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Breaking Bad's Most Iconic Scenes

Aug 05, 2023
foreigner coming down foreigner when you start talking and tell me what you want fifty thousand dollars how do you figure 35 for the pound Matthew stole and another 15 for my partner's pain and suffering oh yeah I remember that bit so you must be dad okay , leave it Understand this, I stole your drugs from your new boy, bring me more men. Wow, that's a brilliant plan, did you really mess up on one part? That's not mathematics. Hey, crazy. I want to discover Karma Karma, there you have it. balls, give me that, okay, I'll give you your money on Crystal, I'm sure my partner brought it to me, it sells faster than a ten dollar ass and TJ, let's say you bring me another pound next week, money up front, Take it easy, Theo, I'll feed you.
breaking bad s most iconic scenes
Help first, that's the deal, oh I get it, oh yeah you greedy old bastard, I tell you how it's worth it, you feed them, huh, you put them in a really nice crib in the country and yet they robbed you the food on your plate, you better eat. Every bite of it, oh God, I see you in foreign ERs, where are you going to heaven? It's back, pretty big, what's the problem? More clearly, you act like you've never seen a severed human head on a Taurus before. No way, welcome to a foreigner, the best legal. representation ever, but no deals with the DEA, okay, Badger won't identify anyone to anyone, if he does, you're dead, why don't you kill Badger?
breaking bad s most iconic scenes

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breaking bad s most iconic scenes...

