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BIRD BOX BARCELONA: É UM ERRO TREMENDO | Análise sem e com spoilers

Jul 15, 2023
and in today's video I am going to talk about Bird Box Barcelona, ​​the film officially premieres on Netflix this Friday the 14th and this video here will be a video in which I will start talking about the film Without


in case I don't know what you want to know It's about of, you know, you want to situate yourself a little in the universe and decide if you are going to see it or not, but then I am going to talk about


, about what I thought, I am going to point you out at the time of the video, both to warn you and to Leave it here on the menu, because there are things that I need to vent, I need to talk about them. this film, especially regarding the ending and things related to the original work and also the 2018 film, and without much hesitation, I must also say that I did not like absolutely anything about this film, for me it is a huge It was a mistake have done this in 2023.
bird box barcelona e um erro tremendo ana lise sem e com spoilers
But anyway we will discuss here throughout the video the reason for all this, but first don't forget to subscribe to the channel here and click the bell to be notified when a new video is published, as always . I bring you the latest news, movies and series here as soon as possible, you know, friends, what Bird Box Barcelona is about, right? I saw that many of you asked me on social media when I gave my first impressions of the film. Because some think it's a remake, but it's actually just a story that takes place in the same universe, so while the events of Sandra Bullock's 2018 film are happening there, this story we're following is happening, but there in Barcelona, ​​​​then same universe, same event, that is, creatures, arrive on earth and when people look at them they commit suicide.
bird box barcelona e um erro tremendo ana lise sem e com spoilers

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bird box barcelona e um erro tremendo ana lise sem e com spoilers...

And then we have a work that ends up working mainly on how humans deal with certain situations, it is a work that ends up bringing in a lot of religious analogies here, we see in this film that they end up bringing out a lot more, right, the context of this. And then we're going to discuss this mainly in the spoiler part, but it's about the same universe, that being said, it's important to highlight that there will be things here in this video that I'll end up going back to for the 2018 movie and also for the book, which is the basis of the story, although I think this movie just seems like people didn't read the book and didn't understand the message.
bird box barcelona e um erro tremendo ana lise sem e com spoilers
It seems like they took aspects of the 2018 movie and saw that people missed it and put it in this movie here, but I have to say at least one thing. Maybe the only credit I'll give this movie is that they actually brought back things that some people said they missed from the 2018 movie, which means they're good things as they were worked on, not because there's nothing about this one. movie. Honestly, I thought the connections were well made, the aesthetic choices anyway, we'll discuss all of this throughout this video here. The important thing is to skip it if you don't know the movie, it is based on the play of the same name in which the book was released. 2014 that gave rise to the 2018 Sandra Bullock film And now we have this other perspective in 2023, but in Barcelona I don't know if you remember, right, but at the beginning of the 2018 Sandra Bullock film they show how it spread and how it happened at the beginning and then Barcelona was one of the places that very quickly also realized it, right?
bird box barcelona e um erro tremendo ana lise sem e com spoilers
