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Bonanza - Rich Man, Poor Man | Episode 132 | OLD WESTERN SERIES | Full Length | English

Jun 07, 2021
What do I see, would you look found, how good, a lot depends on the width of your vein? Of course, it's hard to tell the right thing from a single fragment. There are dozens of them out there, that's right, there are dozens of them out there, some of them too big to carry, so if this essay doesn't work, I think they should have a strike, almost as big as the comstock charge. away, what's wrong with you, clancy?, we no longer own that property, well, wait, wait, wait, we don't sell them, complain to him, him, why are you scamming, son of a stuffed monkey, why what I'll put your feet behind your ears your big boo oh they're landing me when I was younger I can't see the ring where you are it wasn't him it was me horse I just made the deal I bought the mine you you and you secretly betraying little weasel Australian Cleopatra you know what you know why he bought it so he could share his good fortune with two friends who didn't even sit down to dinner with him, not that I blame you for it, I got it, I mean you're pride and all The only way What I came up with to share my money with you was to buy your claims, but I could never manage something as big as this alone, oh you know, I'll split you guys up into pieces, after all, I own it.
bonanza   rich man poor man episode 132 old western series full length english
I mean, I have it all I have it all daisy we are


I love you will you marry me oh gloves but first we will have to measure the streets those are the streets for a red carpet for my queen on our wedding date well good morning it's daisy Oh, good morning, Mr. Cocktail, how are you? hello little joe oh you must have missed today daisy it feels like sunday that's how i feel. Claude will be back today, he will be back, I don't know, the silver baron was out of town, oh. Yes, he went to San Francisco to order machinery and God knows what.
bonanza   rich man poor man episode 132 old western series full length english

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bonanza rich man poor man episode 132 old western series full length english...

Oh well, Daisy, I was waiting for an invitation to the big event. Oh, we haven't set the date yet. Claude was so busy that he took Clancy and Tarbish with him. Well, I'll put that date off too long, we haven't had a good party here since last Saturday night, oh my God, excuse me and the meek shall inherit the earth, is that Claude Miller Daisy, oh, hello, Mr. Cartwright, uh, Say, send me that invoice. For 10 head of cattle, will you and oh uh, Ben? If you ever need anything in the form of money, call me. Everyone is really killing it.
bonanza   rich man poor man episode 132 old western series full length english
I wish people weren't doing so well. I guess the more they laugh at him, the more they forget about their own. nonsense daisy will take good care of him you better get back you have a lot of work to do with the ranch and you have to help adam and the city with those yearlings right, he wasn't destroyed at all claude all he needs is a good brushing mister miller oh thank you thank you just a minute something for your trouble no no no problem at all it's my pleasure oh the guests are still laughing at me you know you don't have to put up with that kind of thing anymore mr miller you can buy them and sell them hey ha ha Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, you're next on my list, Thompson, why, little worm, I'll break you in two, oh, thank you, thank you, sir Slauson, I won't forget it. uh, say, uh, how much does a sheriff pay you a day?
bonanza   rich man poor man episode 132 old western series full length english
Two dollars a day on meals. I'll give you five if you come work for me. Naturally, I expect you to protect my interests and there would be some paperwork. uh, so let's make it six dollars, how about that? You're the boss, Mr. Miller, so hey, clam, what the hell is going on around here? Your little friend, Mr. Miller, bought all the bank's mortgages, that's what that little son of a bitch did. gun, mr miller, okay, i hate to bother with these little details, but I need your signature on these papers, oh, of course, of course, it's nothing that needs reading, mr miller, they're just invoices for that new equipment, oh , well, if that's all, yes, better. get those supplies ready the party needs that charcoal oil right away uh there's one more miss miller oh little joe little joe where have you been keeping yourself hey claude how are you doing well well haven't seen you in a long time haven't I know you had a great head for business, you made a lot of changes around here, a lot of changes, well I guess I've branched out a little, huh, I'll say, hey, you can move on, thanks, hey, what's up with mine?
I can stay? you're pretty busy the mine oh oh yeah the mine oh silver pouring out like an estimate of thousands of dollars a day or is it a week well uh well slauson has the exact figures it's lawson mm-hmm he's working for me now it's more than me I can handle it alone, I see, hey, what's up with you and Daisy? That day, Chad Daisy, uh, well, no, not yet, uh, uh, uh, well, I have to go. There are many things to attend to. Good to see you, little Joe. Good to see you, Claude. You, Claude Miller, oh, one thing I can do for you, Harvey, do it for me, you've done it, you've ruined me, you've got my house, my farm, everything, everything but this dollar, you go out, you pick that up, you put it down. your pocket so you'll have everything I have before I kill you you killed him he pointed a gun at Mr.
Miller here what he didn't know what he was doing he had been drinking he pulled out a gun he wouldn't have used How do you know that? I guess you're right, no Mr. Miller, I just saved your life, Daisy, I came as soon as I got your message, little joke, he killed him, that's amazing, I know, Daisy, I heard you're there now. Come on, sit here, but it wasn't his fault, Claude would knowingly damage a net, you know I thought I knew that daisy, but now I'm not so sure, big man, I have a lot of power now, I think I have a mind to tell. him, where did that 600 dollars come from that started this whole little Joe, if you do that, why I mean, after all this you still love the guy, yeah, little Joe, I still love him.
I just wish there was something we could do, Daisy, why not? Don't be left without him, let's go to the right, spend some time there, maybe he will come to his senses. Oh, I couldn't do that. Why if he left Claude now Slauson would swallow him whole, right? I think he already has, oh Daisy, little Joe, what are you doing in town? I heard about Harvey. Oh, terrible, wasn't it? Imagine a nice, calm guy like Harvey going completely crazy like that. Why would you shoot me, Claude? I really don't think so, if it hadn't been for slauson, he could have had slauson as claude, don't you see what he's done to you?
Well, you saved my life and it's been a big help. clancy tarbosh what are you doing back here clancy tarbush? What are you doing, friend? Yeah, Clancy Tarboy, what are you doing back here? Would you listen to it without shame? I am with a smile of satan on his sweet innocent face. Yes, that is right here where we hear so much perfidy in the sinful history of humanity. I know that if we just went out and cut each other's throats, I would have some respect for him, but no, with prevaricating cunning, he defrauds his benefactors and leaves them to die in the end of nowhere, but what did I do clandestinely?
Why, you fateless, two-faced, black-hearted ship ghost, will I crush you? That's underground, wait a minute, wait a minute, what's this all about? Now you heard it yourself, little Joe, after he robbed us of Box Canyon, he said he would do it. He cut us up, well, he cut us up, okay, he cut us up into little pieces, yes, into little pieces, and then he left us in San Francisco and didn't send us the money like he promised he would. Okay, not now, what's that, Mr. Miller? I'll take care of this. Oh, and who are you to get into an argument with friends?
I mean, old friends. Mr. Slauson works for me. Oh, he does. In that case, he also works for us. You see, it turns out we are. his partners at box canyon have signed papers signed papers well we have claude's word is that a little more of you prevaricating cunning well wouldn't you understand that this is a business oh of course i hope to take care of you guys uh uh slauson , make a note remind me to arrange for a regular stipend stipend a stipend why are you beetle-killing scum like this okay okay what's the use clancy okay come on tarbosh let's get out of here you know what you are you're polluting that's what you are polluting now I know why the Indians wouldn't even bother with you yeah Claude how can you make those men your friends?
Well, I thought I'd seen everything there, you see, now you're messing with me, I'll do it. Thanks, little joe, mind your own business, okay, little joe, I'm ready, where are you going? Daisy, she's going with me and that's my business now. Daisy, Daisy, you can't do this right, I'll show them and, by the way, Slauson. I have a few things to talk to you about, like what Harvey meant by me ruining it. All we did was lend him enough money so he could pay his mortgage. Okay, with interest of 30. 30. I never did. Why he is crooked.
You signed the papers. You signed many papers, including a power of attorney for me. Power to me. Why can't you do that slauson? I already have it. You're working for me. I own the mine. Did you really think I was going to work for six dollars a day? day at meals that power of attorney that doesn't mean anything I think so and this will make sure that's the case now how did Cardmiller come to be the owner of a


