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Bishop TD Jakes | He Chose Me

Sep 09, 2023
foreigner it's no joke I'm going to tell you the truth we smile and we laugh but listen to me I want to say that all jokes aside I want to say that the only way to win is if you keep fighting foreigner if you study boxing you will find out when If you look at Mike Tyson, Mike Tyson was the master of the one punch knockout many times, they were just fighting, you couldn't even tell which direction it would go, he would wait for that punch and if you ever saw it. Do it, it's like an eight-inch punch from a dead stop to contact him, it was nothing more than eight inches.
bishop td jakes he chose me
I've never seen anyone hit a single person so hard by eight inches in my life and even though he lost his last fight completely. Until the end I wasn't convinced because you can't tell who's going to win the fight because of who's out there because someone says all I need is one good punch. I dare you to give me a big oh, I want to behave, it's time for God's word, he gives you his Bible to convert the gospel of Saint John chapter 15. See what you don't understand honestly, honestly, some of you just They are happy, they have a good time, some of you just think it is interesting, curious and different, but there are people in this room who are fighting like they are fighting cancer.
bishop td jakes he chose me

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bishop td jakes he chose me...

There are people in this room fighting leukemia. There are people in this room fighting divorce. There are people in this room who just left the hospital and ran here to get service and their son is. connected to respirators and monitors and when I say keep fighting foreign work in the world I have the most important job in the world preach the gospel I encourage God's people to keep fighting this important job important job I would have to give up to be president I would have to give up something more importantly to run for governor or something because God wants to use me to ignite your faith to keep fighting look, all you need is one hit that I'm going to take that I'm not going to bother you, you can be in debt over your head, They took your car, they're getting ready to leave your house, I'm telling you all you need is one point, one thing could go right and change your whole life after 50 things that go wrong one thing can go right are Our clients defend the reading of the word of God, in reality we would be firm even if you do not have the Bible we will be in the gospel of Saint John chapter number 15... it is a privilege to be your pastor and have the opportunity to share the word with you amen Thank you Lord, we have never been inundated with as many letters as we received from the Lady Leader of God conference, I mean people literally just letters, emails, cards, messages, telegrams. any other type of telegram gram, tell a woman, tell a man, I mean all methods of communication are coming out, people are very blessed by this meeting, we are happy, we are happy about it, it means a lot to be a blessing , whether you know it or not God will reward you for blessing other people and will reward you.
bishop td jakes he chose me
I want you to go to God for Saint John chapter number 15 starting at verse number 15. Actually no, I preached on the 15th and last week. I want to preach 16. yeah, yeah, I'm just going to slide down one verse from where I was last week. I still preach friends, remember that yes, yes, that's what I call you no longer servants, but I call you friends for a servant. not what your teacher does I still preach friends this week let's go a little deeper we're going to go to verse 16 and I want you to read verse 16 of chapter 15 of the gospel of Saint John in Conflict if you don't have a Bible look at the Bible from another person and we are going to read together the family of God and I think that while you read it just reading it will bless you much less studying it just reading it I am going to bless you verse 16 are you ready come on you have not


n me but I have


n you thank you Isn't that something wonderful?
bishop td jakes he chose me
I didn't let you go home right now, you haven't chosen me, but I have chosen you and ordered you to go and bear fruit and that your fruit will remain so that everything you ask the Father in my name will be given to you. I want you to look at the first five words in verse 16 of chapter 15. of the devil of Saint John the first five words said you have not chosen me repeat it once again that is what I am going to preach this morning you have not chosen me let's pray father I thank you the opportunity to preach his word I know that the flowers wither and the grass withers, but the word of the Lord will remain forever.
Your words, the lamp for my feet and a light for my path as I work. I assume that above my necessary food like David, Lord, I thank you for your word. guiding me when the enemy would come in your word protected me from the attacks of the enemy like the Centurion I stand in the middle of the road and say speak only the word and my servants will live like John I recognize that the word became flesh and dwelt among us and we contemplate the wonder of his glory, speak that word in this place today in the name of Jesus, amen, you can sit, how you have all my children, man.