This pandemic, so we follow this section of the story here and I think it's worth highlighting, it's not a story that exists in the book, it's a completely made-up story, including people in the ending, just like the ending, it goes into What I said about its merit, it seems like they took things that were missing from the 2018 movie and put them here, but it's not something that even exists. in the original work because the original work talks a lot more about people's human feelings, human connections and doesn't necessarily worry about explaining certain things to them in relation to the event itself, because people, one general thing about this movie is that Things are not very well worked out, the secondary characters are not well worked out, the main character, the story they bring is not very well developed, I will say that I understand why they bring this point of view, this perspective within this universe and what they could work with. but I still don't think it was good or justifiable the character he comes with plots to bring another perspective to the story of the 2018 movie but in the end it doesn't justify it because you spend more than half of the movie just hating that character and when They start to explain a certain thing, at least I didn't want to know much more because for me nothing justifies it, even with the justification at the end, which I also think since they brought In this, they lost an opportunity that they could have included there with the protagonist and They left it alone to have an open ending and seem like it was smarter than it really was and I felt like it didn't connect, it didn't connect with the characters because if you look at the movie, it uses a structure a little bit similar to the story in the book and the story of the 2018 film, which is this back and forth of the story, but I still feel that the choice of how they brought the narrative of the events to show you what happened to justify certain attitudes was not very well thought out either, that's also why It causes this feeling that you just hate the protagonist and when we get to the moment that would be this group.
I feel that the secondary characters are not very well developed, something very different from the original work and also different from the 2018 film because despite the 2018 film, many people did not like it at the time, especially those who read the book but one of the things they managed to do well and that the book does very well is work with each of these characters and here even the parallel. So friends, this is not a spoiler, I think when you see it you will. I understand better, but the very connection between the protagonist and Sofia, a girl who spoke German there, was something completely random, it was not something constructed.
And then I'm going to go back here to an aspect of the 2018 film that also says a lot about the aesthetics of this film, here this film doesn't look like a film, it looks like it was produced cheaply so you can watch it in the subway scene or if it was there with a glass, everything is in bad taste. , the part about the people dying is in very bad taste, horrible, they make it visual, okay, I understand that it was within the proposal they chose to tell the story mainly of this protagonist but I hated it, it was a disaster, one of the things that They did the 2018 film very well and the book is to draw attention to this film, there were moments where I laughed because I was embarrassed because it was so horrible and also this aspect of the construction because after seeing this unfortunate work from 2023, I returned it Let's see about 2018 and then people, in the first five minutes of the first film you understand that protagonist very well, although things differ from the book, she is still very well crafted.
What's going on in the world is also very well done here it's a very vague aspect that Or they hope you've seen the 2018 movie but the opening scene itself doesn't have the same Impact as the 2018 movie at least until it gives a little sign, right? And they show the justification in sentences, that is very impoverished. Furthermore, later they bring scenes, no, showing how it happened, and that is why I talk about the choice of how it was narratively to show things there, everything else was not a good choice and that is what leads me to a general feeling about this film , things just don't fit together, they don't connect, things seem random, you understand what the movie is trying to say, how it does things, but it still doesn't fit together. the 2018 movie, right, we have a moment in the present where the story happened and then there is Sandra, the one who made drawings.
And then with those drawings, directly from the paintings, you can understand her loneliness, her motherhood and how that The trip with those children was also transformative for that character, there are elements, you know, like the


