them cheating and now they are excellent. Do not do that. Now they are leaving. Right in my face again, don't do that, you're literally making something up, but I owe you one. I didn't do it to you. Was he texting someone else? I need to figure out what to tell Brian. He thinks about something else other than when you can send it. Tell me because I'm here. I'm sorry, but if you could get your stuff dirty, not Joe, then can I text someone else? It's there, you want a lot.
I hope you don't eat, it's not you. goal no no you didn't delete them I appreciate you I appreciate you so thank you for everything you've done it was serious like you've been very good to me I'm not lying like I'm thanking you but when someone talks to another guy when they're in a relationship a relationship loyal I'm not going to keep that I'm not going to do that I'm sorry no I didn't talk about it come on Brian I'm here with another school day I'm helping you with everything I can I care about you I want to be with you I promise I can treat you but I know it ends here here we go hello okay no no this is bad Kailyn Kailyn is that you Kailyn?
She was joking, Kaylee, look. she had a camera look look behind you she had a camera she was joking I'm sorry it was just a joke I had my friend involved in this I'm so sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry. Brian, what's wrong with you? Oh my god, Kailyn. Very sorry. Come outside, let's get some fresh air, let's get some fresh air. I'm so sorry, let's just get some fresh air. I'm so sorry and that's all. Congratulations on your new car, what Congratulations on your new car, that's yours now, so it's just a joke, you're lying though, no, the joke above was just the frame, this car is officially yours now, no, no I'll check it out, oh I don't.
I know where the keys are, but this is your car Kailyn. I had to prank you and surprise you with a new car that's officially yours. Put your name on it. Take my name away and put yours in because it's your new Mercedes. No I'm NOT, I know this is what, but it's over between us, you could take the car and leave, what are you really? Yeah, it wasn't a joke. I'm sorry, but you can take the car like I normally do with cheaters. cars because you just accused me of cheating with someone, I don't even know, I didn't cheat, the YouTuber was so alert, I have to call him and confront him, even though he waits, I have to get the keys.
I don't know where they are, you've driven it like two, three times, like 2000 times this coin. Look, well, you look like The Little Mermaid right now. I like the red. I like it. Okay, okay, okay. Listen, thank you, thank you. thanks, I've looked, but guys, which was better when I fired Noah or when I broke up with Kailyn? I'm sorry, but accusing someone of cheating when they don't is the worst thing you can do because you just drive them crazy, but now you're going to drive yourself, you're going to drive a new car, the price is right, wait, let me get the keys, I mean, wait, what I mean, you know what it looks like, well, hey, daughter, good.
Isn't Caitlin Caitlin had the new car? It's very good. Look at you Kailyn. You deserved it. You deserve this great moment. You haven't had a car in two months and that's okay. Who can cry? You can cry to get someone. car but well thanks for bringing the mother hey do you think I'm going to surprise you with the car like that's boring actually it's boring like you have to make a joke but come in let's see how you look inside that Mercedes oh yeah oh yeah It is hot, do you want to leave that there when you drive just to remind you?
Yes, I'm going to keep this in the front seat for the rest of my life. Yeah guys if the filming is bad that's why I have Noah as a videographer because no I forgot how to vlog but Kailyn that's your car Brian I'm so lucky to have you in my life. Oh, same thing. Sorry, I had to prank you, but did you suspect it? Be honest because I don't know, it's hard to make jokes because I'm like I don't know anyone named Ben. I do not talk to anyone. I don't cheat. I'm with you every day, yes.
Guys I'm going to have to call Ben real quick okay Ben you killed him buddy come on do you think you could delete his number from your phone now like the prank is over buddy Ben come on bro hey thank you so much? Kaelyn probably doesn't like you anymore dude thanks bro guys everyone subscribe Ben for participating in this come on have a good time peace ok guys let's end the video there. I hope everyone enjoyed the breakup. with Kaelyn and then


her with her new car, let's see how many likes we can get. I think we could exceed 200,000.
Rugrats are incredibly strong like you can't handle them oh yeah like they could even break over 200,000 who knows guys make sure to subscribe if you are new to this channel if you want to see more videos like this. I love you all so much Kaelyn if you have anything to say to the Rugrats guys, he did this for you and he gave it to me. a heart attack for you so you better kill him with support yeah okay guys other than that he's been drugged. I'm Kailyn and we're outside.

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