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Biomutant - Review After 100%

Jun 06, 2021
What's going on, all mortem? This time I bring you my


after 100 for Biomutant, so Biomutant was announced in 2017 and is developed by Experiment 101 published by thq nordic and it is a unique game with many unique concepts, but before I get into those couple of things that I like to


games after I've had 100 of them simply because I feel like it gives me more credibility, but more so because it separates me from other reviewers on YouTube. I have a whole list of games that I 100 percent own. and then I checked on my channel if you're interested, but also there won't be any spoilers for this game because the whole promotion for the game basically did spoilers just to come out and say there's not much of a story. for the game, besides what was shown in the promotional material, which is killing the four world eaters, resolving the tribal war, and hopefully saving the tree of life, which is the main story, everything which was told to us by experiment 101 for marketing, so just something.
biomutant   review after 100
To note, I guess now Biomutant is a type of open-world exploration-based RPG whose main goal again is to save the tree of life. It's actually possible to fail doing it now, the explanation I heard again is part of the marketing material was that you basically have to kill the four world leaders, that part is mandatory and you have to resolve the tribe war, how do you resolve the tribe war, as well as your character's aura, which is like a karma system, good or bad. In addition to whether or not you complete certain side quests, everything affects the percentage chance of saving the world tree and apparently even if you do everything, there is still a 1 chance that you might fail, something I don't know if 1 chance of fail actually made it into the game.
biomutant   review after 100

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biomutant review after 100...

I haven't seen anything official about it, but you can fail to save this tree. I guess that's the gist of it because apparently the world is dying, but we'll talk more about that. In the world building section, for now let's move on to character creation, so there are some really interesting ideas here, unfortunately many of them do not carry over their importance to the rest of the game, so while you are in character creation, it feels like you're making some substantial decisions, but ultimately I'd say only one decision has permanent repercussions, so you choose your race, which is basically an appearance option for the most part, and then they give you a little slider where you can play with the exact race. appearance of that race and at the same time it affects your character's stats, this is called mutating your character, basically, after that you choose the class now, the class is probably the only decision that actually has genuine repercussions, but it still doesn't They are very important, so depending on the class you choose.
biomutant   review after 100
You'll get an additional set of perks to choose from in character progression, which we'll get into later and that's basically, other than that, that's the only decision that has lasting effects here because the class is really just a starting setup for your character. . the perks here can actually be purchased later instead of a class getting a certain perk directly at level one from the start, so if you want to buy other classes perks and still use them but the park tree you get each class is exclusive to them, good list of benefits, if not you will necessarily be a tree, it is exclusive to that class.
biomutant   review after 100
Now that appearance said, the mutation part seems like it's going to be important, but while it affects stats here in character creation, it's possible in the game to find clusters of mutations in the power plants you can find in the world. , at those power plants you can mutate your character's appearance without affecting your stats, which seems like jumping through an extra hoop, but whatever, let's talk about world building like I mentioned in the To start, You have to find and kill the four world eaters and resolve the tribe war, so there are six tribes. You have to join one of the two that you have options for at the beginning, which are the jagne or the countless tribes, and then help those tribes conquer, subdue or unite with all the other tribes now, jagni is like the great tribes warriors, while myriad is more about working together for the common good, while jagni honestly doesn't even care if everyone saves the tree now.
The tribe you choose will affect the options you have later, so if you choose myriad you can't just kill the other tribe leaders for example, while if you choose jagni you can't join them, you have to subdue them or kill them, but keep in mind that this is completely separate from the world eaters that you have to kill, but those are the main things that happen in the open world, but before we delve even further into that, let's back up a little because to get to En the open world, you first have to go through the opening tutorial area and frankly this just isn't done well.