s, this film also brings very interesting analogies , especially when it comes to the religious discussion here, like I said, it seems like one thing to me. where they got the main idea from, you know, when someone copies the content and then they can't explain why they got there because they don't understand the real conception of that format or that story and everything that Bird Box Barcelona is basically that is. a copy and paste of something that they clearly didn't understand and it seems to me that they didn't even bother to read the book, maybe they have a book, but if they had a good performance, this movie shows me that they clearly didn't, so for those of you who are thinking about box verb because of 2018 Look, good luck is always a choice, right?
The movies we watch, but for me it was a


us waste of time. I just hated everything about this movie. I saw it recently and I'm including it in this as well for those who follow Dead coverage or know how angry he was. For me it is a movie. You can just skip it and watch it from 2018 or read the book. mainly because I think this is a wonderful work and speaks a lot about our humanity, now guys I'm going to the spoiler section and I'm going to review some things I said in the non-spoiler part because I want to justify some points. so you can understand the line of reasoning and also to talk to those who watched it or those who are just going to skip it and want to understand a little more than what I'm saying here in this video, so be warned. the part with spoilers, let's start talking about the protagonist because they wanted to bring this proposal to be another perspective instead of telling the story of a person who is just trying to escape, survive and everything else that they tried to tell other people.
You know, there were people in the world who could see the creatures and bring up religious analogies and everything else, and then when I saw it, I said like this. Well, I think they thought people would buy this lead because when we meet Sandra Bullock's character, she seems like a relatively high person on the list, right? She is there pregnant, she is not enjoying the pregnancy, she is there within her survival instinct, they manage to bring her a Humanity, they manage to bring her a relationship. that she created, right, within this Apocalypse or even how things were there in that group, her participation with the group will also be important to talk about this protagonist here that we have And then I think they thought it would be a good idea to bring these people who would be the visualized people and in the story they would be the humans who are worse than the creatures because they force other people to see because they believe it is something divine.
In the 2018 film they even bring a little older. context of how this creature is represented in various religions, who could this creature be, they bring different visions from different religions and here they go more towards Catholicism, they even go towards the angels, right, they go towards God, it is important to highlight that Spain is a country very religious, so I also understand the story and in that direction, but they thought it would be a good idea to bring in a protagonist who was part of this group of people who were completely villainized in the 2018 movie and in the book, so there was no no thread to justify anything, anyway, and then they built that he could see well, because then I remember the end.
Calm down, he became part of the gang. After that same gang killed her daughter because she was a witness. the death of his daughter it was this stress that changed his genetics damn, people like that ruined things, but the beauty and then they think that throughout the movie you will talk like that oh he lost his daughter but at this moment they reveal it you are already trying the character who killed a random group of people. And especially if you have Berg from the book or just from the movie Sandra Bullock, you really talk like that, my God, I can't always root for the protagonist, he's a lunatic. "Right?
He's part of those crazy people, and then they could have made a completely honest guy. Everything else and everything is fine is a narrative choice. But they come in as this guy who is going to transform, but how does he Does your transformation first? Which is the moment when you meet the people there and the people who speak other languages, true, there are people from all over the world there, but before arriving I think it is also important to say one of the things What I meant by The Narratives That Were Simply Disgusting is that at the beginning, to introduce you to this protagonist, The Film, brings that scene there on the bus, which is also embarrassing, I thought it was horrible, the scene doesn't have any action in there. , it just goes like this, oh my god, guys, destroy this glass there and then it will kill everyone, but this scene to me is a scene that is there from Extra in the story because it is a scene that is really just for you to communicate with the audience that that girl doesn't exist and two that he is part of these guys who are villains who make people see the creatures.
But I think there were ways they could do that with the group that I was in, you know, it has this build, this bus scene, it becomes random because it ends up being a repetition and it ends up being a repetition of even their story, ya You know, he goes there and meets that group of people who shows his manners and says he knew where the generator was because he worked with it. And then it gets repetitive and the only good thing is that in this scene on the bus whenthey're talking to each other this scene ends up making you feel weird, like, man, look, he told the girl there that she was his daughter so she could only come when he called her, but it's already night, like, dude.
It's okay to eat and you're like that, brother, you're cool, you go get your daughter, you know, these people are nice and then they show you that the girl didn't exist, that she was. inside her pyre and as her faith intensifies, you know, or what she believes in, you know, it was her purpose and everything, this girl becomes more present and that's also a choice that I don't particularly like for the movie because The movie says it like this, look, he blames him for being a bad person for this traumatic event there, so he sees the daughter as an address only that they saw or that girl.
