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Biking Road | St Davids Day | Wales | Motorcycle

Mar 02, 2024
In the last episode we return to North Wales, spend the night in Canavan and take a walking tour of this fascinating and historic fortress town. Join us the next morning as we prepare to resume our coastal adventure. Stay for more of that great experience. The


you just saw and the interesting town at the end. Lovely, isn't it absolutely stunning? Goodbye Canavan, yes, until next time, until next time, very nice, the morning sun came out again. So the plan for today is to get to Barmouth. we won't get there in this episode most of our days are split into at least two episodes sometimes more depending on how much there is to see but we don't know what this little peninsula is called we'll find out and put it on the screen, but under the angles I see there's a little peninsula like a finger and it's pretty big if you look at it, it looks like it might require as much mileage to get around as Angley did and Angley gave us the best car of the whole day, yeah. so it was, no, but we hope to get beyond that to B this afternoon and this down here as you can see the side, yes, look from the yes, a wonderful coastal


and basically we are, this is the other side, like this This is where we were last night, very nice, it's a lovely city, right?
biking road st davids day wales motorcycle
It's layered, everything is within walking distance and yet every corner you turn there is something else to discover and because he has the layers he got the castle that we didn't even make the castle but we did it in the past, but just walking around the city is wonderful. Good morning, van lifers, thank you. Yes, I think the algae there are called spelis. No, honestly, I learned it on a biology field trip. and that's definitely, 99% sure, it's amazing how that sticks in your brain, without comment. Are you watching this episode on the day it was posted on YouTube, March 1st?
biking road st davids day wales motorcycle

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biking road st davids day wales motorcycle...

If so, then you will know that it is Saint David's Day. Saint David is the patron saint of Wales who we hoped this day would coincide with when we visited the small cathedral town of St Davids, but you will have to wait a few more weeks for people, especially the Welsh, to celebrate the Feast of Saint David today, who died on this day in the year 589 AD. The festival has been celebrated regularly since David's canonization in the 12th century. Traditional activities include wearing daffodils and drips and eating traditional Welsh food. More on St David's in a few weeks, whenever we get to pem Brookshire, but for now, a very Happy St David's Day to all our Welsh friends.
biking road st davids day wales motorcycle
If you're new to the channel, thanks for watching and spending more than 5 minutes on this episode, you might be wondering what last year was all about. the English and Welsh coast and we thought it might be a good idea to film our travels. We had no idea what we were getting into. What started as a half-hearted attempt to use our old mobile phones to capture the journey gradually turned into what we're watching now, take a look at the first few episodes and hopefully you'll see some improvement. We have completed the tour in stages and include all return trips.
biking road st davids day wales motorcycle
This is day 30 and we have traveled 4,850 m to put it in context. We could have gone to Moscow and back and still had almost 1,000 miles to spare, we weren't convinced by Google about the Coastal Paradox or watching episode 40 where we explain why miles add up and why we had to skip Scotland as soon as to filming the moment you arrive. By the end of this video, we would have uploaded 18 hours of the Coast Adventure series. We are complete camera novices, so we work on the principle of taking as much footage as we can and hopefully there will be something good to work on within the edit.
We have no idea how many hours of footage we have, but I'm guessing it must be at least 100 hours, that's a lot of editing and filming, but it's the tip of the iceberg compared to the time spent in what they call post-production, the editing. It's been a labor of love, but now we look forward to the time when we're not working for the Friday deadline. We're not sure what our plans are after this Coast series is completed. If we continue, what should we do next? Let's know your thoughts in the comments, so Bristo search and rescue hm Coastar, there are some official search places here with the obligatory official search fence, well, it was our ambulance, look, I can talk, I can read it.
I know ARF is slow, it's not what we take. Any notice of this is quite an aerodrome, isn't it? Yes, there is the track lining up with it, very short, yes, oh, look at that, yes, what a view from above, look at it, it's incredible, is it the mountains, the sea, the road? Honey, honey, it may not be sunny, but I hope anyone watching this can appreciate the atmosphere here. Mhm, I sneezed into my helmet and now I don't know if I have rain on the front of my helmet or if the sneeze isn't. how disgusting yes I didn't have a chance to lift the visor and I gave you my handkerchief to wipe the wet seat oh I have my hany you can have my hany if you want true love they are right on the coast aren't they lovely oh lovely there the beach no Sandy or anything like that.
I don't think so, it's a PEB full of algae. Wow, look he's beautiful, isn't he taking himself for a bit? I wonder, are you okay? Do not understand me. Don't worry m oh, lots of Welsh flags, yes, lots of welcome signs in Welsh, I think because it's Welsh, it's Welsh, it's the Welsh national week of dead ice competitions, dancing and singing and different performances, and what have we got here up and more, yes. up and towards the coast, on the other side, let's hope it's worth it, it's phenomenal. I didn't know this little peninsula was like this.
What an incredible place, right? Yes, it sure is another hidden gem in Wales like God, Wales. It's absolutely covered in hidden gems, isn't it? Look, Heather and G are absolutely beautiful. Wow, this is the place Phil and V recommended, if I remember correctly. Phil and V, you'll have to tell us if we're right. but when we met at the big or you said you shouldn't miss this place, yeah, we wrote down the name and here we are, here we are, and thank you so much because it's awesome, wow, water falling off that cliff. let's go dive into the sea, you'll be right, you'll come back, yes, everything will be fine, a little cabin down there with little paddocks that we have, we have a little change, but they did it every time. easy, look at that fantastic and we can expand on it next also fantastic, very good, look at the waterfall yeah, wow, God, well, I've never, I've never been here before, are you sure we're going to be? right, going back up, yeah, let's switch sides, I think it's another path he said we should take, but I think they blocked it there, seriously, yeah, it's a clue, honestly, it's there, but it's a clue I mean, it's not easy.
A little way, even in a car, is after engaging first gear. Yes, look at the screen, without a doubt, this was one of the unexpected gems of the entire trip. What a place we love. Challenging roads through spectacular landscapes that the UK doesn't have. many compared to most other countries so it is a real treat when we discover that the road is steep but has been improved to make the journey as easy as possible, unless you are a very nervous driver then don't you should have no problems, however, it's just been like In fact, since 2008, the sat nav line followed the old road which is barely visible now.
The old road was known to be too steep for motorized vehicles. Horse-drawn sleighs were used instead, and it became a challenge for cars and


