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BlueBird Wanderlodge RV Tour: Pros & Cons

Jan 14, 2022
welcome to the wonderland rv




has the owner's manual here first manual we also have the blue box yeah when you buy a 1984 or any rover uh having the blue box is very important it's kind of sure profit so all right now we're here at marist adventure park you're going to learn more about that in next weekend's episode and why we're here this is what we're going to do in this episode obviously we want to take a


inside what it looks like inside so if you're curious what the bus looks like we'll give you the full tour we clean it up for you yeah yeah trish shares some organizational tips like she does in all the rv tour videos , just a few, we do an exterior tour, like the storage bay, things like that, and then we also want to have a chat with you about the




, uh, and some things that we've learned about having and will r owning an old bus like an rv yes its ok but first yes before i give you the tour that w i want to share with you kind of like reminding you of what was going on in 1984. hi murphy is a detroit cup vacationing in beverly hills. i'll be back the all new gmc motorhome gorgeous in action beautiful at rest a new dimension in motorhomes a new standard of motorhome performance tested by professionals and motorhome owners oh it's dry that's alright welcome to 1984 onwards i guess we always want to start in the heart home and here it is this kitchen is so much fun everyone is together but everyone is very close this team was designed to hang out and have a conversation so the front of the team is the best part hands down but everyone needs a little use and that's what this kitchen is about the only complaint we can have is this hourglass shape right here.
bluebird wanderlodge rv tour pros cons
I can barely fit in and guess where Charlie likes to sleep here, which means whenever you want. going to the bathroom creates a bit of a bottleneck so we don't know exactly what we're going to do if we're going to do a renovation or if we're going to keep it as it is but if we were to make a change we'd make this dining room cushion a bit narrower so we can more easily get through this area because that's the bottleneck so we don't think you're necessarily buying a 1984 rig maybe you love travel accommodations and just want to see the design and welcome we're looking forward to share it with you here are some organization tips for any rver because we've been traveling for a while and there are a few things to make your life easier um just grab and go so let me share a few of those things with you one of the things i really like are the soft side bins the soft side bins can be any shape and can be easily pulled out and you can dump your dishes clean peos here and then store them nice and easy or if you have certain things that you really love to take outside just grab them and you can use one thing that is super obvious but also nice is stackable containers things that can go inside one the other so you're really using the footprint instead of the outside because most of us don't have room to go outside else I really love the soft side but you can also have a wire frame so it holds a certain shape and then let's get that out of the way to keep your cutlery organized and not in a drawer they are using a pencil holder and that way you have your spoons your forks your knives you can stack your plates because there is that firm edge and you have put a lot of things in a small amount of The space is fine, Trish is holding it back because he has lost his ability to stand on his own, but they usually mix things up in their workspace more or less. busy and that will be your sink a collapsible dish rack so you can continuously wash your dishes and have them air dry throughout the program everyone how does that work so oh yeah this thing is cool , we can't use it in the draft because we have a round sink, we have a round sink, but we went back to a regular sink and it collapses so you can store it under your sink so I really want to talk about keeping your kitchen clean it's very difficult in a small space keep everything sanitized so i have regular cleaner but then at the end of the night i like to use a little bit of bleach now some people don't like that so if you don't like this just skip ahead but i like the bleach, i feel like everything is nice and clean, then i spray everything, i wipe everything and then i know i have a fresh start and i'm not, um, you know, introducing germs from dinner or the night before or whatever, too what p use inside my brushes because we don't have a dishwasher, well maybe some of you will in a class but if you don't have a dishwasher. or a way to get hot water to clean the brushes you're using on your dishes to me that can get pretty dirty after a while so I like a little diluted bleach in a spray container we have these and then which one was the other thing I really wanted to share with you?
bluebird wanderlodge rv tour pros cons

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bluebird wanderlodge rv tour pros cons...

