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Bravestarr | 1 Hour Compilation | English Full Episode | Old Cartoons | Kids Movies

Jun 03, 2021
If you feel that it is wrong, I will trample anyone who tries that. No, that is not easy. Sometimes it is difficult for a child to admit that they have touched him in a bad way, but if they have touched you that way, do not be ashamed, tell them. someone you trust, like your parents, your doctor, your teacher, your minister, a rabbi, right? Guys, mmm, what's up Brave Star, you seem worried? One of the people on the prairie is sick. Shaman Doc can't help him, it looks like there's a spell on him, um, that would be the work of a stampede.
bravestarr 1 hour compilation english full episode old cartoons kids movies
I wonder what he's up to. Well, we. We must take the bait, we will go, I will help the sick man, maybe that is what the stampede wants, we will go with the power of my staff, how do we get here? You came with me, it was like riding a horse, the sick man is Here, but I better lead the way. It's easy to get lost there. You better wait here. Much of it there is not enough space for the three of us. I'll need both hands free for this job. I'll leave my staff. in your care 30 30. keep it while I'm inside you want me to put this thing away I can't believe it I can keep a stick there he is and there is the shaman's magic staff you know what to do heavens no yes I feel a disease created with stampedes evil magic with an eye magical cure magic my healing power cleanses it the twist must be sleepy dreaming dream of a brave star and it rings you're not dreaming twists we're here and you'll be fine now well it's very easy no one will do it I want to steal this fancy stick it's that sarah jane .
bravestarr 1 hour compilation english full episode old cartoons kids movies

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bravestarr 1 hour compilation english full episode old cartoons kids movies...

Ears, I want a helper, don't hold it. Your breath, thunder, stop, it left me paralyzed for a few minutes, I have to fight it, fell in love, Skye has it, I dig underground, it makes the cigarette go out well, the little ones were completely cured hmm, yes, but the cause of their illness remains in this world. stampede uh-oh brave star is coming let's dive get out of here skus say where is 30 30. here marshall, where he should be is the city dump, okay, big party, no, I'm okay, but I don't deserve to be because let's leave let Thunderstick and Scuzz get their way with the shaman's stick the stampede has to have this mean trouble if the stampede has the new staff texas is in great danger the staff increases the power of whoever has it now there will be stampedes to misuse it however they want sorry shaman maybe it's my fault, I should have explained the value of the staff, no, no, if someone agrees to take care of something, they should do it well, even if it seems like lightning and heaven, huh, they couldn't have gone too far. maybe I can find him huh now it looks like it's going to start raining trouble I can't let you slow down lightning now instead freeze your oversized pin cushion I'll stop him he's protected from your weapons by magic we'll fight magic with magic capture a thorn of the cactus and tie it to your battle ax speed of the puma, okay shaman, now throw him with all your strength, did he use his own magic against him, but the stampede took away the thunder stick and the staff to the hexagon we did it oh big stampede we stole stone sherman's staff this is the magic shovel staff increases anyone's magical powers i never failed them before i can't face it listen to me old friend everyone fails sometimes oh no brave shop oh yes even Brave Star I remember one time when Brave Star was a kid.
bravestarr 1 hour compilation english full episode old cartoons kids movies
I asked Bravestar to take care of a special flower. Brave Star. It's almost noon after you've finished laying down the fresh soil. Make sure you put the umbrella over the moon. The flower or the hot midday sun will kill it. I will be a shaman. Don't forget when this plant blooms. I will need it to heal the sick. A baby sand crab. Hey, maybe I can train him to be my pet. Wait, I promise I'll feed you. every day he comes back hmm he had completely forgotten about the moonflower plant and as the sunlight became more direct the plant died boy it sure is hot oh no I forgot to put the umbrella on it Sorry shaman, I failed, so we must begin.
bravestarr 1 hour compilation english full episode old cartoons kids movies
Again, failure can be the soil from which greater success will grow. Brave Star started over with a new plant and took good care of it this time and this time it bloomed. Failure can become success if we have learned from our failure, I think I see. what you mean and I'm going to retrieve that staff for you shaman and for my own respect this is close enough for me stampede said we left this thing right outside the fortarium but why we do this you will know soon enough you little fool, back off now you power, I wouldn't want to be in Fort Fort Carium Shoes or under that stampede of bad giants.
I have done this with my staff without it, I do not have the power to stop so much magic and in seconds that giant is there. I'm going to crush Fort Carius Buzz, put the city in defensive mode quickly, I can't believe it, that giant is going to trample the fort and it's my fault because I let them steal the shaman style, take it easy, maybe we can stop him with the the city defenses now let's see if that robot can resist our lasers it won't work the giant must be stopped by magic without my staff I can't stop the giant but maybe I can slow him down if I have slowed him down for a while I don't I don't know how long the spell will hold him shaman shaman what is it I have used a lot of my strength I am weak we must recover the staff quickly the spell will only hold the giant for a short time well then let's go quickly to the hexagon Hmm, stampede will be waiting for us, oh Marshall, you I would really appreciate it if you would let me in after that staff.
I don't like that idea, I largely think I should be the one to take the risk when it becomes so dangerous. I wouldn't want to lose my best friend, you don't have to prove anything to me and if I meet the shaman, he feels the same, maybe I need to prove it to myself Marshall, and remember when your flower died, the shaman let you grow another one. I understand part of it, do it and good luck, dare to invade the hexagon, but where is that mechanical donkey 2015 or whatever his name is? It's never far from Brave Brave Star, yes, that should be researched before again.
Brave Star opens fire. you have the desired result let me help you I wish there was an easier way that wasn't blocked this is harder than I thought I guess I wasn't made for climbing but I have to keep going I can't fail the shaman again you better keep it up hey knocking down the door that's why the stampede sent us here damn fool we must stop them but the sky can't fight brave star and shaman she finds someone else to do it where do you think you're going? you have work to do scott isn't big enough to fight brave the door is closed you better not go in there star brave this is going to be fun i could use you for a soccer ball room to play soccer he won't fool me like that speed of the puma we did it we have brave star and shaman because to have good strength you should not lose your balance like that lightning bolt of me is stretching the chain oh a few more minutes and it will break it almost there a big climb i sure hope this entrance to the roof be where the shaman said it's time for the vulture to stomp on those ashes it could just be a ticket by the time he gets that thing out of his eyes I'll be long gone the stampede is down there somewhere, and so is the staff from the shaman, almost loose now, no matter where, your fake will be crushed, don't see the stampede, you are looking for a good job, my friend, now stampede, we will fight with the same power, except my power grows from the light and The darkness will always be defeated by the light that will endure the stampede for now. that won't be necessary, go with you but we made it thanks to my big part here oh, I didn't do it alone, I had a little help, well, I almost made a mess of everything today, brave star, but you made up for it.
I took failure and turned it into a success for the most part, just remember that we all make mistakes, sure it happened to me sometimes, but like the shaman says, if you learn from your mistakes, you will come out a winner in the end, yes, that's why I'm so patient. You are a brave star, I imagine that when I finish training you you will be a good marshal.

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