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Bonanza - Thunder Man | Episode 131 | Western Series | Classic | Wild West | Full Episode

May 30, 2021
to stick their nose into your business because you can't seem to handle it. Now you better think of something, think of it quickly, who is that, is it me? I thought you were helping to ride horses for the brand. No, I went to town. Why see the helper? Do you have something to report? No, nothing because he has it now. Oh, go ahead, what happened? I looked ridiculous. I tried to tell Clem how to do it. his work i guess he got pretty mad, i know how you feel about clem joe but you have to get this out of your mind, forget it, i wish i could, but i can't forget that i went out to make Mr.
bonanza   thunder man episode 131 western series classic wild west full episode
Wilson bring Hanna to that party, Joseph, We all do things in our lives. for which we are sorry, but that does not mean that we should torment ourselves for the rest of our lives, but if I had minded my own business and Mr. Wilson had been safe at home that night. There was only one thing he could do if he could find out who did it. There was only some way you could tell me now which hand is yours. Mr. Wilson. You are moving your hand. You're trying to tell me something. Could you write? Oh God, because you.
bonanza   thunder man episode 131 western series classic wild west full episode

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bonanza thunder man episode 131 western series classic wild west full episode...

You're right, I'll get your paper, friend Paul, get a pencil and paper quick, Mr. Wilson, wait for everything. Am I touching the paper with my palm? Yes, what is it? I moved his hand. I think you can write to Joseph. It shouldn't bother him. I asked him who the murderer was and he waved his hand. He wants to tell us that's what it is. New Orleans woman. New Orleans woman. I don't understand, Mr. Wilson, are you trying to say the killer is a woman? Who is easy? Joe, let me try. Fred, if you know who the murderer was, could you write down his name?
bonanza   thunder man episode 131 western series classic wild west full episode
It's too weak to even hold a pencil. Wait a moment. There is another way, Mr. Wilson, you can close your eyes. Couldn't you show me everything right now? I'm going to ask. some questions if the answer is yes close your eyes if the answer is no leave them open you understand good point he understands well here is the first question you wrote new orleans woman was the murderer a woman no, I didn't think about it what does it refer to the woman from New Orleans? I don't know Mr. Wilson. We know the killer, but he says we know him.
bonanza   thunder man episode 131 western series classic wild west full episode
Whoever he is. We know him. Yes, but we know a lot of people around here. Joe and I were in Louisiana. There's a song. woman from new orleans, a song, mr wilson, what you mean is woman from new orleans, a song, you are right now, whoever it was, whoever the murderer was, were you singing that song? That's it I don't remember how the song goes but man fred was him here in the ponderosa well we're so close if I tried so hard well we're all apart yeah wait a second I'll be right. I want you to give this to the deputy.
Yes sir, be sure to tell them exactly how. Fred didn't come to write that, did he? You better go now. Well, as soon as Joe gets back, get going. Yes, but Paul, I want you to go into town alone. Yeah right, wait a minute, why is he in such a hurry? I told him to go to town without you. Why do you come in? I want to talk to you. Oh, wait a minute. If I want to go to the city now, inside Joseph, I will talk. I don't want you to go to the city. What do you mean?
You don't want me to go to town, well you know what happened the last time you made a fool of yourself, you admitted it won't happen again, well what do you want me to do, I stay here and do nothing, I just forget about everything ? about this I want you to stop losing your temper criticizing the deputy is not going to help things he is just doing his job now tell him what happened here with mr wilson and we will have fulfilled our legal duty well, besides there is another thing we must We could go a step beyond our legal duty now, what does that mean?
Well, Mrs. Gibson plays the church organ. She's a pretty good musician now she might know the song. New Orleans woman. She'll take a beating staying here. Thanks, little Joe, what? you bring it here, Miss Gibson, I wonder if I could come in and talk to you for a second, of course, come in, thank you, Mr. Pool, still at work, oh, you finished blowing up the first section this morning and now you're stacking the stumps to burn them. he's a pretty fast worker yeah he's this is the reason i came here and a question for you i know you knew a lot about music have you ever heard of a song called woman from new orleans woman from new orleans don't you I think, maybe?
She's in one of these songbooks here. Why are you so interested in this song, little Joe? I never knew you were musically inclined. I'm not particularly madam, it's just this particular song, it's a New Orleans woman, but do you think you could play it for me, of course, New Orleans woman, will you meet me tonight? See you tonight, need me tonight, New Orleans woman, will you meet me tonight and love me under the moon? Silly little thing, isn't it? Why are you so interested? I never hear it. First I wanted to see how the type of melody that plays in your head goes, right?