You know, they visualize that girl, it's like, Oh, it was the grief's fault, it was the fault of who knows what and not some essential arc of learning, whether it's through the intervention of those people in that group, the second group. , you know, I would find it and by experience. of these people he changed it and saw the way. Although they also brought this, but again very badly, we'll get there, I'm trying to be linear here in the story, those ultimately tell the whole direction as it's done. , it's very poorly done, like I said, I don't care and I get to the end of the movie hating this character, not just him but the movie as a whole and then, you know, moving on to this second group.
We already know that character, we know his true intention, so we know that he wants to kill everyone, in a new way, the way he meets people is disgusting because it comes in this repetition of that first scene that we had already seen . And then he joins this group, there's the guy, if I'm not mistaken, he's Berlin's son, right, in La Casa de Papel, Rafa, right, I think his name is always Rafa, this actor, anyway, and then, for his own reasons, because he caught the boy in a lie, he doesn't like it, he doesn't like it.
She wants him to stay in the group until then, okay, but the way she cuts him off is like the girl who says no, don't hurt her, I don't know what, and then after saying it won't hurt her, everyone They accept him to stay there, but he accepts it because he speaks German, right? And again, these are things that they might have made a connection with before, right, like the girl that's there when she arrives tries to understand who she was and then talks about the girl's situation and then says no, but I'm talking. . German and then when there is a moment that Rafa doesn't like, which is kicking him out, the woman could say that, no, but look, now it's the only way to communicate with her and everything, and then also the construction. of the history that exists about this place, right?
That's for sure, it's a tourist attraction there in Barcelona. Everyone around that little girl knows about the supposed way to reunite with her mother and then this scene will be able to explain some narrative. themes of what I didn't like, they buy the idea of ​​the girl and everything is about her finding her mother and not essentially about her survival, they even comment on talking about her survival, which was a shot in the dark because I didn't know if in In reality, this place and everything else still existed, but the initial decision was for that girl to find her mother.
And that's why I say things, the decisions of how everything is done here in this film, they expose the idea. but they don't develop the idea, you know, I think the protagonist himself builds it. That's it, they show that they wanted to show the redemption of this character, but how they develop it is a very bad business. And then she ends up being chased there by the girl and stuff and they don't develop those side characters. For example, when Maylory is in Sandra's Bullock from 2018, she's there in that chaos, she's incomplete, shock, we see a scene of a woman trying to save her, right? , saying no, she's pregnant, I'm going to save her, and then the little gentleman who is there in the house, right, gets angry with Mallory because it's her fault, right?
His wife died and then look how well they are things are built. , right in this scene we already have an impact on this group. We already have a conflict between them, then they even accumulate it, you know, that one doesn't like the other or the others take the car and leave and I don't know what, then there is a betrayal, a breakup in the group, anyway. , things ended up happening between them, you can understand their character and you can understand each other's point of view on it and Ali was just a group that To me, it was completely random, there is no construction of how they were together, just the girl, You know, I found her there one day, which also brings us to the parallel between this little Sofia and her daughter.
She ends up being a kind of healing sense. Understand that what he was doing there was wrong, right? He then he made a parallel with his daughter and, again, this is me, understanding what they wanted to do but didn't know how to do it. He builds that parallel very well or even at the moment it is revealed there who he was that the girl finds out that he was killing everyone and then he said like this the only way you can get rid of them is with me and she says Oh well, okay, now You know, as if there was no construction necessary.
The things they don't care about and I'll say it again later, you understand that they want to do it but the business is not well done. And then with this they show how he loses faith then he stops seeing the lights in people then it is timeless in the end everything is fine and then we arrive, right there in the final moment in which this protagonist on his journey of Redemption wants to make the heroic act and kill the priest there right who would be the leader of this sect then people what such a horrible thing comes, right they are dying decreed by that bar and everything there what a horror then it had its asterioic everything is forgiven me no And then beauty comes to the place that is supposed to be the safe haven that doesn't even exist at the end of the structure of the first movie and the book But there they try to justify what people are going through and that's why I They say they didn't read or understand the message because it's about of humanity and also gives you space to want to know why it's happening, you know?
And then they come with this explanation that I won't even go into. If that scientifically exists, they say that the people who were able to see it were because they were suffering from severe post-traumatic stress, such as having seen her own daughter take her own life, and that for me was also a loss. opportunity for the movie, it's so bad, it's so poorly written, they could have taken advantage of it, for example, since they wanted to bring So this justification, beauty, they could take this protagonist and make it almost like a cure, no I don't know, it would also be horrible but follow the reasoning of how this alteration existed, his Redemption journey is a healing factor to make people able to see this creature but I was able to deal with his trauma that this genetic alteration could be mo And then they show there, right, the