The introduction to this game is long. It is constantly interrupted by freezes that explain the basic functions of the game to you. you left the initial starting area, it wouldn't be so bad because you come out of a similar bunker or whatever you were in the world opens up and you see one of the world eaters destroy a cool village, you're thinking, okay? Now that the game starts, I can start running around and do whatever you want, but that's actually wrong because at this point the world is set up in such a way that from here you can't go to the rest of the world until you go through one of the two tribes that I mentioned earlier, jagni or the myriad, you have to join one of them to officially start the tribe war, then you are pigeonholed in the ancient city of your childhood, where the game gives you some background about your character, then you have to go through one more small dungeon area and eventually you'll reach a place called Bricktown where you can finally do the things you want to do several hours later for the first time in the game anyway and it's just long, it's tedious, it's unnecessary, I think if they had structured this in a way where you just left your starting bunker and then could go do whatever you wanted, it would have been fine, but they added like this unnecessary, like an hour and a half of just narration and stuff that leads me to the narration, the narrator is fine for me personally, but none of the animals or races here speak english or anything like that, they all speak multiple languages, so there is a narrator who translates what these things say. and he makes the dialogue very slow, plus in the dialogue the only thing you're really doing is choosing light or dark for things like karma like, are you the big bad or are you normal?
There's not much in the middle either, which is fine. but it feels like a strangely clunky system in the rest of this game because the game is gorgeous, I like the way it plays and everything we'll again cover, but this narrative feels strangely out of place and the tutorial just isn't a good start to this game let's fast forward a bit and get back to world eaters and tribe war world eaters and tribor are separate but both need to be finished world leaders are pretty straight forward you go to a specific place in The map helps one of the game's characters a symbol a way to defeat said world eater and then there's usually a pretty interesting boss battle where you destroy the world eater.
I really liked them, in fact those fights were really cool and you also have access to likes. vehicles and things that were a highlight of the game for me, but we'll get there now. The triboar is interesting so the way it works initially is you know you choose your side like I mentioned and then first you'll have to take on the tribe opposite the one you chose, whether it's the jagnery or the myriad you have to go take three of their outposts and then you can go take their fort, which effectively destroys that tribe or subdues them or unites them in any way, take the outposts to begin with.
It's disappointing, not in a bad way, I don't really know what I was expecting here, I just feel like they could have done more with it, but basically you'll walk up to an outpost, there's some sort of little quest and then you claim that outpost. sometimes it involves just fighting off some waves of enemies, sometimes it's a quest where you have to irritate some nearby monsters who then drive people out of the fort that kind of thing and then once you've conquered all three At the outposts you go on a much more complicated mission to take the fort which ends with you fighting the leader of that tribe and then when you defeat that leader you can get their tribe's weapon, the tribe's weapons, uh, there are six, of course, because they are six tribes.
They're unique weapons that do unique things, they're cool overall, but I wouldn't say they're groundbreaking at all. Once you do this with the first one, they give you the second tribe to pursue the same thing here. Some of the missions are basically repeats, however I think the game realized that this would get annoying because after defeating the second tribe, you have the option to skip the rest of the tribore, basically the leader you meet. you took the side it would be like everyone else. The other tribes get the gist pretty good and are ready to play, so if you don't want to do the rest of this, you don't have to and can choose to do it in the tribe war, the only consequence.
Doing this is that you won't get the other weapons from the tribes you didn't actually defeat, but it will wrap up the rest of the tribore and honestly, given how repetitive it was, unless you really want those three weapons you don't really think there is one. reason to keep doing it after that, but beyond those two main things that the world is set up around, there are 23 characters, so to speak, all giving side quests, some of them are actually for the main quest. They're the people that you're going to look for and then fight the World Eaters and then there are 16 specific supporting characters that will give you a lot of unique quests and stuff like that.
I really enjoyed them, so generally the quests are great, but often the reward. to make them is like a vehicle or something that will then give you a new way to move around the world. There is an airship you can get. There's a glider, they call it, that's basically like a jet ski and it basically makes you travel. around the world easier, I really enjoyed them, I thought the rewards were unique, one of them is like this furry shark, I don't know what was going on there but that was awesome, I had a lot of fun with those side quests in particular, now more beyond that.
The rest of the world is divided into seven biomes. This is pretty much what you would expect. There is a forest area. There are some kind of fields. dead zone where the radiation was especially bad, but in any of those seven biomes you have the possibility of encountering one of the five types of dangers. These are basically places that are too hot, too cold, too radioactive, biologically dangerous, or just don't have air in them and there are things you have to sort through, so you have to find a way to get into them. You can find suits that give you adequate resistance, which I thought would be annoying equipment-wise, but luckily.
