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Billy Ado & Seqo Billy on Tekashi Snitching, Nine Trey Bloods, Boosie, Trippie Redd (Full Inter

Jun 06, 2021
he right now I just feel protected that's just saying that no one really answers his ass people just say building Louis things and what they're going to do for the culture I don't think anyone from Scotty there's no one who wants that kind of police problems, ya You know, I mean who does he want to be for someone who's being watched so closely that he arrived. You no one who's going to be dating people laugh at him, no kidding, no one's real, what is this guy, I wouldn't classify you, yeah, I mean, there's a video we posted, this rapper from North Carolina called little Martin said you know if you really want to get six


and go kill your family like people are really bringing this kind of stuff to light in the world right now.
billy ado seqo billy on tekashi snitching nine trey bloods boosie trippie redd full inter
You know, little BB was on Twitter that day saying you have to keep an eye on those people that that justifies. Do you know what Takashi knew you have? I've never heard of anyone having niches in hip-hop, yeah, there's a lot of things that people put up with it and yell like, "I just saw you," like for example, I just


viewed the Teflon guy Shawn, he was a of the big criminal figures in DC during the '80s, he told a The story is that I actually looked up one of his people, they had some, there were some dirty cops in DC that spread a rumor that he was


, did you?
billy ado seqo billy on tekashi snitching nine trey bloods boosie trippie redd full inter

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billy ado seqo billy on tekashi snitching nine trey bloods boosie trippie redd full inter...

TRUE? That's just for him to show up at the police station and kill three police officers and get himself killed. himself in the process, but that's how serious a snitch accusation was, yeah, do they ever kill people by calling someone a snitch? that job and I'll give you a good example, we're from a guy who killed Street Saint, it was a little unbelievable, you know, man, man, God bless his soul, but he was attacked by some corrupt cops who wanted to put a hit on him bone. He dismissed it because he would never give them the kind of information they were looking for with the guys he was doing business with and when he wasn't giving his information, the police said he was fine with it. we're going to do, we're going to say that you're a snitch and when they did that, Benny, when I was in the homicide division before, I mean it was Maggie Levin and just not losing her mind, I think she killed like two homicide detectives in one locomotive like three, but in 2020 I could be a snitch and have the number one song in the country because people are so afraid, why people are so afraid of going to prison if you do it, if you commit the crime.
billy ado seqo billy on tekashi snitching nine trey bloods boosie trippie redd full inter
The moment you're not going to die you're going to be inside yourself or you're going to come out you're going to be okay the world hasn't ended it's just jail what's wrong with people like this so I'm going to do it right? Take it, oh, when you were out here doing all this now, if he wasn't out here doing nothing using a car, one day you don't really know these guys, something happened, they went around the block, they shot ten people. , that's a little different from you. I can't expect this guy you don't know anything about this, he's not with this, I didn't even know this was going to be Curtis' night, that's not the case with this guy, well, like I said, he's the ringleader, he was who put everyone in those situations and then when he himself faced that moment, that's when he started saying yes, not a minute before, before he was accused of anything, he wasn't telling anyone, he liked that attention, he liked that protection , he liked the tough guy image. he liked being, you know, part of the new death row and everything else like that and now you have all these guys who are friends with you or who aren't coming home for a long time, so I'm sorry because you know once plus freedom. guy Billy Otto psycho


I appreciate you guys coming and sharing the story, you know, and I really try like you know we cover Takashi because it's our job to cover big hip-hop events, but I've always done my best to try to match , you know, the propaganda that tries to put out, yeah, right, with people who were actually there and could actually tell the real other side of the story, yeah, you know, what gets drowned out by the two million Instagram, you know ? followers and you know on Instagram Live and everything else like that, it's hard when you have someone with such a strong voice, but at the end of the day we'll keep pushing, you guys are behind, appreciate each other, make sure you follow our grams to take that in the bottom you know a name I'll put go ahead and say Teresa Graham the arm is Billy auto v bi l ly and the number five so Billy auto with spell 88 a do it Billy auto fire sigil blue like EQ Oh Billy and all that tango, yes, I appreciate you coming, don't download all the best, thank you brother, please.
billy ado seqo billy on tekashi snitching nine trey bloods boosie trippie redd full inter

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