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Jul 19, 2023
Hello best friend, I know, welcome, welcome back to my channel. I hope you're having a fabulous day if this is your first time watching my channel. My name is Sebastian and I welcome you with open arms. I make pop culture videos every day. a single day, so if you're looking for a new messy best friend, you've found me, grab a snack and a drink, hit the subscribe button, um, this button is, I don't have a button here, so if I make a little pinch, guys. You'll tell me in the comments. Okay, don't make me sound crazy.
breaking gigi hadid arrested
Listen, we need to talk. First of all, I hope you're having a fabulous day. I hope you know how grateful I am for you. I hope you know it. that on my channel my community you have a safe place because yes, we spell tea, yes, we give pop culture news, but we also take care of each other and we all have the same purpose of finding an amazing community and being the most positive. as much as possible in a minute, but also very messy and casts a couple of shadows here because we're not, you know, Santa Teresa, um, listen guys, Gigi, so last night I was at uh, where was I?
breaking gigi hadid arrested

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breaking gigi hadid arrested...

I was on Twitter or something and I saw Gigi Hadid got


, guys, I ticked, but I thought, you know what? I won't make a YouTube video until tomorrow because I was under the covers. She would seem crazy, but yeah, girl, Gigi Hadid was


in July. 10. This is what the article said and then we can talk. Hear Gigi Hadid Reportedly Arrested and Charged with Drug Crimes. What the hell is Yolanda Hadid going on here? American influencer and model Gigi Hadid was later charged with possession of ganja. The drugs were found in her luggage while she was being processed by Customs officers at Owen Roberts International Airport last week.
breaking gigi hadid arrested
Well, this happened last weekend. She's just coming out. Damn, she has a good PR team, Hadid, whose real name is the one who was accused along with Leah Nicole. whoever and also from the United States reports that on July 10 a private plane arrived at the Owen Roberts, you see, this is what happens, this is what happens, they come in their private jets and they think they can do whatever they want. You say the passengers disembarked and were processed by the Customs and Border Control officer, including scanning her luggage? This prompted further examination of the luggage of the two passengers during the search for their luggage, ganja and utensils used for ganja consumption. were found in the luggage of both passengers the quantities were relatively small and apparently for personal consumption the previous food says that both passengers were arrested on suspicion of importing ganja an importation of utensils used for the consumption of ganja both were taken to the center of prisoners detained for processing and subsequently released on bail pending a ruling on their case by the Director of Public Prosecutions' Office on Wednesday, July 12 Gigi Hadid and MacArthur appeared in summary court and were charged, pleaded guilty and they were fined one thousand each. dollars and no convention was registered girl Yolanda Hadid's lemon tree is worth like a hundred thousand dollars to them people are like a dollar so listen up first of all here's the right thing ganja weed hashish whatever is legal here in the US U.S. of course everyone.
breaking gigi hadid arrested
Another country has their own rules so two things I see in people's reaction is you know one thing is you know all these celebrities that come in on their private jets and they think they're above the law. but when you travel on a private jet you still have to go through customs, they, what they do is in some, in some cases, I mean, it's different in every country, but in most cases, the girls, in the In most cases, they come on board. an officer takes everyone's passport and then runs it through a system or whatever and that's it, then they grab your luggage and honestly, in some countries yes, they X-ray you and stuff, but in others they don't, honey , because when you're a famous girl, it really seems like you can get away with a lot of things, this is what you guys, I'm like a girl, all you know, her assistant, she'll get five yards, baby, because if I would do it, if I smoked marijuana. and I was going around other countries, you better believe I would have my damn assistant, you know, look up the laws of each country, honey, that's the number one girl, so right now there's an assistant on Craigslist, you know, trying to find a job and you know.
The worst part is that Gigi Hadid probably didn't even give her many recommendations, honey, but listen carefully, you know, what's really crazy to me is that not every other country has different laws because, girl, I almost got arrested once and where? Was I somewhere in Europe because I brought CBD? Well, no, I'm being dramatic. I thought they were going to arrest me at night. I had CBD on my back and I thought I Googled it really quickly on the plane. oh wait, CBD is not legal here. I guess I read a dumb article that wasn't true because CBD is actually fine.
I don't know the rules, but anyway I read an article and I was going crazy on that plane, you know, you know. that meme of that girl who is like me hey right now that back there I'm not one of those crazy people um but anyway true, so each country has its own rules and I feel that his team, his assistant definitely dropped the ball, another thing people are complaining about, they're like girls, this was just another day, I mean, a thousand dollars is nothing to them, here's the thing. I don't think somewhere like Bali or stuff they know who you know who Gigi Hadid is, I mean, yeah.
Gigi Hadid is international but I don't know how much they really know and I don't think they are going to take advantage of it you know what I mean so yes a thousand dollars is nothing but what surprises me the most is how I have kept this a secret for almost six days because this happened on July 10th so I'm like a girl, yeah you probably fired your assistant for not doing her job and getting arrested too much but you did it. Your PR team deserves a damn round of applause for me now, now for the messy side, people, uh, some Selena fans are rejoicing because they're like, oh, because you know the blind element that GT Hadi was supposedly talking about when Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift went to dinner.
Selena and uh about her and Zane were supposedly together, so Taylor Swift went to Selena and told Selena everything you know, that blind article that came out supposedly happened, so Selena fans are like, "Okay girl, you want talk about Selena, you want to move on." and be Shady with Selena. They arrest me. They arrest me. You know he's a little crazy. I have to say you know it's just another day. People are now talking about how the Zayn Malik interview would call her daddy, it was just done to distract from Gigi's arrest um, but I hear everyone here smokes weed, everyone like I don't know a person, I know a person who doesn't, I know two people who don't, my husband and I don't do it, not because I think it's bad or anything, we just haven't had the right time to do it and I'm so paranoid like I'm terrified of doing it because you know all the people The ones I see smoking say, oh yeah, brother, like that.
It's so amazing, you know, we're going to eat pizza, we're going to surf, you know what I mean, stuff like that and my friends are like that, they're like, you know, oh, there's just a vibe here, I love it and I'm like I swear I would like if I feel like this would happen if I was smoking I would do it I would do it alone if I can get I'm like oh girl what's Mickey Mouse doing is attacking me Barney and I I start singing frantically like Barney's song Teletubby I love you, I Do you love how I'm going to start doing, you know, Selena Gomez choreography like, I can't, I'm terrified, the only thing I really want to do is feel like eating, uh, because I look so satisfying to eat while you're high, but at the same time same time I'm like a girl, I'll do it even sober, honey, um, but yeah, anyway, it's legal everywhere you know, most places, so of course you already know.
People aren't really making a big deal out of Gigi being arrested, um, and also saying that she had a very small portion or mound, um, that was obviously intended for her personal use only, uh, so yeah, I I mean GT, how do you do it? arrested I just think it's so funny because it's like everyone who potentially has a problem with Selena there's some drama and I'm like a girl you don't want with karma, honey, uh, this is, this is karma Boo, this It's like hello. Guys welcome back to my channel girl bye anyway what do you guys think?
Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you. um, yeah, I hope you guys are having a fabulous day. If not, there will always be tomorrow. I always like to emphasize is that you know what you never, ever, like to punish yourself so much, you know what I mean, be kinder to yourself, be sweet to yourself because you only get yourself back at the end of the day, you know I I just really feel like we're really good with our friends and we give them amazing advice and we're there for them and we guide them, but when it comes to us and ourselves, at least I treat myself like that and I'm pretty confident.
Many of us do that, so let's be a little kinder to ourselves. I love you all very much and I will see you in my next video.

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