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Jul 09, 2023
Well, well, guys, it's coming out of Woodworks. Now, isn't it? He is leaving Woodworks as people said more information would be released in July regarding


s. I thought it was about the Phillip Schofield and Carnage disaster when it seems. like it went in a completely different direction, but are we surprised when it comes to that corporation? Hi guys, I'm Rob Marley. I hope you do well again today with another video. If you haven't subscribed, click that button to get daily and constant content. Subscribe. to the channel, I would really appreciate it, it's just one click guys, let's go straight to this damning report that was published earlier today, when you know, I read this at 11am. m. in the morning while drinking my morning coffee.
breaking major bbc presenter caught in contact with minors its happening
A couple of hours ago I was in bed all day, but anyway, a top BBC


was taken off the air after paying a young teenager £35,000 for explicit photographs. A senior BBC presenter has been charged. The mother of the legendary victim said the money was allegedly used in an amount of more than $35,000 to finance a cocaine addiction that destroyed her son's life. The family complained to the BBC about the behavior on May 19 and pleaded with the broadcaster to make the presenter stop selling the money. So why did they just kidnap him? off air now in July neither the individual nor the teenager who was said to be 17 when the payments began were identified the BBC says it takes any allegations very seriously the start is not currently scheduled to be in a has been reported speaking about the allegations One mother described to the newspaper how a girl, now 20, had gone from a happy-go-lucky young woman to a ghost-like crack addict in three years.
breaking major bbc presenter caught in contact with minors its happening

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breaking major bbc presenter caught in contact with minors its happening...

She said when I see it on TV I feel bad. I blame this BBC man for destroying my son's life. my son's innocence and handing over the money to buy crack that could kill my son In response to the Sun, a BBC spokesperson said we treat any allegations very seriously and have a process to deal with them proactively, I mean, If that were the case, why did they just remove him and now, almost two months after these accusations were made? Wow guys, there's a lot of us you can take down now, who could it be? Honestly, we don't know, but this is a


BBC presenter, obviously a man, he was paying someone who was a minor now yes, when you're 16 or over and you're intimate, of course you know it's very different , it's not considered minor, which it should be, but if you take images of yourself or receive images from someone who is under 80, under 18 but 17, it's still considered child pornography, so I'm not surprised not at all, we know the BBC, Jimmy's stable situation and everything, and you know a lot of interviews and questions about, oh, but did you know what we should have done, what we didn't know, etc., etc. and of course the Philip Schofield mess when it comes to everything that happened and the whole mess he was making with ITV and being on ITV?
breaking major bbc presenter caught in contact with minors its happening
I'm sorry, and you know, it's ridiculous, so many guys have come out saying that he's been, he's messaged them, they're uncomfortable with him, and yet we have a grown man paying almost £40,000 to a minor, a young boy who asks for photographs. asking for photos knowing that the money he is giving to the child he is getting what he wants which is disgusting but B is getting it, he is giving and funding the life of the young addicted to that child's addiction and drugs, This is what I mean when it comes to our young people. The children and mother are glad to have reported that they feel helpless.
breaking major bbc presenter caught in contact with minors its happening
The carefree child she said he was is now someone who, as you know, has a significant addiction now just because he no longer has the money that he received from this man. That doesn't mean his addiction is gone, who will pay for his rehabilitation? Who will pay for me to get a suitable job? What about all the significant trauma and now the public trauma with all this that is publicized that this young man who is now 20 years old goes to let alone his own mother, and this is what happens when we do not have proper institutions, youth clubs after school, you know, proper therapy services, you know they're actually a broad and appropriate education for the care of young people, etc., because we don't have a lot of those guys this is what happens to these young people , they are easily influenced by these older men and then honestly discarded.
I'd love to. I see myself now, especially with everything that happened to me. My situation last year when I was. a team up with these grown men and everything came to light, unfortunately I only have myself to blame and, um, covering for Philip's things. I really see myself speaking in schools. I really want to speak in primary schools, secondary schools, mainly secondary schools, talking about them and teaching education of preparing young children, you know what happens with sexual abuse and how you can prevent it and be aware of it and obviously teach, Help and guide parents.
I think this is something I would love to do and I see myself doing this in schools, you know? quick speeches, I would love for anyone who works at the school to please make that happen because I would love to do it and just give people guidance, advice, reminders and awareness because this story is crazy, who is the main presenter of the BBC who has this power and influence because of the height at which he is at work, who is spending so much money trying to obtain indecent images of a miner and knowing that this money he is giving is to find a life of addiction, is using that child in many ways. knowing that he is using that money in a negative way by using it for his body is also absolutely disgusting.
I'm not surprised, unfortunately, I'm significantly desensitized considering what these adult menus do to me and that they're still available and they're probably still finding young kids and yet there hasn't been any form of protection, whether you're white, black , brown, unfortunately there is nothing for us and I feel that once again we have another huge scandal that is about to break out with a corporation that houses holding company using the hiring of adult men who find and use young children for disgusting and sick fantasies and I'm absolutely sick of it, it's just horrible and I hate it, I hate it, I hate how you know young children become used and then we are ignored in a system and left to deal with everything on our own devices, just like my own situation , it's so parallel and triggering for me whenever I talk about topics like this, but it's also healthy for me to have some kind of discussion. with my followers about what happened last year because I want to do it at some point because I think a lot of people are very misinformed and these adult men sexually abuse us in such disgusting ways and then we have to deal with that abuse and trauma and how we inflicts and how these men touch us and we have to deal with it on our own mentally and then when we tell the world like I did, oh I went through this, these men did this to me. and I had to do these things for these men everything was considered an excuse my trauma was not an excuse it's an excuse either you don't understand that trauma sexual abuse is an excuse or you're privileged enough because you haven't done it You've been through it or You have experienced, therefore, you do not understand the trauma of sexual abuse that rewires your brain chemistry, completely exhausts any sexual boundaries, and you know that your introduction to anything intimate is completely warped based on a significant amount of trauma from sexual abuse.
What have you been through? It's either an excuse or it's an explanation and I think a lot of people are so ignorant about what happens to young children when they go through something related to sexual abuse because it really rewires all of their brain chemistry. It is very unfortunate and unfair. that people just see it as an excuse and I think stories like this, which are so sad and unfortunate, need people to understand that you know that young boys are being attacked, they are on these streets, they are being used by men who have The high power and influence in all of this was reported in May.
Why is the news coming out now in July? It does not make any sense. Because the Phillips up was


in May. Therefore, we have to wait as if it were absolutely wild. Absolutely wild. I feel for this young man's future because it's like where are you going now? Is she a single mother? Can she pay for therapy and put him in private therapy? Because we know that the NHS takes two or three years in the waiting queue. Is that even therapy? Well, then what about rehab? Know? He's not going to go back to addiction and drugs if he falls into the wrong gangs and then he falls into those gangs and ends up getting even more addicted, he'll be drunk and high and then grandma will find him again it's a cycle a cycle a cycle who can break the cycle so I'm not just reviewing this story for what it is, I'm looking at the future and the broader panoramic view of this boy's life and how There are times that increase a thousand times throughout the United Kingdom throughout London, make me know your thoughts.
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