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BIRD BOX BARCELONA Ending + Monsters Explained!

Jul 15, 2023
After the incredible success of Bird Box, Netflix has come up with a sequel set on the other side of the Earth, Where Are We? Barcelona. That's right, the city where horror movies like Wreck the Orphanage and Vicky Christina Barcelona take place provides the backdrop for this sequel about


who want to be seen, so basically my ex-girlfriend is now coming with me while we dive deep into the movie , its connection to the original and why I never commute to work. Oh, sounds like someone has a case of the Mundus. Meet Sebastian, an engineer. hoping to save the world from climate change and although he is not moonlighting like Greta Thundberg, he is raising his daughter Anna, the film actually begins nine months after the world went to hell following an event known simply as the problem of mysterious entities that were never given a name in the A book or movie have taken it upon themselves to cause anyone who looks at them to lose their life and if you have seen the original you know how these entities operate, they cannot harm you physically, but they cause people to experience intense hallucinations that culminate in suicidal behavior. to hurt, I don't care where you're from now, there are some people who instead of dying become these crazy fanatics hell bent on making others open their eyes, although it was never specifically said what causes some to become this way, it's This is very implicit.
bird box barcelona ending monsters explained
It can happen to people who are mentally ill or have experienced tremendous trauma and as we follow Sebastian at this point it will become increasingly clear that Sebastian is this cool dad, even though he is risking their lives, he wants his daughter to enjoy herself. from roller skating for any reason. Entities cannot enter buildings that are covered, but the same cannot be said for blind thieves who rummage through the city of Barcelona in search of scraps, something like me, drunk, tripping over the last rhombus at 3 o'clock in the morning. early morning for Shawarma. Sebastian and Anna meet a group of survivors. who have creatively set up this shopping cart and rope system so they can easily find their way back to a giant bus terminal they've called home.
bird box barcelona ending monsters explained

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bird box barcelona ending monsters explained...

Normally, these survivors would be suspicious, but Sebastian, as an engineer, says that he knows the location of an electricity generator. This can be considered a luxury, so they accept Sebastian, but you can tell that Anna is not with him. This brings us to the first big twist of the film. Sebastian is known as what is called a Seer, one of those fanatics I mentioned earlier whose goal is to get others to see the entities, these entities manipulate those around them to achieve this goal. Sebastian doesn't know where any of these generators are. He just wants to infiltrate this group and do whatever it takes to kill them, but in Sebastian's mind he's not killing. them, he is saving them while the survivors sleep, he steals the keys to their bus and crashes it outside the building leaving everyone in its rubble prey to the entities with each death, he sees a bright light come out of their bodies almost as if they were his souls rising to the foreign sky but there is a survivor a man who stabbed his eyes by the name of lazaro sebastian does not kill him the entities are not interested in those who cannot see before when lazara tells the story of losing her sight said The Sears who came for They lost interest in him after he lost his sight and when Sebastian had the chance to kill the blind thieves, Anna tells him not to do it for some reason, those who are blind are of no interest to the entities in Sebastian's mind.
bird box barcelona ending monsters explained
Sebastian. he is doing God's work, equating himself with a Shepherd who brings lost souls to God; in fact, there are several nods to the images of the Shepherd and the wolf in sheep's clothing throughout the film, now this voice telling him to do this manifests itself in the form of his dead daughter, Anna, who is no longer than a figment of his imagination created from a trauma that occurred approximately two months ago. Sebastian and Anna had hidden in an apartment complex but were unknowingly tracked down by a group of psychics who saw the light of Sebastian's cake that he picked up for Anna's birthday.
bird box barcelona ending monsters explained
This is important. because it relates to his guilt if he had never lit that candle maybe they would never have been found and Anna would be alive today. This Sears group is led by a fanatic priest who believes the entities are ushering in an era of prophets and miracles. He wants Anna and Sebastian to see the beauty of God and open their eyes, but when Anna is subjected to this quote-unquote beauty, she plummets to her death. Sebastian, on the other hand, is one of those lucky few who has become a Seer now at the end of the movie we get a little more information about why some people become Sears and others don't.
A doctor at the mountain fortress of Mount Jewick, a location we will see later in the film, theorizes that extreme forms of stress can cause DNA changes. If this theory is correct, we can assume that Sebastian witnessed his own daughter not being alive and caused him to transform into a Seer. These entities also appear to others in various forms, whether it is the sound of a loved one, or how Claire hears her brother. Jack Lillian his lover or Anna for Sebastian but how do these entities know this? How do they assume these aspects to manipulate us better?
There is a theory proposed by Octavio, a pizza delivery boy with a degree in physics from the University of Mexico, he believes that Entities are a kind of quantum being that constantly change to take on the forms of our greatest fears, grief and pain, they can come in the form of aliens for some, demons for others, and in Sebastian's case, angels and God, and just a quick reminder before I continue, close your eyes and hit the like AND subscribe button. Every little bit helps me stock up for the apocalypse before Sebastian became a Seer. You could tell he was a religious man.
He has a cross on his car. His daughter attends a Catholic school. He gives Anna a special necklace for her first communion, one of a Seraphim. A Seraphim is a six-winged angel that Sebastian calls the most beautiful of all, so the entities use Sebastian's already pre-established notions of God and angels to fuel his motivation to kill. Others see bright angelic lights coming out of those he kills, so he truly believes that he is doing God's work, but not all psychics see it that way. He'll find this guy describing the entities as aliens who have traveled millions of miles. to get here and take us to the Stars after sacrificing the survivors at the bus terminal, Sebastian finds another group of survivors led by Dr.
Claire Barnes, an English psychologist who, ironically, was on a book tour in Spain for her book The Age of Madness, How to Survive the In the modern world, it is here that we meet a lonely German girl named Sophia and thanks to Sebastian knowing German thanks to his work in the turbine fields, we learned that before Before she lost contact with her mother, a radio transmission spoke of a refuge at Mount Jewick Castle. fortified fortress that can only be accessed via gondola, now this team is unaware that Sebastian can see freely without being driven to suicide, giving him ample opportunity to appease Anna's ghost, who says only by killing them.
Sebastian will be able to meet her and so on that night. Sebastian's phrase part of the Rope used to tie his dogs causing absolute chaos on their trips to the gondola. Rafa, upon listening to his dog's Yelp, is tricked into removing his blindfold and gets a one-way ticket to heaven or at least that's what Sebastian thinks while hiding in a nearby apartment, Claire tells Sebastian this story about her brother and how the pain affected her. She couldn't even admit to myself that he was dead. The pain can break you in such a way that you know it's the pain that won't let Sebastian admit it. to himself that Anna is dead if she wants to overcome this control over him, she will have to realize that and this change occurs with Octavio's death while she explores the apartment for medicine.
Sebastián leaves the window open and calls Octavio to tell him. It is safe to remove the blindfold, allowing the Entity to drive Octavio into madness, but when he dies, Sebastian does not see his soul travel to Heaven. This is his first step in overcoming the entities controlling him even after Anna demands that Sebastian take Claire's money. Blindfolded to kill her, he resists having an internal struggle, soon Sebastian's betrayal is revealed and Claire discovers that her glasses are fake. She can actually see through them, but with Father Esteban and his men hot on their heels, Claire will have to trust Sebastian to escape.
They head to the gondola where Sebastian stops the priest while Claire and Sophia climb the tower. All this time Sebastian believed that he was responsible for his daughter's death, but now he has realized that he was so overwhelmed by grief that it broke him. Pain can break. I thought he had been chosen but he was simply broke when the ghost. of his dead daughter jumps over the burning car to get to Sebastian, he doesn't move, this is his chance for redemption by saving Claire and Sophia. It is a small step towards repairing the mistakes of her past, even though Claire saving Sophia is an act of redemption as Claire feels responsible for leaving her brother behind.
Jack, a mentally ill man, will not leave Sophia behind. behind the gondola. The tower itself is surrounded by