Oh these are so handy these are court size containers if you buy anything commercially you usually buy it in this size and you will be surprised when you make something it will fit wonderfully in here half a cut melon will fit in here that way I can have fruit and Vegetables as ready to go. I pass them out while we drive and then when I make them I always like to cook them once, like twice that's my saying so if I make extra meat I can put them here I can throw them in the freezer I have like I really use these pigs crumbled you know I make one and the next day I have it for salads to go over or lunch is really quick lunches but moving into this fridge is fantastic make you wanna talk about it tonight abc sunday night movie to be continued in a bit there's a time to be funny there's a time to be sexy what now there's a time to be deadly just tell me when sunday night 10 30 is magnum time tom selleck it's magnum sunday at 10 30 on channel 9. forgive me I would have some gray poupon but of course gray poupon one of life's finer pleasures this is a 12 volt dometic fridge i will put the model here i think the price of this is around i will say 1300 1395 or something like that and there are certain service centers that can install it of course amy and joel installed theirs so it's possible to do it yourself but you don't need propane so this is a 12 fridge volts which means you don't need big fancy batteries and an inverter will run your 12 volt system here's our gx50 and it tells us how much we're bringing in it's pretty late right now so we're only bringing in 250 watts of solar and in between well you can't get a reading on what we bring in because of the 250 watts of solar but when everything is off at night and it's running it draws about 50 watts so we love this fridge you know it stays on when we're driving down the highway and since we've got this and the bird and the draft, we haven't lost any purchases normally because we're going to turn off the propane cooler while When we drive when we get to where ever we go wherever the destination is sometimes we forget to turn the refrigerator back on and we will lose all our groceries or maybe just because propane coolers are not very efficient you will lose your groceries because of that, so once in a while everyone too so this has been an amazing fridge alot of people said whats the upgrade on the fridge two thumbs up ok but that fridge over there takes the same amount as this computer it's just not the best thing out there right now if you have a wonderful room we had some doors here that we removed to make it a little wider and I'm wondering if it fits it fits perfectly we made no modifications to this and the handles are just right here all we did was change it from a right hinge to a left hinge and as you can see no issues.
bluebird wanderlodge rv tour pros cons
I'm a little light on my shopping right now, we're taking a quick trip and we've really checked them out. This fridge sits down a bit so in the draft we were worried it would stick out too much in the hallway. not a problem that's awesome that's wow that's cool that's really cool and the bird is not a problem okay trish show all these cabinets in the bathroom welcome to i love lucy we have separate beds not my favorite situation in the whole world I enjoy a good snuggle, but it's quite nice because I have my own set of covers and it's getting colder and I have like twice as many covers as Mark.
bluebird wanderlodge rv tour pros cons
He comes and sees me in the morning. I'm like below. it's ridiculous it's amazing it's totally amazing so anyway we have s separate beds we have storage they thought of everything there like um there's a radio up here we have our own reading lights we also have that in the air draft it's so much fun that we have two one of the more classic RVs and that's why we absolutely love them but here i got more soft storage brand has hard storage i don't know if it's clean no it's not really it's not really clean but we do have some hard storage um really just measuring that the most funny is if you're like i bought my equipment i bought sewer hookups i'm done spending money you can use shoe boxes for god sake you can go to the dollar store this doesn't have to be aesthetically pleasing within each platform although you can finding those rope baskets anywhere are really cool so let me show you my closet.
Oh, I have a couple of things I want to say about here. ideal there is a big advantage th I had no idea until we got it and that is it added about five more feet to our motor home so if you are short on space many people like Airstream Airstream still offers a double bed as an option . and then like the 25 or 27 foot platforms now we can walk all the way back to the platform so now I can get dressed here and I can use all this storage if it was a queen size bed not only hard to do but always I like to walk around and things like that so we enjoy the extra space and then the other benefit is we have two couches here so often Trish and Caleb will come back here and be reading. or i could bring this pillow here and the view is out the back window i can move my pillows and i can sit against that wall and that's been great so there's some benefits i don't know if this is the best full time setup but yeah you're going out for the weekend and stuff and you want to maximize your space it's bee n pretty good and then for you


friends you probably already know because I'm the newbie to the water casting community but these lights here is an LED light check this out thanks Larry because you told me about that and so I went to Amazon and quickly got the LED version.
