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Bodycam: Two Wisconsin Cops Killed in Deadly Shootout with Man Who ‘Trained to Kill’ Police

Mar 25, 2024
He's got a rifle, he's right, people who shot, two Wisconsin


officers shot to death after arresting suspect wanted for missing child support payments, officials now calling him the epitome of evil, ready, right? Are you okay? Well, we are a project. Alright, it's on your left, the Wisconsin Department of Justice posted dozens of photos and videos on the Lawn Crime Network showing what led up to the


April 8 shooting that occurred in Barron County, about two hours east of Minneapolis, Chetek Police Officer Emily Breidenbach and Cameron. The


officer's shield stopped a pickup truck driven by 50-year-old Glenn Douglas Perry.
bodycam two wisconsin cops killed in deadly shootout with man who trained to kill police
Perry was armed with a rifle. Both officers are down. He set up shop with a rifle. 327 we have two officers. Two officers are down. He is positioned with a rifle before. to the shooting, officials say Perry was displaying troubling behavior after a messy divorce in an interview after the shooting. Perry's ex-wife told officials she believed he was bipolar and schizophrenic. She also noted that he had multiple weapons in an interview with detectives. Perry's son said he cited conversations. Bad enough with the


, his son also noted that Perry summoned trains to more or less


them with a shooting range built on his property just days before the March 30 shooting.
bodycam two wisconsin cops killed in deadly shootout with man who trained to kill police

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bodycam two wisconsin cops killed in deadly shootout with man who trained to kill police...

A civil order was issued for Perry after he went months without paying child support. A day before the shooting, the Barron County Sheriff sent a warning email about Perry's behavioral and mental health issues. The email instructed law enforcement officers to use the quote with extreme caution if they approached Perry while he was holding a gun at all times, according to a report from Barron County District Attorney Emily Breidenbach, a 32-year-old officer. stopped Perry's vehicle on April 8 during a routine patrol shift. Breidenbach didn't stop him immediately because of the recent warning email, instead she called for backup.
bodycam two wisconsin cops killed in deadly shootout with man who trained to kill police
Officer Hunter Shield, 23, responded. Shield's body camera footage shows the first moments of the traffic stop. The Barron County prosecutor's report indicates that Breidenbach shouted commands at Perry after she stopped him almost immediately. She grabbed an AR-15 and started shooting. He has a rifle. The sapphire shots knocked the officer down. Downed Officer Shield can be heard making a gunshot call before his body camera video shows him falling to the ground, just after this a call for backup is heard over the radio traffic and a call also comes in to the 9-1-1 from a nearby witness. 911 where is your emergency?
bodycam two wisconsin cops killed in deadly shootout with man who trained to kill police
Hello, I'm actually sitting here. I ended up stopping because I saw a dog in the middle of the road and suddenly I saw an officer inside a gentleman on the ground. He looks like he is waiting on his leg and a rifle on the ground. A call is quickly issued for emergency services. The Sheriff's Department requested a double of Highway Eight. The last highway double s for an officer involved shooting, time is 15 39. 104 recovery, we have the EMS page. I'll send a helicopter. Both officers are down. He is equipped with a rifle. Some of the first officers to arrive work to secure the scene.
They ask spectators to leave immediately. Get out of here. Get out of here. The video shows officers arriving at the scene. shooting scene requesting all detectives please requesting all detectives temper hey, are you okay? We are a project, yes, we see everything well, the area is on the left, okay, I have, I have, I have the uh, move the weapon, I have a lethal, yes. I have lethal cover me I have weapons radio chat notes the suspect may be injured I believe the subject is down I believe the subject is down there are three subjects down the officers on scene confirm 331 bear and I have no eyes on the subject at this time time iron four I think this guy is down I think this guy is down there are three guys down Jess yes, he's down, he's down at the same time the officers distance Perry's gun from him and ask for more first responders, take this rifle, no , I have you lethal.
I got that, yeah, okay, roll 'em up, we got two offices downstairs, we got 195. He's the bad guy, he got a shot too, wait, right, I got it, I got it, no, back, clear, front, clear, that's good , I have another rifle in front, according to the district attorney's report. Breidenbach fired two shots before Perry fatally shot her, she also fired her gun, but Perry also shot her dead. Officials say Perry was shot in the leg and later died at the hospital according to the Barron County District Attorney's final report, both Breidenbach and Shield. They were justified in their lethal use of force.
The report also states that Perry obtained all of the weapons used in the shooting and later recovered them in her vehicle and at his home, reporting legally for a long crime. Red I am Sierra Gillespie

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