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Bolivianos son descubiertos con drogas en sus cuerpos. El cuerpo no miente, Canal 13.

Jul 01, 2023
It's Tuesday night, Yachila, two flights from Bolivia land. There was a group of passengers that caught the attention of the PDI's canine officers and marked them. This means that they could bring drugs. This woman will be the first passenger to be interviewed. Pay attention. to the details the end will surprise you what is your uncle coming to Santiago Where does your uncle live at the central station in the center the central station in the center How many days are you going to be here three days three four days What happened to your uncle did he have an accident listen and when she bought the ticket to travel to Santiago she doesn't know when she booked it.
bolivianos son descubiertos con drogas en sus cuerpos el cuerpo no miente canal 13
When she told him she has been traveling now for three days and then as she leaves Iquique by land by land she is going to buy here in the first responses this Bolivian passenger is left to Inspector Valentina Gómez from anti-narcotics can clearly see that he is hiding something in his story, this is because his posture appears to be relaxed but this is contradicted physically by his tense left side and his clenched hands. What are the pockets, leave it here, have something else, take out everything that has any It sounds there, you have something else, we give you a shiny pants pocket, the pants have nothing on the back.
bolivianos son descubiertos con drogas en sus cuerpos el cuerpo no miente canal 13

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bolivianos son descubiertos con drogas en sus cuerpos el cuerpo no miente canal 13...

Stand here, your uncle, what is his name today? He is also Bolivian when he entered Chile. And where does he live? Where in the center, here comes Santiago, Mrs. Susana. I'm going to ask you about Second time, why are you here, Santiago, tell me the truth. We started asking for money. I have never asked for money in my life. If the scam had occurred in national territory, it is easy for us. No, but they are in transit in our country inside your body. You have something. dogs issued an alert about your body and your dogs detect drugs come here What do you have in your pockets leave it here you have something else take out everything that has something you have something else we give you a pocket of the pants sewn the pants have nothing in the back that turn Get your uncle here what is Manuel's name how much is he Bolivian also when did he enter Chile And where does he live Where does he live in the center for the first time he is going to pick her up yes he is waiting for her outside he thinks so If no if he is not there what is he going to do he won't have to wait how She is going to call him if he has a Chilean chip.
bolivianos son descubiertos con drogas en sus cuerpos el cuerpo no miente canal 13
At all times the woman has a very doubtful attitude when answering the simple questions of the officer Valentina Gómez. Look how she will react when they ask her if she feels well and above all, What will she answer? She feels well, she is so nervous She doesn't know how much the ticket cost when they bought it Nothing she doesn't know anything about that her uncle he is a foreigner he is Chilean he is Bolivian she is sure there is no foreigner with that name in Chile that's why there isn't any The police have control of All the foreigners in Chile, all the people who enter the national territory, what about the investigative police, if his Bolivian uncle, we should have control of him and he does not have income, he is sure that he is coming to see his uncle or he is coming to see someone.
bolivianos son descubiertos con drogas en sus cuerpos el cuerpo no miente canal 13
More or is she coming for something else? She didn't buy her the ticket. Something must have sent her something on her cell phone. Some photo. Something has her uncle's number either. So if she's lost here, how are you going to locate us? I'm going to call you. Here comes Santiago, tell me. The truth is, why are you coming to visit my uncle for a while, why are you doing anything? I work there in Bolivia, you work in Bolivia, and your uncle, why did he buy you the ticket? No, for a while, I have an accident, man, my accident, he told me.
Then calm down, calm down, Lady Susana, calm down. I'm going to ask you for the second time why Santiago is coming, tell me the truth. Confusing answers and all the signals that your body emits made Officer Gómez have serious suspicions that this woman is lying. In this case, we see that the person acts as if she were relaxed, supporting the entire weight of his body but if we look closely we will see that these supports are false. The person makes a gesture with his right hand as if he were straightening his spine and at the same time with his left arm he acts as if he were supporting the entire weight of his body. on the backrest of the flimsy but in reality those two supports are false since all the strength and support of his body is being done by his left leg.
Why is Santiago telling me the truth, don't lie to me, look like a police officer with the interview that I gave him I am doing you. I have several questions. I will ask you. You have something in your body, inside your body, because now I am going to transfer you to another office to do a x-ray examination. It is a machine that performs an examination. Is there any problem that we do? That exam, no one already has something in their body to tell me now, why are you lying to me? You know that's going to be worse.