I mean, follow me guys, but the mosquitoes buzzing around you bite you in the butt. Don't go shooting the mosquito lawyer. You could go get a fly swatter, so to speak. With all due respect, I have to explain this to you. We're not going to kill Badger. Then you've got real problems, okay, because the DEA is going to come down on your boy like a proverbial ton of bricks, I mean, I don't think I'm going to risk it, but hey, he's not going to like prison, he'll sing like Celine Dion no matter what she does to me, Mr.
breaking bad s most iconic scenes
Mayhew. acknowledge your cough, take off that mask, you're not getting any air, take it easy, inhale, exhale, okay, I'm going to get up, because I have problems with my knees, that's better, okay, now I'm listening to three of us . I'm going to figure this out, yeah, first things first, you're going to put a dollar in my pocket. You both want attorney-client privilege, don't you? So that everything you say remains strictly between us. I mean, put a dollar in my pocket, come on, make it official, come on, do it, that's it, come on, just a dollar, what's cool now, ski bomb, come on, give him the dollar, come on, be smart, what I have, about five.
breaking bad s most iconic scenes
I'll take a five, come on, you see. Well, okay, they are both now officially represented by Saul Goodman and Associates. Your secrets are safe with me under threat of disbarment. Okay, take off your balaclava. I feel like I'm talking to the Weather Underground. Just do it. So if a prison shank is completely off the table and we're sure it's not going to go down well and the way I look at it is someone's going to prison it's just a matter of who Jesse Jesse wakes up Jesse wakes up foreigner foreigner why what are you doing this?
Why do you think this way? Is it to punish me? I'm not punishing you while this is punitive. What is it? We are happily married. I'm happily married. I am happy and rich. I love you Skyler and she would do anything for you. Even consider, I mean, Jesus, you come here and you wave these papers in my face when there's a whole different side to this thing, there's your side and there's my side and you haven't heard my side yet, you haven't heard anything from you at all. a drug dealer no, what, how, how else could you make that kind of money, marijuana, that Pinkman boy, no, my God, what cocaine, meth, but I'm, I'm a manufacturer, I'm not a dealer, oh per se, it doesn't mean there is no Skyler, this is no, there are many angles to this, okay, it's complicated, so please, let's sit down again and talk about it.
I'm going to make you a deal Walt, I won't tell Hank's kids or anyone else, no one will find out about me, but only if you grant me this divorce and stay out of our lives, I mean, now let me get out of here. before I throw up how was your good day thank you very much hope you don't mind I'll split it lower stay for dinner tonight you know as a thank you for taking Walter Jr to school for us a little absent Louis actually chimed in um look just I want to say that I feel good about our talk this morning and I'm really looking forward to hearing what you're thinking about what we talked about.
You know, when you're ready, then of course honesty is good, don't you think? Ted Boys Dinner is fine. Louis oh yes please it's okay I want to be around to eat your salad okay I'll be like a salad but it's good for you thank you Charlie thank you let me understand this you're turning down a million and a half dollars I won't do it Turning down the money I'm turning down You understand No I want nothing to do with you since I met you Everything that mattered to me has gone to ruins Since I got involved with the great Heisenberg I have never been more alone I have nothing, no one, it's okay, it's all over, get it, no, No, why would you get it?
What do you care, as long as you get what you want right? You didn't give a damn about me, you said I wasn't good. I'm nothing, why would you want me? Hey? You said my mat is inferior, right, hey, you said Mike Cook was trash, fuck you man, fuck you, your math is good, Jesse, as good as mine, leave me alone, hey, how I can help? whatever you want I have money I have a lot of money um please don't do this you don't have to do this what was I thinking okay? Please, let's stop trying to justify all of this. and admit that you're in danger, who do you think you see?
Do you know how much I earn a year? I mean, even if I told you, you wouldn't believe it. Do you know what would happen if I suddenly decided to stop coming in? work in a business big enough to be listed on the NASDAQ. Belly Up ceases to exist without me. No, you clearly don't know who you're talking to, so let me give you a hint. I'm not in danger. Skyler, I am the danger. a guy opens his door and they shoot him and you think that about me no, I'm the one who plays well what was the problem why did you have to kill him look at the cross talk please maybe it's not the details that matter how do you feel? about what you did Jesse I don't know who cares how you feel what kind of person kills a dog for no reason Colleen, you put an ad in the paper, you leave them in a shower, you just sit there and talk about killing a helplessness we are not here to sin in judgment why not why not maybe she is right you know maybe I should have put it in the paper maybe I should have done something different the thing is if you just do things and nothing happens what is?
I mean, what's the point? Oh right, this is all about self-acceptance, kicking yourself doesn't give meaning to anything so I should stop judging and accept starting, so no matter what I do, be ready for me because I'm a great guy, all It's okay, it doesn't matter how many dogs I kill. I just take inventory and accept. I mean, you back your truck over your own son and you like to accept what a load of crap, hey Jessie, I know you're hurting, you know? The reason I'm here in the first place is to sell your meth. You are nothing to me but clients.
I made you. You agree with that, eh? You accept it, it's about time. Thank you personalized. I love being down here. What did that phone call do? I mean, where's the rest? The money Skyler Where is the rest? I gave it to Ted. He had to do it for us. For the family. I swear I gave our money to make him panic. That? Please, please listen to me. Please laugh. the white family please leave a message Skyler it's happening again the DEA called they have a temperamental informant the cartel they want to kill Hank right now to protect us come on Marie I'm here I'm here tell me exactly what happened foreigner no man, a little crippled rat, what reputation to leave behind is how you want to be remembered, last chance to look at me, actor George, my partner tells me your team changed to a P2P cook because of our success, you dye your meth with food coloring to make it look like mine, You already ate my product every time, but now you have the opportunity to sell it yourself.
I need you to listen to me, we're not going to give up this deal to be your Aaron guys, right? Understand me why seeing a bunch of addicts get a better high means customers pay more, their purity means a higher return i.e. $130 million in profits that aren't being wasted by a shoddy cook. . Now listen to me, we. I have the best meth cook. I know the two best meth cooks in America right here, and with our skills you'll make more on that 35 percent than you would on your own. Yeah, so you say, I'm just wondering why we are.
How lucky, why let us in? Mike is retiring from our team, so his share of the partnership is available if you can take care of his final distribution and if you give him five million dollars of the 15 million you brought in today, just think of it as a finder. meeting fee we have 40 pounds of product ready to ship ready to go are you ready who the hell are you you know everyone knows exactly who I am say my name do what oh I have no idea who the hell you're the one Cook I'm the man who killed Gus Fring, the cartel girlfriend, are you sure it's right now, say my name, you're absolutely right on ww, my star, my perfect silence, WWE, let me know, find out Woodrow Wilson Willy.
Wonka Walter White, you got me, stop, turn around, put your fingers behind your head, walk back towards me, get on your knees, I just like my Barrel picture, uh, I took it in the backyard by the grill, you know where we used to cook with it. fam, tell me here, I thought the earth might not match up, but I bet your greedy ass would be so worked up at the prospect of losing your money that you wouldn't notice, looks like I was right, he's clean. I remember this place from the very first place where we cooked as always, right?
Hey, say, you save us some busy work. Point out the place where you buried your money, it doesn't matter. I have a search team here, we will find him. Agent Gomez should do it. We're tossing a coin for honors no way, man, it's all yours Walter White, you have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law, you have the right to speak to a lawyer and have a lawyer. president during any interrogation, if you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided to you at government expense, do you understand these rights as I just recited them to you?
Howard, come here, come here, put him in a car, come on, get in. the car, hurry up, yeah, get in the car, boy, let's just go, sorry, man, there's no scene where this guy lives no, no, listen, hello, money, he had money, it's way down here, it's 80 million dollars, 80 million, so that's what got this party started, huh, but? This money, the ears, won't be of much use to me in prison. You could do anything in the future that you want. Jack 80 million and all you have to do is let it go. It's an incredible offer. What do you think Fred would accept?
Deal, I'm Hank, his name is Hank, how are you? Hank, should I let you go? My name is Asak Schroeder and you can go yourself. Hank, listen to me, you feel like you need to tell him now that we can work this out, please, please, whatever you want. I beg you, you're the smartest guy I've ever met, you're too stupid to see him, he made a decision 10 minutes ago, do what you're going to do, foreigner, make you wait there too long, my love, I didn't know that you think I forget, it's okay, I regret the special love I had for you, do you really think I did it wrong?
Oh, I just realized, I'll show you the special love I have for you.

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