s come at these times, I mean the birds come at other times But they come completely at random And then once again also clearly demonstrating that they understood absolutely nothing about the story that they don't really develop, right, the birds, the birds, are there just to bring that element of showing that the creature is there, they don't talk about how they captured that creature to do this scientific experiment.
They don't talk about the base they don't build it they just put it there oh wow that's why these people are like that so we justify it here because our poor poor protagonist was a weirdo but like that and we were good he only killed 29 people oh man I'm sorry, not even I can take it seriously. The analysis of how bad a business is, you know, I'm really very outraged by what they did with the original work, it seems disgusting to me, it's not even possible. be called a work from my point of view, like the lights, the people of the town, the soul of the Town that goes to heaven, no, and they still build the spirit that in itself You became jealous, you know, like a cherub, it was mine , if I continue speaking here it will simply be standing up, do you understand why that is not possible?
Some videos here on the channel guys, I get no pleasure in giving a negative review and trashing a movie and everything, and I always try to make a positive point, something that really says: No, beauty, the story was horrible, but wow , but look at this guy's performance, which is incredible, people, nothing was saved in this story, you know, and even the person who was building the group, I felt that it was a very algorithmic thing, like bringing people from different places, but they don't even know why they put the communication between them as if it were understandable there, that's right the girl. talking about Germany they say come on come on what she said is true in reality it's not even with the girl in German they actually use it with the protagonist even to be an element so that he stays in that group but between the two main characters, even, When she came, I said, oh, she's going to be Sandra Bulk from the movie because she had the same skin color, but she still spoke English, so he spoke to her in Spanish, and she really understood. half Spanish, English and then it seems to me that it was also a reproduction just of an algorithm like oh.
It works very well to make several places that I don't know, 1899 but 1899 was canceled, right? I don't know if it's a good example, but I it seems like they wanted to combine several things, several random elements and this also brings up another aspect that I almost forgot, which was an element that didn't work in the 2018 movie. and that was in the book or what people ended up with complaining and I commented, right in the spoiler-free part, one of the things is that man without an eye, right? That's something that was at the end of the book, no.
I don't remember many details, but if I'm not mistaken, it was someone that he had taken his own daughter's eye precisely to make sure she survived forever, so it's a shocking moment like that and then they bring in this man, right? ?And then, like the end of the 2018 movie, it changes it, they don't bring this element that for me, I remember, I remember, was very shocking, and there are also the dogs, right, they bring the dogs, but still, it's like say, look, we brought the dogs here in this movie, but even construction is like that again because the problem with this movie is that construction is not a good business. , they leave the dogs, this scene is like that too, people I think it was a scene that I was already laughing at, not at the dogs specifically, but at that moment when they got lost, I said, it's obvious, you know. , and, right, it also brings meta-justification, right, they try to bring in this scientific thing, which is a completely random ending, it's not like it's something, you know, could they have done that too?
Maybe this place is well known and the group wants to go there like Sandra Bullock's they play on the radio, right? They might have communication, it might be something better known, like oh there was the first place that was supposed to be safe and then they're doing this scientific experiment, they started introducing this experiment, you know, but no, they came up with this random thing that They caught the creature, they don't tell you how they caught the creature anyway, that's basically what I said here. I kept repeating it a thousand times because it's all a big concession failure, horrible script, people like that.
Anyway, people, this video, I think it was much more of an outburst, no, and it's really crazy because I was about to finish the video and I already thought more than I thought. I didn't like it, you know, if I keep thinking about everything, we'll even be here until tomorrow, so the conclusion is basically that for me this movie is inedible. I don't think there's anything good to take away, it's just a reproduction of a play that was very famous and what's missing is a well-prepared cast, right? Like, they're going to see the 2018 one, good or bad, although people didn't like it, there is still Sandra Bullo who is impeccable in her acting, Sarapó, you know, simply wonderful, her work, although you can stay longer at the beginning, you know, anyway, This is a film that irritated me a lot at the time.
Seeing it, I couldn't really get anything positive out of it, but I want to hear from you, obviously my opinion is not universal, if you liked it, please tell me. I want to know the perspective of someone who enjoyed it a little more and suddenly understood something that I didn't understand, you know, let's talk about it openly here. Guys, I hope you enjoyed this video. I know you are enjoying the videos that I. I'm more of a gun but hey guys I have no pleasure in doing this but if you liked it please leave a like and share on social media and follow me there subscribe to the channel and click the bell to get notified when I have one. video until next time goodbye

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