I. I left a weak work for Requires several passages from chapter 15 of the death of Saint John discussing with you the relationship we have with God that is based on a long-term relationship of friendship that moves from servitude to friendship and in some place in the middle of the message I pointed out about the multiplicity of times that God continues to tell us in the midst of being trimmed and pruned as if it were because it is not a relationship of mountain tops there are some valleys there are some small places in the middle of it all we continues saying we remain we remain in Me and I in you, just as the branch remains in the Divine, so you must remain in me if it remains in me and my word about it, you will ask what you want and it will be done for you, why do you do you tell it to yourself?
You tell us because life gets hard life gets hard I have a problem with two extremes on one end there are some people who teach you that if you walk with God you will not go through anything you will not get sick you will never be ruined you will not have any marital problems everyone Your children will graduate from colleagues on the Dean's List without any challenge or all that they make it sound like heaven and they make it sound like you don't ride in a Porsche or Bentley in a Rolls Royce you are going to have faith in God and in the other end I don't agree with that because I really believe that your faith is tested in your affliction I believe I believe my faith was proven by how I went through the struggle amen I didn't need faith once I got it I needed faith when I had nothing to preach God could and I had nothing to preach God with the provider and they were Pull my car out of the driveway to the preacher God was a Healer and you have a disease in your body, that's when faith is needed, that's the root of Faith is planted at the extremities of life, the fruit of faith is experienced when you go out on the road.
On the other hand, and I worry that people get excited about the fruit and we don't have the seed of faith in them, then we just start serving God only because of the things he gives us instead of who he is, etc. . while I believe in prosperity I believe in healing I believe in all of that I think it is also important that we do not serve God for the things he does but for who he is and that we do not use the experience of our faith to belittle other people who They're like us just at a different stage of the process, in other words, just because you graduated, don't burn down the school, don't burn down the school now that you've completed your courses and you're looking down.
You know I am where you were last year and the same God who brought you forward will bring me forward. Does that make sense to you? At the other extreme, but people who justify their faith by the number of investments and mutual funds ahead, that might not be good right now. Hallelujah, but the other end of the people who think God gets the glory from them are sick, broke, defeated, depressed and don't want to be delivered, they just said, you know God is getting the glory. about this they love to talk about what the enemy did to them and how beaten up they were and how they felt that way and they are so negative and in general when you go to either extreme you don't understand the truth, the truth is in the truth. average has been to be a balanced person.
I'm going to the extreme. Balancing oneself to be balanced is to be mature. Are you following what I'm saying? Jesus takes you through a series of exercises through which in the early parts of this chapter he causes you to understand, I want you to bear fruit, more fruit and lots of fruit, but between each stage I want you to understand that there will be some pruning, there will be some low places. and what I need you to do is stay with me through the struggles. of life to hold on, not give up, not collapse and know that I am going to get you out, are you following me in the middle of this process?
It's a wonderful discourse, the first 10 or so 10 12 verses of this chapter. this wonderful preacher material you could be on it for months month and month everything about a friend in the middle of everything seems to have nothing to do with anything seems to change the subject and say you haven't chosen me he hasn't chosen me but I have chosen you I want to share with you why he said that you have not chosen me it is very important who chose who now I know that those of you who are Christians think that you chose the Lord and some of that is reinforced by the songs that we think as if I grew up singing I decided make Jesus my choice I decide to make you Jesus you have to put your hip on it it doesn't work my choice you know the song floats, you know it and we went through all that and it's wonderful it's wonderful keep singing you don't have to change it's not right but it's wonderful it's wonderful Farm we used to get happy and cry and everything was saved but it's wrong the reason the reason is technically wrong if it's not really wrong that you decided to do it it wasn't something you did Hallelujah someone said you haven't chosen me that's what Jesus said he said don't me you chose it wasn't like you said I'm going to say you know what I think I just said he said that wasn't how it happened, you didn't choose me, but I chose you.
It makes a difference how the relationship begins. I teach people. I teach a Ministry in the rule in the 26 years that I will soon turn 26 years of my. The ministry that comes in September will turn 26 years old. I have been preaching the gospel. I still haven't asked anyone to let me preach in 26 years. Never, under any circumstances. I've never gone to a city and said, You know? Doc, I'm in the city, man, and I have a word for your people because God knows where I am, if he chooses to use me in that city, he will use me in that city, if God doesn't open the door, I never will.