These were previously halogen, not only did they draw a lot of amps, but they were also very hot, okay, so we have three of them. the light comes on as soon as you oh yeah look at that look boom i still have my list of summer memories on there i love looking at those memories um of course we have our commando strips i like it in the closet of Mark, how do you have the rubber because then things don't don't fall off that's my favorite command strip right there nothing the towels don't fall off well that's in noticing the full length mirror full length mirror how fun is that ok then here here here we have like a real closet so normally in the draft I use these really skinny hangers they're really lovely and they're velvet so things don't fall out but they're a struggle with a lot of your clothes because they're like going up no i don't want um so anyway i have some regular hangers but here are my clothes we have shoes downstairs i usually have two big bins here full of shorts and t-shirts but we go to different seasons so anyways but we have three of these cabinets are mine caleb brands what a fun it is ok this is where i spend most of my time and frankly it's very comfortable um we bought him this bus to Missy and Bunny. it was so much fun picking up the bus and the owners before them in albuquerque new mexico they changed all the upholstery on route 66 which is really cool they did it everywhere but what i wanted to comment on is how wonderful it left me turn that off what a great job that the I chose the foam it's really like it's so comfortable it doesn't cake and I can really sit here and edit video for hours.
I sit here and it has this, it has this little soft edge like this that I can put on. my hands on and i can look out the window and see the trails here at marist that they will learn more about with the awning it's fantastic it really is wonderful and that's where me and trish are really torn if we do a renovation over time it works so well if it ain't broke why fix it and i feel likewe're still deciding exactly what we want to do inside the bus because it works welcome to the cafeteria i love this how cool this is i think it's supposed to be like a bar counter but for us it's a cafeteria and it's easy to get to the things these things move quickly that's another thing using baskets to contain certain areas to designate certain spaces is really useful in an rv and here we have the luxury of space.
I wouldn't assume most people would have that much space, but luckily we have it on this platform, so we have coffee. We have cups. I have all my little work station. We have a coffee maker, a deep fryer. It's been a game changer, but this is also where we dump everything and have a space that's totally contained because as you can see there's a little lip here so things don't fly all over the place when we drive here. it's a can you show them ok it's a mess it's ok there's a vacuum how it looks no nobody it's not bad it doesn't have a vacuum it has the instant pot it has some heaters but they have these really cool airplane type latches it feels like you're in a feels like if i was on a plane so i feel like a flight attendant when we're on the go and i bring people things and drinks and stuff like that so anyway but this is our amazing storage area so and then again h have more storage here another little credenza which is one thing that makes this feel more like a home and lounge than an rv so again this is our absolute favorite space it can fit like six people up here comfortably that spins with more muscle and um there's a little place there so you really have a social area that's a lot of fun so Caleb and I were in Washington DC we went out and bought s this tv apparently 27 inch tvs are a thing of the past maybe like him maybe they're in the area where we have a fax machine or something because it's all big um was going to mount it on the wall but it had two legs and it works great and then we have a soundbar um we tethered which on this is kind of a smart tv we tethered this to hold our hotspot we have a couple different hotspots but this netgear from um night 18 really we like this is the nighthawk and we strap the tv and all the stuff to this thing and that way we can just turn it on and we can stream amazon all kinds of stuff but yeah caleb keeps his xbox in here which is really cool and it really works cool.
I think what we like the most about the bird is the fact that Trish is there and I am here, Trish is right, we have had six people here talking, it is very comfortable and I think what we have enjoyed most about life in class or the RVs is the fact that we don't have to put anything in, the air fryer, the coffee maker, they stay there, the berkey as we drive down the road, it stays that way and because we don't have slides and right now we don't have any hydraulic stabilizer that's on our list to fix um so we like to park here we just park level um there's really not much to do and it's time to go I turn off the electrical sewer and um you're starting like you're starting to sound like a really vintage sound like a real class air yeah just push a button and you're gone I'll say all the push a button in a class a.
