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Blippi's Game Show - Challenge of The Twins | Episode 1 | Videos For Kids & Families

Sep 10, 2023
There is so much to learn about this that it will make you want to scream with me. Can you guess what is happening today? It has to do with the


s, but not just one


, many games because we are going to play in the best Olympic games programs, the biggest and coolest, yes. Two teams will compete on team Mika or team


and play


s and fun trivia games all for a chance to win an amazing trip, are you ready team captain Mika? I'm ready team captain


are you ready for the game


? with puppy and Mika come on, come on, nice to meet you and I think it's time we met.
blippi s game show   challenge of the twins episode 1 videos for kids families
Team blippi. I wanted to ask you what your name is. I'm Kim, nice to meet you, Kim, I'm Gabe, nice to meet you. Mom and dad and what are their names? I'm Evelyn and that's actually hello everyone and Zachary oh and I also wanted to ask how old are you two? I'm seven and he's seven seven and seven yeah, well, that's okay, same age, well, me. I know your parents are also 100 and 101 years old. Silly, oh, and I also had a question: what are your favorite animals? The Cobra, wow, is a cool animal. I wasn't waiting for that right moment to meet you and my question to you is what are they? your favorite hobbies things you like to do for fun golf mini golf oh soccer oh soccer it's so much fun Ryan and Justin how old are you six six six and a half six I'm six and a half wait a minute seven and seven six and a half and six and a half are both


yeah, oh that sounds really cool and it looks like everyone is ready to start playing, let's play rock paper scissors to see which team goes first, whoa, okay, okay Justin, come on, it's okay, hey, come up here, okay. and we're going to go with the word "let's go", yeah, okay, so we'll go rock, paper, scissors, let's go and then we'll see who wins.
blippi s game show   challenge of the twins episode 1 videos for kids families

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blippi s game show challenge of the twins episode 1 videos for kids families...

A contestant will go through the obstacle course as fast as he can, but along the way he will need to collect four flags before he can exit the obstacle course. Don't forget to look for those blippi flags after finishing the obstacle course. The contestant will run to this location and choose between two buckets above the heads of two teammates, one is full of balls and the other is full of water. I'm sure I got soaked at the end of every game. There will be an opportunity for an additional trivia question let's get started first team blippi okay time to go are you ready? yeah three two one here let's see it on the other side you're doing great keep looking wine with me number one do you see any flags?
blippi s game show   challenge of the twins episode 1 videos for kids families
Look up, do you see one above? Yes, take one. We need all four flags before you can finish. You got it. Yes. Jack, come back here. Let's find another plug. This is really complicated. Sometimes I see another flag. You are so close. Zach is getting closer. has two of the four flags, oh I can't wait for him to find them all, how cute Zack, you're getting so much closer, yeah, three flags, cute, one more flag, cute, I'll see you again, go, go , continue, on the flags, go here. all the flags go, which cube do we take out fluffy for the reliquary?
blippi s game show   challenge of the twins episode 1 videos for kids families
Okay, here we go, it's trivia time. Wow team blippi, you really made a splash. Yes, it's fun, but now it's time for the trivia question. You have 30 seconds to answer and you can guess. as many times as you want until you get it right, but you only have 30 seconds, here's the question, what is the fourth letter of the alphabet? Yeah, next, okay, Justin, are you ready? Yeah, okay, when the whistle blows and Blippi says, go, you'll do it. see three two one go anywhere you're getting closer Justin how many flags do you have two see one there's one more good job you'll see it very close you're warming up here we go okay here we go dad, it's time for trivia amazing work TV and now we have a question from trivia answers the trivia question you have 30 seconds once we say what the question is and you can guess as many times as you want, here we go, what do bees do to make money?
Now it's time for the next game, this


is all about construction vehicles. Which contestant will use this construction vehicle to go through the obstacle course and reach the sand collector? Once they have reached the sand pit, they must unearth letters to spell the name of their team's captain. either Mika or my name is blippi, yes, and once they have dug up all the letters, you will take the letters to the board and place them correctly to spell the team captain's name, yes, but remember on point so that the team that complete the challenge fastest wins team blippi okay Everett it's time to smash and dig on the count of three ready we'll count three two one whoa here we go there we go wow here we go here we go let's find all the letters wow well we found another one letter okay, here we go, okay, Everett, check here, well, whatever, check this yellow to help you, okay, here we go, we have a l-i-pp but not me, two seven zero, that's nonsense , okay, we need one more, getting closer, dad.
We're getting closer yes we found her whoa team blippi it's time for trivia it's time for the trivia question it's time to test our knowledge with some trivia here's the question in which sport you have to kick a ball while using your feet soccer team football three two one let's go, yeah, here we go, okay, don't forget this one, come on, we have to find the letters, we found a letter, where should it go? Yes, it's already a good letter, so we have E and A K, but we are missing some. other letters another letter wait a minute can you help now yes those