He walks in there and Jimmy picks the lock and breaks somewhere it's unethical it's not special and to me it's ungodly if God wants to use me in that city he'll put me in someone's mind he'll open the door. Walk the walk, I refuse to open doors for myself and secondly, the reason I don't is when you invite yourself in, you open yourself up to anything, when people invite you, they treat you differently because they started the relationship they have. a responsibility and when you invite me and I have the right to expect certain things from you because I will make the ultimate apology, but you didn't invite me and with the invitation comes the responsibility that I have the right to expect? certain things because you started this relationship I don't like it I'm careful about the house I eat in, I mean, I'm not just talking about the issue of clean eating and all that I don't like being in anyone's house where I don't feel welcome I'd rather be welcomed in a hut than mistreated in a mansion now this is just me now you may not have it like that but that's just my personal preference I like it I know that when I sit at the table I'm really welcome, that you welcome me with I like you and you're glad I'm there, so I'd rather wait for you to invite me than barge in and risk your action.
It's funny, I just ride, I'd rather starve, I'd rather chew my nails, I'd rather lick my toes than tell you that, oh my God, honestly, look at someone, yeah, then risk coming into your house because, when, when, affectation. that me being the initiator certain responsibility if you have ever been in a relationship where you care about someone and they don't care about you, it is a very uncomfortable situation, there is a certain security that comes when you know that the person you are are involved with concerns about you and that you've been elected and you're not spending the rest of your life campaigning trying to get elected in a love situation, you don't have to keep proving yourself every week and they keep throwing up Helen. for you, you know, you know, you know, my ex-wife knew how to cook, you know she knew how to cook.
Ellen was wearing a size seven, you know, and there you are, Mabel, just owning all kinds of weight loss programs, trying to be Helen, you want to be you. you want someone who appreciates you you want someone who has selected you you want someone who has chosen you Jesus says in the midst of the changes and vicissitudes of Life understand that you did not start the thing in fact he says you have not chosen me he says I have chosen you someone says I am chosen God this is an anchor for my soul it gives me a security that gives me a certain security I am not talking about security when it comes to a Doctrine because every time we create a Doctrine of the Apocalypse many times It ends up being a heresy because we have two extremes, but I'm talking about the revelation of understanding that the opposite of being a believerand education is only because god gave you the means to do it, whatever you have achieved in life is just something god gave you, you can sing, guess who gave you your voice, if you can speak that's what he gave you the ability to do so. that if you can manage well, guess who gave you that creativity.
God didn't have a hard time for you, monster, let me show you something, go to the Book of Jeremiah, I'm going to show you something, go to the Book of Jeremiah, wait. Wait a minute, don't go to Jeremiah, go to your betrayals because they're fishing, just skip Galatians, go to Ephesians for a moment, the next chapter or the next book, on Ephesians chapter one, verse 4. I'm doing this because you wanna. to learn your Bible Ephesians 1 verse four you see it begins as it says as he chose us in him when before the foundation of the world he chose us before the foundation of the world he chose us before we were saved he he chose us before we were right then Abby if you told us before we were born that means he chose us in eternity before the foundation of the world that we should be holy and blameless before him in love that means it was nothing I did that made him choose me No I had to convince him to choose me I didn't have to work so he could choose he chose me before I was self-aware before I was self-aware before the doctor slapped me on the butt and I walked out crying before he my grandmother met my grandfather and they went for a buggy ride in a wooden van he chose him and me before the foundations of the world I came here chosen no wonder I couldn't lie down where other people lay or stay where other people stayed or arrested where other people arrested even when I tried to do it he wouldn't let me stay there I'm not saying I didn't get into this I'm saying I couldn't stay, have you ever noticed? that other people could rest on things that you couldn't rest on even the things you liked but because you were chosen you turned on when you are chosen you will leave things in your life I said I don't know why I'm breaking up with you University I have experienced in my life that always I'll love you but it's something I don't know what it is I know it's crazy I may hate myself in the morning but give me back to my people here by casting someone right when I tell them I'm chosen, go to Jeremiah.
I want to show you one more thing. I'll be out of your way in just a minute. OMG OMG OMG OMG is this helping anyone? Yes Yes. you erased Taylor glory to God thank God bless you Heaven a smile on you thanks to Jeremiah 1. Jeremiah chapter 1 verse 4. Jeremiah chapter 1 verse 4. You got it. I'll say it again because someone is still watching. Because it's okay, keep looking, keep going. Don't panic. Don't panic. Don't hide the Bible. Don't act like you found her. That's what you do when you stand up. People go to bed in church. I'll be reading in Habakkuk, they'll lie in a minute, how many preachers there are, but I can't find the book.