Added a clothing system so that once you have the suits you can configure that suit into a set so you can quickly switch between them so it's actually not that bad and then for each danger zone except lack of oxygen, which are the danger zones of hypoxia. In fact, you can use your mutation points to gain resistance up to 100, effectively negating the need to wear a suit. And speaking of mutation points, this is where I want to talk about character progression, which seems like a strange place, but character progression. It's very much tied to the exploration of the game because of course it's an open world based exploration game, obviously when you defeat the enemies you know you're going to level up.
Every time you level up, you get a point to spend on attributes. of the attributes you choose will get an extra boost of 10 when you level up, you will also be given one upgrade point, upgrade points can be spent on perks, perks are for special combat attacks, which are basically just combos, but we will talk about it. that in the combat section or you can spend them on more traditional perks like 15 more attack damage, faster reload times, more rounds and your weapons, those kinds of things that in themselves are fine, but there are actually two other types of upgrades and those are the Mutation and psi powers, so the mutations revolve around getting bio points, I guess bioglobs, I think they actually call them, but these come from killing a specific type of enemy that is usually found underground or in irradiated areas and for each enemy you kill. get a point, you can also find biological laboratory containers which will then also give you a single point and then you can turn those points into powers ofmutations that will allow your character to do ridiculous things in combat or you can spend those points on improving your resistances. which is what I would recommend you use for now.
The other type of character progression is psi powers, basically every time you interact with other people or affect the world in some way you are awarded psi points, so if you encounter someone being like being haunted or whatever, Regardless of whether you help or harm that person you are given a psychic point and it will also affect your aura, of course now there are other ways to get psychic points such as interacting with alters and things around the world. They also give you psi points and then you can turn them into basically psychic powers, but in practice, to be honest, they're a lot like force powers, a lot of cool stuff that adds more variety to the combat, without complaining about it in any way, I go back to part of the world being built up a little bit, besides all that stuff, there's like old ruins and things where you can It's like finding out what happened to the world, which is basically the standard big corporation that did bad things and destroyed the world and then There are puzzles and things you can find, as well as giant monsters and things that are like little mini boss fights if you kill. they give you keys to solve the puzzles and they also give you all these crafting resources and weapons and stuff, which brings me to the last big worldbuilding topic I want to talk about, which is the crafting system.
The crafting is very solid, they did a good job on the crafting system I really like this one, you can craft your weapons from scratch if you want and you have all the parts so you can pretty much make your standard types of weapons, you know, one handed pistol , two-handed gun, two-handed weapon, one-handed weapon, there are perks and things that will allow you to dual-wield weapons, all of which affect special attacks and things you can do with that weapon, but again, we'll talk about that here in a minute, besides that, you can find armor and things, you can also buy all these things, but it's not really necessary because the game offers you a lot.
Honestly, I wouldn't recommend using vendors, but you'll find armor and things, and then you'll also find these things called add-ons. Addons are basically small modifications that you can attach to armor and weapons to change them. Weapons now have similar parts and specific things they have to use, while armor uses all the attachments. Plugins do many things, from augmenting. certain stats like critical chance, etc. to resistances to add more armor of all the crafting, I think the weapons were the best done, the armor feels a little unnecessary and I say that because, as I mentioned before, in order to enter certain parts of In the world, you have to put on those different suits to protect you from the environment and something that I personally noticed when wearing them is that regardless of how much armor or what I was wearing, I basically seem to take the same amount of damage up to the point.
I don't know to what extent having a high armor stat reduces damage taken because at least in my playthroughs it just didn't seem like much was happening, but basically to sum it up I think crafting is really cool in addition to crafting things, in You can't actually upgrade them anywhere you see that an airship is actually an upgrade station; However, upgrading your equipment requires expensive resources because to craft you have to find resources that are practically everywhere and you get them by killing. enemies, there are little towers you can reach and you get them by dismantling things, you shouldn't have a shortage of resources but upgrading items is actually very expensive, plus you get so many things if you're exploring the world that it seems unnecessary then. spending resources on updating something when you can most likely do or find something better and much faster.
