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BRABUS G-900 Rocket  Superblack💥 I Hamid Mossadegh

Feb 21, 2023
come here come here come here so welcome to my youtube channel sunday 4 pm the temperature has been up for a while look at the sound look and now it's the


G900 racket 900 cv 329000 euros remember that 315 cv remember that 1200 newton meters remember the car is super black that means everything is completely black today we have the small 23 inch rims so to speak because it's so cold it's winter we have to have winter tires and get the 24 inch rims . I don't have winter tires without rubber. I think 23 is the biggest size you can get for winter tires like front rubber tires old Swede look at that that's great and I'll do a thing too. the lighting is nice we know from the factory and then another accent is set here and of course the car now looks extremely sporty then all the carbon inserts are also made mega precise and that this car has nothing to do with the setting that says I'll take you for a ride first let's start driving I want to play at 900hp because I'm used to the original 585hp and here I have 900hp and we've already lost 315hp and €329,000 we're arguing now while we're driving so let's let you know that I don't really like tuned cars until now I think there was only one or maximum two cars on my channel because I'm a fan of 0 conversions but you know what's good.
brabus g 900 rocket superblack i hamid mossadegh
Brabus cannot be adjusted. Personally, I think that Brabus is a job for me now and there are body kits there. You stand up front and say why are you doing such a thing with such a great car, but I think Brabus has always done it. turn on to change the line where you two three times have to look but the line changes very precisely and cool which is not too big but also where you immediately notice that there is something on it and there are certain features that I will show you when I finally we go out and when i'm just in my steering wheel i look and see these silver parts are with the original g class so all these applications here for my multifunction steering wheel is actually everything just silver they made it nice in dark gray that's very elegant and my big highlight in the vehicle the panerei watch here panerei watch connoisseurs know it's a timeless watch it's a watch you're always well dressed in it's not too flashy but it's always classy and high quality which also adds to which my leather processing also seems excellent to me.
brabus g 900 rocket superblack i hamid mossadegh

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brabus g 900 rocket superblack i hamid mossadegh...

Leather what we see here now also in the dashboard area, so as a group we see it a little sportier, but that's a matter of taste. I'm not a fan of smooth leather €329,000 so let's imagine I get €329,000 for an average two-bedroom apartment in Hamburg They give me about 22 Dacia Dusters and currently the latest Ferrari 296 GTB they also give me about 329,000 euros and that only costs the equipment here so here with the vehicle we come to a total price of about 516,000 euros more than half a million euros for a Mercedes G-class actually G63 but the engine we'll get to that in a moment I have to show you the engine because we have the 900 here the engine has been completely removed and is also being completely overhauled at Brabus and upgraded to 900hp Mercedes of course it dies with that of course but Brabus says it has a mi warranty and everyone knows that no matter where in the world you are if you put the Brabus name on the line, everyone knows immediately that it is Mercedes, there is actually Mercedes, then comes AMG of course, and immediately Bravos, there are also the Beatles for example when I look at my speedometer system here and you can go in Race Performance everything is very well integrated here then I have my Race Performance here then I have Brabus here Everything is fine here of course the other tuners They can do that too, or the other refiners too, but this is in a whole different league and the factory stability of a Brabus, especially the G900, is close to 100% and we know all the other tuned cars will soon be.
brabus g 900 rocket superblack i hamid mossadegh
If you drive the car from the estate, you definitely have the money invested, so to speak, in this case the €329,000. 80% of them are gone, that's just a hobby, but driving a Brabus means that I drive what I am individual, I have real power with 900 hp, but I have also thought about it, I pay a lot of money for it, but I have a car stable so let's see where it is 900 hp feels a bit 100 200 newton meters the Ferrari sf90 with 1000 hp has about 800 850 newton meters that goes without saying and we drive here in the suv we drive in the G class but it happens for 900hp the old 900hp and look at that amazing or not right so with that then it needs a little age do you hear the turbochargers coming out again?
brabus g 900 rocket superblack i hamid mossadegh
That's awesome or hey we're driving, we're driving. a G class is amazing. I couldn't imagine the feeling you have for one attached to yourself. I once spoke to Konstantin and once asked him to tell me how often you get stopped and actually he said no, often everything has been TÜV approved. , here everything is entered exactly and we do not have any stress with the police here, really the class drivers greet each other but she does not greet me she did not see me before that was until five years ago it was normal all over the world, class G drivers they always put their hands up like vintage car drivers or bikers as you can see sadly it's very trendy to go back to driving the G-class the G-class used to be something for individualists for enthusiasts either you made the car or you you hated how long you sit how long does it take how many hours of work is that right a good question chris really a good question if you are lucky it will take three to five weeks and then your car will be fully rebuilt but of course many parts are not available at this moment and it's a huge list, especially on Brabus, so it can happen that maybe two, three or four months they have to wait for their detailed stuff.
I would also like to show what is not available from the factory look that's all here my vents are all nice with carbon very elegant also perfectly processed so I have my Brabus here everywhere in my life I'm curious what you write what What do you say about tuned cars? Do you think it's cool? You don't. I don't think it's cool. You think cars are already perfect from the factory or you can always add a nuance to it. You can always do something. That's a good question like this and now I'll rule out Chris. That is incredible.
I am mega. shone I must say that from this vehicle you don't notice the 900hp in the lower gears, so it doesn't differ much from the normal G-Class with the 585hp, you feel that it is a small change clearly 900hp compared to 585hp is huge but higher speed means when you accelerate especially if you're in Sport Plus then it'll kill you and I don't know that about regular G-Class but that 900hp makes you feel really good at top speed and of course your tank is busted it's just a well thought out car and everything fits here it's the same it has nothing to do with tuning from the outside it's a widening of course but it's not closed awesome still my bonnet stays unobtrusive just as nice with coal if I would turn on the additional lighting here yes or no I don't know I can also explain why because I have such trouble finding underground parking with the normal G-Class I need at least two meters at 2.10 I am absolutely sure at two meters I am safe but the big cities like Berlin Hamburg Munich where there are still a lot of old underground car parks are partly at 1.85 1.90 there I would be with the normal G-Class don't come with me and that means I can't get within two meters anymore, that means I always have to be two meters away 10 meters here and the air is very thin there, so because of the wind noise on the highway, I would possibly let the lighting down at the top is like this But it's a matter of taste if someone wants to go through it from the front my Front apron is different but still discreet again very nicely finished with carbon with an additional LED LED very nicely finished here so we have our grille here too nicely finished with carbon it's just a mega car.
I wouldn't order it in black. black always looks very small and swallows all the contours. I really feel what Brabus has and then there are more details, even my wiper arms are painted the same color as the car. 900hp we open the hood because we have to take a look at the regular G-Class G63 which has 585hp 315hp more and look at that four and a half liter Brabus 900 Biturbo and here too of course in gold if you rode it with your signature, not a name, you stand out from the normal Class at the rear we also quickly regress what is so classic at Brabus even with the old G-Class is that the lighting that the lighting, so to speak, for my running boards which were also with the old G-Class and I always find something like this These recognition features are super cool and even if I open my trunk everything here is also beautifully finished with leather, even here even in the area of ​​​​my seats more than half a million euros, approx 329.000 extra euros which is huge but I can tell you it's worth it Brabus is also recognized all over the world.
I always like to put little subtle nuances but if you want a classy G-Class the G-Class already has class but you want to go a I go further, Brabus cannot avoid it, no other brand can do it like this Bravos definitely not I hope you liked the post the question I asked you tuned cars yes or no write me that in the comments see you next week Sunday again thank you very much bye

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