New Orleans woman, will you meet me tonight? Meet me tonight. Meet me tonight. New Orleans woman. Will you find me tonight and love me? under the moon is kind of a romantic little joe mrs gibson mr wilson died this afternoon oh no oh no that poor man before he died he wrote three words on a piece of paper trying to leave a clue as to who killed anne clue what you do? I mean, whoever murdered Anne was singing that song, woman from New Orleans, oh, what a terrible thing, that's why I came here. She wanted you to touch her.
I thought if I listened to the song, maybe I could remember someone I heard singing it. I don't want to thank you too much so I better get back to the ranch thanks again ugh oh hi is that joe conrad I just saw leaving here yes yes it was what's the problem something's wrong they think they have a lead on anne The killer from Wilson, you don't say it, you don't say it for sure, yeah, little Joe thinks whoever killed that poor girl was singing this song, woman from New Orleans, I don't think I've heard that one before, well, I think I've got you .
Why is that? I don't remember where I still think about it. It couldn't have been at the opera concert. It's too cheap a piece for that woman from New Orleans. Will we meet me tonight? We'll meet tonight. We will meet tonight. No. I can't remember that was someone whistling I was whistling Mrs. Gibson who did you hear whistling? I don't think I can remember it. I think I'd better go. Where do you think you are going? Linda, well, I think. I'm going to the Pondosa. I think I should talk to little Joe. You see, I don't think I understand everything.
There is no map. I don't think you should go to Pondosa. Please let me go. Do not do it. a scared little widow it was very careless I did it yesterday with a lattoon in front of you it surely was but you can't be blamed for having a very good memory surely you can't please please know that you are really quite attractive yes you are you could have been very happy here just the two of us, you did it, you did it, you killed anne wilson, beautiful hair, so soft, fragrant, shiny, skin, so cool, sweet, it's a shame, it really is, because there's no other way, I'm afraid there's no other way next time you'd better watch where you're going it's funny she said it was done exploding we better check it coach mrs. gibson mrs. gibson mrs. gibson are you up there?
I told her to back off, poor thing, she has a broken neck. part of the stump must have done it, oh she was such a wonderful woman, so sweet and kind, she was so sorry for me wandering around the countryside, she wanted me to settle down, we even talked about me staying here, well I was only here for a a while. ago she said you were done flying for the day oh well, yeah, yeah, it had everything except a little stump that I wasn't even going to bother putting near a fence, it wouldn't have been in the way of a plow in So, why did you bother with that?
Well, you know women when they pay for something. She came out a while ago and insisted that she blow off that little stump and somehow she got in the way, poor thing, there was nothing she could do. Don't do anything, you better make room in your car, we'll have to take her to town, yeah, yeah, of course, Joe, it sure is a sad business. It surely is, I swear I will never touch nitro again. I swear it's never strange. Paige was torn from Mrs. Gibson's house. The songbook could have done well. He couldn't even guess that it's a fact, like I said.
I left here a while ago. The book was good. So you haven't been back to the house since I left Heavy Pool. Me, of course not. not until now, when I brought her from the country because she don't know nothing about women, little Joe, they make daggers, things they really have with this, they tear a page out of our own songbook and tear it up, though she was mad, what? from new orleans a woman is the song the murderer sang the night he murdered mrs gibson wouldn't break her well if he didn't surely i can't guess who didn't do it that's a good fact i can know what to do you mean the little one Joe, I mean, I think you and I had to go into town and see the pool attendant, well, little Joe, if you want me to go into town and see the pool attendant, okay, fool, get on the wagon. , let's go to the city.
Are you accusing me of murdering Mrs. Gibson? I'm not accusing him of anything. I just want you to go into town and talk to the deputy. It's like you said Mr. Pool. These things are best left to the authorities. Yes, I said that, but not this. time, go on, leave it, it won't do any good this time, I think you'll throw your gun there, little Joe, right now, you shouldn't have gotten mixed up, you really shouldn't have, of course, now I'm going to have to report that two nice people they got too close to one of my explosions how many others gathered besides and mrs gibson why oh why uh I really don't know and that's a fact it's like nitro one wrong move and things change you mean die why were they always women they resist with their light skin and their shiny hair I want to touch them but they never understand they resist then you kill them but you don't understand I am the power and the


and the lighting oh no paul you are just a man a very, very sick man I am a


man and no power in heaven or earth can touch me so you

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