It's nice that it's there, but it didn't necessarily help me much now that there are no companions in the traditional sense, but you do get them. an automaton that follows you everywhere, it's somewhat upgradable, it starts out as a little mechanical grasshopper and then as you play it's possible to find cosmetic upgrades where you can change, like the type of insect or whatever you are. can change its appearance, there is also a side quest you can do that will unlock four upgrades for your automaton that will allow it to heal you and act as a glider, but with those things out of the way, let's talk about the combat in this part of the game it's all over the place. parts, this is where I think people's experience will be most different simply because because of all the weapon types, the way perks work, and unlocking special attacks, there's a lot of variety here, but the problem is a time.
You've mastered one type of combat, it gets very repetitive after that, so if you don't necessarily want to get bored with the same style of play, keep mixing it up to really change it up, because once you master one type of combat, I found a way to deal with it. with most enemies having a specific playstyle that is more or less for that playstyle, all subsequent battles are basically the same, however there is a ton of variety as long as you try to use that variety because it is very es easy to find a way you like to play and then stick with it and then every subsequent battle is the same.
I enjoyed switching between new mutations and such as I unlocked them. I had a lot of fun with that reality is the game. He doesn't like to force you to do that in any way, so it's easy for combat to get repetitive, but as I mentioned above, there is a special attack combo situation, so this is probably the part IMO. more interesting combat, depending on. your combination of weapons and things you can unlock combos for your weapons basically where it's like shoot, shoot, jump and then you can use them as a special attack by using those special attacks up to three times in combat.
Note that you have to mix it, you can. Not using the same one three times that won't work but if you use a different one and even the first one you use will work this will give you points basically like a super power if you want to call it or whatever it's called super wushu I think that's the real name but It's basically like a combat state where you can perform special moves with some of the things you need to complete in the tutorial or just your regular weapons and you'll do specials. attacks that just do a lot of cool things so I liked that it was cool in my opinion the combat really reminds me of Devil May Cry which tbh of the two I definitely prefer Biomutin on that front I'm actually not great Devil May Cry fan, that's what combat reminds me of, so here we are.
That said guys, let's end with some positives and some negatives and call this a review, so on the positive sides, this game is so unique. I love many of the ideas here. like the rare animals, all the things like the mutations, I love all that really unique and cool stuff, I really enjoyed all the vehicles it gave you access to, it really makes you feel like traversing the world is getting easier and that you are dominating I really liked the world leader battles, all four of them were really cool and force you to do something different when you finish the game.
There's actually a new game that lets you skip the tutorial. I thought it was a nice touch. The reality is there. There are some negative things, so we touch on those too. uh, first negative tutorial. Jesus Christ, what a bad introduction to this game. Beyond that, don't get me wrong. I enjoyed this game. In fact, I had fun. I quite liked this game. like the first few hours, the first time you played this game, it really sucks, like it was too much with the tutorials, like letting off the gas is the best I can say, beyond that there were a lot of buggy side quests for me. like, legit, probably ten side quests where something went wrong, which is weird because the game felt super polished otherwise, but just side quests that weren't completed or I'd do the thing and the effect would play out, but then I would have the side quests. questions stuck in my log forever some side quests just couldn't be completed the game is also very short so I effectively got 100 in this game as far as achievements go but those achievements don't require you to do all the side quests and everything but I did I tried my best to do them all, so I did everything there was to do and finished this in just under 30 hours.
It's a short game, especially one of this style. As you know, 30 hours is objectively not short, depending on. type of game but with this open world exploration thing I was a little surprised at how quickly I finished it and then the other negative for me is more of a mixed uh it definitely bothered me at times but it wasn't that bad but The narrator is really going to bother some people. Let's leave a conclusion here. A recommendation and then let's move on with our lives. My conclusion is that this is a fantastic game with many unique things, however, there are two things about it.
I don't think this game should cost $60. I would recommend waiting until it's on sale, paying $60 for a game that's this short and doesn't have much replay value because sure enough, there might be two endings that I just can't do. I would in good conscience recommend someone pay 60 bucks for this even though I really enjoyed it now that I said I think this game will be more of a cult classic in a lot of ways I think some people will just be like everything about this is amazing and unique and I think other people are going to see this and feel weirded out and not want to play it and that's why I think this game will end up on that weird cult classic level, there you go.
Guys that's my opinion after a review after 100, so thank you very much for watching, if you made it to the end, really, thank you, you are a legend. The channel is growing every day and couldn't do it without the support of the people. People who are listening to this message right now, really, thank you very much. May you wander in wisdom and have a wonderful day.

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