No nothing, I mean, I can take it to the examination machine and to the doctor, too, if necessary, we're going to take it. to the office put away your things we return to the narcotics section at the airport let's remember that a group of Bolivian citizens who landed in Chile woke up the alert of the canine specimens of the pdi and marked them for this reason they began to interview the second passenger who will ensure at all times that she is not bringing drugs but will tell the truth when she entered Chile March 17 March 17 here comes the country My mother has already decided here It's been four years already and she was working on her ticket to Santiago before when she bought it four days ago her Mom and her mom are working, what does she already work on and her ticket?
How much did it cost 110 thousand Chilean pesos and does she have a travel schedule? Do you have something that you thought her purchase and where does her mom live? My mom currently works in Providencia, that is, they live in Providencia currently. And that way Santiago has moved and at work a kitchen assistant's pension until now. The Bolivian passenger tries to show calmness but everything will get complicated when the officer finds some pills in her suitcase. The curious thing will be the way she brings them. Observe carefully. medicines do you bring why do you bring these medicines Why did you not bring the complete box and this does not come in a box either because a month ago when you came to visit my mother they observed that it was a lot of tablets so to avoid that problem they during the treatment who He said it was a lot of tablets.
Who told him that? Here at the airport, he can give you all the medications. Bring something inside your body. judicial we can check it Yes good And since she also has medication there is some problem that I call her to the doctor too No we are going to do an x-ray examination like her previous compatriot, this woman will have a body scan to see If he transports drugs inside his body later they will know the result of this story now officer Valentina Gómez will interview Bolivian passenger number three Don Denis Where does Santiago Providencia come from also coincidentally this subject occupies the same commune as the previous passenger Providencia where does his mom, my mom, everything would indicate that they were told the same speech, we will know the real intentions that this man has to enter Chile, he has with one of the people who are out here, who are cousins, since their mother comes to look for them and how they Your mother calls What do you do?
When did you buy your ticket? Did you buy it together with Maya? If someone bought it four days ago and you the day before yesterday, how much was the ticket? You don't know how much your ticket cost, but you should have already told him, cousin. You have to pay me such an amount of money for the ticket, but he told you how much the ticket was, he didn't tell you anything, that is, I could have charged you a million pesos and you are going to pay your mother, your mother is going to pay the ticket for the ticket.
Inspector Valentina Gómez, something does not fit, continues to investigate the veracity of the story of this Bolivian citizen, he is telling the truth, he has a Chilean telephone when he entered Chile two three weeks ago and here he entered the country, what was his purpose, working in Melipilla, I cannot believe him, he is going to pick up in Providencia for having cash count it out loud please 23,000 you already save your money Hey You don't know when when the ticket was bought How much the ticket cost now you know how to go to your mother's Yes we have to go to Providencia in a taxi now And how are they going to pay for the taxi with 20,000 pesos in Providencia?
The story and the information that has been given to the body of this Bolivian passenger indicate that something is hidden. Pay attention to the next question that the officer Valentina Gómez will ask you. Query, did you see that he was with the dogs outside I see that the dogs issued an alert about his body yes he knows what those dogs are those dogs detect drugs they are trained to detect drugs every time the dog detects an alert a person because a person was in contact with drugs consumed some type of drug or is he carrying drugs in his body one of those options and dogs are generally quite accurate I ask you do you have something in your body now did you consume drugs did you touch some type of illicit substance do you have something inside your body authorize it to be do an his body here in Chile last night he already has his occupation money home in Chile Why is he coming to Santiago to visit relatives the subject looks restless at all times He looks at the suitcase that is being searched his gestures show that he fears they will find some item on him prohibited you have cash you can count it out loud please count your money now one two three four five six seven eight nine Ten thousand Chilean pesos you have some medicines you are coming to Santiago for two days How do you get back to Bolivia by bus this answer was the The same thing that the other Bolivian passengers have given, they all have a speech, the same way they travel to Chile by plane, they will be there for a few days and they will return by bus.
Also, notice the movement he makes when he answers. How much did the ticket cost to fly here to Santiago? They didn't reserve it for me. They reserved it for you. Why are you coming to Santiago? Who told you to introduce yourself to your uncle? What is your uncle's name? Johnny is your uncle. What does he do and when did he buy your ticket a week ago? A week ago and What is the idea of ​​you coming? For two days in Santiago you come to help your uncle work for two days and how much are they going to pay you to see a place?
This guy's speech seems to be learned but his body doesn't lie. Look how he denies what he says with his head and He looks down while answering and at the end of each sentence he always makes a grimace of annoyance with his mouth. The subject continues to accumulate anger and hide his tension with his hands behind his back with the erratic movement of his body, but the subject does not feel anger towards him. the officer but towards himself and we know this by the gesture he makes with his angry chin and by the movements he makes with his gaze from left to right, internally dialoguing emotionally with this radio, he comes to meet, he comes to work, he comes to see the guy.