Just, uh, oh, yeah, oh yeah, that's why we need the blood. If it weren't for the blood, the sky would be empty. Heaven would be. to be a ghost town would be worse than Little House on the Prairie Tumbleweed to be rolling down the golden streets thank God for Jesus Jeremiah 1 verse 4 then the word of the Lord came to me saying before I formed you in the womb I knew it To you and before that you should come forth from the womb, I sanctified you and ordained you to be a prophet of the nation, someone shouted before you were chosen in it, before the foundation of the world, before you were formed in your mother's womb, before you She will come. morning sickness God had already chosen you that's why you survived that's why you hang on that's why you keep coming back some of you had nine lives you were worse than a cat you keep coming back every time the devil thinks he has you you come back out of it again because some kind of walk the Lord has put you through enough do not be afraid because of me I am chosen look if you do not know it you cannot operate in it if you do not understand it you cannot realize it and if you believe that you are simply chosen because you are a good prayer warrior, when you stop praying you will feel like you are not chosen if you think you are only chosen because you know Greek and Hebrew and you study all the time, when you have a week, a letter, the devil will come and tell you that you lost it, but if you say wait a minute , devil, if I studied or I didn't study, if I'm up or down, if I'm together or not together before I was formed in my mother's house he shows me he selected me I can go to God when I can't go to anyone else that's it what the prodigal son knew about his father he said I have mud on me and I smell like garbage and I have been lying with the pigs but in my father's house there is enough bread in desperation I will get up he is still my dad and I will go with my father, oh God, do you hear what I say because if I say? you are chosen you cannot live as other people live you cannot do what they do you cannot rest as they rest they do because they have no choice but you he chooses you he catches you he gave you a favor, he put the career at your feet God He tells you, there you have it.
I wish I could make you remember your life, the crazy way you always survived, the times you almost got grounded, not the times you got out of car accidents. when other people couldn't, sometimes you managed to go through the hospital where other people died, the mere calamities, illnesses. I wish you remembered the friends you know OD D, the friends you know who died of AIDS. I wish you remembered the near misses people you thought were friends and found out were enemies were trying to kill and destroy you. Have you ever wondered how you survived? sometimes you were in trouble you didn't even know you were in trouble you were with the wrong group you didn't even know the wrong group existed you thought they were your friends they were your enemies but somehow God pretended you didn't know you wondered why you never thought about the night and you said "it's" It's not this kind of madness that I'm still here through hell, trials and temptations.
I did it sometimes. I was wrong and I did it. I was wrong and I did it. I was weak and I did it. I was prostituting myself. It was all and. 'It's okay here if it hadn't been for a long time oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh incredible incredible it's incredible I'm chosen he doesn't mind telling you that I'm chosen that doesn't mean I can live anyway any kind of thing takes for granted the grace of God Romans 6 and 1 say that we must continue in sin, let grace abound, God forbid, how can we be better in debt with sin? live in him more but that doesn't mean that God wants me to have some comfort and some security and some peace about his attitude towards me than in the midst of me trying to figure out if he's really my friend is she really my friend can I really do business with him?
Can I trust him or not? why is she in me? life why he called me and all the people you're not sure about God doesn't have to be one of them you haven't chosen me I chose I met you and I chose you anyway I knew it every week Wayward peculiar habit you had and I chose you anyway I knew it was enough God to bring you out of your weakness I chose you I chose you before you made a mistake I knew you were going to make a mistake I knew it was enough God to straighten you out Not only did I choose you, I chose your trials I chose your struggle I chose your temptation I knew why what to take you to get your attention I knew how to make you pray I knew how to get you on your knees I knew how to humble you when you got up too high I knew who to take you through the trial so you'd discover that it wasn't in it to bless you and it wasn't them that bless you, She went and left him.