I think it's something of a myth because we still have a tow vehicle. i call before like the emotional checklist of things you have to do it feels less in a class than in maybe like a 5th wheel or a total rv but with some very little experience i think it's i think it's mostly in our head so I think this sticker is very funny it says no puffin please but there's probably like three places to light a cigarette in here so I think it's very funny this is all redone which is great it's a small shower curtain, this has tremendous pressure. which is a great great shower head and this doesn't use a lot of water either and this 1984 bus this is before there was some kind of precaution with scalding your skin so it's so hot I'm out like a lobster and I don't care well tell 'em where I'll tell 'em where it's warm and I'll say where the school is in the one it's like one yeah eight of them hot you play with it all the time you're doing it anyway but I love how mirrors you can if you're tall you've got a mirror if you're short you have a mirror um height challenge um but you have great lighting here's one there's a window there's places for things i think the funniest thing is that this doesn't fall over when we it's amazing it's crazy it's it stays in here all the time but we know the typical sink we have is a little light on storage so they just open up like this and then there's the toilet paper in there, we keep brushes and stuff in here. but, compared to some of our other gear, this is actually pretty light on bathroom storage, which I find kind of funny because everywhere else there's tons of storage, why not share with everyone that if you're high how it falls how the shower falls oh ok there's a little step yeah how cool it goes down it's really just a little rubbish but see you can be real high and then what do you have here?
This is new. You don't have this on any of the other platforms we've done. um, you can get the one I have from Amazon so we'll link it to you. they're really tight and none of this seems to fall off when we're on the go how shiny can mr clean get your floor without wax so shiny you might think it's wet oh it's dry that's right no gum cinnamon gum refresh your breath longer than the big red, okay? let's talk about driving this bus i slide here i really enjoy it i really do it now it's ok in full transparency it has its moments i think i told trish a few days ago i think every rig we've had i've loved and hated it there's always something on the platform that will drive you crazy and then there's probably something about it that led you to buy that kind of rv i love the classic feel i love that it's nostalgic i love the way it sounds i like to drive it i like that it's comfortable i like it have the windows open and I can talk to people here right there's so much I love it's so slow it's so unbelievably slow um so down here is a 3208 caterpillar that's not known for its speed some of them are turbos this one isn't and it just doesn't have a lot of horsepower and the slightest grade and we went down to under 40 miles an hour and you know under 40 miles an hour on an interstate you're in the way i love it when you get these slight inclines like this there's three lanes yeah so we're not slowing people down and that's kind of my saving run for california.
I hope the big slopes we're going to go on 20 have three lanes 20. Are you dreaming right? We are going to be going 11. no that was extreme those were extreme conditions california gra the des are much bigger than georgia i know but we will stick to route 66 as close as possible there are a few things we have learned to do to improve. Initially I was looking for power upgrades, but you know. we're just not sure we like the bird yet because we like to take it to events it's fun it's fun to share it's fun to wave to people while we're driving down the road it's not incredibly practical if it was your only RV so the current of air is something that we will use on an ongoing basis it's like our go fast go far motorhome if we want to go to florida or maine or the west coast and we have some national parks coming up next season that we want to visit like olympia and rainier so we will use the air current so if you are thinking of a vintage bus it has been a lot of fun we enjoyed it we enjoyed the whole experience but if its your only rv and you are thinking of going and exploring the national parks there are a few things to


ider in terms of power reliability and things of this nature, but the fun factor is an absolute 10.
So I was cleaning recently and I was trying to scrub the threshold to clean it up a bit and I found the best here. it says 12. I think it says 20 83, so I'm assuming this came off the factory line at 83. How funny is that, that's cool, it's like my little Easter egg or Christmas present since I was 12. Let's do a quick exterior review i want to talk about the awning and i want to talk about the storage bays and then of course the solar and the batteries the first thing we do is zip d we have this almost identical setup on the draft i love them they can handle a little bit of wind which is what i like compared to electric even at this point it might be too much for him and we can leave this open but as a kyd psa always put up your awning before you go so anyway this is in caravan mode um how can you tell it's not fully extended and it doesn't have like the middle bar but that's how we use it most of the time because it's simple ok let's talk about the bays this is our bay barbecue a, the bay goes up and there's a little chain here it just says like this and it's simple this is the kind of thing I really like I like that it's simple and it works and it's reliable and I never have to replace it I don't have to repair it I don't have than to change it that's the stuff you can fall in love with classic things like a bird in regards to these bays they're kind of shallow they're about 16 inches tall that's kind of inconvenient because there's stuff I'd love to put in there that I can doesn't fit, but the flip side of the coin is that the bird is only 11 feet 5 inches tall, which means we can go through Chicago to start a route 66, we don't have to worry as much about low-rise bridges that they're 11.5 and that's probably because of these storage bays, the newer the class A is, the bigger the bays are.