s, in fact, a


. Images can be seen throughout the film, from Anna's night light to the birds being tested at the research facility ringing this huge bell. Claire alerts the soldiers at the castle and must perfectly time her jump into the gondola to escape while Sebastian stabs her daughter with her steel. The rod symbolizes that he finally let go of it, but like most of it in this film, it was a figment of his imagination and the real person he stabbed was none other than the evil priest who with his last dying strength plunges Sebastian into the rod too.
The last time we saw him, he was looking up at the sky, at the birds above, we never actually saw him die, but his injury seems serious enough for him to be able to pull through as Claire and Sophia arrive at the castle, which is in fact a shelter. Sure, it reminded me of a big part of the


of the first bird box that arrives at this safe place. Fresh produce is grown through curtains in the sky and life seems to thrive here, unlike the unforgiving streets below. Sophia reunites with her mother, who most thought was dead, but before.
Claire can join the group, she must undergo some tests, the scientists here have devised a DNA test to find out if someone carries the mutated sighting gene and they believe that this DNA could be the key to creating immunity. Claire also tells him that it is possible to reach the Sears and return them to normal, she herself witnessed this with Sebastian. These two new details open up a world of possibilities for future Bird Box films. Now it's important to note that the events of this film take place nine months after the entities arrive, while the original. has events that take place five years later so we can assume that there is still no cure or solution for this problem five years after the arrival of the entities at least Bird Box Barcelona leaves us with the possibility of some type of cure that it offers us the final scene To take a look at this test we have what is believed to be a Seer whose blood is being synthesized and tested on these rats, according to the doctors this is test number 12 and the last one managed to stop an entity for 48 seconds, so I guess you could say that they are at least making progress inside the containment room.
Somehow they managed to capture an entity. They never explain how she was captured, but that's a question I'd love to see answered in future installments of the franchise, but what did you think? of bird box Barcelona lives up to its predecessor. I want to hear your thoughts and theories below. Thanks for watching, be sure to like and subscribe. For more bad takes you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram at thinkstory YT until next time remember where. we are foreign Barcelona fans

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