What are you going to do in two days Santiago? You saw outside that the canine guides were with their dogs. You realized that when you were walking here the dogs were emitting an alert from your body. You know what those dogs are that they are trained for. They are in state to detect drugs people who consume drugs who have had contact with drugs who carry drugs who transport drugs you have drugs at this moment nothing in your pockets nothing from a consultation inside your body you have something tell me the truth This is the time What do you have to say if you have something for something I am asking you because I already have an alert from the dogs and the dogs are generally quite accurate look at me tell me the truth I am giving you a second chance to look at me and tell me the truth in At all times the subject looks down, this denotes that he wants to evade the situation.
In addition, his mouth shows anger and contempt as he tenses his chin and then makes a grimace towards the right side if he has any inconvenience in having his body examined. An Submission is manifested by centering our entire body in a relaxed manner towards the center, lowering our head and somehow hiding our hands, but the hands of this subject are not on the back to rest but to hide all the attention that occurs on the shoulders and in the arm extends his right leg forward to hide the attention of his left leg, that is to say, the subject is accumulating anger and appears to be in a solution attitude.
He is going to tell me he has nothing, so we do the exam. I assure you that you don't want to tell me anything. Tell me if you have to tell me something tell me now your response is taking a long time What are your things take your hat and your bag let's not forget that this guy, like his other Bolivian compatriots, were marked by the anti-narcotics canine specimens that means they could bring drugs inside in the shape of ovoids the body of this Bolivian passenger keeps talking I am wrong I have asked him several times I am seeing that he is hesitating in his answer Yes or yes we are going to do an x-ray examination and yes or yes we are going to do a medical examination and none of that is going to be negative, the images are clear, that is, the answer is only going to take a few more minutes, you are going to tell me something else, please come out, in this chapter we saw how five Bolivian passengers were marked by the specimens canines of the pdi they warned about itpossible presence of drugs inside his body, officer Valentina Gómez will interview the last of the subjects, we will know if all of them wanted to bring drugs into Chile or not, here comes Santiago de Chile, where his brother lives and where his brother lives in Melipillas, the story turns again.
He repeats, like the other Bolivian passengers, this guy says the same speech, home in Chile, I can't believe him, he's going to be in Santiago for a week, a week. Hey, when did you buy your ticket when the week before and do you know how much it cost? They gave it to you. My brother has to reimburse the ticket who paid for it, his brother paid for the ticket, your brother gave it to you, you have to return it to him now. How many days, then he told me that he will be there for seven days, I imagine that he brings a suitcase with things for seven days, he brings drugs.
Hey, when did you buy your ticket when the week before and do you know how much it cost? They gave it to you. My brother has to reimburse the ticket. Who Your brother paid for the ticket. Your brother gave it to you. You have to return it to him. How many days? Then he told me that he will be staying for seven days. I imagine that he brings a suitcase with things for seven days. The man says that he brings luggage for a seven-day stay. However, he only carries a small bag with a change of clothes, but pay attention, there will be more inaccuracies in his story.
Observe his occupation. He is studying. He is on break. He took seven days to come to Santiago. Listen, and he does not have a return ticket. How are you going to return by bus? He travels by plane, he returns by bus, how much was the ticket, how much was the budget for the bus ticket, his brother is going to pay for everything. When answering what he has done since he arrived in Chile, the subject lies, his lips dry out, this passenger. he begins to get more and more nervous cash portal nothing eleven thousand Chilean pesos for the accommodation as for the accommodation located his brother tomorrow he comes to look for his brother and here where he is going to stay a reception Where But where in the center and how do you go to the center by taxi but you are going to pay for the accommodation you are going to pay for the taxi tomorrow my brother will come and pay with this enough for the taxi I think so for the taxi his wallet is now When he entered the country he told me what was While doing this, you realized that when I came here the dog guides with their dogs had an alert on their bodies and of course they shook my hand and said goodbye.
I believe that, but the alert that the dogs were signaling was more than due to contamination, that's why dogs see consumption transport If people have people manipulated by drugging you bring drugs to manipulated drug have you done something in some type of legal substance to justify that brand of a dog just do you have any objection to us carrying out an examination on your body no We can do it now, please take your things. Finally, the five Bolivian passengers underwent an nearby among the five Bolivian subjects more than 500 ovoids were found. It is confirmed that this person was carrying foreign bodies inside the stomach about 500 ovoids the weight was about six kilos 700 grams you handle more or less the amount of what they They could make a profit on the thousand to 1,500 dollars per person that they risk by ingesting these capsules, death directly.

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