The taller they get, the next thing you know you're 13 feet tall. You have to really watch those low rise bridges. This right here is the propane tank, oh, and charlie, oh, and charlie. Here is a picture of what the old propane tank looked like. Turns out it's actually pretty hard to install a new old propane tank so we decided to run it out of propane and then we're thinking of putting a dometic cooler on a slider on the right. here and i wish i could show you the generator but somewhere along the way i think i hit something i think i hit a cone or a curb or something and it bent this axis so to get this generator out i have to drop it like this which currently i can't do I air the bus and then there's a button there's a button right here and I just push this switch I flip the switch and it goes flying here's the setup for our tow vehicle and this is the roadmaster and it's a great setup we really like it's very simple it's very fast very reliable we've had no problems we've had some slight problems with the invisabrake brake system so i think next time i know we did it because we wanted to have braking on our tow vehicle if we were going gas or diesel why not we knew when we installed it knowing i'm diesel i probably would have done air force one or um i would have done a smear set but the invisibreak braking module has been or picky and a little clunky so I'm not too happy about that but tow bars are fab and I don't know if you can tell their tow bars light up it's all a little dusty right now but they light up for at night so when your running lights are on this whole system is lit up that's so someone doesn't think the bus goes by and then they'll just go behind the bus and then there's a tow vehicle so they can see well Let's talk about some of the solar power that's on the roof and the power set we have on t The roof has 1200 watts of solar power.
There are four 300 watt panels installed by Future Solutions in Elkhart and then at the RV. If you saw our solar video. each of those batteries is 270 amp hours so that total is 1080 amp hours and then for the inverters there are two 3000 watt inverters running in parallel which is a ton of power and we did it because we wanted to run both air conditioning units while we were driving down the road because we don't have a working generator, we also wanted this equipment to be in places like this and we wanted it to be used for events, but a lot of people ask where they should start when it comes to solar power.
It's our fourth solar installation and when we started, we started very, very small. Our advice is if you get new gear, get out there and use the gear first, make sure you really enjoy the gear you have, and then assess how often you dry camp. How often is t The hat generator actually running and being a nuisance to the people around you like having the need and the pain first because if you were to buy a rig and just do a big solar install and thenIt's six months down the road and for some reason you thought geez I think maybe we should change teams that would be nice to know so use the team understand your habits and then you can start building a system that's right for you.
You can call the fsi guys. I'll help you figure it out uh figure out what type of system that's going to be right um the other thing is it's good like solar and lithium which you can add you can start small and then you can easily add more batteries from battle. In the future you can easily add more solar panels just make sure if you're not going to do it yourself make sure they installers are going to use the correct gauge wire so it's scalable let them know we're starting here but i want to have the ability to go further so they use the proper gauge wire and set things up in such a way that it's actually scalable so just a couple of tips on what we've done a bunch of installs so only if you type on youtube kyd solar you will see all our facilities but we will link that under the storage bay.