s to try to climb it. The descent may have been terrifying, but with the help of gravity it was possible. There are stories of cars that made it to the bottom only to be abandoned when they couldn't handle the steep, loose climb to finally climb back up in 1934. A Car achiev defeat looks like the road to the beach we're walking are we? I think we're going to make an effort here yes and I feel like I deserve a coffee, okay?
The steep terrain means that the village of Port Nant has historically been very isolated despite being surrounded by a wider settled community, according to ancient mythology, in the 5th century it provided a refuge for Vortigan, who is said to have been married to Seira, the daughter of Magnus Maximus, the Roman emperor we mentioned in the last episode from the 1770s. Thomas Pennant. wrote about a can located here that some denied was Vortigan's grave. The area is known as n Gan or Vortigan Gorge, so why does this place exist? Apart from a few fishermen, there was no real settlement here until the 1850s, when the first quarry was opened.
The revolution created a demand for granite sets, the thick square stones that were used to build cobblestone streets. The quarry was very successful and in 1878 the semi-detached houses that can be seen for the workers were built and grew into the village of Port Nant, around the 18th of the 1990s. Three quarries and 200 ton ships were loaded and Regularly transported to industrial towns before returning with all manner of goods not available locally to The Quarrymen in the early 20th century, demand for Cobal Street dropped dramatically just as World War II broke out. in 1939 the NT Quarry closed, in 1948 the school closed and in 1959 the last family left leaving The Village empty.
The town became a ghost town, but was largely preserved due to the difficulty of access; However, in the late 1960s and 1970s it was occupied by the new Atlantis. commune of hippies caused a lot of damage by burning fallaes and doors like firewood and covered the wolves with graffiti for anyone who has special memories of what it used to be like when it was a close knit community of stonemasons, it was a very sad sight when the members of the commune left In 1970, Dr Carl Clu left his specialist job at Manchester's Christie Hospital to run a medical practice alone in the city.
He and his wife Dorothy were determined to raise their children as Welsh speakers, but what he discovered was a community facing an uncertain future and he felt something had to be done. He helped save the local school from closure, but if the area was to survive in the long term then more action was needed to create new opportunities since the first Welsh language law came. Upon coming into force in 1967, there was an increasing demand for Welsh-speaking staff in many public organisations. His vision was to save both the Welsh language and provide employment with the idea of ​​a residential center offering Welsh language courses.
This would be a huge undertaking. The buildings in n were inaccessible and dilapidated and it would not be easy to convince the owners to let them go for less than market value, but he managed to get Garner to support his idea, particularly from Mrs. Knox, the wife of the former Quarry manager between 1972 and 1978 Dr Clues and his team worked tirelessly to raise awareness and funds. In July 1978 they managed to purchase n Gan for the sum of £25,000, but work had only just begun. Over the next few years they worked hard and in 1982 the first Welsh lessons were carried out to the sound of a diesel generator.
Since then the center has slowly but surely gone from strength to strength to become what you see today, as well as the Welsh language centre. There is a large cafe and cabins and other buildings can be booked. via their website there is a visitor center in the former chapel which opened in 2003 with a concert by Welsh rock band Super Fury Animals, two members of whom are Dr. Clu's Sons. I stford, it's like it's a Welsh festival, isn't it? It's an Arts festival and there are competitions and things like that, yeah, they do different things, you know, the bar and they do the banss, the choirs, different things, kids of different ages, they do different songs and you know, it's all in of the week, yes, and the The weekend will end next Saturday, but several I State FS vary across Wales, like next year.
I think it will be in South Wales, he travels every year, he moves every year, but he is only in one place and this year. It's solo, but you can travel from anywhere in Wales to take part in amazing games. Yes Yes Yes. We'll end this episode with the trip back up the hill. It is actually known as Screw Hill and was occasionally used as a motorsports hill in the past. Climb up, you've probably heard YouTubers say that the hills are a lot steeper than they look on camera, well it's true they said this hill wasn't as daunting as it looked and certainly not as daunting as some of the hills we still see.
They are about to come. I've had some close calls with difficult slopes and off-road tracks but so far I've managed to stay upright, unfortunately that won't last. Join us next week to find out why. What a wonderful place. Thanks f v for the recommendation, yes. Definitely amazing, what a road, yes absolutely, who needs the Pyrenees exactly?Wow, just have to be a little careful with this one now. Oh, I could have taken the inside line on that, it's not so bad.

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