I wanted her to leave you so you could see that you could make it without her. She intended for him to leave you so she could show you that as long as she's on your side you don't have to go to hell. Everyone listens to what I say. They haven't chosen me, oh my God, my God, him. says I have chosen you and I have ordained you ordered ordered ordered ordered speak to the Future ordered ordinance a command order I ordered your steps I predetermined your path I set you aside I ordered you I would not let life kill you because I ordered you and when life said shiver ordination said no when Justice said attack or the nation said no it is not written it is written that she will win it is written that he will come out of this it is written that they will survive I order you sometimes I had to bring you one week you were weak you did not even have the strength to fight when you lost your fight I carried you when you lost your momentum I pushed you when you got lost I found you when you got tied up in sin I lose you I or dare I wish there was someone who knew what I'm talking about today the steps of a good man oh that's because of him Lord goodbye God I feel that you order my steps in your word dear Lord order my path order how which way to follow who can I trust where can I go who can I lean on the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord that is why no one weapon forged against you may not have chosen me I had chosen you and commanded you that you should go and bear fruit you were chosen to be fruitful you were chosen to be blessed get that through your thick head you were chosen to be blessed if you ever bear that through your head will change the world forever you were chosen to be blessed stop trying to be blessed just be this just be alone just be like this until it becomes your natural environment until it stops being unusual you are chosen to be an overcomer you were chosen to have preference or treatment you' God is supposed to be meant to spoil you, it is your father's pleasure to spoil you, you see, I don't struggle, I don't struggle, I don't struggle with this, I don't struggle with this problem, I have problems, but This is not like this. one of them I don't struggle with this problem because I am the baby of my family I was raised well I was loved very much I received a lot of attention all my life there was no doubt that I was the baby of the family I will always be irrevocably beautiful and unchanging with gray hair and bald head.
I'm still the baby of the family. I always have some need. She could come at two in the morning and get a full meal because she was my mother. Me Maybe cook for me in the middle of the night because I have it so my brother would fight you right now over me because I was the baby my sister would gouge your eyes out because I was the baby of the family I could be wrong and she still hit you because I was the baby, so when I was saved and God said he favored me, that was easy for me to believe because my mind was used to understanding who I was.
Some of you need to get a makeover. because you have been mistreated all your life but you have to have this word in your head you are chosen by the lord your bad times are over God is ready to bless you he has ordained you so that you can have good success from the first moment What God said to the man when he did it was to be fruitful God said I command you to bear fruit God help me with this if I could get through this in Dallas this ministry would explode some people say it already exploded but there is another level if I could if I could if I could get you to understand that you are chosen to be fruitful you're supposed to be blessed if I could get you out of this defeated mentality this sorry pole broke we can't we can't We, we, could we ever break those crutches so you can start walking in the integrity of who God said you are , if you could ever lift your head and back straight and stop saying yes, the boss to life and stand out abroad. your eyes have not seen your ears have not heard nor have they entered into the heart of man the things that God has in store for those who love him you are supposed to be blessed oh all of you can't handle this you are supposed to eat at the best restaurant yeah , why should the only people who go to those places be atheists and agnostics and people who worship stars on the moon? there should be some blood washing.
Sanctified field of the Holy Spirit people speaking in tongues, people sitting here, this is why I'll take this too, in fact, baby, get used to it, tell all your enemies, get used to it, tell them I'm a baby of God, he'll answer me prayer in the middle of the night, if he's going to bless someone, he's going to do it. God bless me, he will step over people to get me. I'm trolling. I didn't just wander around the Kingdom. I wasn't a mistake. God selected me. Oh, I feel like something is about to break here today when it breaks here. your spirit goes to another level low someone says be fruitful be fruitful bear fruit in your marriage in your finances in your life in your business and your spirit in your heart stop being depressed and be fruitful stop being defeated and be fruitful stop being hateful and be fruitful stop being frustrated and be fruitful I want you to testify someone take him by the hand right now and say neighbor, I just want to tell you something, they are the reason I am in church this morning God wanted me to hear this message something is about to be unleashed in my life only three people tell them I am chosen hello I am chosen good morning I am children how are you I am chosen I am chosen I am a soldier I am shoulder I I am chosen I am chosen I solve it I am chosen I am chosen The blood was shaken by the Spirit Holy chosen field in the Lord oh my God you cannot operate in this if you do notyou know this if you don't know this you can't use this you can be chosen and not know you're chosen someone falls in love with you and you didn't know come on, come on Be real, no one here but you and me, let's be real, come on, it didn't affect you because You didn't know, feel like they had all those feelings for you, it didn't affect you because you didn't know.
It only affects you when you know it and that's how the truth is God says I have all this for you but if you don't know it you won't walk like this you will have your head down feel sorry for yourself you will be singing Nobody knows the problem I see that everything you need It is a word from God the word will tell you I am chosen in him before the foundations of good God have mercy Bendel 11 32 said the people who know their God will be strong and will do feats the people who know their God will be strong and will do feats if you don't know you can't do it say that with me if you don't know you can't do it, say it again, say it again if you ever get that in your spirit, so it does matter where you go to church, it does matter who you go to teaches the word of God.