Basically chains of oil chemicals that I hope I never use you know plain green and cat oil and all that fun stuff but let me show you these tires because I really like these tires okay so you know that back in 84 on a bus like this um these are semi truck tires they are 22 5 11 rs and it needed new tires when we got it so we replaced the tires with toyo because at the time we couldn't even get michelin could have gotten continental but not in the not from the shop i was at so i did some digging and found out toyo the m154 it looks like a goo d tire uh i think i paid 3 500 for all six which for a tire this size is a pretty good deal and, um I just love them I mean they're just nice to have a big solid tire I like the wells wheel and you know that's where the RV kind of love affair comes from it's how it looks and lastly it's to is just the chassis batteries here so those are the batteries that started and then all the battle born we have is on the back that goes to the panel and only works separately so these were new batteries and there's not much to say about that if you're ever not happy with one of our tires feel free to bring it back thanks discount tire company ok let's get this over with it's a little chilly in here so we said we we were at the marist adventure park and we are going to share more about why and what will happen next weekend. down in videos yeah photos and it was just beautiful it's so much fun to be here yeah okay you wanted to talk about the


and cons of having an old rig. vintage rv's of anything yeah and that's they're fun they're nostalgic uh sort of like what i was saying in the driver's seat they're uh i love everything yeah but there's a few things you need to know , you know they're not too expensive to buy depending on how well it holds up in things like this but it very well could be the most expensive rv you've ever owned because you know upkeep and service and repairs and I think if you were looking to get into a RV it would be very appealing to be able to get an older RV for a lower price but I think you need to look at total cost of ownership yeah absolutely so you know our videos we want to share as tips and we want to share things about the family.
We just want to share things about the destination and sometimes we want to do cinematic things. I don't want anyone to get carried away with the music, so I'll just say that you can mix music with anything and make it look epic. so we joke that you know we're ready to rock and roll and maybe one day the bird is going to be like not today so we always cross our fingers that she starts and makes it and has done it. awesome job, but with an old platform, that's one of the things you have to consider any time you're ready to go on a journey: how is this going to work today? and when we have a towable RV, you'll know which one is your truck. even because you use it normally on a day to day basis and you're taking care of it so you plug it in you make sure your tires are good and you're rolling you're good to go and with a class a maybe a little bit older you should factor in the fact that you might have to warm it up a few days beforehand, make sure everything goes smoothly and, um, make sure you know someone who can work on a rig like that.
It is true. It's been hard for me to find people. I'm a cat dealer but we don't have anybody on here that knows the 3208 and that's a problem they've all been retired they've all been retired and the other thing I'll say on that is when you have a vintage rv or even really a big class a or a big truck in general you pay a lot of attention and focus on the rv so the experience has a lot to do with the rv and you might want to be more focused about glacier national park you might want to focus more in spending a three day weekend camping with your family and when you have a rig like this you're thinking about this rig quite a bit and that's something I want to make sure people know you're thinking like Trish says we're partial to towable because our truth ck is pretty reliable well it's very reliable so far and when we're ready to go generally speaking the airstream is ready to go that's right check the tires and you're good to go or, a motorized rv when you're ready to go you better go check about a week or two before to make sure it's ready because it could use some service and these are just things we wanted to make sure we were balancing if you're thinking of storage and you're thinking about that kind of thing, so while it's super fun and makes for great conversations along the way, um and of course we've gotten to know so many great people because of it, it's something you're going to want to keep in mind. account is total cost of ownership and we always say start small start now so do what you can to get out there and start making memories maybe put a tent in the back of your car maybe have a little tow bowl maybe have a tear maybe have a beautiful class to wherever you are Starting to get out and spend that time with the people who are most important to you that's it which is awesome and then you'll learn when you're out there what you really like and don't like and maybe your second team will. be a little bit better and then you can and then you can really dial it in and we think that's really important, just get started, just get going, find something to start with and make some memories and then get better and then go from there. and i guess what you were saying about how much fun this has been i mean if you know the flip side of this is if you don't depend on traveling a thousand miles somewhere this is a talking point let me tell you something if you wanna meet friends on the road you can go get some old yeah and maybe bring the beer and talk all night you got friends everywhere you go and yeah that's it for this tour and a little throwback to 1984 um let's have a b last here there's a lot more content we want to share with you here and then of course we're also having a lot of fun in round 66 commercials that's right yeah yeah so okay that's the end of this video.
I'm excited to get back to travel videos starting next week. The modern tourist has a choice to make before or after 1937. Join us right here at the Mayor's Adventure Park next week for some off-road excitement as Trish and Caleb get behind the wheel and then us. Head over to the big Texan and Mark and Caleb take a shot at 72 on stage Is This Live? I was there for every bite. california no I'm getting off I can't get on the freeway sorry I'm ga Ry the giant Gemini wishes you smooth roads and fast Wi-Fi.

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