are from Paris now here we go you're warming up good keep it up there may be something downtown yes escalator here we come you're getting close good job it's trivia time okay team Mika, it's trivia time and remember you have 30 seconds to guess and you can guess as much as you want, um rocket, what is the job of a person who travels to outer space?
Okay, I think it's time for the next game. Now it's time for the dinosaur egg hunt. This is a timed relay race with four challenges. The first is the restaurant. A contestant approaches the giant ruler and tries to stay first. Then the next contestant will take a dinosaur egg with a spoon and run. around the kitty pool and back, but it's the dinosaur egg dip, they can't pick it up with their hands, they can only use the spoon, no, hey, once they get to the tag point, they place the egg in the finish line and then the next contestant.
I'm going into the stegosaurus surge. I'll jump into a cat pool filled with water beads and toys and find this little friend. Once you have it, hurry up and cross the finish line, then it's trivia question time and don't worry. If you don't get the first question right, we'll ask you another question until you get it right, ready, set, let's play Team Blippi. Okay, time for the Team to pivot to do the dinosaur egg mission. Okay, mom, you can get on the big roller, okay? come on three two one come on oh my gosh he's doing so good moving as fast as you can buddy there's a stegosaurus in here somewhere make sure it's the right dinosaur not a T-Rex dinosaur oh my gosh , now it's time for your trivia question. what planet has rings one, two, three, yeah boy it's trivia time.
I think I have more wind than team blippi, okay here we go, okay, I'm ready for the bonus question, are you ready too?, yeah, okay, here's the question, what are the top three? colors blue blue yellow and white and red yes primary colors good job team Blimpy good job we get the extra point alright now it's time for the teammates alright it's time to enter the rectal Raptor it's time for the countdown to start the relay yeah, okay, here we are go three two one oh okay, I think I'll turn around, luckily Mika has a lot of experience with complicated obstacle courses, so he's there to help dad, go, dad, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, how is your dad?, dad.
You're doing great, go ahead and move on to this line, come on, that was training, high five, oh here we go, look for the stegosaurus, thanks, okay, okay, everyone here, the trivia question is in the nursery rhyme, what kind of? animal, Mary had that's close ready ready one two three it's time for trivia very good makeup bonus trivia fill in the blank blippi loves the game to sink or not you guys love that game it's so much fun yes so many things float and so many things they sink and wait a minute team Mika you got the extra points yeah we did all the games and now it's time to count the score.
Hey, do you want to know who won Miss Justin even if you don't win? So she wins a fun prize by answering a bonus. you ask okay but now I think it's time to add up the score so here we go to game number one The Bouncing Bonanza the winner is oh oh yeah and timika you won the trivia too say you get another one belt, oh, but for the Bouncing Bonanza team, blippi too. got trivia here we go here we go okay for the big winner of the second session of the game ain't blippi here we go another pair of glasses and both teams got points for trivia in that round okay oh now we're getting a lot of glasses okay game number three Dino egg Quest is neck and neck the winner of the third game is the team's weapons we also got the trivia points so we get another pair of glasses and we also get a bow for answering the trivia.
Well, now it's time to count the scores. team, we can lift, yes, one, two, three, four, five, we have one, two, three, four, five, almost, classes, that means there you go, okay, okay, congratulations to both of you, bulky, okay , team, Mika, you have a chance to win a prize with a trivia question, okay, what are the two of blippi? favorite colors thank you Discovery cube is a museum for children the perfect place to be curious and learn by playing what's going on well I think all this fun requires an ugly Amiga dance party let's turn on the music now race with blippi wrap the roll with Mika it's a lot It was very fun to play games, it was very fun.
Thank you all for playing the Blimpy and Mika game


with us. You know this is the end of this video, but if you want to see more of our


, all you have to do is search for my name. Can everyone spell my name with us? See you next time.

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