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BONANZA - Laço de Sangue (Legendado)

May 04, 2020
that is not bad. idea that you got me out of trouble this will keep you from playing innocent about it and i guess i'll stick around if you want mr. Cartwright, I'm sure you forget she shot that fix suit, you men should be fine guys, let's go see you, take it easy, she likes to go with him, what did you say? Well, I said I'd like to go with us. I'll be back twitch boy clear the way maybe too clear noticing a clever operator like fargo leaves a trail anyone could follow ok you no the blades are both after he maybe you can make it faster stop and clear that could be there's a hunter man he knows about tracking hiding his tracks i don't think we're going to find the answer here we go i don't care if you're my brother would you kill yourself sneaking up like this sneaking just rocks here well you got the nitro i got enough here to blow up three can safes that we don't need it who's left in the house oh my Cartwright is there with it grab his leg and Tracy your other hands were out early this morning oh the sheriff came and took everyone else to chas i'm asking you how you thought that they would you check the buildings to make sure i know where you are in burke there's nobody here there's nobody to bother us let's say boss he shakes back check the building i'll cover you no one's safe like i made sure posse has his hands full anything fiddle you mascara anything i can get you anything i can think of joe hey sure i'm afraid he was going to make it too easy for us to follow him check out a look around would take a lot to find any clues in this HUD room, I just don't understand why I took the long way to get here, well if you're going to try to cross the Devil's furnace and help stop the water, wouldn't you most unlikely that Kweli still does?
bonanza   la o de sangue legendado
It doesn't make sense that he could have gone into hard rock country five miles back but he didn't, he just didn't want to go that way guys we're going to split up and spread out and I'll ride you in the lead for quail ease. Little Joe for the dry Timmy river bed up that wash as far as you can go and David rides north now I'll follow him along the ridge here and the first man to see the sign fire two shots is clear come on , it's just that there's something that doesn't bother you, mr. Cartwright, I'm sure that was just trying to figure out what tune to set or you should ask me for answers for that.
bonanza   la o de sangue legendado

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bonanza la o de sangue legendado...

I was trying to figure out why an experienced body would mistake you for song 902, but as he said it, he confused me. someone else i know i said i had no pertinent information at the time like no one matching your description is wanted in tucson and a man can be mistaken for anyone can't be mistaken for anyone what are you driving with mr. Carver, you know there's something you're doing for me, get me a warm cup of coffee from the kitchen. I don't think I should leave you here just because if you move your leg it could start bleeding again or I could move just fine. is there one other thing i would like you to do for me if you could clean this gun for me please i need to clean it bad sure mr. car I want clean gum a cup of coffee is going up yes something there you want to leave it and put a chair and sit I will just take care of this who you oh you know about me well I get drunk and then I get sick oh I get sick I was so close to killing your son and lucky for him lowell tracey stopped me just when your plan is only part one $10,000 in that safe mr.
bonanza   la o de sangue legendado
Cartwright, we'll go get it, oh yeah, so if you just tell us the combination, everything will be fine. money explain a previous one that is at the beginning point to Bissell I buy you a glass the whiskey the nurse you only get the combination you still don't stay stubborn they kill you and what prevents you from killing me if you get the combination nothing but you have a chance I won't do it maybe Maybe you have any ideas, help will not come, there will be no chance, so he worked too carefully with that bullet. Putting your leg on, I took care of all the Cartwrights.
bonanza   la o de sangue legendado
I'm the sheriff. far and it ends nowhere when you leave here there will be another trail no matter what happens to me it will be followed and you will be at the end sir cut well if i'm going to kill you if you don't tell and i know i mean i will kill you if i have to killing you didnt cost me sleep it will be better for me if i let you live that way when they chase me and they will come they will hate eating less if their guts lead them the road gets hard it will be easier for him to turn back go teyla honest body seven philosopher well yeah Alive I will go for you I give you a choice give me that money or you will never live to spend it thinks Arnett mr.
Cartwright, I think it's onyx, but he's a quick thinker, besides nothing, yeah, nothing. I finally run on soft ground but no tracks he didn't head to the quail facility or this way and hurt shot so apparently the others crossing this trail or right now it looks like we're not okay let's take our chances . I've been outwitted before and it will no doubt happen again. Why don't we go back to where the trail ended? Maybe we missed a signal or maybe even backtracked, what about you and rest well gang? If they find something, we don't have those shots, if they don't, they only have one.
Mr. Kai is right, Fargo, he is telling the truth when he says that he is not bluffing. I'll stay alive and if I give you the combination and not if it's to your advantage and if it's not, you're going to shoot me regardless. what i'm telling you so you don't get anything from me instead of shooting why don't we tie them up by the safe and have the same amount of time to change your mind about talking as it takes to make that fuse does it burn? the other room out of the way you're proud of what you've done there you know money here it has to be here somewhere where you gonna wish you were dead tosh good and you'll get your wish slowly tokyo screen if you have to i'll get that money out of your height a dollar like time where it is it's in my room i'll show you where your studio is you'll get it just tell him where it's on my desk oh better white finish if it's there you'll find it he's got a nose for money keep looking keep playing a cot right where it is. that money mr.
Capra, tell him where the money is. It's not worth dying because we had the money and I would be dead. Now what about nothing? Look, I'll make a deal with you. you my part is fine, just promise me you won't kill him. Is that wooden box? Go find her. What's wrong with me? You know what I mean? It isn't true? Cory I never had a family no no blood times we gonna like how Lake feels today oh I'll be good noon a week hey I stopped by the sheriff's cafe tell me Fargo will be well he lived through a trial it's nice to be one probably very happy to testify yeah that's too bad about Tracy the boy had a lot of good he just needed someone to help him find himself too bad it happened too late yeah hey you know he was me asking never did to ask you where did you hide the money? oh I didn't, what do you mean, you didn't do it right, he jumped, he sang, he was going to the sky of Carson City.
I asked him to take it and put it on the bench. the money wasn't here why didn't I tell Fargo well if I told him he probably wouldn't believe me and if he did believe me he probably would have killed me anyway I felt the only chance I had was to make him believe the money was somewhere in the house and stalling for time well I must say everything is pretty good he couldn't get much closer no I couldn't move and I want to thank you very much for not following the cultivators orders to stay with the gang now while it's like you always said well i'm not very good at following orders yes i think i've said that several times how about some coffee?
Yes sir. Oh, Joe, I don't like you. Do me a favor.

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