I didn't come to get three points on a poem. I can read my own poem I need a word from God that revives my spirit renews my mind Rejuvenation my spirit prepares me to fight against the good side of Faith go to the enemy's camp and take back what he stole from me two more things sit down, sit down two things but I will have already finished the other important point in this case he says I have you have not chosen me but I have chosen you and I have ordered you to go and bear fruit and that your fruit remains that is important because when God begins to bless you, there is fear that it won't last because you've been pruned in the past and you've been trimmed in the past and you've been challenged in the past, you can't relax and it's It's like having a Lazy Boy recliner but you're afraid to lie down in it and some of you God has truly blessed you but you are not relaxing in the blessing you are prepared for for the failure you are accustomed to. attack you are used to being rejected and even though these are better times you are still stressed and you are tired in the morning you are tired when you go to bed at night and you don't understand how you could have paid all that money for that wonderful mattress and you still can't sleep on it it is because you're afraid that someone is about to take it out of this cup, but if you ever start to rest in the blessing of the Lord and say that he didn't do it bring me here to lose me if he was going to kill me he could have killed me a long time ago if God hate me he could have been dead he didn't have to wait until this stage of my life our journal you should go and bear fruit and your fruit stay your fruit stay your fruit stay it's amazing how we preach about struggle and we don't preach about God's sustained success we talked about the struggle of work that was just a few months of his entire life, everything that happened negatively with work was just a brief excerpt of the entirety of his life.
We talk about Joseph being in the pit and in prison, being in the house of POTUS when in reality when God took Joseph out of prison, he continued successfully all his life until he died, he died in prosperity and blessing and when he died he said: Don't even bury me in this thing, take my bones to the promised land, he lived. the rest of his life in Victory and was sustained Hebrews one and three says he upholds all things speaking of God he upholds all things by the word of his power I mean if God didn't speak something over your life and then let it fall but He said that he said his word in Isaiah, he said that his word would not return to him void but would do that because it had been sent, so when God said let there be light, he didn't just say let there be light and then let the sun go down?
Have you realized that the sun continues to rotate right where God spoke it because the same word that spoke sustained it the same word that spoke sustained it the same word that spoke sustained it and if God is the same as the Sun and is not even a being I live the more God would sustain you if you begin to walk in the Integrity of what God has promised you have not chosen me but I have chosen you and I command you to go and bear fruit and that your fruit remains I want to pray this prayer with you about your heads and say Lord I'm sorry, I haven't rested on your promises as I should.
I admit that when the Good Times came I was afraid of them when the good people came. I was afraid to trust them when Prosperity came I was afraid that it would not last thank you for the word you gave me today because now I know that I have the right to believe that my fruit will remain give a praise to God finally say and someone say and what does it mean In addition to what you asked the father in my name he will give it to you I'm going to tell you this and I'm going to close wait a minute in the house let me hit him let me tell you something sisters let me tell you something sisters when a man goes out and buys you something when he goes out and buys them something I'm going to tell you the truth we only do it for one reason point point it's for the reaction it's for the only reason the big ugly Joker goes up to Victoria's Secrets trying to pick out something he doesn't even know what size you wear, what color or exactly how you put it on is because of the reaction, the only reason you take on another car payment and take the car home and put the Big Bowl on the Joker in the driveway for the reaction and the women who don't react properly, come on friends, I'm telling the truth in this club, you want the woman to react. you want her to laugh, you wanted to cry, you wanted to scream, you wanted to fight with you, you want her to cancel dates, get a babysitter, come on, wait a minute and when the woman doesn't react when she acts like she's too busy to notice.
It discourages you for wanting to go through all that again because I can't use this that way when a woman knows how to react it encourages you to do more and more because she appreciates it and she's receptive and she gets on the phone and tells everyone. world about it and Brad and her called her mom and them and told them how wonderful you are and you're sitting there smiling while she gets old baby I just can't reach her oh look at this oh baby oh oh oh oh if you've been thinking now let me see now when will his birthday be when God bless his people he wants a reaction he wants another team all of you have the right to see see David King David wasn't worth two cents he was weak as water he had all kinds of problems there were all kinds of problems In his life David had one thing in his favor I will bless the Lord at all times his praise will be continually in my mouth my soul will glorify in the Lord The humble must listen to the earth and rejoice to magnify the Lord with me let us exalt together his name praise the Lord Praise him in the sanctuary praise him in his firmament of his power praise him in the Sensual and the heart praise him in December that until death does not have the things that breathe praise the Lord praise the Lord mention that he is worthy of having his name prayed will be prayed will be exalted among the Heather David kept oh thank you God, I thank you.