silver mine? Well, that's a long and complicated story, I'm not in the mood. for complicated stories, did Claude Miller buy that one of mine?
If so, what horsepower did he actually buy it with? Yes, sir, I bought it from Clancy and Tarbosh. Actually, Mr. Cartwright Horse bought it from Claude. That's right, for 400 hundred dollars. Where did Claude Muller get it from? four hundred dollars uh for me you gave claude miller four hundred dollars no paul not exactly little joe gave him 600. one hundred dollars why and for what that well uh further for that piece of land uh pi that's all that's what daisy that's that piece of land in Box Canyon. What if they couldn't get to it? What if they couldn't reach what and who?
Oh, I'm going to make Claude Miller regret selling me that land in Box Canyon, that's your hat Miller, come on. Out of the box again I think I'll stay here if you don't mind. I have some matters I would like to attend to. The only business you have is in Box Canyon and there won't be any business. If they finish that fence, they started who, who's building a fence, your friends, they're carters, now come on, tell him to tear down that fence, Mr. Cartwright, uh, little joe, uh, uh, what are you doing? Build a fence, claude b, but you can't do it. that, oh yes we can, I bought this property from you for 600, remember, oh that's right, it did, I completely forgot, you know what this means, this is the only access to those mines, you can't take that mineral out from there in no other way. way, so buy it back, Mr.
Cartwright, um, if I can't get that money right, that'll put me in a terrible bind. It seems like a bug that has been putting a lot of people on the spot lately, I know and I'm really sorry for that, but there's not much I can do about it. I don't like to disagree with you Claude, but I think there is something you can do first, you can stop playing with mortgages, cancel the unfair. No more 30 percent loans, no more foreclosures now, if you meet all these conditions, Claude, we may not care, you tear down this fence, oh, right, right, little Joe, the first thing you need to do is get rid of him, you mean going back to work.
Joel, grab that down there, no, no, wait, wait, please, I have to do it, uh, you see, don't you, Mr. Slauson? Slauson, you're fired. I didn't mean to be so hard on you, we didn't want to have to walk all over him. for you, Claude, you want to buy this property back, you can do it at any time, oh no, sir, keep it, little Joe, just in case I get out of line again, okay, I'll listen to you, I think it'll be better Let me come back to town with you too, you mean? slauson, well, thanks anyway, little Joe, but I'm finally back on my feet and it's a really good feeling now I think I'd like to try to walk a little, oh, now that we're alone, you were saying I told you.
You're fired okay, did you hear me? you're fired you have a gun pick it up and say that again you're fired did you hear what slauson said oh oh thank god i love you

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