I could have been there tending the sheep, but you brought me a very long way and God said, "forget about Saul," he said. I found a man who is after my heart. I found a man who appreciates me. I found someone who is grateful. because of what I have done in my life I found someone who is grateful to be chosen so whatever you don't do what you are going to do will you stay there with your teeth in your mouth looking at me or give God a little praise and some Glory stand and bow your head for a moment, one of the greatest things you can do with your eyes closed and bowing, take a moment and reflect, reflect on your life, see if there is anything I preach. resonates with you, you are chosen or not, huh?
Can you see him on a Tuesday night in a little Hallowed Church on the corner of Third in Stockton, sitting in the back row of a church? I was friendly with God but I didn't have a relationship with him. he had good thoughts towards him and I was raised to have respect for him, but I didn't really know him. He belonged to a church, yes, I was raised to belong to a church. I grew up in a church that I will never be able to. I remember when he technically didn't belong to anyone's Church but he didn't have a real relationship with the Lord and one of the things that let me know he didn't was looking at only a few people in the middle of all the people. crazy people at church who were really in a relationship I wish I could be that happy I've been really drunk and I haven't been happy I've been really drunk and I haven't been happy I laughed with people I didn't have joy I haven't been I was high and I had to have Be careful what you thought because it would be so depressing that it would blow my mind.
I was in a club and made everyone laugh with me. I knew something was missing in my life. There were a whole lot of things in sin that I liked and my flesh and joy but they didn't satisfy me and it's amazing how you can do what you like and not like what you do in the back of my mind in my lowest moments. I've always known it. that I was chosen that I was supposed to do something with my life and there's someone in this room right now you're not right with God you're not in a relationship you may be a backslider you may have never made a real commitment to Christ or whatever maybe you're like me.
I called myself the center of the church. Did you know I was going to church at some point, but I just looked at them? I tried to pray a little, but I didn't. I wasn't really connected, but I went to church I respected God that Tuesday night I suddenly recognized that I would never be who my friends were because it was a mark in my life that I could do what they did and I still wasn't them. It couldn't be them. It couldn't be them after all I changed to fit in I changed my hairstyle I changed my clothes I walked away they walked I leaned in my seat I tried to be cool dad pimp dad any other kind of foreign dad I came to Jesus I need Him desperately to know what It is this that keeps taking me away from the things that I like and does not let me rest in the things that I wanted to rest in and why I am like this was because I was chosen this Sunday tomorrow someone that God has chosen since before the foundation of the world this Sunday morning they're coming to this altar they're not coming to be children they're coming because they're chosen they're tired of running from God and they're saying Lord I'm coming home where I fit in Where I belong I used to stay away from church because I thought my weaknesses were strong enough to keep me away from him, but I discovered that my strengths were stronger than my weaknesses and that it was better to be a weak son than to be a strong sinner oh God God I'm preaching so well I have to scream and while everyone in this room is praying I want to fleece this church of the centers of backsliding sons and daughters who recognize that sitting here is not so much that you chose to come to church and be saved today, but that God has chosen you and wanted you to hear this message.
This message is touching you in places where you have been needing to be touched for a long time and somewhat longing to make things right with God. I want you to come and stand in front of this altar with me and say Bishop. I want to be saved. I don't want you to doubt. I don't want you to fight. I want you to do it. go to the nearest aisle while people are praying if you have the feeling of being Chosen and you know that you have been out of place you want to return to the Lord today I will call you now I will call you now I will call you I don't I need you to clap I don't need you to clap stop clap I want you to come I want you to come out of the balcony I would call you from the last row to the back don't leave where you are sitting intimidate you God has something for you today I want you to come right now without reservations come to this altar I am a repeat offender I return to the Lord I am a son prodigal coming back to the Lord I'm gone, girl, but I've been chosen, I know I've been chosen, I just don't fit in the mess I'm in, I've got to come, he's chosen me, his hand is in my life, I've got to come, come right now.

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